Over 50,000 people have been banned from Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the franchise’s latest take on battle royale, and the fast-paced combat makes it quite enjoyable. However, the game only works if everyone is playing on equal ground, and cheaters are a constant hassle that developers need to deal with. Infinity Ward put out a post today, stating that it has banned over 50,000 cheaters since the launch of Warzone on March 10.

Infinity Ward briefly explained the programs it uses to detect and ban cheaters and cheat providers, but the post notes that it does not always discuss these matters publicly. Developers often keep their anti-cheat methods partially in the dark in order to keep the methods they use to identify and ban cheaters secret, thus preventing an arms race between modders and developers. The post reads:

· Our security teams monitor 24/7 to investigate data and identify potential infractions.

· The teams review all possible cheats and hacks, this includes identifying use of aimbots, wallhacks and more.

· We’re working to improve our in-game system for reporting potential cheating. Plans are underway to streamline the UI for a more seamless reporting experience.

· For all reports that are received in-game, they are both analyzed and filtered based on key data.

· Once investigations are complete, we will continue to work as quickly as possible to ban.

Infinity Ward will be maintaining an updated count of accounts banned from Warzone, giving some transparency to players as to the current state of their anti-cheat efforts.

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Which edition of Resident Evil 3 should you buy?

Resident Evil 3, Capcom’s latest remake in its hit survival horror franchise, will be released on Friday, April 3. The updated version of the 1999 PlayStation game includes a new multiplayer mode and improved intelligence for the terrifying stalker, Nemesis, as well as “photorealistic visuals and a modernized control scheme”.

Our review found that, like it was in 1999, Resident Evil 3 is overshadowed by its groundbreaking predecessor, Resident Evil 2. However, if you liked that game, you’ll probably also like Resident Evil 3, as it “plays more like an extension of last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake” than a full remastering of the original game.

If you’re planning on picking up the newest game in the Resident Evil series, here’s everything you need to know about the pre-order bonuses and special editions that Capcom is offering.

Resident Evil 3 pre-order bonuses

The official Best Buy-exclusive SteelBook case for Resident Evil 3 Photo: Capcom

All pre-orders of Resident Evil 3, regardless of format or retailer, come with an exclusive “Classic Costume Pack,” which includes Jill Valentine’s original costume from the 1999 game, as well as Carlos Oliveira’s old-school floppy, boy-band-worthy hairstyle.

Best Buy is also offering an extra pre-order bonus of its own, throwing in an exclusive SteelBook case with physical PlayStation 4 and Xbox One copies of Resident Evil 3.

Pre-order Resident Evil 3 here: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | PlayStation Store | Microsoft Store | Steam

Resident Evil 3 standard edition

The Nemesis burns in a screenshot from the Resident Evil 3 remake Image: Capcom

The standard edition of Resident Evil 3 costs $59.99, and includes any relevant pre-order bonuses. It also grants access to the new online “asymmetrical-multiplayer survival experience,” Resident Evil Resistance.

Pre-order Resident Evil 3 here: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | PlayStation Store | Microsoft Store | Steam

Resident Evil 3 Collector’s Edition

A promotional image of the collectibles from the resident evil 3 collector’s edition Image: Capcom

The Resident Evil 3 Collector’s Edition includes the game’s digital soundtrack, as well as a bunch of physical goodies: a Jill Valentine statue, collector’s art book, and a double-sided map of Raccoon City. It all comes packaged in a box bearing the STARS seal.

The Collector’s Edition is a GameStop exclusive, and retails for $179.99. It’s currently sold out, but keep an eye on GameStop (and the @PolygonDeals Twitter account) if you have your heart set on owning those collectibles — Collector’s Editions are often restocked during a game’s release window.

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Pokémon Go Landorus raid guide: counters and best movesets

Landorus, the last Force of Nature to be added to Pokémon Go, is joining tier-five raids starting March 31 until April 21.

It has two forms, the human-like Incarnate Forme and the dog or cat-like Therian Forme. The Therian Forme hasn’t been added to the game yet, but once it does, this guide will still work, as it still keeps the same typing.

Landorus is ground- and flying-type, meaning that if you want to take it down, bring water- and ice-types. Ice-types are your best bet, as their moves will do quadrupled damage against it. Consider using any of the following:

  • Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche
  • Weavile with Ice Shard and Avalanche
  • Kyogre with Waterfall and Blizzard
  • Kingler with Bubble and Crabhammer

Any of the water-type starter Pokémon with the Community Day move, Hydro Cannon, will also help put a dent in Landorus’ health, but it won’t be as effective as using ice-type moves.

Incarnate Forme Landorus is the best ground-type attacker in the game, only getting outclassed by its other Therian Forme. Definitely stock up if you want a strong attacker and pair it with Rock Throw and Earth Power. You can even just stock up on Incarnate Forme Landorus for candy and wait for Therian Forme to release, since they will very likely use the same candy.

For more information on raids, check out our guide here.

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How to get K.K. Slider to perform in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Animal Crossing: New Horizons players on Switch won’t be seeing K.K. Slider perform for a while.

Unless you’re time traveling, it’ll take more than a week of play to see him perform, if you’re making sure to do everything you can every day. Once unlocking the Resident Services building, Tom Nook will ask you to put down a campsite plot, as well as more housing plots.

After this, he’ll note that he’s a huge K.K. Slider fan and he wants the dog to perform on the island. Unfortunately, your island will very likely not be up to par with what Tom Nook wants to show K.K.

Your island will have to have 3 stars in order to invite K.K. You can check how far along you are by talking to Isabelle about island evaluations. She’ll give you some valuable advice, too. Pay attention to what she tells you to do, as adding what she recommends will improve your star rank.

She might recommend more fences, decorations, flowers, or trees. You can keep talking to her after adding decor to see if you need to add more or if you need to pivot to something else. Your star rank will improve upon talking to Isabelle instantly when you meet the requirements — there’s no need to wait another day.

Isabelle notes that Cherryton island has a three star ranking Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Once you hit 3 stars, Tom Nook will interrupt your conversation with Isabelle in shock, saying he’s going to invite K.K. Slider immediately. K.K. will arrive the next day to put on a show, performing the game’s theme song, “Welcome Horizons.” After the show is over, you’ll get a copy of the song, as well as the ability to terraform your island.

After that, K.K. Slider will start appearing on every Saturday, sticking around in your town plaza. At 6 p.m. he’ll take requests if you ask him to perform specific K.K. songs or he’ll pick one to perform for you. The first song he plays will be in your inventory once he’s done singing. If you’re hosting people in your town during the show, you’ll get it in the mail the next day.

He’ll also show up on your birthday to perform “K.K. Birthday” for you, which you’ll also get a copy of.

For those who aren’t this far in the game, but want his music, don’t fret. A random K.K. Slider song can be bought every day from the Nook Stop’s Nook Shopping feature for 3,200 Bells.

With that, the “story” aspect of New Horizons is over and your island is free to change around in any way you want. The grind doesn’t end however, since there are long-term goals like Nook Mileage to complete and golden tools to earn.

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Humble’s Conquer COVID-19 Bundle is jam-packed with great games

The Humble store has a new Humble Bundle available for sale, and its one of the best offerings yet. The bundle, which is available for one week, features $1,000 worth of games, and can be purchased for $30. Proceeds from Humble’s Conquer COVID-19 Bundle go to support organizations responding to the coronavirus, “delivering protective gear to safeguard healthcare workers and providing medical care to infected patients.”

Especially charitable gamers can raise their donation to higher levels, and 100% of profits made from this bundle will go to Direct Relief, the International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, and Partners in Health.

There are some fantastic gems in the bundle, including time-slowed, glass-mannequin shooter Superhot and time-loop mecha strategy game Into the Breach. Players can also grab The Jackbox Party Pack 2, Undertale, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and Hollow Knight. Google’s Tilt Brush 3D software is also included, which is a great opportunity for artists with virtual reality hardware.

Rounding out the bundle is a selection of ebooks and comics. There are some helpful looking titles relating to improving yourself and managing anxiety… or if you prefer, some comics like The Boys and Saga.

This particular Humble Bundle is a fantastic way to pass the time indoors, whether you’re looking to improve yourself or just pass the time. Into the Breach alone is worth the $30; the rest is a fantastic steal that allows us to do some good at the same time.

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Infinity Ward provides updates on cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone

Infinity Ward has shared an update on the Activision Blog about what they are doing in regards to cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Users have been complaining about hackers and cheaters in the game since it launched on March 10, with many users encountering these almost every game.

The studio says they have banned over 50,000 cheaters worldwide since the games launch and are doing more to ensure that cheaters are removed.

Here’s what they are doing:

There’s no place for cheating in games. Warzone has zero tolerance for cheaters. Here is what we’re doing about it.

We take all forms of cheating very seriously, maintaining a level and fair playing field for everyone is among our highest priorities. This is an area we have been working on heavily, but it isn’t always something we discuss publicly. 

We have been enforcing account bans since Day 1 of Warzone’s release. To date, we issued more than 50,000 permabans worldwide.

We employ a number of programs in place to combat both cheaters and cheat providers.  

  • Our security teams monitor 24/7 to investigate data and identify potential infractions. 
  • The teams review all possible cheats and hacks, this includes identifying use of aimbots, wallhacks and more.
  • We’re working to improve our in-game system for reporting potential cheating. Plans are underway to streamline the UI for a more seamless reporting experience.
  • For all reports that are received in-game, they are both analyzed and filtered based on key data.
  • Once investigations are complete, we will continue to work as quickly as possible to ban.

Moving forward, we will aim to provide a regular count on the latest number of bans issued, as needed.

Simply put there’s no place for cheating. We recognize that there’s no single solution for combating cheaters, it’s a constant enforcement every day, 24/7. Rest assured, we’re committed to ensuring a fun and fair experience for everyone.

SOURCE: Activision

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Pokémon competitive circuit canceled for 2020 due to coronavirus

The Pokémon Company has canceled the 2020 Play! Pokémon competitive leagues. This includes the two international tournaments expected to be held across two continents, due to concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2020 North American International Championship matches were scheduled for June 26-28 in Columbus, Ohio, and the World Championships were to be held in London Aug. 14-16. With these two keystone events now canceled, the Championship Series is suspended, and all matches at all competitive tiers are canceled until further notice.

The Play! Pokémon league covers both the trading card game and the video game, and governs the “premier challenge” for Pokémon Sword and Shield players as well as the League Challenge for ongoing card game players.

No championship points will be awarded over the remainder of the season; instead, all 2020 points will roll over to the next season of Play! Pokémon in 2021. All invitations to these tournaments will also be honored for the 2021 World Championships.

In a statement, tournament organizers wrote, “We hope that the spirit of friendship and community that are the hallmarks of our amazing fans and these events continue during this challenging time, and that you take care of yourselves and of each other. We can’t wait to see you and celebrate with you again.”

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Gloomhaven sequel Frosthaven hits Kickstarter, quickly earns $3M in funding

The crowdfunding campaign for Frosthaven, the sequel to the hit indie board game Gloomhaven, has earned more than $3 million in its opening three hours. The Kickstarter campaign could soon be the largest of its kind in the platform’s nearly decade-long history.

Gloomhaven is a tabletop role-playing game in a box, and widely regarded as one of the very best modern board games. The original game features card-driven combat mechanics, a nearly 100-mission branching narrative campaign, Legacy-style permanence, and a shipping weight of nearly 20 pounds. Despite the depth and breadth of gameplay on offer, fans of the game have been clamoring for a sequel since the original shipped in 2017. Frosthaven promises to deliver just that, with a unique, stand-alone campaign set to in a frozen region to the north of the original setting.

Designer Isaac Childres launched the campaign around 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, and the game met its $500,000 goal in around 10 minutes. By 2:30 p.m. EST the ticker rolled over $3 million. That makes Frosthaven one of the most quickly funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time, and puts it on track to be among the highest earning ever.

The most highly-funded game Kickstarter of all time is Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5, a revised reprint of another campaign-in-a-box style board game with hardcore elements such as permadeath. It earned more than $12.3 million in 2017. That makes it the fourth highest-funded campaign of all time, behind the Pebble Time smartwatch at over $20 million.

This isn’t Childres’ first crowdfunding effort. Gloomhaven itself has had two successful campaigns adding up to nearly $4.4 million. Some 40,000 copies were created for backers, and the designer tells Polygon that an additional 210,000 copies have been sold worldwide. This is also Childres’ second successful Kickstarter of the year. He’s also credited as the co-designer of Return to Dark Tower with Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy), which earned more than $4 million in February.

In addition to the win for Childres, the campaign for Frosthaven is a vote of confidence in the Kickstarter platform, which has had its share of challenges amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Games accounted for more than 34% of its total revenue in 2019.

The campaign for Frosthaven runs through May 1 at 5 p.m. EST. The final product is expected to ship in March 2021.


Gloomhaven is just about the closest you can get to playing D&D without actually playing D&D. The huge tactical strategy board game can even be played solo.

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Sony Russia is refusing to release Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered on PS4

Activision’s Call of Duty Russia account as revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment Russia is refusing to release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered on PS4 at this time.

Presumably, this is because of the No Russian mission in the campaign which portrays Russians mass murdering civilians in an airport.

The Call of Duty Russia tweet has stated however that the campaign remastered will be available on Xbox One (Xbox Store) and PC (Battle.net) starting April 30.

Translated, here’s the statement:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered is a completely fictional 2009 campaign, recreated in HD quality. SIE decided not to sell the game in the Russian PS Store. We look forward to the release of the game in digital form for the PC in http://Battle.net and on Xbox consoles.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Modern Warfare March 31 Update – GameBattles Beta

The latest game settings update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Amongst other playlist updates still to be added to the game, Infinity Ward has added support to directly play GameBattles inside of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s menu, similar to that of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

It’s currently in Beta form as they continue to work on the feature.

In addition, today’s game settings update is expected to bring Cyber Attack Pro playlist to Modern Warfare, a new variation of the Cyber Attack mode.

This week marks the final full week of Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 3. Starting April 3 at 10AM PT through April 6 at 10AM PT, Infinity Ward will be activating Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and 2X Tier Progression in game on all platforms.

Stay tuned for patch notes for today’s update.

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