Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 Update

Call of Duty: Mobile also got a brand new update overnight on iOS and Android, bringing new content and more as Season 6 gears up to launch.

New map, returning from Modern Warfare 2, Rust is now live in-game for everyone. There’s a new 1v1 Duel mode on a brand new map Saloon available soon.

The newest Battle Pass goes live on May 1, with Wild West theme to match Rust.

Here’s the full details from the CoD Mobile team:

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community, we are back with a brand-new update and we are thrilled to announce our newest season, Once Upon a Time in Rust. We are thrilled, excited, and honored to be bringing so much to you this season.

We have our new western themed update releasing now with plenty of fixes, Battle Pass changes, general improvements. On the content side, releasing throughout the season we have, two new maps, three new modes, BR updates, Gold Rush events, seasonal challenges, multiple functional weapons events, and so much more. This is where legends are made!

Our season pass and plenty of other new content will be dropping on April 30th (PT) / May 1st (UTC), with more to expected to drop throughout the month. With that in mind, we are going to take new approach this update to show when you can expect most content to be releasing.

Lastly, these releases generally roll out region by region so please keep checking your Google Play Store or Apple’s App store for that update option. Give it time and it will arrive.

Instead of the normal cadence, we want to instead focus on the patch notes and a majority of the content coming out in this update. Like usual we are going to be rude and hold off on revealing some specifics until they are released, like the Battle Pass and some of what is coming out on May 1st, but don’t worry there is still plenty to reveal before that.

First, let’s look at some of the main highlights from this release and with some extra details about them that you may not find in the patch notes.

Rust Map
Availability: Live Now
This classic Call of Duty map pulled from the hallowed halls of Modern Warfare 2 is now officially out in Call of Duty: Mobile! It is our featured Multiplayer map for this season, but it is not the only new map.

Rust is a perfect example of frenetic, high-octane, close quarters Call of Duty action. If you want to jump into a map where you are never more than a stone throw away from an enemy then Rust is your map. Get a glimpse of the full map here.

Like the intense and iconic Call of Duty map, Shipment, Rust isn’t for the feint of heart but worth trying for all of types of players due to the incredible amount of variety offered through both the design and the many game modes it will be available on.

Are you a lover of objectives, combat/score focused, or tactical gameplay? We’ve got you covered since Rust will be available in many modes including 2v2 Showdown, Rapid Fire, and Hardpoint. Find a deeper dive alongside tips & tricks on our Rust Snapshot blog post:

1v1 Duel Mode & Saloon Map
Availability: Mid-May
This brand new mode comes with a new map: Saloon. This map will be available for both 1v1 Duel and 2v2 Showdown, but it is exclusive to these sweat inducing tactical modes that are all about facing off against your opponents in a purely skilled based duel.

On the other hand, 1v1 Duel will be available on the maps Saloon and Killhouse. Those are both quarters map that are designed to present you with adrenaline pumping action within moments of spawning.

Want to have a grudge match or test the skills of prospective clan or esports team member? Use 1v1 Duel to face off in three rounds of quick, dirty, and precise gameplay. May the best duelist win the day.

Capture the Flag – Gold Edition
Availability: Early May
The classic Multiplayer mode Capture the Flag comes to Call of Duty: Mobile this season! However, this is Once Upon a Time in Rust and with that in mind this isn’t going to be any old Capture the Flag.

Outlaws, prospectors, and regular citizens took to the wild west of the United States in 1800s in the search of one thing, Gold! There is no flag to capture this time, instead you are defending or seeking out a great and bountiful chest of gold.

You’ll be seeing more modes and events with that theme throughout the month, so keep an eye out for that and make sure to check out Capture The Flag – Gold Edition live in-game right now.

Kill Confirmed
Availability: Early May
This slight yet beloved twist on TDM mode is making its way to Call of Duty: Mobile in this update and with all of the unique designs that make Kill Confirmed one of the longest running Call of Duty modes.

For anyone new to the franchise, Kill Confirmed is all about taking out enemies in team vs team action except when an enemy is downed they drop a dog tag. The moment an enemy dog tag is picked up it is scored for your team, but at the same time any member of the enemy team may also walk over their teammates dog tag and remove it from play.

The mode forces you to move as dog tags cluster across a heated battleground full of fierce fighting across a no-man’s land slowly filling with tags. Will you venture out, take the risk, and collect them for the team? Or will you cover teammates as they try to fulfill the objective. The choice is yours.

Battle Pass Update
As a part of this brand-new season we are going to be changing up the Battle Pass. As you’ll see in the patch notes below, we’ve removed tasks and now players will level up the Battle Pass just playing the game. This new flow is designed to make the experience always fulfilling.

No more will you have to deal with just barely missing out on a fulfilling a task, now just play Battle Royale, Multiplayer, or any limited time game mode and you’ll receive Battle Pass XP. You’ll be able to see that XP being accounted for in the after-action report (when a match ends).

This new method is straight-forward and transparent. You may be able to find some Battle Pass XP boosts or direct XP rewards coming out throughout the season in the form of event rewards or through the Battle Pass itself. Keep an eye out for all of that.

We hope you love the changes and if you are missing out on having tasks to focus on then don’t worry, the next section has you covered.

New Event System
Another new change to this release is the way we are approaching in-game events. Our events moving forward are all purposeful and tied to the cadence of a seasonal release or month. You’ll be able to experience the new events in these new categories:

  • Featured
  • Seasonal
  • Daily
  • More

We have some in-game changes to the UI to show you clearly how that is all divided now and please share your feedback about this new design. Seeing anything that you love or seeing anything that doesn’t make sense? Let us know. There is always room for changes and feedback.

Those are the basics, but we’ll start to dive in and talk about some of those new seasonal events in our next community update later this week.

Monthly Calendar
Alongside new event changes, we are reimagining daily login bonuses and introducing a monthly calendar filled with rewards for you to collect. Before the next season begins, you’ll have a wide variety of rewards waiting for you each time you login.

You’ll have 24 days of collect, with some notables including the western themed RUS-79U – Desert Snake, MW11 – Sandbox, and Arctic. 50 – Desert Snake. These rewards all lead up the coveted day 24 item, the epic character Nomad – Druid. Make sure to login and grab those throughout May.

New Releases
With this update and season we have some new usable additions that don’t fall into any of the other categories. Precisely, we have a new Operator Skill, BR Class, and Tactical equipment. We showed this all off on social media on April 28th, but here is a quick rundown of each new addition.

Operator Skill – Annihilator
Availability: Free Battle Pass
This operator skill will have your enemies running and sliding through the dust to try to find cover. This lethal and stylish revolver from the Black Ops series will allow you to zero in and take out any enemy in one shot as long as you hit them hit them in the upper body. It is a weapon to be feared and worth shutting down immediately whenever you see it aimed against your teammates.

Battle Royale Class – Poltergeist
Availability: Late May
This Battle Royale class will give you the drop on any unsuspecting opponents. Hit that cloaking button, go invisible, line up the perfect ambush, and make your shots count. On the other side, Poltergeist can also be used to escape a potentially deadly experience.

When you use this class’ main ability you’ll alert nearby enemies and it isn’t 100% effective at close range, so make sure to get your distance as soon as possible or enemies may still spot your sneaky maneuvering. Check it all out in action in our tutorial video.

Tactical Equipment – Cryo Bomb
Availability: Mid-May
Halfway through this season you’ll find this brand-new addition to your Multiplayer loadout, the Cryo Bomb, available through a seasonal challenge. This useful little piece of equipment will explode in an array of frost on any enemies unlucky enough to get caught in the blast.

Use it take the tactical advantage and prevent them from quickly maneuvering or reacting for just long enough to get the jump on any unsuspecting enemy. They can still fight back though, so make sure to quickly engage them before they break free from the slowing effect.

Battle Royale Changes
We’ve added a variety of fixes, changes, and additions to Battle Royale for this update. You can find some new weapons available, like the Annihilator, S36, and GKS, but on a broader level we just wanted to step back from all of the smaller notes and talk about the mode as a whole.

First off, as some players have noticed the Aerial Platform is now gone and it will be returning as a part of this update. However, it is improved and now a little bit hard to pin down as it will be showing up in different parts of the map. It may not be there every match either.

While it isn’t clear from the patch notes, we plan to incorporate Battle Royale into the gold themed events coming in May and while that isn’t any major new update there is plenty going behind the scenes. Make sure to check the map for teasers related to that and here is a glimpse at what is coming this season to Battle Royale.

Patch Notes

What’s New!

Season 6 is here! Once Upon a Time in Rust. Where legends are made.

New Battle Pass available May 1st!

New Premium Battle Pass Rewards

  • Saddle up with Ghost – Cowboy and Seraph – Desperada
  • New Heat Stroke weapons, featuring the all new Outlaw sniper rifle!

New Free Battle Pass Rewards

  • Unlock the base Outlaw sniper rifle in the free Battle Pass
  • New Operator Skill: Annihilator. Launch high penetrating tracking bullets

Battle Pass Update

  • Battle Pass tasks have been removed. Players now level their Battle Pass by playing games. Participating in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Limited time modes all grant Battle Pass XP. Your Battle Pass XP summaries can be found at end of match reports.

New Event System

  • A brand-new event UI is live to streamline events into four categories: Featured, Seasonal, Daily and More
  • Events have been optimized to offer a variety of challenge levels and more appealing rewards
  • Check in all month long for the opportunity to earn some amazing rewards!

New to Multiplayer

New Limited Time Game Modes!

Capture the Flag: Gold Edition. A 2-round mode where players protect their gold while attempting to steal their opponent’s gold

  • Available on Rust, Crossfire, Crash, Raid, Hijacked and Standoff

1v1 Duel: 3 rounds, 1v1, may the best one win. Loser picks weapon on next round. Best of 3 wins.

  • Available on Saloon and Killhouse

Kill Confirmed: Players collect downed enemy dogtags for points, or downed teammates tags to deny points. First team to 40 confirmed kills wins

  • Available on Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff, Meltdown
  • During a limited time special event, play Kill Confirmed to earn new rewards

New Maps

Rust, an iconic MW map, is now available!

  • Available for TDM, Domination, Hardpoint, Gun Game, Sniper Only, Free For All, Sticks and Stones, One Shot One Kill, Rapid Fire, Gun Game: Team Fight, 2v2 Showdown, Capture the Flag, and Kill Confirmed

Saloon debuts as the second original MP map for Call of Duty: Mobile!

  • Available for 2v2 Showdown and 1v1 Duel

Prop Hunt will now be available on Firing Range

New Tactical equipment: Cryo Bomb. A freezing explosion affects all enemies near the blast radius

New to Battle Royale

Helicopter Flare added

  • Deploy a defensive flare against incoming FHJ rockets

New Battle Royale Class: Poltergeist coming soon!

  • Become nearly invisible for a short duration while also alerting nearby enemies. The farther you are from enemies, the more hidden you appear. Using weapons will break this effect.

Improvements and Optimizations


  • Improved H.I.V.E. Enemy traps will be shown in red
  • Reduced the aiming benefit % of Agile perk
  • Reduced the ammo size of Death Machine
  • Reduced the fuel capacity of Purifier
  • Reduced the cooldown of Gravity Spike
  • Reduced the combat duration of VTOL
  • Reduced the combat duration of Stealth Chopper
  • Shock RC can only shock 2 enemies max
  • Increased ICR-1 aim down sight speed and accuracy
  • Reduced HBRa3, M4LMG, RPD aim down sight speed
  • Increased M4LMG, RPD, BK57 accuracy
  • Increased UL736, S36 stability
  • Increased HVK-30 damage and reload speed
  • Reduced Man-O-War accuracy
  • Increased MSMC accuracy and stability

Battle Royale

  • Aerial platform location is no longer fixed and is not always present
  • Aerial platform can be reached by strategic ziplines
  • Optimized layouts of Crash, Killhouse, Diner, Standoff, Pipeline, Firing Range, and Nuclear Plant
  • Launch location optimized. Players can traverse by sliding
  • Reduced HP and damage of Cerberus, increased reward
  • Increased late game damage outside of the safe zone
  • Frag Grenades and Cluster Grenades now bypass armor protection
  • Significantly increased armor durability
  • Significantly increased charging speed of Airborne
  • Increased health recovery when using Medi
  • Increased range and speed of Ninja
  • Decreased duration and slowing effect of EMP Drone
  • Decreased detection range of Scout

Enhanced Warfare pace of early game

  • S36 and GKS have been added to Battle Royale
  • Annihilator revolver added to Battle Royale
  • New legendary attachments added: Heavy Mag, Shotgun Suppressor, Laser Sight
  • Increased War Machine damage to armored players
  • Increased lethal equipment damage to armored players
  • Increased M16A damage at all ranges
  • Increased close range damage of PDW-57, RUS-79U, Chicom, and MSMC
  • Increased MSMC stability
  • Fixed a ping issue when using vehicles
  • Fixed issue where health items could be used at full health
  • Fixed an issue with parachutes catching on buildings

System and Client

  • Added “Going Prone” toggle option in Basic Settings
  • Added basic setting slowing single-shot shotguns to shoot after right fire button loss
  • Added sharing option for Rank Skill and History
  • Added option to voice chat with only friends in pre-match
  • Lobby “Featured” button contains all new game modes
  • Optimized team invite option. Players can block invitations for 5 minutes
  • Level 1 Clans will be disbanded after 14 days of inactivity
  • Players can join private rooms by room ID

Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon in COD Mobile**:**

  • 4/29 ~ New Map – Rust
  • 4/29 – 5/7 ~ Rust Map Challenge
  • 4/29 – 5/5 ~ One Shot One Kill Mode
  • 4/29 5/14 ~ 2v2 Showdown Mode returns on new maps
  • 4/30 ~ Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 begins
  • 5/1 ~ Capture the Flag: Gold Edition Mode
  • 5/1 ~ Once Upon a Time in Rust Battle Pass
  • 5/1 ~ More new content inbound

*All Dates UTC

Well, that may be just enough for one update right? Too bad we have more coming soon at the start of the season. However, expect that to be a shorter post focused primarily around the Battle Pass and some events beginning at the start of May.

SOURCE: The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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Escape From Tarkov will let you dress up like Boba Fett

On Thursday the team behind Escape From Tarkov began teasing some new equipment. The first-person shooter will soon be adding a new helmet that looks heavily inspired by Disney’s The Mandalorian. No word on when it will be available. The first images of the unnamed body armor showed up on both Instagram and Facebook with no accompanying explanation, but it’s unlikely that Lucasfilm was involved.

Tarkov rose to prominence over the New Year with a well-timed Twitch promotion, sitting among the top three games on the platform for several months. It’s since fallen well down the rankings. But that hasn’t stopped a dedicated group of fans who regularly launch into the session-based multiplayer game for some high-stakes looting and tactical shooting.

The developer of Tarkov prides itself on realism. The game’s ballistics model is one of the best around, including sophisticated simulations of ricochets and penetration. All of its in-game kit is also based on real-world equipment. The same goes for this Star Wars-themed helmet, which is part of the GalacTac line. Of course, if you head over to the GalacTac website you’ll see that they only make the armor for use as cosplay or airsoft gear.

At least one set of ballistic-grade GalacTac armor was created, however. It debuted at the SHOT Show in 2016 — the annual gathering of arms and equipment manufacturers and a hot ticket on the military-industrial complex convention circuit. The set was a joint effort of an Arizona-based company called AR500, firearms manufacturers Heckler & Koch and Armalite, and the helmet manufacturers at Team Wendy.

Polygon has reached out to both AR500 and GalacTac about their licensing arrangement with Tarkov developer Battlestate Games.


Modern Warfare and Warzone April 30 Update

Infinity Ward has released a new game settings update for Modern Warfare and Warzone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to fix some bugs across the game.

The new playlist update has also removed Most Wanted Contracts and added back in Regular Bounty contracts in Warzone.

Here’s the full list of changes:

Playlist Update

  • Fix for Gunsmith Custom loadouts not appearing in matches
  • Removing Most Wanted Contracts from Warzone and adding Bounty Contracts back
  • Adjusting the timer from 10 to 15 seconds in 3v3 Cranked Gunfight
  • Adjusting out of bounds timer in Infected
  • Adjusting the match start timer in Infected so players can join before the Infected countdown ends.
  • Fix for a bug where players could get stuck during the infil while loading into a BR match

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

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The Legends of Runeterra launch trailer brings the card game to life

Riot’s new card game, Legends of Runeterra, officially launched on Thursday. With the new release comes a fancy new trailer — featuring two of League of Legends’ most popular champions: Darius and Zed. But because it’s about a card game, the trailer shows more than just two familiar heroes. It brings the game to life with a deck army of cards characters leaping to fight beside their champions.

The video starts following Darius, a League of Legends champion known for his giant axe and spiky armor. On a lone battlefield, he’s chasing down another champion, the shadow ninja, Zed. Zed has a small army of ninjas around him, who Darius cuts through easily. Upon reaching Zed, the video transitions to another fight between the heroes — both of whom are actually villains in League’s story.

The new fight is in a wooded glade. A dozen shadows with Zed’s face rush Darius, but two young heroes come to the rescue. These are not League of Legends characters, but cards in Legends of Runeterra. Zed responds with his own Legends of Runeterra cards come to life, and the battle begins to escalate.

By the video’s end the two heroes are rushing each on a massive battlefield. But instead of a one-on-one battle like before, each Champion has other cards from Legends of Runeterra beside them. The trailer of course comes with Riot’s usual flashy style, and is beautiful to sit and watch — even if you’re unfamiliar with League of Legends or its characters.

The music in the video is “Breathe,” a song by American musician Fleurie and remixed by Riot’s in-house music team.

Legends of Runeterra is a new card game based on the League of Legends universe, and is available on both PC and mobile devices.

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My Animal Crossing turnip selling standard is ridiculous now

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been for about a month and a half, which means I’ve invested in turnips a half dozen times now. I try not to buy turnip bundles for more than about 95 bells each. And when I peddle the veggies over at Nook’s Cranny, I aim for at least a 500+ bell selling price.

If it were possible to turn back time and I could somehow speak to my past self back in 2012, when I was obsessed with New Leaf, this information would probably sound absurd. Back then, I only played the turnip game a few times, otherwise perfectly content with my house after a couple of upgrades. I don’t think I ever had a million bells on-hand at any given point in the game. It seemed like too much effort, especially because the online connectivity on the 3DS was even more annoying than it is now. At the time, I considered something like a 20% return on investment incredible, but I was happy to settle for any type of tangible profit. Simpler, humbler times.

Compare to now, where I won’t even get out of bed for anything less than 500% return on investment. In my chats with other players, this sort of expectation isn’t unique — many people seem aim for around 200% ROI, if not significantly more than that. I probably made around 2.3 million bells just on turnips this week alone. It feels wild to type that and have it just be normal. No wonder the Animal Crossing economy is so inflated right now.

It makes sense, too: Thanks to social media, sites like, and Animal Crossing’s mainstream explosion, finding someone with a good turnip-selling price is trivial. I’ve largely relied on Vox Media colleagues and friends, but failing those, I’ll turn to Twitter and see who is lucky on any given week — so I’ve been able to maintain my high price standards. Now that there’s a culture around tipping or paying for entry, there’s extra incentive to make your turnip prices public. I’d wager that some people may even feel pressured to aim high with their turnip sales, because the chatter around this mechanic, and the general allure of keeping up with everyone else, is constant.

After my latest turnip haul, I’ve officially paid off all my Animal Crossing loans. Tom Nook congratulated me by offering a lifetime of free house renovations, which is nice. I’m feeling less pressure to invest heavily every week now, which means some relief from having to check my turnip prices twice a day, or constantly considering when I should take the plunge.

But unless Nintendo nerfs turnips somehow, I know that I’m still probably going to maintain my high turnip standards whenever I do dip back into Daisy Mae’s stock. I’ve had a taste of the good life and it’s impossible to go back.


Destiny 2 player glitches into the world and discovers a major spoiler

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is nearly two-thirds of the way finished, but it looks like players still have more to discover before the game’s next season launches in June. User tic-toc26 recently glitched into the world and discovered a serious spoiler hidden below the surface.

[Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy and beyond]

In a Reddit post by user PaperMartin (taken down by the RaidSecrets mods), it appears someone named tic-toc26 glitched their way into Destiny 2’s Tower and found battle damage. Hidden below the current, pristine Tower, are the scars of a battle that has yet to take place. According to the post, tic-toc26 was able to glitch into an instance with the destroyed Tower fully visible.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Destiny 2 recently, Earth is currently in serious danger. In a last ditch revenge effort for Destiny 2’s Red War launch campaign, the Cabal reprogrammed their sun-eating ship, The Almighty, to plummet into Earth, The Traveler, and The Last City. Considering The Last City houses the last of humanity, and The Tower is where players turn in all their quests, the mission to stop The Almighty is high priority.

Players have spent all season launching War satellites for Rasputin — a giant, Russian supercomputer — to use against The Almighty. By threatening the Tower, it was pretty easy to call Bungie’s bluff; Destroying the game’s main social hub seems extremely unlikely. But the battle damage shown in the glitch suggests a much closer scrape with The Almighty than we thought.

The same Tower corner on live servers — in pristine condition Image: Bungie via Polygon

It’s worth noting that the Tower is still standing in these damaged screenshots, meaning players will stop The Almighty by the end of the season. However, the level of destruction means the ship probably gets pretty close to the Tower before Rasputin destroys it. The damage to the Tower would then, presumably, come from falling debris. If this is in fact how the Tower damage occurs, players will likely see it by the end of May.

While The Almighty is likely the source of this destruction, it’s possible these battle scars won’t reveal themselves for several months. The new Darkness threat is coming to Destiny 2 — and teased heavily in Season of the Worthy. It’s possible this new threat could enter into the game before the end of the year, and some battle above Earth could cause damage to the Tower. But based on the little we know about The Darkness, any interaction with them near the Tower would cause far more damage than we see in those screenshots.

Season of the Worthy satellites Launching satellites for Rasputin Image: Bungie

The destruction of The Almighty seems to be the most likely case scenario, and would also explain why it was only recently added to the game. While tic-toc26 was able to see the physical space of the Tower, we don’t know if any of the game’s numerous NPCs could take damage in the battle.

Players still need to learn exactly how this damage will unfold, but we know one thing for sure: Something big is going to hit Destiny 2’s major social space in the coming months.

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Almost 100 Animal Crossing players visited my island and I’m feeling a lot less lonely

I’ve heard the horror stories of opening your Animal Crossing: New Horizons gates up to the masses. I’ve seen turnip bouncers, long lines, and trampled flowers. I hadn’t considered posting a Dodo Code publicly before, but my turnip prices have always been shit since the game’s launch. But on Wednesday, everything changed. My turnip tracker predicted a potential spike on Wednesday afternoon, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it: Timmy and Tommy were buying turnips at 539 a pop.

I had to share the wealth. (But I must admit, I was allured by the promise of turnip tips.) I opened my gates to my Vox Media colleagues and to strangers.

As it turns out, it was not a nightmare, despite the constant ping of “Looks like someone’s on their way here!” Partly because I made 7 million bells in tips, but what I really received was friendship and connection. Don’t laugh! I’m serious.

I kept my gates open from noon until 9 p.m. The majority of that time, I had Animal Crossing: New Horizons idling on the television screen while I worked. I parked my character, wearing a brand-new Gucci dress, at the bridge that visitors must pass over to reach Nook’s Cranny. Occasionally, I would cheer as folks passed by on their way in and out, but I didn’t do much of anything else. I listened to the slapping of feet across the bridge, where some would stop and emote at me before rushing through the door to Nook’s Cranny. Sometimes, I could hear the sound of someone dropping bell bags or gifts before they flew home.

Like many of you, I’m stuck indoors right now. I’ve only left my house for essential trips to the grocery store or doctor’s office. But the truth is, life isn’t too different for me. About a month before COVID-19 started to spread in North America, I had surgery to remove a tumor from my thyroid. Recovering from surgery meant a lot of time at home already, but before that, I didn’t really feel like going out, either. I was either sick or stressed and I spent a lot of time in my home, right where I am now.

Staying home isn’t a “new normal” for me; it’s just normal. But it doesn’t make it any less hard. I’m not alone — I have my husband and our two pets — but I do miss the outside world. I miss chatting with dog lovers at the park during my lunch break. I miss joking with the owner of the hot pot restaurant we are regulars at. Of course, I still talk to my friends and family often, but I miss the idle sorts of interaction I used to have. It’s not something I’ve experienced for quite a while.

I was surprised, then, when I had that fuzzy feeling of easy interaction just by listening to the sounds of people milling about my island. It was even more surprising, given how frustrating Nintendo’s online play is — everything comes to a halt each time someone arrives or leaves. If I was actively trying to play, I would have had a very different experience.

Instead, even while the game idling, it felt social, even with the limited interaction of New Horizons. It reminded me of the feeling I got when I first played with other humans in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area. While Sword and Shield’s online play is limited in how players can interact, it still feels almost alive. New Horizons’ interactions are in real time, allowing for instantaneous interaction and chat. But as I learned on Wednesday, even that’s not necessarily in creating a living world.

I loved that each time I looked up at the screen, there were always people arriving, some returning to my island having changed their outfits for a second visit. Another time, I looked up and I noticed a turnip-seller watering all of my flowers. Every single patch was shimmering by the end of the day, none of which I watered myself. Later, I found a coworkers’ daughter re-planting weeds on the bank of a river. (I love New Horizons’ weeds.)

At some point during the day, one visitor gifted me a space suit. A few hours later, someone else left me the astronaut helmet — a delightful surprise. Of course, New Horizons will never be a replacement for the real world, as much as I’ve retreated into it over the past few weeks. But until the stay-at-home orders lift, it’s where you’ll find me. With 7 million bells in my bank account.


Yes, the Russo brothers are producing a Hercules live-action remake

The rumors swirling around a live-action Hercules remake are true: Yes, the Russo brothers are involved in a live-action treatment of Hercules. No, they will not be directing. No, no one has been cast yet, so there is still time to get Amber Riley and Lizzo on board as Muses.

While a Twitter moment about the fancasting of Hercules live-action project started trending earlier on Thursday after a report from Disney blog DisInsider, the official announcement came sometime on the afternoon of April 30 from The Hollywood Reporter, clarifying some of the statements that were percolating. The Russo brother are attached to produce the remake of the 1997 animated film, with The Expendables screenwriter Dave Callaham penning the script. There are no further details on the project and whether it will be a near shot-for-shot remake like The Lion King or reinvent the concept like Mulan are yet to be seen.

The 1997 movie was a loose retelling of the Greek myth of Herakles — and also the oldest story Disney ever adapted — featuring Danny Devito as a smart-talking satyr and some killer music.

This potential remake joins a long string of Disney live-action (or enhanced CG) remakes of animated classics. Some, like The Little Mermaid starring R&B singer Halle Bailey, are well on their way in production, while others, like Bambi, have only just manifested as titles with attached screenwriters.

There is no release date or production date on this Hercules project, but the original 1997 movie is available on Disney Plus.

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Fortnite World Cup canceled due to coronavirus pandemic

Fortnite developer Epic Games announced Thursday that it’s canceling the Fortnite World Cup in 2020. Large gatherings have been prohibited around the world due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. Many esports events have moved online, but the global nature of the Fortnite World Cup makes that a challenge — some players would likely have better connections than others, making the event unfair.

“For the rest of 2020, all Fortnite competitions will be held online,” Epic Games wrote in a tweet from the Fortnite Competitive Twitter account. “Due to the limitations of cross region online competition, there will not be a Fortnite World Cup in 2020.”

Epic continued: “We don’t know when a return to large, global, in-person events will be practical, but we’re hopeful to be able to put on some form of Fortnite World Cup in 2021.”

No date had been set for this year’s Fortnite World Cup, though it was expected to be held over the summer. At the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019, 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won $3 million in the Solos competition. A $30 million prize pool was spread across the whole event.

In the series of tweets posted Thursday, Epic Games outlined its plans for online events, like third-party tournaments and the Fortnite Champion Series. The Fortnite Champion Series will return “each season for the rest of 2020,” said Epic. The company added that it will “iterate on formats to improve player experiences.” Cash Cups will continue “on a routine basis,” with the developer also iterating on the points system and tournament structure.

Official broadcasts of Fortnite events will return beginning Saturday, May 2, with the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational.


In adding a new bounty, Call of Duty: Warzone removed others, and players are mad

On April 29, Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare got significant updates. In Modern Warfare, players got a new way to customize their weapons, and Warzone players saw some playlist changes. The major Warzone change came with the new Most Wanted bounty. But instead of just adding a new bounty, Infinity Ward removed others.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s contract system lets you give yourself optional objectives for money and loot. Instead of just wandering around the map until you can find some enemies, these contracts offer rewards for putting your team in dangerous places. The non-combat contracts are still in the game, but bounties on other players died with the latest update.

The new Most Wanted bounty shows all enemies on the map in your general area, and successfully surviving the bounty revives all of your dead teammates. As an additional bounty, Most Wanted could have been a cool addition to the battle royale, but the removal of existing content has disappointed fans.

Reddit user RazerFeed posted a meme on the Warzone subreddit — one of the subreddit’s top posts, with nearly 10 thousand upvotes — complaining about Infinity Ward removing old bounties and replacing them with the new one. “We want both,” commented user Mlzgamer, the top comment on the post. The rest of the comments are players complaining about the replacing of content instead of adding on top of what they already had.

But with Warzone updating small features every week, it’s possible Most Wanted bounties could evolve in only a few more days. But until then, Most Wanted are your only options when it comes to bounty contracts.