Apex Legends Players Finally Like Gibraltar Thanks To His Sticky Shield

Image: Respawn

Apex Legends players aren’t too impressed with tank character Gibraltar, whose large hitbox and somewhat unexciting loadout don’t make him a lot of players’ first pick. Recently, though, some players have found a reason to bring him into rotation again.

Turns out you can stick things to Gibraltar’s gun shield, which is a tool that deploys whenever he’s aiming down sights. Combined with the ability to stack teammate character Caustic’s gas canisters, this has created some mobile superweapons. Here, Redditor WahlMarkberg’s team uses the Gibraltar/Caustic combo to ward off approaching players.

Even when this technique is not being used tactically, it’s still pretty funny. In this example, Redditor Zenbeth swings around a stack of canisters in a somewhat suggestive manner.

When you combine Gibraltar’s shield, Caustic’s gas canisters, and Pathfinder’s grapple ability, you can make something akin to that swing ride I was always too scared to go on at the local fair.

Video via PCGamer

Players are also using Gibraltar’s shield in combination with Octane’s ultimate ability, which is a jump pad that launches players in the air. I don’t quite know what you’d do with a Gibraltar with a jump pad stuck to him, since enemies would see you coming a mile away, but it’s hilarious.

Keep it weird, ApeLegs.

Source: Kotaku.com

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