Cooking Mama: Cookstar will turn you into an Instagram chef

Mama is returning to help you be the best cook you can be in Cooking Mama: Cookstar.

A trailer for the cooking game showed off a bunch of the fun Cooking Mama minigames that we’re used to seeing, like mixing ingredients together or chopping up vegetables. The best part of the trailer showed off making an Instagram staple: the rainbow grilled cheese.

After you’re done making your food, you take a sweet snap of it for the ’gram, and you can even deck out the photo with stickers. Mama has mastered both the kitchen and social media. We love to see her thrive and succeed.

Just like old games, you can still upset Mama by messing up your food, but it seems like she’ll fix it up for you as usual. She’s so reliable.

The trailer first appeared on the Dutch game store website, Nedgame. It’s since been made private, but it has luckily been re-uploaded for us to bask in all its rainbow grilled cheese glory.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar will come to Nintendo Switch in March 2020. According to the trailer, it’ll cost $39.99.


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