Destiny 2 taken offline again after players report missing items and currency

After major downtime two weeks ago, Destiny 2 is down once again for emergency maintenance. Players are being greeted with “Destiny 2 servers are not available” messages upon log in.

On Tuesday morning, Bungie launched Destiny 2’s Crimson Days Valentine’s Day event. But about 90 minutes after the event hit live servers, Bungie removed all players from the game and initiated emergency maintenance.

In the hour or so it was live, the latest Destiny 2 hotfix seems to have caused similar issues from two weeks ago. Players started reporting missing items and currencies from their characters.

On Jan. 28, Destiny 2 was down for about 10 hours. In that time, Bungie solved the issue of missing currency and rolled all player accounts back to before the patch hit — a move the developer took for the first time in franchise history. While Bungie hasn’t said anything about the cause of Tuesday’s unexpected downtime, it seems likely another rollback will happen once Destiny 2 comes back online.

We will update this post as we learn more about the issue.


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