Don’t Forget To Unlock Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Piranha Plant Before Friday

I think all of us are curious about how a literal piranha plant is going to hold its own against the likes of Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The new, downloadable fighter releases sometime before February 15—we’re not exactly sure when yet—and if you own the game, you’re going to want to give the big guy a spin. Just don’t miss out: You only have three days to get him for free.

Super Smash Bros.’ downloadable fighters (DLC) usually cost money, but if you already bought the game or buy it before January 31, you won’t have to pay anything to add Smash Ultimate’s Little Shop of Horrors cameo to your roster. You just have to get the code before Friday, or else you’ll have to pay. Here’s how you unlock the plant:

If you bought a physical copy of the game

You have to register your copy of Smash Ultimate manually. Highlight Smash Ultimate in your Switch library. Hit the Plus button. Then scroll to the “My Nintendo Rewards Programme” tab. Click “Earn Points.”  

Pick the Nintendo Account on which you want to download Piranha Plant. Then, within 10 days, you will receive a download code for Piranha Plant in the e-mail attached to the Nintendo Account you chose. Be careful: If you’re on Gmail, it may land in your “Promotions” or “Spam” folder.

If you bought a digital copy of the game from the Nintendo Eshop

The game should have automatically registered for your Nintendo Account. That means your Piranha Plant download code was probably already e-mailed to the address associated with your Nintendo Account. (Again—be sure to check your “Promotions” or “Spam” folder if you’re on Gmail!). If you purchased Smash Ultimate recently, the code will arrive within ten days.

To redeem the code

Go to the Switch’s Eshop, log into the account you want to receive Piranha Plant and navigate to the “Enter Code” tab on the left menu. Type in the code and you’re golden! The code expires June 30, but surely you’ll get to this by then…


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