Eevee Is Missing A Few Evolutions, So This Artist Made Them

Abz’s concept for a Dragon type Eeveelution, Drakeon.
Illustration: Abz

Theoretically, the Pokémon Eevee can evolve into anything. It doesn’t have a set evolution; instead, you can use a variety of techniques to evolve it into different Pokémon types. Not all of the Pokémon types have official Eeveelutions for them yet, though. One fan has made designs for Eeveelutions for the Pokémon types haven’t been revealed yet, and I am in love with every single one of them.

Eevee is my favorite Pokémon. Not just because I love its big ears and brown fur, but because it contains a limitless potential. Eevee can be anything! Except, not actually in practice. When Eevee first debuted in the first Pokémon game, it only had three evolutions—fire, water, and electric—and Game Freak has been slowly but surely adding more types of Pokémon to the games. Reddit user Abz has some ideas of their own for how Eevee might evolve into these different types someday. Abz has drawn concepts for all of these different Eeveelutions.

Abz started with a Ground-type Eeveelution. This guy, Terreon, uses those antler like extensions to dig into the ground,” they wrote on Reddit.

Illustration: Abz

My personal favorite is Obliveon, a ghost type Eeveelution. I really like the way Abz’s designs are all recognizably an Eevee, but taken to sometimes dark extremes.

Illustration: Abz

Abz’s flying type Eeveelution, which they call Zephyreon, is almost as cute as the pastel pink and blue fairy type Sylveon. Almost.

Illustration: Abz

You can check out all of the Eeveelution designs, and a lot of other Pokémon fan art, on Abz’s Instagram page. They seem to love Ghost types and Eevee, so that’s worth a follow on its own.

Correction – 10:11am: The original version of this article incorrectly stated the original Eeveelutions.


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