Exclusive first look at Bee and PuppyCat’s long-awaited return

After three years, popular web series Bee and PuppyCat returns with a new series called Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space. The first episode, “Little Fingers,” will debut on Sept. 25 at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. An exclusive look at the first episode shows PuppyCat’s newfound fascination with the world of mobile gaming. The debts that this precocious little alien accrues prompts him and Bee to take a new job.

What started as a short two-part episode in 2013 quickly gained online popularity and became the most successful animation Kickstarter at the time. The first four episodes of Bee and PuppyCat aired on YouTube in late 2014. The next six were originally supposed to follow suit, but ended up being released two years later on digital aggregation platform VRV. Because of this gap, some fans didn’t even realize new episodes were made. The remaining episodes are now available on YouTube.

Bee and PuppyCat follows the adventures of cheerful Bee, who tries to keep her positive attitude despite her failed jobs and lack of direction, and the strange creature she finds who is a hybrid of a puppy and a cat and talks in mysterious chiming noises. Both have mysterious pasts and the last episode of Bee and PuppCat revealed that Bee is some sort of android.

Lazy in Space, which was announced in June 2018, will likely follow up on that reveal — while bringing the duo on some more kooky adventures.

Source: Polygon.com

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