Google Stadia Pro subscribers will get Metro Exodus and Gylt in February

Google Stadia owners with Stadia Pro subscriptions will be able to download two games in February: horror-shooter Metro Exodus and indie adventure Gylt.

Developed by 4A Games, Metro Exodus is set in a post-nuclear war Russia, where protagonist Artyom engages in heavy duty gunplay while on a search for fellow survivors. In Polygon’s review, we said that the game’s various settings constituted “unique and visually captivating miniature open worlds.”

Gylt from Tequila Works is a creepy narrative adventure with heavy stealth elements, in which a schoolgirl searches for her missing cousin. The game was released exclusively on Stadia last November.

Stadia Pro subscribers still have a few days to claim the service’s January games, Thumper and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which are available until Jan. 31.

A Stadia Pro subscription costs $9.99 per month, and offers access to Stadia streams with 4K/60 fps HDR with 5.1 surround sound (provided your bandwidth can handle it), as well as select free games and discounts on game purchases.


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