In a Neat Video, Shazam’s Director Talks the Art of Problem Solving in Film

Zachary Levi, some extras, and some production staff, in Shazam. Did you see ‘em?
Image: Warner Bros.

Film is all about compromise: taking a massive amount of people, resources, and time, and making it all harmonize into a single cohesive artistic product. Even if the way you got there was driven as much by circumstance as vision.

In a delightful video published by Shazam director David Sandberg on his YouTube channel, he expounds on the involved problem-solving logic that goes into making a feature film. Using a simple, not very notable scene in Shazam, he goes through the compromises and adaptations that led from the version of the scene as it appears in the script to what made it on film. Guest starring: a doing-its-best costume department, complicated velcro shoes, and Sandberg’s charming wit.

It’s a fantastic showcase of the way movies, well, don’t happen easily, and without care can become absolutely messy with inconsistencies. And Sandberg is an excellent guide into this complex world. Check it out above.

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