Insomniac Developer Reveals A Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg Nobody Noticed

Spider-Man on PS4 was filled with little secrets and easter eggs. From a failed marriage proposal to Seinfeld references and more, the game is packed with easter eggs. But one secret was so subtle it seems nobody actually noticed it until someone at Insomniac revealed it on Twitter.

Yesterday, Elan Ruskin, a programmer at Insomniac, revealed a hidden easter egg in Spider-Man that involved pedestrians. Specifically, the easter egg involved Orthodox Jewish pedestrians in the game. In real life on Saturdays when you play Spider-Man, these NPCs won’t spawn in the city. This is a reference to the Sabbath and how many Jewish individuals will not work or go out on Saturdays.

This is another small detail in a game that is already stuffed with small audio and visual details. So, because today is Saturday, you shouldn’t see any of these citizens shown in the picture above if you fire up Spider-Man.

It seems this secret has been in Spider-Man since the game launched and because it was so subtle, nobody really noticed. It makes me wonder what other easter eggs are hiding in Spider-Man on PS4 that players have yet to find.


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