Microsoft Announces 13 Indie Games Coming To Xbox One And PC

Microsoft announced a large round of indie games coming through its [email protected] The 13 newly announced games will join others for a grand total of 30 indie games being shown at Microsoft’s GDC booth.

The new additions on Xbox One include Beholder 2, CrossCode, Dead Static Drive, Door Kickers: Action Squad, Mowin’ & Throwin’, Starcrossed, and Totem Teller. Another handful were announced for both Xbox One and PC: Boomerang Fu, Hyperdot, Stela, The Forgotten City, UnderMine, and Unrailed. You can check out a full list of all 30 games being shown at GDC at the Xbox blog.

On top of its ongoing indie support through the [email protected] program, Microsoft has been shoring up studio acquisitions. It’s also one of the few remaining big publishers planning a big showcase at E3. A host of rumors and reports have begun circulating, including word of a disc-less Xbox option and a reveal of its next-generation console.

Whatever Microsoft has in store, Halo Infinite appears primed to be the centerpiece. We know it will be shown, and that it’s targeting PC and Xbox One rather than waiting for the next generation of consoles. We’ve also recently gotten some indication that it could adopt a games as service model, though 343 Industries has had to assuage concerns about microtransactions.

The Game Developers Conference runs March 18 through March 22. It will include a keynote presentation from Google, which may debut its own entry into video games.


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