MoviePass is shutting down on Sept. 14

It’s official — movie theater subscription service MoviePass will shut down on Sept. 14. MoviePass has been on a downward spiral for quite some time now, and this announcement is the official nail in the coffin.

The service reached peak popularity in 2018. The $9.95 a month plan allowed users to see an unlimited amount of films at participating theaters. In May 2018, the company reported a $40 million loss. Efforts to restructure MoviePass continued through 2018, as it switched from unlimited movies to three a month, then hiked the price to $14.95 and limited the choice of movies. In March 2019, MoviePass tried to bring back unlimited movies for $9.95 — if you paid for a full year up front.

Meanwhile, other movie subscription programs, such as Cinemark Movie Club and AMC Stubs A-List, started to actively compete in the market. MoviePass was also met with two lawsuits within this time, one accusing the company of not following through on its promises and another claiming that MoviePass used bait-and-switch tactics.

The service will cease immediately on Sept. 14.


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