Nintendo Switch’s new ring controller game is Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo’s unusual, semi-flexible ring controller now has a name and a game. It’s Ring-Con and Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, respectively. It’s the console maker’s latest stab at exergaming, which harkens back to its tremendous success with it on the Wii in the mid-aughts.

According to a news release put out this morning, Ring-Con combines with a leg strap to deliver exercise challenges in Ring Fit Adventure, where players are trying to defeat a “bodybuilding dragon” (Nintendo’s words, not ours). “Jog, sprint and do knee-highs in real life to travel through the world,” the statement says, “and use the Ring-Con accessory to perform different in-game actions, like jumping, hovering in mid-air or steering a raft on a river.”

Here’s a longer look (seven minutes) at the controller and the game:

Last week, Nintendo teased the new controller with a 90-second demo of families and friends around the world using it, but the video didn’t show the screen they were all looking at. Ring Fit Adventure gives players more than 40 exercise skills to perform, and their player character levels up by using them somewhat like a role-playing game. Ring Fit Adventure offers a main campaign, a shorter Quick Play mode featuring the mini-games found in the campaign, and modes where players can choose from the menu of exercises or perform sets of two or more to work the same muscle group.

Critically, “the game even includes a ‘Silent’ mode for people who live in an upstairs apartment or don’t want to make a lot of noise,” says the news release. Nintendo: Also a considerate neighbor! Silent mode means the jog-in-place exercises are replaced with “ones that are a little quieter, allowing players to keep their legs active without a heavy impact on the floor.”

The exergaming title includes the Ring-Con and Leg Strap (both of which have housings for the Switch’s two Joy-Con controllers) and will sell for $79.99 when it launches on Oct. 18.


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