Our Favorite Cosplay From DragonCon 2019, One Of America’s Oldest Nerd Shows

Cosplay GalleryA showcase of some of the best photos and video from cosplay events around the world. Credits provided where possible, but if we’ve missed something [let us know and we can add](mailto:[email protected])!  

DragonCon has been running for over 30 years now, drawing tens of thousands of attendees to one of the oldest and best cons on the planet, the highlight of which is often the giant cosplay parade that weaves its way through downtown Atlanta.

This year’s show drew over 85,000 attendees, and ran from August 29-September 5. Mineralblu was there taking photos and video for us, and you can see it all below.

As usual, the cosplayers involved, the series and characters they’re cosplaying as and their social media handles are watermarked on the images.

Source: Kotaku.com

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