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Assassin’s Creed Unity Could Aid In Notre Dame Restoration

The historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught flame Monday evening, collapsing its spire and severely damaging parts of the building including its roof. Now as the government looks toward restoration, it may tap an unexpected source: Assassin’s Creed Unity.

CBS News reports that restorers may need to utilize the expertise of a Vassar College architecture historian and the artist team for Ubisoft’s 2014 video game. The detailed models could help provide a functional understanding of the building’s measurements and specifications that isn’t possible with still photographs.

Unity is set during the French Revolution, and was noted for its accurate rendering of 1700s Paris. The Verge reports that level artist Caroline Miousse spent roughly two years modeling Notre Dame Cathedral, saying about 80% of her work on the game was that landmark alone.

Notre Dame is a cathedral that has undergone multiple expansions and restorations over the centuries, and Miousse’s recreation is modeled as closely as possible to the structure as it was at the time–at least, for the most part. The team found that playtesters missed the spires, so Miousse added them to the cathedral despite the fact that they weren’t actually added until later.

For its part, Ubisoft said on Twitter it is not currently involved in any reconstruction efforts, but is “more than happy to lend our expertise in any way we can.” The company is helping out in another way, however. It has committed more than $500,000 to reconstruction efforts, and made Assassin’s Creed Unity free for a limited time in honor of the cathedral.

“Video games can enable us to explore places in ways we never could have otherwise imagined,” the company said. “We hope, with this small gesture, we can provide everyone an opportunity to appreciate our virtual homage to this monumental piece of architecture.”


Pokemon Go May Community Day’s First Details Announced

Pokemon Go‘s April Community Day may have only recently ended, but Niantic is already looking ahead to next month’s event. The developer has now shared the first details for May’s Community Day, which is scheduled to take place around the globe on Sunday, May 19.

As usual, next month’s Community Day will run for three hours, from 3-6 PM local time. During that window, players will be able to earn triple the usual amount of Stardust for every Pokemon they catch, and any Lure Modules that are used will remain active for three hours.

The featured Pokemon this time around will be another Gen 3 starter: Torchic. Throughout the Community Day, the Fire-type Pokemon will spawn in the wild more frequently than it normally does, making it much easier to add some to your collection. Going by previous Community Days, you’ll likely also have your first chance to capture a Shiny Torchic.

No Caption Provided

Finally, if you manage to fully evolve a Torchic into Blaziken up to an hour after the Community Day ends, it’ll learn a special, as-yet-unannounced event-exclusive move. Niantic typically reveals what the special move is the week of the event. You can find more details about next month’s Community Day on the official Pokemon website.

In the meantime, there are a few other big events going on now in Pokemon Go. First, the Legendary Eon Pokemon Latios returned for a special week-long Raid that’s scheduled to end on April 22. Niantic is also holding the annual Eggstravaganza event until April 23, which gives you more chances to hatch baby Pokemon and even capture a Shiny Buneary.


Fortnite’s New Air Royale Mode Is Chaotic Fun

While I played Fortnite’s new limited-time mode, Air Royale, my colleague Cecilia looked over my shoulder and said, “This isn’t the game I used to play.” Air Royale barely feels like Fortnite, but it’s a lot of fun.

The new LTM showed up in today’s 8.40 patch. In it, 12 duos are put in Stormwing planes and try to shoot each other down, with one player steering and the other perched on the plane with guns and ammo. You die if you touch the ground, and your plane will explode if it lands for more than a few seconds. Players have infinite respawns, but planes only respawn twice before you’re out of the match. Falling crates of different rarity levels can give you new weapons, and you can also find crates that repair your plane and give you health and shields.

When I read the patch notes this morning, Air Royale sounded straightforward. When I actually got into a match, it was chaos. Part of that is on me; I am wretched at both steering the plane and aiming its gun. The storm closes in both beside and above you, but I kept forgetting about its movement as I got shot at from all sides. Crates fall constantly, enticing you with their glow but then vanishing when another player snatches them. When I steered the plane while my teammate shot, more often than not they would blip from position to position on the plane, making it hard to tilt the plane to keep them out of harm’s way. They’d get killed, vanish, and reappear, or we’d both die and suddenly find ourselves in swapped roles and plummeting to the ground as we tried to regain our bearings. When I shot while another player steered, the plane’s body kept popping into my field of vision, making aiming and shooting difficult. During my first few matches, I had no idea what I was doing. When my team placed second in one match, I was shocked.

After three matches, I had figured things out, and from then on, Air Royale was fun as hell. I finally completed the “eliminate opponents in different named locations” challenge, which had always eluded me; in Air Royale, I managed to take down enemies in the air over Tilted Towers and Loot Lake. It was exciting to swoop in and grab a crate before another enemy did, or chase someone down while blasting rockets at their plane. According to the patch notes, you can get more respawns for your plane by hijacking enemy planes, but I haven’t yet seen anyone do this, nor have I worked out how to pull it off myself.

The mode barely feels like Fortnite, with its twist on crates, its complete disregard for the game’s iconic geography, and the return of the vaulted plane. But it’s raucous and enjoyable in the manner of many of the game’s LTMs. It’s a nice break, an easy way to complete challenges, and delightfully ridiculous.

Patch 8.40 also brings what Epic calls the ability to “pet” Fortnite’s dogs, chameleons, and other pets. Here’s a clip of said petting in action.

I tested this for myself, and this clip is accurate: pressing the “pet” key causes you to swipe vaguely at the creature in front of you. When I did this to another player’s gingerbread man pet, the pet dabbed back at me mockingly. That is not “petting,” Epic. I don’t know what it is.

Other changes include another LTM called Food Fight: Deep-Fried. It’s a twist on a previous mascot fight LTM that adds lava to the mix. The Infantry Rifle also now has Epic and Legendary rarities. There’s a UI element that now lets you do the same emote as another player if you own it, making those lobby dance parties a little easier to pull off. You can check out all the changes in the patch notes, and please petition Epic to let us actually pet the dog. We’re all better than this.


How to Get a Free PC Copy of ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’

In response to the recent fire that devastated Notre Dame—one of the world’s oldest and most iconic cathedrals and iconic part of France’s national history—French video game publisher Ubisoft is offering a free PC copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity (normally $30) for a limited time. The offer will last from April 17 until midnight on April 25.

Ubisoft is hoping this free offer will spread awareness about the restoration fund and encourages users who take the company up on the free game offer to donate to the reconstruction effort.

How to Get Your Free Copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity

  1. First, follow this link.
  2. Sign into your Ubisoft account (or create one if you don’t already have one).
  3. Click “Add to Cart”, then check out.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete to order.
  5. Once you’ve wrapped up the transaction, you’ll be be gifted a free copy of the game to your Uplay account. You’ll need to download or launch Uplay in order to install it.

On top of the option to add the game to your collection, the store page also has a link you can click to stream the game for free as well.

While there are numerous Assassin’s Creed games with single-word subtitles that start with the letter “U”, Unity is the one set in Paris during the French Revolution, and Notre Dame features prominently in the game. Admittedly, Assassin’s Creed Unity didn’t get the most favorable reviews when it launched originally, but many of those were due to technical issues (and some unconvincing arguments about why the development team neglected to add playable female characters to the multiplayer mode).

Regardless, the sentiment behind the offer is a noble one (and free is free). The deal only lasts for through midnight on April 25th, so hop to it.


The Division 2’s first raid has been pushed back to May

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been out for over a month now, and it’s already received one big content update. Massive Entertainment originally planned for the game’s next update, and its first raid, to arrive on April 25, but the developer has now pushed that date back.

According to a post made on Ubisoft’s website, Massive chose to push back the release of what it’s calling Title Update 3, until May. Massive says it made the decision to ensure that the update and the Operation Dark Hours raid will be released in the best possible state for fans. “In order to fine-tune the balance of our game and to ensure the best possible player experience for everyone, we have decided to move the release of Title Update 3,” Massive said.

In what seems like a related decision, Massive also announced that as of April 17, all players that have access to The Division 2 on PC will also have access to the game’s Public Test Server (PTS). The test server will serve as a playground for Massive to test future updates to the game in hopes of getting player feedback on new content as well as some extra help with stability testing.

Title Update 3 and the raid will not be coming to the Test Server in hopes of allowing the community to experience the raid all at the same time. It’s unclear if this will be the plan going forward for future raids, but Massive says it will update players with more information about the PTS in the near future.

Massive will release The Division 2’s Title Update 3 content sometime in May. It’s unclear if the Operation Dark Hours raid will arrive at the same time or shortly after the update goes live.


The trailer for Amazon’s superhero adaptation The Boys is extremely NSFW

The first trailer for Amazon’s The Boys showcases the upcoming series’ violence and sexuality. These heroes aren’t going to save the world anytime soon.

Based on the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic book series of the same name, The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes exist — but because of their high-profile celebrity status, most of the world’s superheroes, particularly an elite group known as “The Seven,” are corrupt and reckless. Thus, a secret CIA task force known as “The Boys” is in charge of policing superhero behavior, something they must do without any super powers.

A film version of The Boys was optioned in 2008, but by 2013, the project was canceled. The Amazon series will be its first on-screen adaptation, and is produced by the team behind Sausage Party (Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg) and the creator of Supernatural (Eric Kripke). Starring Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Elizabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwall, and Karen Fukuhara as The Female, The Boys premieres on Amazon on July 26.


PlayStation 5 sounds expensive, but Sony says it has an ‘appealing’ price point

Just as soon as PlayStation’s hardware architect opened up about Sony’s next console came questions of what that will cost. The Wired writer who first reported Sony’s plans put that question to Mark Cerny, and the answer is … it’s probably gonna cost more.

Cerny, PlayStation’s lead architect, did not say that directly. But yesterday on Twitter, Wired’s Peter Rubin shared an unpublished exchange with him:

Rubin: there’s always been a general range of launch pricing. Will the next console hew to that range?

Cerny: I believe that we will be able to release it at [a suggested retail price] that will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set.

Rubin: Meaning that it may cost a bit more, but what you’re getting is well worth it?

Cerny: That’s about all I can say.

Rubin’s article described a “PlayStation 5” (official name not official yet) sporting a solid-state drive, and a CPU and graphics hardware supporting ray tracing, 8K resolutions and a new “3D audio” technology. The unit will also be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games and support PlayStation VR.

It stands to reason that, based on the components needed, if not also inflation, the next PlayStation will cost more than the PlayStation 4 did when it launched in 2013 at $399.99. Of course, that pricing was likely motivated by the widely mocked launch pricing of $599 in 2006 ($755 in today’s money). Cost was one reason the PlayStation 3 was slow out of the gate and lost the previous generation to the Xbox 360, and it was another big reason the $499.99 Xbox One was slow out of the gate and has so far lost this generation (in sales, anyway) to the PS4.

Currently, the most expensive base configuration of the PlayStation 4, a PS4 Pro with a 1 TB hard drive, is $399, the same as its launch price in 2016. Also, as if on cue, Microsoft yesterday announced the pricing and launch date for its all new discless Xbox One S. That’s May 7, and $249.99, and it comes with three games.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 April 17 Update – Arsenal Sandstorm, Weapon Updates, And More

Treyarch has released the latest Game Settings Update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and confirmed that Arsenal Sandstorm has now been officially released for free on all platforms following being delayed.

While some of the details mentioned in Treyarch’s update went live yesterday, the weather changed map is now live for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, alongside some playlists updates across MP, Blackout, and Zombies. The game settings update also includes some weapon changes across all modes of play in Black Ops 4.

Check out the full details:

As we put the finishing touches on three additional Multiplayer maps launching with our next Operation later this month for Black Ops Pass holders, we’re excited to release our newest alternate-weather map free for all players: Arsenal Sandstorm.

Hot on the heels of Contraband Hurricane, Arsenal Sandstorm is our most intricate map makeover yet in Black Ops 4. Players will need to adapt their playstyles to waves of sand sweeping across the environment, with limited visibility throughout the facility encouraging shorter-ranged engagements. We’re excited to see how player strategies will evolve on Arsenal Sandstorm, now in rotation on all platforms.

If you’ve ever wished your team could play the objective in Domination even if they’re just there for the streaks, we’ve got great news. Introducing Deathmatch Domination on PS4, a first-of-its-kind mode for the Black Ops series. In this new take on Domination, teams now have two ways to earn points toward the score limit: by capturing objectives, and by earning kills throughout the match. No matter how you play, you’ll be playing for the team. Get out there and let us know what you think in the comments.

Infected is now live in Multiplayer on all platforms! We’ve also made some improvements to gameplay and stability, including the addition of 10 seconds to the game clock instead of 30 when a Survivor becomes infected, to help keep matches from running longer than intended. Check out the patch notes below for what’s new, and if you’re an Infected newbie, be sure to get familiar with the preset Survivor classes so you’re ready to hit the ground running… for your life.

We’ve also made additional updates across all modes since our last community update, including weapon tuning to the Rampart and KN-57, an extension to the final Collapse timing in Blackout’s Alcatraz map, and more. Read on for the full list of what’s new:

  • Free Arsenal Sandstorm Multiplayer map in rotation today on all platforms.
  • Deathmatch Domination added as Featured Playlist in Multiplayer on PS4.
  • Infected added as Featured Playlist in Multiplayer on Xbox One and PC.
  • Barebones Moshpit, Stockpile, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit (consoles), and Half-Off Heist (Xbox One) added to Featured category in Multiplayer.
  • Weapon tuning for Rampart and KN-57 in Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.
  • Alcatraz final Collapse time increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • PC curated playlists updated, including new Lone Wolf playlist.
  • Gameplay and stability improvements added for Infected.
  • Maps
    • Arsenal Sandstorm
      • Free alternate-weather version of Arsenal in rotation today on all platforms.
  • Game Modes
    • Infected
      • When a Survivor becomes infected, 10 seconds will now be added to the game clock instead of 30.
      • General stability fixes for Infected.
  • Weapon Tuning
    • Rampart 17
      • Increased ADS-in speed.
    • KN-57
      • Slightly reduced recoil.
      • Increased ADS-in speed.
      • Quickdraw: Increased ADS-in speed.
  • Statistics
    • Choosing Fresh Start will no longer clear World League Hub stats.
  • Alcatraz
    • Increased the final Collapse time from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Weapon Tuning
    • Rampart 17
      • Increased ADS-in speed.
    • KN-57
      • Slightly reduced recoil.
  • Weapon Tuning
    • Rampart 17
      • Increased ADS-in speed.
    • KN-57
      • Slightly reduced recoil.
      • Increased ADS-in speed.
      • Quickdraw: Increased ADS-in speed.
  • Game Modes
    • Deathmatch Domination
      • Added as new Featured Playlist on PS4.
      • Teams have two ways to earn points toward the round score limit: capturing objectives and earning kills.
      • Addressed an issue where Medals were not displaying properly.
  • Featured Playlists
    • Barebones Moshpit, Infected, Stockpile, and Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit join Deathmatch Domination in the Featured category this week.


  • Infected added as Featured Playlist on PS4.
  • Players are divided into two teams: Survivors vs. Infected, with one player randomly selected as the first Infected.
  • Infected players hunt down the Survivors and attack them to spread their disease, converting their victims into members of the Infected team.
  • Survivors choose from preset classes and kill/avoid the Infected throughout the match.
  • Survivors win by having at least one surviving member when the timer runs out. Infected team wins by infecting every Survivor in the map before time runs out.
  • Infected team can respawn an infinite number of times. Survivors have one life before they become Infected.
  • Timer resets every time a Survivor falls victim to the Infected team, or when a Survivor becomes Infected via suicide.
  • Preset classes for Survivors include:
    • Scrapper
      • Primary Weapon: Cordite w/ Laser Sight and Extended Mags
      • Secondary Weapon: Mozu w/ High Caliber
      • Equipment: Concussion
      • Perks: Gung-Ho, Lightweight, Dexterity
      • Wildcard: Perk 2 Gluttony
    • Impaler
      • Primary Weapon: VAPR-XKG w/ ELO and Bayonet
      • Secondary Weapon: Strife
      • Equipment: Molotov
      • Perks: Scavenger, Dexterity, Dead Silence
      • Wildcard: Primary Operator Mod
    • Lead Spitter
      • Primary Weapon: Titan w/ Reflex, Stock, and Quickdraw
      • Secondary Weapon: RK 7 Garrison
      • Equipment: Frag
      • Perks: Skulker, Dexterity, and Team Link
      • Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed
    • Perforator
      • Primary Weapon: ABR 223 w/ Suppressor, Quickdraw, and Extended Mags
      • Secondary Weapon: Strife
      • Equipment: Molotov
      • Perks: Scavenger, Skulker, and Dead Silence
      • Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter 1
    • Meat Bagger
      • Primary Weapon: Mozu w/ Speed Loader and Quickdraw
      • Secondary Weapon: MOG 12 w/ Quickdraw
      • Equipment: Concussion
      • Perks: Scavenger, Dexterity, and Team Link
      • Wildcard: Underkill
    • Headhunter
      • Primary Weapon: Paladin HB50 w/ High Caliber and Stabilizer
      • Secondary Weapon: MOG 12 w/ Long Barrel and Barrel Choke
      • Equipment: None
      • Perks: Dexterity, Skulker, and Tracker
      • Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed

Featured Playlists

  • Xbox One
    • Infected, Barebones Moshpit, Stockpile, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit, and Half-Off Heist added to the Featured category this week.
  • PC
    • Infected, Barebones Moshpit, and Stockpile added to the Featured category this week.
  • Core Playlist Updates
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Search & Destroy
    • Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit
      • Team Deathmatch
      • Kill Confirmed
    • Objective Moshpit
      • Control
      • Hardpoint
      • Domination
      • Safeguard
    • Lone Wolf Moshpit
      • Free For All
      • One In The Chamber
      • Gun Game
      • Heist
  • Match Start Requirements
    • Reduced Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit match start requirements from 10 players to 8.
    • Reduced Hardcore Deathmatch Moshpit match start requirements from 10 players to 8.
    • Reduced Objective Moshpit match start requirements from 8 players to 6.
    • Reduced Hardcore Objective Moshpit match start requirements from 8 players to 6.
  • Match Start Requirements
    • Reduced match start requirements from 100 players to 80 in current and future Blackout modes when applicable.

SOURCE: Treyarch

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The Sims Freelancer Career Sucks And Also Owns, Just Like Real Life

Screenshot: The Sims 4

The only unrealistic aspect of The Sims 4‘s new freelance careers is that Sims get paid on time.

I remember being a freelancer all too well. I remember the late nights, the lack of socialization, the 2am meals, and the desperate chasing after paychecks. The Sims 4 manages to replicate most of that with startling accuracy. Here’s my Sim, a freelance writer I named after myself, working on an assignment late into the night. In the midst of that, her computer breaks. Typical.

This was a bad night.
Screenshot: The Sims 4

Freelance careers in The Sims 4 are free with yesterday’s update, and they combine two previously introduced systems into one new one. There was one system from the City Living expansion that allowed Sims to complete work tasks from home instead of going to an unseen location for their shift. The Get Famous expansion introduced the Acting career, through which a Sim would join an agency and take on short term gigs. Freelance careers are a blend of these two, taking two systems that already work well and combining them into something that’s both familiar and unique to the game.

Once you choose the freelance career and decide whether to be an artist, writer, or programmer, you check for gigs in the same way you would in the acting career. Given my own life experience, I chose the writing career. The descriptions on these gigs are very charming. This one made me laugh out loud.

I named the article “Centipedes? In my vagina?”
Screenshot: The Sims 4

Once you’ve chosen an assignment, you’re given a due date and a few tasks to complete. Usually, you have to chat with your client over the computer before you start writing. This can either give the Sim an “Inspired” buff or a “Tense” debuff. You ever work with an editor who just doesn’t get you and also doesn’t know how to communicate with their needs? It seems my Sim ran into that kind of editor all the time, because she was tense constantly.

Being a freelancer in The Sims 4 is fairly straightforward: get your assignments in on time, and you get paid. Still, the way that the freewheeling assignment structure interrupts the usual day-to-day flow of the game is a welcome change. Even with the acting career’s relative degree of freedom, you still had to get up, go to work, try to eat a decent meal now and then, get your fun needs met, and go to bed. It can get monotonous, just like in real life.

As a freelancer, your days are varied, but it comes with drawbacks. Your Sims seem to have both more and less free time, in just the same way that real-life freelancers do. Sure, they could put off finding a new assignment for a day because they want to go on a date, or enjoy a holiday, but not working means not earning any money. I tried to complete a freelance assignment once every two days, meaning I had to keep turning down invitations to hang out from my friends and neighbors and worked at all hours. My Sim stayed up until 2 a.m. every night, more or less, and I quickly forgot what day of the week it was. For days at a time, the only socialization my Sim got was from her cat, Murry, a playful boy who constantly knocked over the damn trash.

I love you Murry, you piece of shit.
Screenshot: The Sims 4

This new career handily replicates the tension of being a freelancer versus having a fulltime job. A fulltime job is more stable, but it can be physically tasking in other ways. Freelancing is much more unstable and takes a lot more time, but it allows a Sim to have a lot more freedom to do what they want, when they want it. I don’t miss being a freelancer, but being able to play a version of myself that still is one was a fun parallel universe to visit. If only I got paid that fast back in the day.


Why a secret City of Heroes server is dividing the community

When City of Heroes’ developers announced that they would be shutting the game down on Aug. 31, 2012, fans began battling for the fate of their favorite MMO. The superhero themed game, along with developer Paragon Studios, was shuttered due to a “realignment of company focus and publishing support” by publisher NCSoft. Fans rallied for in-game protests, funded spiritual successors on Kickstarter, and eventually fell back on creating their own versions of City of Heroes that couldn’t be taken away from them.

Paragon Chat and SEGS are two of the surviving mirrors of City of Heroes’ content, but neither of them have full functionality. Rumors have persisted for years in the City of Heroes community about a full private server, and they were finally confirmed by a player named Destroyer Stroyer. As Massively Overpowered originally reported, this leak — as well as the reaction to it — has led a once-dormant community to explode into chaos.

Destroyer Stroyer, who identifies himself as Brian, shared his experience in a 34-minute video.

The emulator SCORE (Secret Cabal of Reverse Engineers), according to Brian, has been run in secrecy by a closed community for the last six years. By revealing the existence of this secret server, Brian broke a nondisclosure agreement that he had signed. He alleges that SCORE was kept quiet by power players in the City of Heroes community.

Brian’s first objection is that “playing the game, and not being able to share the game, was not fun.” Many fans lost a major emotional investment when City of Heroes was closed down, and they have been holding out hope that they can return to their digital home.

His other allegation is that the secret SCORE server may have a database backup of the live game, which could include account information.

In a statement to Massively OP, SCORE’s lead developer, Leandro Pardini, denied many of Brian’s accusations. He said he is not a City of Heroes subreddit moderator, that other emulation clients are not in league with SCORE’s community, and that no personal information from customer accounts was ever distributed to SCORE by Paragon’s former employees. Pardini added that not only would this be an inexcusable privacy breach, but “that is not information that a game server would ever need to operate, and so it would have been completely pointless to share.”

City of Heroes fans are in an uproar. Some are furious that there’s been a way to return to Paragon City that they didn’t know about. Many players lost long-term communities or friends over City of Heroes, and the more time that passes, the weaker those links become. Other fans are angry at Brian, feeling that NCSoft may crack down on this server as a result of the leak. (NCSoft declined to comment on the matter.)

There’s also the question of who got invited and why — and as a follow-up, who didn’t get invited. For some of the players who dismissed SCORE as a wild embellishment or rumor, there’s a sense of betrayal.

Pardini touched on this in his statement, writing: “This is a difficult thing to address, because nobody likes feeling lied to, even by omission. At the same time, operating under an NDA comes with some rules that are well understood. The fact that we’re talking about a server project for a game while the company that owns the IP is still active and used aspects of the IP very recently for Master X Master makes things more complicated.”

Pardini apologized to any City of Heroes community member that was called a liar or “crazy” over rumors of SCORE’s existence. SCORE’s developers intend to keep developing the project in secret. They do not intend to share a progress report, and the NDA “will remain in full effect.”

Pardini finished his statement by encouraging City of Heroes fans to support the developers behind the SEGS project. While the project remains in secrecy, this controversy has reignited hope for some players that they may, once again, take to the skies with characters that still hold emotional importance for them.