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Arma 3 spinoff Contact has you chasing E.T. through the woods

The Arma series is best known for being a high-end military simulation, but it’s also the birthplace of survival multiplayer games, a genre which used to be more about sneaking around in the woods than flossing and unlocking weapon skins. Now, more than five years after the launch of Arma 3, the team at Bohemia Interactive is introducing extraterrestrials to the franchise for the first time.

Arma 3 Contact is the most fun I’ve had in an Arma game in ages, and it works by putting the emphasis back on stealth, map reading, and overland maneuvers. But the learning curve is steep, and the experience itself is a little rough.

First impressions of first-contact

Booting up Contact, I find myself dropped into the middle of what appears to be a combat patrol. All of my senses are on alert as my team moves through a forest, engaging similarly-equipped light infantry at range. But that is all just a clever narrative misdirection.

As it turns out, I’m actually participating in a joint military exercise between NATO forces and a fictional Eastern European country called Livonia. What initially feels like combat turns out to be a woodland game of laser tag.

After that light opening, however, all hell breaks loose when an aerial drone under my command goes off course and a bomb explodes inside my military camp. I’m promptly reassigned from the fun work of running war games to driving a load of my comrade’s feces to the dump. This is when one of my fellow soldiers — who is a criminal forced to go into the military to avoid jail time — convinces me to sneak into the fictional territory of Livonia to clear my name.

The scenario itself is preposterous, as are the reactions of practically every non-player character and fictional government agency involved. But it’s all just a convoluted way to get to the aliens.

Four missions in and I still haven’t actually seen any little green men, however. So far it’s just been their spaceships, which dart around the sky and levitate large, random objects. It’s a bit of a tease.

What I have seen a lot of is Livonia, the massive new 163-square-kilometer chunk of real estate that shipped with the DLC. Like every other map that Bohemia produces, it’s gorgeous. It’s just not the daring, tropical departure that arrived with the Apex expansion in 2016. Livonia is more like a callback to the previously-released, 225-square-kilometer Chernarus map made famous by DayZ; less a brand-new addition, more a tribute to what’s worked well in the past.

Contact is an entirely single-player experience. My only companion as I traipse around the Livonian woods is a hand-held gadget called a Spectrum Device. It looks like a metal detector combined with a divining rod.

With it, I’m able to both send and receive radio signals all across the spectrum. That means if I can zero in on an enemy unit’s transmissions, I can identify it based on its unique radio signature. This makes the random AI units in the woods a lot less random. They each have a name and, with a working knowledge of their radio protocols, I can confuse and redirect them at will. I can clear a path for myself north through hostile territory without ever firing a shot by ordering Echo team to move east and Bravo team to move west.

Later, I use the same Spectrum Device to talk to the little green men. It’s all part of a slowly unfolding first-contact scenario, complete with over-educated scientists piping up on the radio to warn me about biological contamination. Contact is a lot more playful than the previous single-player entries in the Arma franchise. The over-the-top machismo is still overbearing at times, but the main characters are well-voiced and tend toward the humorous rather than being outright ridiculous.

About four hours in, though, and the aliens themselves are entirely without personality. They prefer to broadcast weird bleeps and bloops from the far side of spooky rocks, which I then pick up with my Spectrum Device. Their ships take off again if I get too close, and fire down at me as they fly away.

A modern-looking unmanned ground vehicle with a robotic arm. Several soldiers in hazmat suits look on as it samples a red, glowing substance inside an impact crater.
I’ve spent quite some time driving around a wheeled drone in Arma 3 Contact. Those missions are actually a lot of fun, and require that you develop a different set of skills in addition to the game’s traditional methodical gunplay.
Bohemia Interactive

It’s a shame that nothing about communicating with the aliens is explained very well. Part of that is by design; Bohemia clearly wants any kind of contact to feel tentative and scary at first.

But the details of the Spectrum Device also aren’t made terribly clear by the game’s user interface. Contact’s whole tutorial seems a little shaky, in fact, with long pauses between some sections. In-game triggers and gates will sometimes misfire as well, which ruins some of the pacing. I re-play the first few hours of the DLC several times to make sense of it all, and the wonkiness blunts the impact of being the first human to make contact with alien life.

Contact doesn’t run very smoothly in general. Even on my brand-new gaming laptop (I sort of broke the other one) with an Intel i7-8750H, an Nvidia RTX 2060 mobile, 32 GB of RAM, and solid state drives the frame rate still dips substantially when I wander too close to a populated village.

I want to believe

Where Contact excels, however, is in building up tension. I’m perhaps halfway through and all of the action so far has occurred at night, under a full moon. An early story beat has the extraterrestrials knock out all of the electronic doo-dads on the battlefield, so there’s no night vision this or thermal to provide anyone any intelligence about what’s going on.

The combat feels much more basic and brutal than the most recent Arma releases, almost like a throwback to those early days spent exploring in DayZ, when I was never quite sure who or what was over the next rise.

A scientist in an X-Files-style t-shirt that says “I don’t need to believe” on it. He’s wearing shorts and standing next to a armed soldier with an American flag on the front of his chest rig. Bohemia Interactive

Engagement distances are extremely close, within 200 yards or less. That also means that visually identifying enemy forces is important. Telling the difference between a group of locals out looting and a team of heavily-armed Livonian infantry before they can see you is the only way to stay alive.

Is this a good entry point into the Arma series for new players? Absolutely not. There are more rough edges here than you’re likely to find in your standard first-person military shooter. But, if you’ve already played a lot of Arma 3 like I have, Contact is a hell of a lot of fun to mess around with. I’m also excited to see what new capabilities the aliens have, when and if I actually come face to face with them.

More than anything, it’s nice to see Bohemia not taking itself too seriously and having fun experimenting with new ideas. So many great experiences — games like DayZ and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — have been spun out of the Arma series, here’s hoping that the platform’s own developers go with their gut here, continue to loosen up a bit, and get a little momentum going with their out-of-this-world experiment.


Mario Maker 2 Switch Sales Off To An Impressive Start

Nintendo has released its earnings report for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019, which covers the period from April to June 30. Not only did the company move another 2.13 million Switch consoles worldwide during that time frame, bringing the system’s lifetime total close to 37 million, it also launched one of the system’s most anticipated releases this year, Super Mario Maker 2, and the game is off to an impressive start.

According to Nintendo’s earnings report, Super Mario Maker 2 sold 2.42 million units worldwide during the fiscal quarter. What makes this especially impressive is that the game launched right at the end of the quarter, on June 28, so it managed to move more than 2 million copies in only three days of availability.

Mario Maker 2 wasn’t the only Nintendo game that performed well during the recent fiscal quarter. The company’s best-selling Switch title, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, shifted another 1.2 million units worldwide, bringing its lifetime sales up to 17.89 million. The star-studded mascot fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also continues to perform well; the game now sits at 14.73 million units and will likely soon overtake Super Mario Odyssey as Switch’s second-best-selling game. You can see Nintendo’s revised top 10 Switch best-sellers list here.

Nintendo recently increased the number of levels players can upload in Super Mario Maker 2. Prior to the update, players could only share a maximum of 32 courses on the game’s online Course World hub, but that limit has now been doubled. Nintendo says it will increase the level upload limit one more time in the future. The company will also release an update that allows players to play online with friends, although it hasn’t yet announced when that update will go live. You can read more about the game in our Super Mario Maker 2 review.

Nintendo is releasing a cheaper, portable-focused version of the Switch–dubbed the Nintendo Switch Lite–this September. This iteration of the console removes some of the system’s features, such as its detachable Joy-Cons and ability to connect to a television, to better suite handheld play. Meanwhile, the base Nintendo Switch is also receiving a modest revision, with much longer battery life. The revised Switch will cost the same as the original model ($300 USD) and will launch in the US sometime in mid-August.


New Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix Update Goes Back In Time

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled has a new Grand Prix coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Starting early this August, you will go back in time to race with and against baby versions of both Crash and Coco on prehistoric tracks reminiscent of the Stone Age.

Back N. Time is the second piece of free DLC for the kart racing game. Running from Friday, August 2 at 7 AM PT / 9 AM CST / 10 AM ET / 3 PM BST to Sunday, August 25, this Grand Prix gives you access to a plethora of unlockables. These include a new track (the Prehistoric Playground), three new characters, additional karts (like the Probulot 2000 kart from Crash Tag Team Racing), and more, as well as customization items and alternative skins for characters and karts.

No Caption Provided

A blog post by publisher Activision says there are “18 new items to earn through your Nitro Gauge,” a tier system that unlocks rewards with the Nitro Points you earn in-game. Back N. Time is available to download for free for anyone who owns the game and has an internet connection.

The official Crash Bandicoot YouTube channel also published a video with game announcers Chick and Stew giving a brief rundown of what you can expect in the Back N. Time Grand Prix. Check out the announcement video below.

In our Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled review, we said, “When the nostalgia fades, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled remains fun and engaging enough to keep you racing on with a smile on your face for much longer yet. It’s good to have Crash back.”


Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Guide: Upgrading Armor, EAZ Tips

Solstice of Heroes 2019 is live in Destiny 2, marking the final big event to take place before the Shadowkeep expansion arrives in September. This year’s event again centers around obtaining and upgrading a series of Solstice armor for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks, but it also involves partaking in a brand-new mode called the European Aerial Zone. We’re still digging into everything the event has to offer following the release of the new update, but based on our experience so far, we have some tips on how to quickly upgrade your armor, how to get the most out of your EAZ runs, and how elemental orbs and buffs work.

Understanding The EAZ

As the name suggests, the European Aerial Zone features a lot in common with the European Dead Zone, at least in terms of visuals. The “aerial” part of the name comes in when you look at how the area is laid out–this is the most vertically oriented area in Destiny. The area has small groups of floating islands surrounding the outside, but the landmass is primarily composed of familiar EDZ elements. However, the ruined cityscape has you going through buildings and ascending to rooftops quite frequently. It’s a much different way of navigating the world than we’re accustomed to, and you’ll want to do what you can to familiarize yourself with the general layout. It’s easy to get lost and generally waste time, and speed is the name of the game.

A run through the EAZ consists of a few rounds:

  • Kill as many minibosses you can within the time limit
  • Kill the boss
  • Unlock the chests within the time limit

No Caption Provided

You’ll want to focus on the miniboss targets throughout the first section; it’s easy to get distracted by small skirmishes that don’t matter. Having your team of three split up and take out as many minibosses as possible seemingly dictates the number of chests that open once you kill the boss. The boss fights are relatively straightforward encounters (although there is some potential wrinkle where a Prismatic Taken spawns during this stage, though we’re not entirely sure how that plays out yet).

Once you’ve slain the boss, a chest will appear nearby. Once you open that, a countdown will begin before a series of chests spawn around the map. Just before they appear, you’ll briefly see their locations on your HUD–make sure to look around and make note of the general direction of each one. Once the chests actually spawn, you’ll have to get close to them in order to see them pop up on your HUD again. As with the minibosses, spreading out to cover more ground is your best bet, because you only have a limited time to open as many chests as possible. Any player who opens the chest earns the rewards for everyone in the group, so you don’t need to worry about hitting up each one yourself.

Solstice Packages And Key Fragments

You should earn a Solstice Package from each EAZ run, along with a series of key fragments. The packages seem to consist of a variety of random gear and items, including planetary materials and armor. You’ll need 15 key fragments in order to open a package. While you can earn key fragments from the EAZ, there are other ways to earn them, including completing patrols, public events, and Solstice bounties.

Upgrading Solstice Armor

Early in your adventures in Solstice of Heroes, Eva Levante at the Tower will grant you a set of green-tier armor (dubbed the Drained version). Each one has a series of objectives attached to it (seen by hovering over it in your inventory), and you’ll need to complete all of these in order to upgrade the set to the next level of rarity.

No Caption Provided

These objectives run the gamut–some are tied to running through the EAZ and opening the aforementioned chests, while others ask you to generate elemental orbs (more on those below), complete public events on a specific planet, kill opposing players, or open those Solstice Packages. The specific objectives vary by class.

The key thing to be aware of with these is that you need to have the armor equipped in order to register progress. If you’re eager to do this as quickly as possible, pay attention to the objectives that overlap. You may need to complete Crucible or Gambit matches while also needing to collect Void orbs in those modes, so you’ll want to ensure you’re equipped correctly to make that happen.

How Elemental Orbs And Empowerment Buffs Work

One of the core parts of Solstice of Heroes is the element of the day, and the accompanying elemental orbs that can be generated. Throughout the event, a specific element will be chosen each day–Arc, Void, or Solar–and as you earn elemental kills (meaning final blows with an elemental weapon or ability), corresponding orbs will be dropped on the ground. Pick up 30 of these, and you’ll receive a temporary buff, Empowerment, that grants you a different effect. Here’s how Bungie describes each of them:

Solar Elemental Buff

  • Equip your Solar subclass and weapons to generate Solar orbs. Then, collect them to wield their Solar elemental power. While empowered, Guardians emit a burning wave of energy that damages anything around them.

Void Elemental Buff

  • Equip your Void subclass and weapons to generate Void orbs. Then, collect them to wield their Void elemental power. Crouch while empowered to become invisible and gain Truesight plus enhanced ability regeneration.

Arc Elemental Buff

  • Equip your Arc subclass and weapons to generate Arc orbs. Then, collect them to wield their Arc elemental power. While empowered, Guardians move with enhanced speed and deal greater melee and Sword damage.

No Caption Provided

Once your Empowerment buff activates, your stack of orbs–designated in the bottom left of the screen by “Elemental Charge” followed by the number you’ve collected–will be consumed. However, you can begin picking up orbs while Empowerment is active.

As noted above, these orbs are also tied to the Solstice armor objectives. You can luckily create whatever type of orb you need for these objectives regardless of the daily element, but if you’re looking to collect orbs, you’ll need to be fast. Unlike Orbs of Light, these elemental orbs disappear fairly quickly.

Also bear in mind that all of this is true across the game. While the elemental buffs aren’t available in Gambit Prime or Competitive playlists, they are present everywhere else. As such, you don’t have to rely on the EAZ to generate the orbs you need for armor objectives. In fact, based on what we’ve seen so far, your best bet for rapidly acquiring orbs might be Heroic public events, particularly those in confined spaces.

Solstice has only gotten underway, and we’ll report back with more information as we further learn how everything works. This is all now live for all Destiny 2 players, as is a slate of event-specific items that can be bought from the Eververse store.


Japan Approves Scientist’s Plan to Create World’s First Humanimals

For the first time, a government is supporting a plan to create animal embryos with human cells and bring them to term, resulting in a type of humanimal known as a human-animal chimera.

According to Nature, a committee from Japan’s science ministry signed off on a request by researchers to grow human pancreases in either rats or mice, the first such experiment to gain approval since a government ban was reversed earlier this year.

“Finally, we are in a position to start serious studies in this field after 10 years of preparation,” lead researcher Hiromitsu Nakauchi told the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

Researchers have previously created human-animal embryos, such as sheep and pig embryos with human cells, but those pregnancies were terminated after a few days or weeks. This experiment aims to eventually bring chimera embryos to term, resulting in the birth of real, living, breathing humanimals.

But to the disappointment of some of my coworkers (and potentially many readers), this is not a step towards catgirls, nor is it a way to cross yourself with your favorite animal. Scientists perform this kind of research with the hope of one day providing a source of transplantable human organs from animals we already have the infrastructure to slaughter, such as pigs. Human organs for transplant are otherwise scarce.

For this research, Nakauchi’s team will engineer rodent embryos that are unable to grow their own pancreases, then put human stem cells into them with the goal of having the embryos develop pancreases from human cells. They will then transplant the embryos into adult rodents, but Nakauchi told Nature they plan to proceed carefully, first growing them to near-term before pursuing a live birth some time in the future. Should too many human cells get into the embryos’ brains, they will pause the experiment, according to Asahi Shimbun.

If you have ethical concerns with this, you’re not the only one. In 2017, Carolyn Neuhaus, a medical ethicist now at The Hastings Center, told Gizmodo that scientists need to step back and have these ethical discussions as a community.

Some of the biggest ethical questions—such as what happens if human cells get into a test animal’s brain—seem to be addressed by the Japanese study’s design. But the rest of the story—like whether it’s right to harvest human organs from a pig—isn’t that much different from debates surrounding the ethics of industrial agriculture or using animals in research.

“I don’t think they’d be worse morally from how we raise pigs for meat, but my hunch is that the way to raise pigs to retrieve organs would require a departure from the way pigs are raised [for research],” Neuhaus said. Another important voice to be heard in this debate is that of folks who actually need organs.

So, in short, the humanimals of 2019 probably aren’t the kind that haunt will your nightmares. But the humanimals of tomorrow? Well, that’s up to your imagination to dream up.


Call of Duty website suggests there could be a beta coming for Modern Warfare

Ahead of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare MP reveal on August 1, users have started to notice an update to the Call of Duty website suggests that there’s a beta coming for the game.

As of today, trying to go to now redirects to warfare/beta, but that site gives back an unexpected error as it’s not officially live yet. Previously, the site was directing to /blackops4/beta.

Activision has not officially confirmed a beta pre-order for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as of now, so this could be part of the announcement on Thursday.

Stay tuned for info.

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XCOM Spiritual Successor Phoenix Point Has Been Delayed

Snapshot Games has announced that Phoenix Point has been delayed. Instead of releasing on September 3, the XCOM-like strategy game is now scheduled to launch in December.

“While the development team is working hard, and Phoenix Point is shaping up really well, we now know we’re going to need more time to get it to meet our very high standards,” Snapshot Games wrote in a backer update. “As you probably know, Snapshot has a commitment to keep crunch to a minimum–and that is a commitment we take very seriously.”

This is the third time Phoenix Point has been delayed; the game was first scheduled for 2018 before being pushed back to July 2019 and then again to September. In response to the delay, Snapshot Games is offering a reward to backers who have been patiently waiting. “We know this is a significant delay,” the developer wrote. “The good news is that Backer Build 5 will be releasing on our original launch date, September 3, 2019, meaning backers and early-access buyers will be able to play a much more robust version of Phoenix Point very soon.”

First announced in 2016, Phoenix Point is designed by XCOM creator Julian Gollop. An E3 2019 demo of the game revealed just how much Phoenix Point is the spiritual successor to the strategy franchise, featuring a similar story and virtually the same mechanics. Phoenix Point expands on the formula, however, with additional features–such as enemies that mutate and adapt to player strategy, AI-controlled factions that compete with the player’s goals, and brand-new combat tactics. The game takes place on Earth in 2047 and sees you take command of the last remaining base standing against a Lovecraft-inspired alien threat.

Phoenix Point will release on PC, launching with a one-year exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store.


Gears Of War 4 Headlines August’s Xbox Live Games With Gold

August’s Xbox Live Games with Gold are a nice mix of action and racing. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

August’s Games With Gold are:

Xbox One

  • Gears of War 4 (August 1-31)
  • Forza Motorsport 6 (August 16-September 15)

Xbox 360 (compatible with Xbox One)

  • Torchlight (August 1-August 15)
  • Castlevania: Lord of Shadow (August 16-August 31)


Division 2 Update Makes Episode 1 Available To All

We were introduced to The Division 2‘s new Expeditions feature during Ubsioft’s E3 2019 press conference. The first of a three-part episode series, titled Episode 1: DC Outskirts – Expeditions, went live last week for those who own a Year One Pass. Now, Ubisoft has announced that Episode 1 is available to all The Division 2 owners.

Episode 1 adds two new main missions and a new Expeditions experience, which introduces weekly, exploration-driven challenges. You will travel to two new settings: Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak. The former will see you “explore 11 different biomes to confront the leader of the Outcasts,” while the latter will have you “hunt down a traitor.” You will also head to Kenly College, where you can earn rewards by “exploring, investigating, and solving puzzles to uncover the fate of a lost convoy.”

According to a press release, this wide-spread launch of Episode 1 comes with a care package. The care package, available now through Tuesday, August 13 for free, contains three pieces of equipment and more. What the contents are specifically hasn’t been clarified, but you can access the package by going into your mailbox in the stash.

Expeditions are free events split into three different wings that release weekly. The first, which takes you to Kenly College, will give you access to an exclusive treasure room with a new exotic weapon (Diamondback Rifle), exotic gear (BTSU Datagloves), and two more weapons (Stoner LMB and Carbine 7) for finishing all three wings.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – July 30 Update – Preview is New Content and More

Treyarch has released an update on Reddit reading what’s coming to Black Ops 4 on August 6 on PS4, plus info on today’s game settings update.

The next phase of Operation Apocalypse Z kicks off August 6th on PS4, delivering even more new content to all modes in Black Ops 4. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • Pandemic – Imagine an 80-player game of Infected on the biggest Call of Duty map ever made. We’re cranking that idea to 11 and making it a reality in Blackout, where the rules have changed from “last squad standing” to “last survivors on Earth against an endless swarm of undead at the end of the world”. Get ready to run.
  • Infected: Final Stand – The fan-favorite party game rises again in Multiplayer with new game-changing twists to keep both teams fighting for survival until the very end.
  • Blackout Updates – We’re adding the new sidecar-equipped Motorcycle to Blackout, along with more Zombies-inspired Easter eggs, Wonder Weapons, wall buys, and enemy types.
  • “Alpha Omega” Gauntlet – Take on 30 new rounds of challenges at Camp Edward in our latest competitive Gauntlet for Zombies fans, “Duck and Cover”.
  • More Contract Rewards – We’re increasing the potential Contract reward rate in every mode by guaranteeing at least one Normal Contract with a Reserve Case reward each day.
  • New Black Market Content – New Contraband rewards are coming, including an Ultra Weapon Bribe, new Epic Outfits, Gestures, Reactive Camo, Jump Pack, Calling Cards, and more.

Look for all the details in next week’s patch notes, plus some sneak peeks coming soon…

Today’s Featured Playlist update brings Prop Hunt back to MP, and Ground War comes to Blackout’s post-apocalyptic main map for the first time. Both are limited time modes, so you’ll want to jump in now while they’re featured this week. Barebones Moshpit also comes to MP on PS4 and Xbox One, combining Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit with Barebones Objective Moshpit for a more diverse back-to-basics experience.

This update fixes a recent issue in Zombies where players were unable to pick up the Shield piece that could appear on the bookshelf in the Library in “Dead of the Night” – thanks to the community for the reports. We’re also tracking several issues and improvements for the future, including (not limited to):

  • Previously saved Paintjobs currently appearing hidden
  • Daemon 3XB Mastercraft not leveling up properly if the base version isn’t owned
  • Improved pathing for the K9-Unit to prevent Juneau from jumping up onto the tower in Summit
  • Damage tuning for the Reaver C86, Argus, and Locus in Zombies
  • Crashes that can occur when Pack-a-Punching the Ballistic Knife in Zombies
  • Various fixes and improvements for “Alpha Omega” in Zombies

Please continue to report any bugs you encounter with as much information included as possible (platform you’re playing on, map/weapon/attachment being used, etc.) and we’ll bring them to the team’s attention for investigation. The more info you can provide about the bug, the faster we can track down the cause.

As a reminder, please be civil in your communications on this subreddit and on social media about individual team members. It’s fair game to criticize the studio or the game, but targeting an individual is crossing the line, especially when comments reflect unverified or inaccurate information.

We often have members of the dev team speak in public as representatives of the game and studio, but no one should confuse that with them being in charge of, or wholly responsible for, overarching decisions about the game – and under no circumstances should any individual be called out or attacked for any reason. Please keep it clean and respectful when talking about individual team members, and keep the conversation constructive.

Here’s what’s new today:

  • Featured Playlists (July 30-August 6)
    • PS4/Xbox One
      • Prop Hunt
      • Sticks and Stones
      • Barebones Moshpit
      • Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit
      • Bolt-Action Barebones
    • PC
      • Quickplay
      • Deathmatch Domination
      • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit
      • Sticks and Stones
  • Featured Playlists (July 30-August 6)
    • PS4/Xbox One
      • Alcatraz Horde
      • Ground War
      • Quads
      • Duos
      • Solo
    • PC
      • Quickplay
      • Alcatraz Horde
      • Ground War
      • Solo
  • Maps
    • Dead of the Night
      • Addressed an issue where players were unable to pick up the Shield piece that could appear on the bookshelf in the Library.

SOURCE: Treyarch

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