Polygon’s 2019 back to school gift guide

Earth Break

Survive an apocalypse-themed escape room without leaving your dorm room (and listen to the tie-in podcast starring Jenny Slate.) $30/month

Scuf Vantage Controller

Scuf’s customizable PS4 controllers are favored by none other than avid gamer Aubrey Drake Graham. Starts at $169.95

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s thinner, lighter, waterproof Kindle Paperwhite can be tossed in any backpack. $129.99

Vaporwave Nintendo hoodies

LA-based company Public Space is known for its Vaporwave-style designs; its retro gaming line features some super cute Nintendo and PlayStation hoodies.

Screenprinted film posters

Mondo’s hand numbered screenprinted film posters are way more interesting dorm decor than another Scarface poster. Starts at $40

Aggretsuko mouse pad

Depending on how your day’s going, it might be nice to channel Aggretsuko at your desk every now and then. $10.45

Super Mario Chess

Challenge your roommates to a game of chess — if you lose, move on to Smash Bros. $46.23

Source: Polygon.com

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