Sea Of Thieves’ Crews Of Rage Update Adds A Furious Ship-Burning Chest And Viva Pinata Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves‘ latest update, Crews of Rage, sends players off on a quest to collect some particularly dangerous treasure. Go and visit Duke and he’ll send you off on new bounties that will involve tracking down the Chest of Rage, which contains the souls of trapped pirates that are desperate for release.

As seen in the video below, the Chest of Rage needs to be kept cool, as the anger it contains threatens to burst forth. If you don’t occasionally wet it with a dip in the ocean or a bucket of water, it’ll flare fire in all directions–which can be absolutely hazardous if you’re on your boat.

Alternatively, you can purposefully make the chest angry by shooting it and use those flames to your advantage, attacking enemy skeletons.

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