Super Mega Baseball 2 adds cross-platform support to PlayStation 4

Super Mega Baseball 2 is the latest game on the PlayStation 4 to support cross-console play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Developer Metalhead Software says it’ll turn on the capability Thursday.

Cross-platform multiplayer will be supported in the game’s Pennant Race mode, which ranks players in a rolling “season” of wins and losses in one-off play amongst one another. It appears that the other unranked multiplayer modes, which matchmake among friends, do not support cross-platform play. Like several games, Super Mega Baseball 2 already supported cross-platform play between PS4 and Steam, and cross-play among Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of the game.

Super Mega Baseball 2 launched in the spring of 2018 and addressed a significant disappointment in its otherwise outstanding predecessor — namely, the lack of any online multiplayer.

It’s one of the smaller games supporting PS4-Xbox One play, and one of the first sports titles to do so. Fortnite was the first game to match players from the rival consoles, followed by noteworthy others, including Rocket League.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is, like the first game, the best baseball title for Xbox One players. It launched on Nintendo Switch in July. Baseball fans on PlayStation 4 have Sony’s MLB The Show series, of course, but our review in May 2018 found much to love in SMB2 and plenty that stands apart from the licensed simulation.


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