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Cosplay Looks Totally Different Through The Lens Of An Instant Camera

Cosplay ShowcaseKotaku’s Cosplay Showcase is a feature that highlights the unique work of cosplayers, artists and photographers as they seek to tell new stories and push the boundaries of the craft.  

We’re so accustomed to modern cosplay photography being slick and bright and clean that it’s easy to settle into the idea that’s the only way to take photos of people in costume. But this series of shots from this year’s DragonCon shows that a change of hardware can make a big difference to how we see cosplayers on the internet.

These photos were all taken by the forever-excellent Anna Fischer on a pair of Fuji Instax, cheap instant cameras that basically work like an old Polaroid. You point, you shoot, the photo gets shot out a few moments later. There’s absolutely nothing there to help adjust the image, no focus or white balance or anything, which by modern cosplay photography standards should be a disaster.

And yet, these images are fantastic. They arrive at the complete opposite end of the creative spectrum we’re used to when viewing cosplay con galleries online. By using such a simple camera, one whose snaps we normally associate with fond memories and personal keepsakes, these photos end up looking like something you’d see pinned to a cosplayer’s mirror, a reminder of a great day or an old friend. That’s partly down to the technology being used, but also, Fischer tells me, because of the camera itself; cosplayers reacted and posed differently, a bit more candidly, when having their pictures taken on a small toy camera instead of by something more modern and professional.

Or, if you’d prefer, they also look like a collection of cosplay photos from the 1970s, if cosplayers in the 70s had travelled into the future and got access to 2019’s references and building materials.

You can see more of Anna’s photography at her personal site and Facebook page. And if you recognise (or are!) and of the cosplayers featured here, let me know and I’ll add a credit ASAP.

Source: Kotaku.com

Oh, It’s Just T-Pain Cosplaying As A Tekken Character

DragonCon, one of the biggest conventions in the US, is going down this long weekend, and among the cosplayers in attendance is rapper T-Pain, living his absolute best cosplay life as Tekken’s Leroy Smith.

Leroy is a brand new character for Tekken 7, meaning this could all be just a very good marketing stunt. Then again, T-Pain plays and streams a lot of games these days, so it could also just be him recognising that the character’s recent reveal gave him the perfect chance to do this:

We’ll have a full feature on all the rest of the cosplay at 2019’s DragonCon in a week or two. Until then, here’s our gallery from 2018’s show, which featured some of the best damn cosplay photography we saw all year.

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The Art of Drag Turns Game of Thrones, Marvel, and More Into Works of Fabulous Fandom Fashion

Flame Con is the world’s largest convention dedicated to LGBTQ+ fandom. It returned to New York City’s Times Square last weekend and celebrated its fifth year of existence with Fire Ball, a Smörgåsbord of performances referencing some of the most popular properties in nerd culture.

Drag. Burlesque. Superheroes. Airbending. Jigglypuff. It’s a classic recipe for the best night out in ages—the Long Island Iced Tea of queer fandom, if you will. The ball was hosted by Ginger Rodger, who also did a hilarious Captain America/Bucky Barnes tribute we just loved.

Check out the video above for some of the standout acts! There’s Abel Rey’s Legend of Zelda striptease, Blvck Laé D.’s drag take on Daenerys Targaryen (complete with S&M dragon backup dancers), an extremely acrobatic interpretation of Agent Smith by Twinky Boots, and an absolutely magnificent 10-minute Avatar: The Last Airbender tribute led by Megami as Aang. It was definitely an energizing night.

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Excellent Cosplay Heats Up Summertime In Japan

It’s August! That means two things: First, the weather is hot; second, it’s time for some great Comic Market cosplay.

The bi-annual event is underway, with cosplayers showing off their creative creations. This year’s stuff is particularly great! The photos are terrific, too.

Comiket 96 runs from August 9 to August 12 and is being held at Tokyo Big Sight. 

Source: Kotaku.com

Cosplay’s “World Championships” Were Just Incredible

Cosplay GalleryA showcase of some of the best photos and video from cosplay events around the world. Credits provided where possible, but if we’ve missed something [let us know and we can add](mailto:[email protected])!  

Most of the time cosplay is about having fun and hanging out with friends. Sometimes, though, it gets competitive, and there’s no bigger prize for serious devotees than the World Cosplay Summit, held every year in Japan.

It’s basically a World Championships of cosplay, and as you can imagine, the entrants are out of this world. Teams from 40 countries took part in an event last week that spanned two cities (Tokyo and Nagoya), and in addition to competing on stage contestants also toured local areas helping promote cosplay.

Team Australia would go on to win the event, with K and A.K.WIRRU’s Monster Hunter outfits (and routine) massively impressing the judges, though as you’ll see in this video below by Rescue the Princess, every single one of the competitors was there to impress.

Source: Kotaku.com

Oh Man Look At This Enormous God Of War Cosplay

Cosplay ShowcaseKotaku’s Cosplay Showcase is a feature that highlights the unique work of cosplayers, artists and photographers as they seek to tell new stories and push the boundaries of the craft.  

German cosplayer Kes von Puch and her boyfriend Marcel are to thank for this incredible piece of God of War cosplay, which didn’t just require the creation of a costume, but the transformation of a man.

While Kes was spending over 1000 hours crafting Kratos’ outfit, making everything from his belt to his pouches to his pants to his weapons (including a ton of work stitching actual leather), Marcel was hitting the gym (and the bathroom) in an attempt to become Kratos.

He normally has hair, and doesn’t have a beard. Those things had to change for this cosplay, and Marcel now shaves his head clean every time he dons the costume so that he can be as authentic to the character as possible (a process that can take up to eight hours when you include the body make-up).

The paint and outfit come off at the end of a show/shoot, but after growing it out for he cosplay, “the beard is a keeper”, Kes says. “We consider it part of the family now.

You can see more of Kes’ cosplay work at her official site.

Source: Kotaku.com

All the Legendary Cosplay We Saw at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day 1

San Diego Comic-Con is back, baby, and the cosplay is looking bigger and better than ever. Thousands of cosplayers and fans have flocked to the San Diego Convention Center to show off their tributes to amazing shows, films, comics, and video games. And we’ve got it all right here.

Take a look at io9’s video and photo collection, highlighting our favorite finds from Wednesday and Thursday. We’ve got a terrifying Tethered duo from Us, a shockingly uncanny Princess Anastasia, and a couple that apparently got devoured by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Leave a comment with your favorites, or share your own look from SDCC! Also, be sure to head to our Instagram Stories, where we’re sharing even more looks and cool finds from the con floor. Have fun!

Ice to meet you, Sub-Zero.
Photo: io9/Gizmodo
We’re gonna be legends! Mirage, Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Wattson from Apex Legends are here to take the number 1 spot.
Photo: io9/Gizmodo

Conan readies his sword.
Photo: io9/Gizmodo
Snow White’s looking rather dapper.
Photo: io9/Gizmodo

Dread him. Run from him. Thanos still arrives.
Photo: io9/Gizmodo
Indiana Jones has found her own kind of Comic-Con swag.
Photo: io9/Gizmodo

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Cosplaying Haikyuu’s Nishinoya May Have Improved My Volleyball Skills

This weekend, I attended Blerdcon, a convention in Washington, D.C., aimed at black nerds of all ilks. There were beautiful black people everywhere, and it was absolutely amazing. The cosplay was wildly creative, spanning anime, video games, movies, TV, and even commercials. I saw the character Jaws from the Burger King Kids Club ads, as well as my childhood hero, the superhero Blankman. I was thrilled to break out my own cosplay: Nishinoya Yuu from wholesome volleyball anime Haikyuu. Surprisingly, cosplaying as a volleyball player, a sport I play in real life, has actually helped my game.

Nishinoya Yuu is a libero, a player whose entire job is to focus on defense: digs, serve receive, that sort of thing. If you follow my game diaries, you’ll know that I play volleyball, so my cosplay was a simple last-minute decision for me. I ordered Nishinoya’s bright orange uniform and provided my own kneepads and volleyball. Instead of an elbow pad (I think they’re silly; if you’re falling on your elbows in volleyball you’re doing something very wrong), I wore the compression sleeve I sometimes use for my knee. I really brought my own volleyball life into this cosplay, is what I’m saying.

Gender-flipped Noya! Passing right in front of a wall is not ideal, believe it or not.

It was a lot of fun despite the fact that carrying a volleyball all day became a little cumbersome. Eating a chicken slider with mumbo sauce from a food truck while trying to keep a volleyball from rolling into the street is a pretty challenging task, as is carrying prints around and taking pictures with one hand while trying to balance a ball under your foot. That did get me out of picture duty for my friends, though, after I took a blurry picture of them with King T’Challa.

Maybe if I pin the Sho’nuff print to the volleyball with my Gitaroo Man button…

It was kind of funny to see people cosplaying other Haikyuu characters, particularly people who were shorter than me in real life cosplaying characters who are taller in the anime. Nishinoya is a 5’2” second-year high school student—since I’m 5’8”, I like to think cosplaying as a short king expanded my range and empathy as a person. I also gender-flipped the cosplay mid-con and added spandex and knee socks, which was fun. I’d done more elaborate cosplay in the past, but never at a con, so it was nice to feel the attention and enjoy a convention surging with fellow cosplayers.I had a few people stop me for pictures, and a couple even got me in action poses.

My volleyball passing form had gotten a little bit lazy, so cosplaying Nishinoya was a little bit of a personal challenge. Part of why I enjoy Haikyuu so much is that there’s a fair amount of accuracy to the volleyball, and Nishinoya’s form when passing is often excellent by real-life standards: shoulders square, extremely low to the ground, arms straight from the shoulder through the wrists. Having my non-volleyball-playing friends toss me the ball while I took action shots took more concentration from me than I expected, but the challenge was fun. It kind of felt like the drills I used to do when I practiced with the teams I played on.

I played volleyball yesterday, and after practicing Nishinoya’s “rolling thunder” for the cosplay (a volleyball barrel roll that is actually used in real life, though more in women’s play these days), I found myself less scared to do it during actual gameplay. I also found myself more focused on my passing form, which led me to concentrate and pass much better than I had in a long time. Maybe I’ll cosplay a rich CEO next and will that into existence.

Or maybe I’ll cosplay as my real favorite and get my blocking back together.

Source: Kotaku.com

Look At This Spider-Man Cosplayer’s Mechanical Eyes

You see a lot of good Spider-Man cosplay, because it’s an easy one to do well. What’s not easy to do is get the character’s newer designs 1:1, since they’ve got fancy moving eyes, but Hong Kong cosplayer Cavin Creations has gone and done just that.

What you’re seeing here is an incredible feat of electrical engineering for an amateur, as Cavin hasn’t just rigged up the costume’s eyes to move, but he’s got them moving in tandem with his own eyes thanks to sensors embedded on the inside of the mask.

Here’s a video showing off the culmination of three years of work:

And here’s a video kinda showing how it all works: the eyes and sensors are actually housed in a plastic mask, which the suit’s fabric goes over to create the illusion it’s part of Spider-Man’s spandex outfit.

If you’re a Spider-Man cosplayer—or just a collector—Cavin is actually selling some of these, both with the red spandex and as just the raw mask.

Source: Kotaku.com

The Best One Piece Cosplayers In The World

Twenty finalists have been announced in the One Piece Cosplay King Grand Prix. You will be hard-pressed to find better One Piece cosplayers! They don’t get much better than this.

Finalists were selected from an open applicant call. According to Animage Plus, there were over 4,300 entrants from 56 countries. There were different semi-final rounds before the top-20 final round.

The contest is being run through the World Cosplay Summit, which is asking Twitter users to decide their favorite.

So, which one do you like best?

Source: Kotaku.com