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PAX East And Other PAX Events Will Go Forward Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Reed Exhibitions, the company that organizes PAX and other events in the gaming and entertainment spaces (among other industries), has issued a statement regarding the Coronavirus. The group says all of its events are still planned to go forward “unless otherwise advised.”

This includes PAX East, which takes place starting next week in Boston, Massachusetts. Gaming giant Sony recently announced it was pulling out of the show, and canceling the world’s first public hands-on with The Last of Us: Part II, due to concerns around the virus.

“PAX East 2020 will take place as scheduled with enhanced cleaning and sanitization across the show, including adhering to the recommendations set forth in the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy regarding cleaning disinfectants effective against the COVID-19 virus,” reads a statement on the PAX East website.

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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Finally Hits Early Access In March

After a long wait and a period of silence, we finally know when we’ll be able to play Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. The game, last seen at Gamescom 2018, will enter Early Access on March 31, developer Taleworlds has announced. This Early Access release window was promised back in August 2019, but it’s nice to have the date confirmed.

The game will cost $49.99/€49.99/£39.99.

The sequel to Mount & Blade: Warband (which is actually, chronologically, a prequel) was first announced in 2016, so fans of the original (released in 2010) have been waiting a long time. Like its predecessor, this is an action-RPG with some strategy elements, that can be played alone in its campaign mode or online against other players.

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New PUBG Patch Live On PC–Everything You Need To Know About Update 6.2, Team Deathmatch Mode

The latest big update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now live on PC, and will be making its way to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game soon. The major highlight of this patch is the new team deathmatch mode, which allows for eight-on-eight gunfights across seven different arenas taken from the game’s maps. The mode, which has been added as part of the game’s sixth season, is available through the Arcade menu.

Victory in a round is decided when a team hits 50 kills, or by which team has the most kills after 10 minutes, and a team needs to win two of three rounds to secure the overall win. Players can respawn and earn points for both kills and assists, which can then be used to restore health if you go five seconds without receiving damage. There are no knockdowns or friendly fire.

Changes have also been made to grenades, with the patch notes noting differences across every different kind. Here’s what to expect.

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You Can Win A Custom Warface Nintendo Switch*

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Warface surprised us with its arrival on Nintendo Switch this week. To commemorate the occasion, we are partnering with My.Games to give our readers a chance to win a custom-skinned Switch and a copy of the free-to-play FPS.

To sign up for a chance to win, you have to be a legal resident of the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, read our official rules, accept the terms and conditions of the giveaway, and fill out the form below. If you are not seeing the form, please make sure your ad blocker is disabled and refresh the page.

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Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions Shows Wild Anime Story And Moves In New Trailer

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is a different take on soccer from what the likes of FIFA 20 and PES 20 offer, letting players tap into the power of anime. A new trailer has been announced for the game’s story mode, showing off not only some of the game’s more melodramatic plot elements, but also the character-specific super moves that you’ll get to use and play against.

The trailer emphasizes the importance of working as a team, and shows off the cast of characters that will likely be familiar to fans of the franchise.

The trailer is the game’s second, following the earlier announcement trailer. We also have footage from a hands-on session with the game, which is due to release on Switch, PS4, and PC later in 2020.

Captain Tsubasa’s manga has been running, under different names, since 1981. The most recent incarnation is Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun, which is now printed in the new Captain Tsubasa Magazine. It has also been adapted into multiple anime series.

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The 3 Best Nintendo Switch Grip Cases In 2020

The Nintendo Switch console is one of the most versatile gaming systems ever made. It’s a portable console you can hook up to your TV. Switch games aren’t always state-of-the-art tech-wise, but they still look great on a TV, and with the Switch Pro controller, they play just like they would on any other console when the console is hooked up to the Switch dock (which includes a pair of front-facing USB to hook up a wide variety of controllers). Playing games on the Switch console itself on the go, the screen looks great, and feels like a large, flat controller that isn’t too heavy. The Switch Lite is even easier on the hands, with a proper controller d-pad (though you might want to invest in a screen protector, just in case). You can even mix things up, using the included stand to play it while it’s lying on a table, and use a Pro controller without a cable to play during your gaming sessions.

The problem is that it’s not always the best portable gaming experience; the battery life on the original model is bad enough that you’re charging it all the time (Nintendo has since released a version of the console with improved battery life), and with all the motion controls, small buttons, and lack of a real rubber grips (or any grip, really) on the Joy-Cons, it’s often not comfortable, especially during longer sessions of input-heavy games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even the Switch Lite, which sports a smaller form factor and stronger battery, tends to benefit from having a Pro controller around sometimes, especially if you want to play multiplayer games on it.

However, there is a solution to that tingling hands problem that makes the original Switch model more comfortable to play in handheld mode (besides just using a Switch Pro controller): a Nintendo Switch grip case. These work much in the same way as protective cases do, except they add a little something to grab onto without forcing you away from the screen, turning them into something that offers a lot more grip like an Xbox controller. Handheld mode is my preferred method of playing the Switch, and after using a grip case, I knew I could never go back to playing without one.

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Sea Of Thieves’ Crews Of Rage Update Adds A Furious Ship-Burning Chest And Viva Pinata Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves‘ latest update, Crews of Rage, sends players off on a quest to collect some particularly dangerous treasure. Go and visit Duke and he’ll send you off on new bounties that will involve tracking down the Chest of Rage, which contains the souls of trapped pirates that are desperate for release.

As seen in the video below, the Chest of Rage needs to be kept cool, as the anger it contains threatens to burst forth. If you don’t occasionally wet it with a dip in the ocean or a bucket of water, it’ll flare fire in all directions–which can be absolutely hazardous if you’re on your boat.

Alternatively, you can purposefully make the chest angry by shooting it and use those flames to your advantage, attacking enemy skeletons.

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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 Update Will Be Larger Than Normal

Fortnite Season Chapter 2, Season 2 (C2S2) is almost here, as the big patch is slated to arrive on February 20. Developer Epic Games has now confirmed the patch for C2S2 will be larger than in the past. In a post on Twitter, the studio said players should expect larger-than-normal patch sizes beginning with C2S2 and continuing in the future.

Epic did not share the specific file size for the new C2S2 update, but those details should become clear soon.

Server downtime for C2S2 is expected to begin on February 20 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET across PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and mobile. The season officially launches at 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT.

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No Man’s Sky Living Ship Patch Notes–Every Major Change And Addition In Update 2.3

No Man’s Sky has just added a major new feature–living ships. These pilotable behemoths are the major focus of the latest update, but they’re not the only thing that has changed. Developer Hello Games has released the full patch notes for 2.3, which reveal new features and bug fixes across the board.

Chief among these changes are the fact that NPCs can now hail your communicator in space to call for assistance or rope you into some scheme, as well as the addition of new rare space encounters that will offer up new thrills and potentially yield interesting rewards. You’ll also now be able to warp as a group if you’re playing in multiplayer, which is handy.

Here are the full patch notes for No Man’s Sky update 2.3.

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A Bong Joon-ho bundle and $100 off a PS4 Pro lead this week’s best deals

The same PlayStation 4 Pro deal at the discount site Woot that we’ve been highlighting for the past few weeks just dropped on Amazon. (Amazon also owns Woot.) The retailer is offering $100 off the PS4 Pro, bringing the price down to $299.98. That’s the same amount we saw on Black Friday. We expect this deal to stick around for the next few months while Sony prepares to launch its next generation PS5 console.

Some other great deals this week include a Blue Yeti microphone bundle at Best Buy, a Bong Joon-ho digital movie bundle from Vudu, and a Sonic The Hedgehog version of the video game-themed Monopoly Gamer.

Finally, Walmart just dropped a new pre-order bonus for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Switch game, which launches on March 20, now includes an Animal Crossing-themed tote bag when you pre-order the game directly from Walmart.

Best console deal: PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro

We saw this sale on the Amazon-owned deals site Woot a few weeks ago, but it looks like Amazon is now matching the discount. The PlayStation 4 Pro is on sale for $299.98 right now, which is $100 off retail price and the lowest we’ve seen the 4K-ready console since Black Friday.

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Amazon / $299.98 Buy

Best accessory deal: Blue Yeti bundle

Blue Yeti bundle

We highlighted the Blue Yeti USB microphone, a favorite among streamers and amateur podcasters, when it was discounted to $89.99 in an Amazon Gold Box deal on Tuesday. While that deal is over, Best Buy is offering an even better one. The “Blackout” (read: matte black) Blue Yeti is now $10 cheaper, at $79.99, and includes a free PC copy of Fallout 76. Even if you’re not interested in exploring post-apocalyptic Appalachia, you’ll still save $70.

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Best Buy / $79.99 ($70 off) Buy

Best video game deal: Animal Crossing pre-order bonuses

Best board game deal: Sonic the Hedgehog Monopoly

Monopoly Gamer: Sonic the Hedgehog

Monopoly, the longest board game, seems incongruous with Sonic’s “Gotta go fast” motto, but Monopoly Gamer tweaks some rules to make the game more video game-y (and, mercifully, shorter). Right now, the Sonic the Hedgehog edition of Monopoly Gamer is down from $24.99 to $16.99 at Amazon.

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Image: Sega/Hasbro

Amazon / $16.99 ($8 off) Buy

Best movie deal: Bong Joon-ho bundle

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