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Pokémon Go Fest 2020 makeup day coming Aug. 16

Pokémon Go Fest 2020 took place this past weekend, but the online event didn’t go off without a hitch. Some players experienced technical difficulties on Saturday, July 25, so developer Niantic is offering a brief makeup period.

On Sunday, Aug. 16, Go Fest activities will return to the mobile game, letting players experience what they might have missed.

The Pokémon Go Fest 2020 global makeup event will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time on Aug. 16. During the three-hour window, Pokémon that were featured in Go Fest’s Fire, Water, and Friendship habitats will appear more frequently for players who purchased tickets. Go Fest 2020 ticket holders will also get some extra freebies: two Incense and two Remote Raid Passes, as well as Gifts that can contain Rare Candies. (Incense will also last one hour.)

During Go Fest, a series of themed habitats rotated in and out, letting players catch a variety of Pokémon that may normally be hard to find.

Here’s the schedule for Pokémon Go Fest 2020 global makeup event. All times listed are local:

  • 11 a.m.: Fire
  • 12 p.m.: Water
  • 1 p.m.: Friendship

Source: Polygon.com

2K Sports’ new football games will feature current NFL players

The new football video games that 2K Sports is making will feature real NFL players in addition to NFL teams, courtesy of a new licensing agreement between the publisher and the NFL Players Association, the companies announced Thursday.

The deal gives 2K Sports the rights to use the names, numbers, images, and likenesses of more than 2,000 current NFL players in its upcoming games. Financial terms for the agreement — which was handled by OneTeam Partners, which represents the NFLPA in group licensing arrangements — were not disclosed, nor was its length. We’ve asked 2K for details, and we’ll update this article with any information we receive.

Thursday’s news follows the announcement in March that 2K Sports was getting back into the business of video game football, having signed a multiyear deal with the NFL under which the publisher will produce multiple NFL-licensed football games. They will be the first football titles from 2K Sports since 2007’s unlicensed All-Pro Football 2K8.

What we know is that 2K plans to produce football games “centered on fun, approachable and social experiences,” according to president David Ismailer. That’s because its contract with the NFL is limited to “non-simulation football video game experiences,” since Electronic Arts retains the exclusive rights to make NFL-licensed simulation football titles — under long-term deals for the Madden NFL franchise that EA recently extended with the NFL and NFLPA through May 2026.

2K has not provided any other details about the games in question, saying only that it has multiple titles “in early stages of development” and that they are slated to be released starting in 2021. The rollout is scheduled to begin sometime during Take-Two Interactive’s 2022 fiscal year, which means that the earliest possible release window is April 2021. (Take-Two is 2K’s parent company.)

At the risk of reading too much into the available information, we can try to infer some further details about the kinds of football games 2K is making. The publisher’s licensing agreement with the NFLPA covers thousands of current players, from top-tier stars such as New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley to unheralded contributors like a special teams unit’s long snappers. But it’s hard to imagine that 2K would bother including full 53-man active rosters for each of the league’s 32 teams in a non-simulation video game, unless it was building something that was cartoony but ultimately a solid facsimile of football, like Metalhead Software’s Super Mega Baseball series.

Think of the NFL Blitz or NFL Street franchises, both of which offered arcade-style football experiences with seven-on-seven action instead of the 11-on-11 format of authentic NFL play. 2K Sports’ own arcade basketball title, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, features current and retired NBA players in two-on-two games. Now consider the following quote from 2K president Ismailer in Thursday’s news release.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the NFLPA and OneTeam to bring the biggest and best stars in football to the games we’re working on,” said Ismailer. “We want to give fans experiences that are authentic, memorable and fun, and having a roster of real-life sports heroes through the Players Association and OneTeam is a huge part of delivering on that promise.”

While 2K might’ve signed a deal that covers everybody in the NFL, it sounds like the publisher is really only interested in the big names — after all, that’s who you’d want to highlight in games that are designed to be fun, approachable, and social experiences. Of course, that doesn’t mean 2K wouldn’t delve further into NFL rosters for, say, a stand-alone MyTeam game with virtual trading cards. But it seems more likely than not that 2K’s initial slate will include something akin to a football version of NBA 2K Playgrounds.

Source: Polygon.com

Animal Crossing fans get fireworks, immediately draw dicks

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ second wave of summer content introduces weekly fireworks, which are set to go off on Sunday nights. Players can enjoy the usual light show, or they can upload custom patterns to explode in the sky. And while some fans are busy putting together elaborate pixel art for their fireworks, others instead honoring an age-old tradition humanity has observed since the days of cave paintings.

Yes, Animal Crossing fans are drawing wangs. This penile reality was a foregone conclusion the second Nintendo announced the feature.

Really, obscenities in general are fair game, as far as some fans are concerned. Part of what makes this funny is that your villagers are thrilled to witness your fine work, no matter what form it takes.

But mostly, people are sketching out wangs in all sorts of shapes and sizes, all of which end up exploding in their full splendor, as you’ll see below. Sadly, there seems to be a dearth of boob-focused fireworks, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of time.

On a more serious note, the latest update also seems to be the start of a full-blown luck system, which is exciting to think about.

Source: Polygon.com

This adorable physical copy of Stardew Valley comes with your own deed

Stardew Valley is a smash indie success, and now the game will be available with a physical collector’s edition for Switch and PC. Right now, the edition is available for preorder on Fangamer.

Stardew Valley is a game where players take over their grandfather’s farm in the titular town of Stardew Valley, and spend their days farming, fishing, and meeting other farmers in town and finding out about their lives. It was originally released in 2016 for Windows, and was later ported to consoles and mobile. The game has continually updated since release; in 2018, friends could maintain a farm together with a new multiplayer mode.

The collector’s edition includes a range of small accessories and bonuses, including a deed to your farm, which looks like something I’d put up on my desk over my degree. From the product description:

Deluxe six-piece wooden standee made from responsibly sourced birch and cherry wood (measures 4.5 x 4 x 4 inches; some assembly required).

Wooden lapel pin made from the same eco-friendly wood as the standee

14-page Junimo comic by Chihiro Sakaida, the artist of the Before the Farmer comic

Deed to your farm featuring gold-foil details on paper made from 30% recycled straw (a byproduct of actual farming!)

Collector’s Edition box made from sturdy, high-quality materials featuring artwork by Kari Fry, the artist behind the Stardew Valley Guidebook

Physical copy of the game on your choice of platform with 18-page, full-color illustrated instruction manual and double-sided cover with Joja theme on the inside

Soft polyester-nylon blend cleaning cloth designed by Chihiro Sakaida

For a limited time: Bonus poster for preorders until August 15th (measures 10” by 16”, folded)

According to the store listing, the collector’s edition of Stardew Valley is created with eco-friendly materials. “The woods used for the standee and lapel pin are never harvested faster than they grow, preserving the supply and original character of the woodlands. All parts of this Collector’s Edition are manufactured in the USA, UK, and Japan using minimal plastic.”

While collector’s edition is available for pre-order, it won’t ship until Nov. 6, giving players time to pick this up for themselves (or the biggest farmer in their life.)

Source: Polygon.com

Netflix’s new War for Cybertron is overloaded with Transformers references

Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege, out now, is the first part of a Netflix-exclusive trilogy of Transformers cartoons. The show goes belly-deep into Transformers lore.

Sure, everybody knows Optimus Prime and Megatron and Bumblebee and the tape player guy with the cool voice, but Siege transports us to a planet full of robo randos and references, and someone who is in deep on Transformers toys and mythology, I realize it might take some elbow grease to sort through it all. Who’s that green Starscream? What’s Primus? Who the heck is Megatron impaling in that mural in Decepticon headquarters?

All these questions (except the last one) are answered in this spoiler-riffic blast through all six episodes of War for Cybertron’s first chapter.

[Ed. note: This post contains major spoilers for Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege.]

The seekers in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Dunking an Autobot or Decepticon in a different set of paint and calling it a different robot is a practice as old as the Transformers franchise itself. There were 28 characters in the original 1984 Transformers lineup, and 11 of them were differently-hued twins of another toy.

The most infamous practitioners of this were Starscream and his two Seeker buddies, Skywarp and Thundercracker. The original 1984 cartoon pilot gave us a murderous rainbow of even more Seekers. In its opening scene, Wheeljack and Bumblebee are chased across the surface of their home planet Cybertron by, yes, Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp, but they also confront four other guys, a “Welcoming Committee” that includes an orange Seeker, a purple Seeker, a light blue Seeker, and a dark blue Seeker. Years later, they’d be given names: Sunstorm, Hotlink, Bitstream, and Nacelle, respectively.

In homage to this opening scene, War For Cybertron – Siege opens in a similar way, with Wheeljack and Bumblebee on the run from a multicolored gaggle of Seekers (and Jetfire). In addition to the named guys, our heroes are followed by a yellow Seeker, a green Seeker, and a blue Seeker.

War for Cybertron: seekers in megatron’s fortress Image: Netflix

Tempted as I am to match these unnamed guys up with the original cartoon pilot’s Welcoming Committee to satisfy George Lucas’ maxim, “it’s like poetry, it rhymes,” the pattern of colors better correlates with another trio of Seekers: The ones from a Target exclusive three-pack of War for Cybertron – Siege toys, which include the yellow Nova Storm, the blue Ion Storm, and the green Acid Storm.

These toys’ colors were … a lot more saturated than the fellows in Siege, so you might think some creative liberties were taken. However, after they get popped off by the Autobots one-by-one over the course of these six episodes, the Real MVPs, in all their saturated glory, show up in episode six for the assault on the Ark (more on that later).

yellow Nova Storm, the blue Ion Storm, and the green Acid Storm in Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

Hotlink, the purple one, definitely shows up consistently later in Siege. He also has a toy in Walmart’s exclusive toyline based on the Netflix series, and we see his distinctive purple-and-more-purple coloration in episode 2 and beyond.

Sideswipes and Hounds and Ironhides in Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

War for Cybertron – Siege is littered (sometimes literally) with character models in different colors. Most of them aren’t anybody. This cartoon had to make Cybertron feel populated while having limited character models, and so we see dozens of Sideswipes and Hounds and Ironhides in other hues as either crowd filler or corpses. Some might remind us of existing characters in Transformers, but considering the context, that dark blue Sideswipe probably isn’t the black Sideswipe redeco Deep Cover. I mean, if he is, then there are, like, six Deep Covers in Cybertron.

A purple Barricade also shows up a lot. Two at once in a prominent crowd scene, even! Since Barricade is a police officer and the rando Barricade is purple, I’ve unofficially dubbed him/them Perpwalk. Feel free to steal that.

Not all of War for Cybertron – Siege’s randos are unnamed, however! There’s a tan Cog that’s in the credits as “Comms Officer.”

Tan Cog talksa bout Ultra Magnus on Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

When Comms Officer was forged and given his name of Comms Officer, he knew exactly what he was put on his planet for. Not everyone gets that kind of security! Some of us spend decades figuring ourselves out.

There’s also a red Cog that’s a dead ringer for, well, Cog.

Red Cog in Transformers: War for Cyberton - Siege Image: Netflix

In 1987, Cog was the little blue robot buddy who came with the absolutely huge two-foot Transformer Fortress Maximus. A year later, Japan released Fortress Maximus again in different colors as Grand Maximus. Cog, now red instead of blue, was still called Cog. We could call him “Grand Cog” to match Grand Maximus, if we like.

Cliffjumper shows up briefly in War for Cybertron on a screen, and he’s just Bumblebee in red!

Cliffjumper on a screen in Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

Though Bumblebee and Cliffjumper are often mistaken as having been the same toy in different colors, their original toys were actually different toolings, even beyond one being a Beetle and the other a Porsche. Lots of similar details, but they merely shared similar engineering.

Another named re-color is Moonracer, who’s a teal Chromia. Chromia’s a light blue, so Moonracer is … kind of hard to pick apart from Chromia at a glance, but it gets much easier once Moonracer is devoured by zombies.

Moonracer is devoured by zombie Transformers on War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Both Moonracer and Chromia hail from the 1985 cartoon episode “The Search for Alpha Trion,” which introduced the concept of non-male robots into Transformers. Chromia and Moonracer weren’t recolors of each other then (and Moonracer has her own toy distinct from Chromia’s in 2018’s Power of the Primes toyline, with its own head and everything) but I guess if you’re destined to be zombie chow, you don’t get a lot of hours spent building you in CGI.

The leader of the Female Autobots (yes, that was their group’s actual name in 1985, I’m not being a Ferengi) was Elita One, and she shows up in War for Cybertron – Siege, too!

Elita One on Transformers War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

And just as it was detailed in her original series debut, she stays behind to keep fighting on Cybertron at the end of Siege. She’s one of the few characters to receive a brand new design built specifically for the cartoon and not directly imported from the CAD files of the current toyline. But don’t worry, Hasbro went back and made a toy of Elita One loosely based on this design (it’s Arcee with new parts), and it’ll be available from Walmart this fall.

In 1987, the Japanese Headmasters anime killed Soundwave. Blaster and Soundwave jumped up into the air and simultaneously punched each other in each other’s chests, and then they exploded, which is not exactly the most dignified way to go, but it happened.

But I’ll let you in on a secret: it was so Soundwave could be rebuilt into a new Soundwave, now called Soundblaster! Now in black instead of blue, Soundblaster has been a popular redeco of Soundwave since.

Soundblaster shows up with his plane friend on Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

Sometimes Soundblaster is depicted as a different guy, a clone of Soundwave, and that’s the path War for Cybertron – Siege has taken. The show’s Soundblaster lives alone with an army of darkly-colored Impactors, and also Buzzsaw. Buzzsaw is, as always, a gold condor to Laserbeak’s red. Buzzsaw is also the only 1984 Decepticon to not get a toy in tandem with the release of Siege! What are you waiting for, Hasbro? Get to it! Buzzsaw’s clearly the superior condor. He single-handedly took down Omega Supreme once. Meanwhile Laserbeak is, canonically, a coward.

You may notice the different faction sigil on Soundblaster’s chest. That logo means Soundblaster belongs to a third faction known as the Mercenaries!

Soundblaster with Mercenaries sigil on his chest in Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

The Mercenaries are a new group of unaffiliated folks that we’ll see more of in Siege’s sequel, EarthRise, and to which membership has been retroactively applied to Soundblaster here.

Elita One isn’t the only character who showed up toyless in older media but was toy-ified later. Impactor, the leader of the Autobot commando team the Wreckers, from Marvel UK’s 1980s Transformers run, also plays a prominent part in War for Cybertron – Siege!

The Wreckers were a group of Autobots who, to put it cynically, were the leftover toys that weren’t being written about elsewhere. You know, your Jumpstarters, your Deluxe Autobots, your made-up guys who are two guys fused together at the torso. Impactor was in command of these bloodthirsty folks, but really he was keeping the leadership position warm with his harpoon arm until he died and Springer could take over.

But War for Cybertron – Siege’s Impactor has less to do with the first Impactor and more to do with the Impactor seen in IDW’s comics from last decade. That Impactor, before he was a Wrecker, was a friend of Megatron before the war. They both had low class jobs as energon miners. And when war broke out, he initially took the proletariat Decepticons’ side against the bourgeoisie ruling class.

Impactor all tied up on Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

Siege’s Impactor plays that role. Instead of being the leader of the ruthless Wreckers, he’s still fighting for the working class as a Decepticon. He shacks up with the Autobots only after the Decepticons’ elite tracker Ravage fails to locate Impactor [checks notes] lodged halfway under a rock.

Impactor is in this cartoon solely because he was voted for! Two years ago, Hasbro ran a fan poll to decide which pair of Transformers would be included in the Siege toyline. Impactor was paired with Mirage against two other pairs, and they won the poll. Autobots don’t get any more upper class than Mirage, who’s an old money Turbofox hunter, and Siege is quick to emphasize their class-based differences.

barricade in transformers: War for cybertron - siege Image: Netflix

Joining the Decepticon ranks is Barricade, who’s a character import from the very first live-action Transformers film back in 2007! You’d think Barricade would have shown up in more stuff since then, as promotional imagery for that movie was essentially 50% Bumblebee, 40% Barricade, and 10% everyone else. There were cardboard Barricades hanging from every Target, Walmart, and Toys”R”Us for a year. Yet Barricade never showed up in any Transformers media — until now.

Barricade’s look here is inspired by a piece of art by Transformers artist Guido Guidi, who years ago drew a “G1-ized” Barricade using G1 Smokescreen’s look. (Smokescreen himself being an altered Prowl, who’s a police car like Barricade.)

Palling around with Barricade is Spinister, who was a “double” Targetmaster from 1988. Spinister’s two Targetmaster partners aren’t featured in this, but his pink, purple, and blue glory is! Indeed, Spinister is a bisexual icon.

Spinister in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Spinister is most notable for fans misremembering his name as “Spinster.” No, he’s not an older, unmarried woman. It’s “Sinister,” with a “p”!

Skytread is better known as Flywheels, but “Flywheels” isn’t a name Hasbro could secure the trademark for.

Skytread on Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Flywheels was a 1987 Duocon, meaning he’s two vehicles who combine into a larger robot. This was news at the time to Cyclonus, who was very concerned that a jet was about to crash into a tank. Nope! They’re just going to combine into a robot named Flywheels! Get it together, Cyclonus.

Alpha Trion in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Elita One and the Female Autobots weren’t the only new characters introduced in the 1980s episode “The Search for Alpha Trion.” Surprise: another was Alpha Trion.

Eventually revealed to be Optimus Prime’s sort-of dad, Alpha Trion was the patriarch of the Autobots. In War for Cybertron – Siege, he comes pre-murdered by Megatron, and only appears via a vision given to Bumblebee after the little yellow guy inherits the Alpha Trion Protocols.

Alpha Trion also greets Bumblebee with “Hello there” and honestly my biggest critique of this series is that Bumblebee doesn’t respond with “GENERAL KENOBI!” while his arms split in half and pull out lightsabers.

Omega Supreme aka The Guardian in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

In the 1985 cartoon episode “The Secret of Omega Supreme,” we learn that Omega Supreme was a member of the legendary Guardian Robots long before the war. We see these Guardians in Siege, but only through a misty haze, so we don’t get to see if the other non-Omega Supreme members are their usual blue coloring. Omega Supreme shows up later by himself, bursting up through the ground like a confused Kool-Aid Man.

Primus reference in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Blink and you’ll miss it, but Cog namedrops Primus, the creator god of the Transformers! (That is, unless you ask the Transformer atheists.)

On the evil side of the map, the Decepticon headquarters is located inside what appears to be a former Colosseum-style arena.

The Decepticon fortress in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

This calls back to Megatron’s pre-Decepticon origins as a miner-turned gladiator. The dome-shaped structure in the middle also brings to mind the precisely-named Decepticon Headquarters staffed by Shockwave featured throughout the original cartoon.

The Autobots are hanging out, meanwhile, in the Ark, their newly-constructed spaceship in which they eventually hope to escape Cybertron and its stupid endless war.

The Ark in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege Image: Netflix

Did you know: the Ark was never called the Ark in the original cartoon? That name comes from the Marvel comics, while the cartoon merely called their spaceship-crashed-inti-a-volcano home “Autobot headquarters.” It wouldn’t be until Beast Wars that the name “Ark” would be uttered audibly in a cartoon. Also, in the Marvel comics, the Ark’s computers were called “Aunty,” not Teletraan I. Sometimes the Ark is a girl instead of Casey Kasem.

Peppered throughout the series is Cybertronian language. The specific alphabet seen is Ancient Autobot, which is based on a typeface that fan-turned-pro Jim Sorenson fashioned together in the ‘90s from the Ancient Autobot letters seen in the original cartoon episode “Cosmic Rust.”

Cybertronian language alphabet from Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege opening credits Image: Netflix

This alphabet has been seen on countless bits of merchandise since, including Siege toy packaging. Each Cybertronian letter is a one-for-one substitute for a letter in English, so it’s possible to translate these bits of language when they pop up on the screen.

Don’t expect to find out many tasty secrets, though! The above screen capture, from the opening, merely says “Surveillance,” while the rest tends to be stuff like “Autobots” or “Decepticons” or “WARNING.” And sometimes it’s just gibberish to fill space!

Now here’s a real mystery: Walmart released an exclusive line of toys based specifically on this Netflix series, and the big granddaddy of them all was a $50 “Spoiler Pack,” which was boxed up opaquely with no window showing the contents. The product copy begged fans to refrain from opening up this package until after they’d seen the Siege cartoon, so as to not spoil themselves on its events.

(Fans, of course, mostly ignored this and tore their Spoiler Packs open upon receipt.)

And, hey, I gotta tell ya…

Ultra Magnus Transformers: War on Cybertron toy Photo: David Willis

I have no idea what much of the Spoiler Pack’s contents have to do with the Siege cartoon, or how they would have spoiled me on its content! OK, there’s a gray gradient Ultra Magnus inside the opaque packaging. There was a regularly-colored Ultra Magnus in the regular, mass-retail toyline, but this “spoiler” version is mostly cast in gray plastic with Ultra Magnus colors sprayed across him half-way in paint. Ultra Magnus is indeed in the Netflix cartoon, but he doesn’t ever feature as a half-gray version of himself. Maybe this represents him … being half dead? Transformers lose their color when they die, and Ultra Magnus dies. That’s my best guess.

But the small translucent red Battlemaster Rung? Rung doesn’t appear in the Netflix series at all. Perhaps he sort of represents the vision of Alpha Trion that Bumblebee sees in his vision? That version of Alpha Trion was dead and kind of translucent and kind of red in places, and Rung is, like, secretly Primus, so there’s maybe an afterlife connection there. I’m reaching here.

And lastly, bizarrely, the Spoiler Pack comes with a plastic tray full of black Play-Doh that sandwiches a tiny baggie full of three Energon cubes. Sure, Siege involves some Energon in the plot, but rarely in cube form, and certainly not buried somewhere. I honestly have no idea what that’s about. I suppose the good news is, it turns out nobody was spoiled on the cartoon, because what?

(Get ready for Spoiler Pack 2 in a few months, which also includes the same Play-Doh and Energon, according to its contents listing. Maybe the next chapter, EarthRise, features a nonzero amount of Energon cubes in mud?)

Megatron killing an Autobot with a sword mural in Decepticon headquarters in Transformers: War for Cybertron Image: Netflix

Hanging conspicuously behind scenes with Megatron within Decepticon headquarters is a mural depicting a caped Megatron running his sword through somebody.

Don’t ask me who that is. I have no idea.

Maybe Megatron is just really proud of that one time he vanquished a [squints] hornless Bumblebee? Megatron wore his Vanquishing A Hornless Bumblebee cape and everything.

Source: Polygon.com

How to make custom fireworks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

On Sunday evenings in August, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can check out fireworks festivals and even make their own custom fireworks.

Players can submit their custom patterns to be shot into the air and displayed as fireworks by talking to Isabelle in front of the Resident Services building. Players can upload up to 10 designs, and they’ll fire off one after another in order.

A menu screen that shows uploaded patterns. the Polygon logo, as well as a photo of a possum are part of the group. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Note that these won’t completely replace all the fireworks shown at the festival. There’ll be regular fireworks as well, but your designed fireworks will display in a bunch. While they will go off in the set order you gave to Isabelle, where they fire will be randomized.

The patterns you upload will be cropped into circle shapes, so make sure that there are no important bits to your design in the corners. Designs will bold, different colors will look the best.

You can see an example of our four patterns in action below.

Source: Polygon.com

Splinter Cell is reportedly being adapted for a Netflix animated series

The Splinter Cell franchise will return in a new form. Variety reports that Netflix and Ubisoft are partnering for an animated adaptation of Splinter Cell, targeted toward an adult audience. Writer Derek Kolstad (co-creator of the John Wick franchise) is reportedly attached to the project. Variety says that the show has been signed for a two-season, 16-episode order.

Ubisoft confirmed that “the deal is true” in a statement to Polygon, and said that the show will be an anime series.

Splinter Cell first released in 2002 and has had six since additional titles since then, as well as a series of tie-in novels under the Tom Clancy brand. The narrative focuses on former U.S. Navy SEAL Sam Fisher, who is recruited to work for the fictional Third Echelon division of the very real National Security Agency (NSA).

Gameplay is based around stealth, with Sam infiltrating places with the help of his iconic green night vision goggles to uncover shadowy conspiracies and protect the United States. As the games advanced, the plot moved forward, with Sam heading up an even more secretive and elite squad known as Fourth Echelon. The most recent game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, was released in 2013.

A Splinter Cell film has been in development for some time, although the last official update on its progress was in 2017.

Update: We have updated this report to reflect Ubisoft’s response and confirmation of the deal.

Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

Source: Polygon.com

Modern Warfare and Warzone July 30 Update: Double XP

As Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone concludes, Infinity Ward is activating Double XP weekend for all players to reach the final ranks before the season ends!

LIVE now in Modern Warfare and Warzone is:

  • Double XP
  • Double Weapon XP
  • 2X Tier Progression

The 2XP weekend will end on August 4 at 11PM PT.

Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone ends on August 4 at 11PM PT, so make sure you’ve reached Officer Rank 150 and Tier 100 in the Battle Pass before it ends!

Season 5 in Warzone and Modern Warfare officially begins on August 5.

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Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 Faction: Shadow Company

A new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 has arrived! Season 5 for Modern Warfare and Warzone begins on Wednesday, August 5.

The new trailer introduces the new faction for Modern Warfare and Warzone called Shadow Company.

Activision Blog provides an introduction to the Operators of Shadow Company that will be coming to game with Season 5.


Highly skilled with a diverse range of expertise the Shadow Company consists of Rozlin “Roze” Helms (formerly Jackals), Velikan,  and Marcus “Lerch” Ortega, the Company’s leader. 

  • Lerch hails from Plano, Texas and is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Known on the battlefield for his enthusiasm and success in regards to eliminating the enemy, it was better to have Lerch with you rather than against you. Following USMC, civilian life didn’t suit Lerch, so he re-entered the fight in the private sector and is considered a one-man force multiplier. When the Shadow Company CEO came across Lerch’s dossier, he was the perfect combination of skill and moral flexibility. There’s no contract Lerch won’t take on nor challenge he won’t face which is how he finds himself in Verdansk leading the other Operators of Shadow Company.
  • Not much is known about Velikan. Dressed in full body armor for protection in battle and to hide his identity, little is confirmed about this Operator. A shadow of a shadow. Tales of his exploits are written off as fairytales at best and gross exaggerations at worst. Those who know him never speak ill of him. Whether it’s due to fear or respect, no one knows. 
  • Rozlin “Roze” Helms joined the Shadow Company after migrating from the Allegiance faction Jackals. Previously, Roze cut ties with the Armed Services and returned to support her family and ailing father. Periodically in contact with Mace, now a PMC who left the Army after abandoning his post in protest of combat orders he deemed illegal, Roze gained entry into the Jackals mercenary group. Now Roze is letting her skill prove her worth as she provides support to Shadow Company while remaining on cordial terms with Mace. 

Watch the new Shadow Company Introduction Trailer:

Season 5 begins August 5.

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Looks like Animal Crossing is about to get a luck system

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ second summer update brought about the Dream Suite, save backups, fireworks, and even a new camera feature, but the most interesting addition has to be the quietest one: tripping.

Players who download the update may find that, on occasion, their villager slips and falls to the ground, like so:

If you happen to be holding a balloon, which is one of the new items, it’ll float away. Boo.

Players have also found that when you hit a rock and get a gold nugget, your character will now be inspired to craft a new DIY, the King Tut mask. It looks extremely cool, except for one hilarious issue: If you wear the King Tut mask, you’ll trip way more often than you normally would.

Why would it happen more often when you’re wearing this mask? Well, in the past, Animal Crossing has had a luck system that affected all sorts of day-to-day things. On a good luck day, everything is amazing: You’ll get more money from rocks, it’ll be easier to befriend villagers, and you’ll even have a better time avoiding bees, because they’ll move more slowly. The world’s your oyster.

On bad luck days, it’s the complete opposite. You’ll find fewer resources, it’ll be harder to raise friendship levels, the money rock will become stingy, and — just to pour salt on the wound — you’ll trip and fall on your face. Wearing the King Tut mask will immediately lower your luck, which is why you’ll trip way more often. It’s probably an Easter egg hinting at the masks’ cursed nature.

Tripping wasn’t in New Horizons until now, and fans are taking its sudden inclusion as indication of not just a luck system, but a totally new character. You see, prior Animal Crossing games also had a black panther named Katrina who could, for a price, give you a fortune. These fortunes were an indicator that you were about to have good luck days or bad luck days, including times when you’d trip all the time. She could even foretell days when your villagers would try and avoid you!

All of this is to say: If New Horizons has tripping now, it seems very likely that future updates will get a full-blown luck system, and perhaps a new visitor type to go along with that.

Source: Polygon.com