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PUBG Update: Season 4 Is Live On PC With Map Overhaul And More

Fortnite isn’t the only battle royale game on the cusp of a new season. PUBG Corp. has rolled out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ Season 4 update on PC, introducing some big changes to the shooter, including a revamp of its original map, a new Survivor Pass with an assortment of new missions to complete and rewards to unlock, and more.

The biggest changes come to the aforementioned map, Erangel, which has received a major visual overhaul. PUBG Corp. says it has “improved the graphical quality of Erangel’s various areas and terrains across the board,” ranging from improved textures to updated terrain. According to the developer:

“We’ve updated existing terrain, signage, and buildings and have added a small number of buildings to some areas as well. To better illustrate Erangel’s history, terrain elements have been added or revised. Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks have been added across different areas of the map.”

Additionally, PUBG’s Season 4 Survivor Pass, dubbed Aftermath, is now available. The pass can be purchased on Steam for $10 USD and grants holders access to a variety of seasonal, premium, and weekly missions to complete, which will level the pass up and unlock an assortment of new cosmetics and other rewards, such as emotes, clothing items, and weapon skins.

The Season 4 Survivor Pass also introduces a new cooperative mission system. Much like Fortnite’s Party Assist feature, this allows players to team up with friends and contribute to a mission’s progress. New weekly missions will go live every Wednesday throughout the season. The Season 4 Survivor Pass will be active until October 15.

In addition to those changes, the Season 4 update also makes balance adjustments to many weapons and vehicles. You can find the full patch notes for the update on the PUBG website. PUBG Corp. says Season 4 will also be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game this summer, although no exact date has been announced just yet.

Source: GameSpot.com

Nintendo Removes A Hurdle For Super Mario Maker 2’s Most Avid Players

Nintendo has increased the number of levels you can share online in Super Mario Maker 2. Since the game launched last month, players have only been able to upload a maximum of 32 courses to the online Course World hub, but that limit has now been doubled, and it appears it’ll go up again with a future update.

According to an in-game notification, Nintendo plans to increase the course-upload limit one more time in the future. The company hasn’t announced when the limit will be bumped up again or what the new limit will be, but in the meantime, players can now upload a maximum of 64 courses. As before, however, you’ll need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to upload your levels and play those created by other players.

In addition to the course-limit increase, Nintendo has shared the Course ID for a new level created by the Mario Maker 2 development team. This course revolves around the Superball Flower, an obscure power-up from Super Mario Land that can be unlocked as a course part in Mario Maker 2 when you clear the game’s Story mode. You can see the Course ID as well as a clip of the level in the tweet below.

We know of at least one more update still on the way for Super Mario Maker 2. During E3 2019, Nintendo confirmed it is working on an update that will allow players to play online Versus and Co-Op matches with friends. Presently, the game only allows players to play those modes online with strangers. Nintendo hasn’t announced when this update is expected to go live.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game received a lot of praise from critics, including GameSpot. In our Super Mario Maker 2 review, GameSpot’s Peter Brown wrote, “Whether exploring the full potential of a single element or throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, I’ve got the itch to join the creator’s club. Mario Maker 2 makes the learning process intuitive and enjoyable. Most importantly, it’s enabled designers amateur and professional alike to share their creativity with the world.”

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Xbox One Gets Home Screen Redesign In Xbox Insiders Update Today

The Xbox One’s Home will get a new look for those enrolled in Microsoft’s Xbox Insiders program. A new console update, available today for those Alpha Skip Ahead Xbox Insiders, will introduce “a streamlined user interface” as well as “further [evolutions]” to voice commands.

An Xbox Wire post reports that the new update will “[deliver] a faster Home experience” and “[evolves] Xbox voice commands to improve the voice experience.” Both features aren’t available to all Xbox Insiders, with the new Home rolling out to the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead ring and the voice commands heading to the Alpha Skip Ahead ring. Those not enrolled in Xbox Insiders will have to wait, as there’s no confirmation on when the changes will be made public for everyone.

A Streamlined Home

The new Home will “deliver an easy and seamless experience for you to navigate your console,” Xbox Wire writes. The goal here is to get you into your video games faster and keep your content at the front of the Home experience. The new experimental Home design, below, removes the scrolling options from the top for things like Community, Mixer, and Store for dedicated buttons underneath the selected piece of content on the left side of the screen. Things have also been shifted around a little and the tilesets look a little larger than the system’s current Home design.

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The experimental Home design will be available this week to Xbox Insiders part of the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings.

Evolving Voice Commands

Voice commands are also changing, with the objective being to “further [evolve] commands on Xbox and [move] away from on-console experiences to cloud-based assistant experiences,” according to Xbox Wire. This means Cortana will be inaccessible via headset, instead shifting to “the Xbox Skill for Cortana via the Cortana app on iOS, Android, and Windows or Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker.” However, Cortana is still reachable via Alexa-enabled devices. Due to the changes in voice commands, this console update will disable the virtual keyboard’s dictation on the system, but Microsoft will share what alternative solutions are in development in the near future.

Similar to the experimental Home design, these new voice command changes will arrive this week and are available to the Alpha Skip Ahead ring. Xbox Wire notes that the new voice commands will “fully rollout to all users this fall,” but it’s unclear if that means the Alpha ring or all of the Xbox Insiders.

Source: GameSpot.com

Good News, Remedy’s Control Has Gone Gold

Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming third-person shooter Control has gone gold, according to a developer on the team. Effectively, development on the game has completed and discs are ready for manufacturing and distribution. Everyone can rejoice and wait with bated breath as the game’s August release date inches closer.

Remedy’s game director Mikael Kasurinen tweeted that Control is “done,” noting that the work the Finnish studio’s put in over the past three years was “an achievement from the best dev team on the planet.” Control is headed to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 27.

Ville Ruusutie, Remedy’s principal animation programmer, offered some additional context on Kasurinen’s news. In a tweet of his own, Ruusutie said the team “lost animation middleware and wrote new from scratch” while noting it was a “big risk” but thinks the studio has done well considering some of the “big tech challenges” Remedy has faced working on Control.

Control comes three years after the studio’s last outing, Quantum Break. In Control, you play as Jesse Faden, the Federal Bureau of Control’s new director, exploring the Oldest House and harnessing supernatural abilities to defeat enemies and find her brother. We found it to be Remedy’s most interesting game since Alan Wake after spending some time with it, saying, “Control is being designed with a Metroidvania-like structure that requires you to re-examine previously explored locations when new skills are unlocked, and the thought of incorporating an alternate dimension into this concept is very intriguing.”

Though Control is headed to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the game will be a limited-time Epic Games Store exclusive. PC requirements have been revealed, and while one of them is a mandatory Epic Games account, Control will arrive on Steam in Summer 2020.

Source: GameSpot.com

Pokemon Masters: Pre-Registration Now Open, Release Date Revealed [Update]

Pokemon Masters, the new Pokemon mobile game from DeNA (the studio behind Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and other Nintendo mobile titles), is coming to iOS and Android devices very soon. The Pokemon Company has previously said the game would launch sometime this summer, but we may now know its exact release date thanks to the App Store.

While the official Pokemon website still lists Pokemon Masters as “planned for Summer 2019,” the game is expected to launch on August 29, according to Apple’s digital storefront. GameSpot reached out for clarification, and a PR representative for The Pokemon Company confirmed the game’s tentative release date is August 29; however, the rep noted the release date is subject to change, and it will be officially announced once it is finalized.

Meanwhile, certain countries will be able to play Pokemon Masters a little early. A “preview version” of the title is launching for Android devices in Singapore this week. The preview version will also come to Canada, although no specific date was announced. Progress made in the preview version can be carried over to the full game when it launches later this summer.

If you’re eager to jump into Pokemon Masters, pre-registration for the title is now live on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Everyone who pre-registers for the game will receive a notification when it is available to download. Like many other mobile titles, Pokemon Masters will be free to download and play, with optional microtransactions. You can read more details on the official Pokemon website.

Pokemon Masters is set in a new island region called Pasio, where famous Pokemon trainers from around the world have gathered to participate in the Pokemon Masters League tournament. Each trainer has one partner Pokemon, forming a “Sync Pair,” and you can team up with other Sync Pairs to engage in three-on-three Pokemon battles and earn Gym Badges. You can take a look at some of the confirmed Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs so far in our gallery. For more on the title, check out our Pokemon Masters hands-on impressions.

Source: GameSpot.com

Pokemon Go: August Community Day Details Announced

Pokemon Go‘s July Community Day may have only recently ended, but developer Niantic has already announced the first details for next month’s event–and it’s coming up very soon. August’s Community Day is set to take place next Saturday, August 3, and this time, the featured Pokemon will be Ralts, a Psychic-type originally introduced in Ruby and Sapphire.

Throughout the Community Day, Ralts will spawn in the wild much more often than normal, making the event a good opportunity to stock up on Ralts Candy. Not only will the monster be much easier to find during the Community Day, you’ll also have your first chance to capture its Shiny form in Pokemon Go.

In addition to increased spawns, each Community Day offers players a chance to secure a special event-exclusive move if you’re able to evolve the featured Pokemon into its final form by the end of the event. Interestingly, Ralts has two possible final evolutions–Gardevoir or Gallade–so it’s not yet clear if the event move will differ depending upon which form you evolve it into. Niantic typically announces each month’s Community Day move closer to the event.

A few other bonuses will also be available during August’s Community Day. Any Lure Modules you use will last for three hours rather than their usual 30 minutes, and Pokemon Eggs will hatch at a quarter of the distance they typically require.

While each Community Day typically runs from 3-6 PM local time, August’s will take place a little later in the day to help players escape the summer heat. Like July’s event, next month’s Community Day will run from 4-7 PM local time, when the temperature outside is a little bit cooler. Niantic says the Community Day hours will return to normal once summer is over.

While August’s Community Day is still a few days away, another event is underway in Pokemon Go. Until July 29, players can capture a Pikachu wearing a straw hat as part of a One Piece collaboration event. Meanwhile, the game’s current Legendary Pokemon, Armored Mewtwo, is scheduled to leave Raid Battles on July 31. Not only does this version of the Legendary sport a different look than a regular Mewtwo, it also has different stats and is capable of learning different attacks.

Source: GameSpot.com

Destiny 2’s Solstice Of Heroes Event: Start Date, Rewards, And Details

Destiny 2‘s Solstice of Heroes event begins on July 30, and now we know what to expect from the last big event of the Season of Opulence and the game’s second year of content. You’ll be chasing a special set of Solstice armor for your characters, but instead of just earning the gear, you’ll need to upgrade it by completing a number of objectives and participating in a new activity that’s specific to Solstice. There are also a variety of new cosmetic rewards to acquire during the event, with Destiny 2 seeing a new approach to its premium Eververse Store to go with them.

Bungie laid out all the details of the Solstice of Heroes in a post on its blog that included a trailer, which you can watch below. The event starts with picking up a special set of Solstice armor, which is in a pretty rough state when you first get it. You’ll need to complete Solstice objectives to upgrade the armor, slowly improving it until you can get it to its Masterworked “Majestic” state. You’ll have until Solstice of Heroes ends on August 27 to complete it.

Bungie also explained that the Solstice armor set will be the first “Armor 2.0” set available in its upcoming new expansion, Shadowkeep. Armor 2.0 is Destiny 2’s upcoming new armor system, which allows you to transfer the properties of one set of armor to another set–essentially allowing you to wear armor you like the look of, not just what has the best stat and perk random rolls. When Shadowkeep launches in September, you’ll be able to pick up the Solstice Armor 2.0 set, provided you earn and upgrade the whole thing during the event.

Upgrading that armor will take you to a new area for Solstice called the EAZ, or European Aerial Zone–essentially a version of the EDZ that’s in Destiny 2 already, but composed of a bunch of floating platforms. A matchmade Solstice activity takes place there that has you and two other players fighting a bunch of mini-bosses to receive treasure chest rewards. The more bosses you kill, the more chests you get; the whole thing sounds a bit like the Haunted Forest and Verdant Forest activities from past events.

Solstice also adds a new elementally themed mechanic to the game. As you play different activities in Destiny 2, you’ll see orbs dropping that align with your elemental subclass. Pick them up and you’ll access additional buffs that are specific to the element you’re using. It sounds like gathering these orbs will be part of the process of powering up your Solstice armor as well.

  • Solar orbs generate a damaging wave around you as you play
  • Void orbs allow you to go invisible and give you Truesight to see through walls when you crouch
  • Arc orbs enhance your movement speed and melee and sword damage

No Caption ProvidedGallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

There’s one more big change coming to the Solstice of Heroes, which might give a hint of what players can expect from the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. Most seasonal events come with event-specific Eververse engrams for players to earn as they level up, which give them random drops of event-specific cosmetic items. That’s not the case in Solstice, though–instead, there will be no Solstice engrams, and all event cosmetics will be available for purchase from the Eververse store with either Bright Dust or Silver, Destiny’s premium currency.

That might be a hint at the shape of things to come as Bungie changes its approach to Destiny 2 microtransactions. We know Bungie is about to greatly change how Bright Dust works, making it so you solely earn it from playing the game (rather than from breaking down Eververse items you could have purchased with Silver). We might get a hint at the limits of how you can use Bright Dust in Solstice, and how much of the Eververse Store will require you to use Silver, which you can only purchase with real money. Then again, this might just be a weird limbo period between system changes, but either way, things are going to be different than usual with Solstice of Heroes–and every different with the launch of Shadowkeep on September 17.

Source: GameSpot.com

New Gameplay Trailer For Cute Dungeon Crawler Game, Cat Lady, Released

Viz Media has released a new gameplay trailer for Cat Lady, an upcoming dungeon crawler developed by Rose City Games. You can watch the trailer above.

The trailer showcases Cat Lady protagonist Ally Marie reaching her grandmother’s house, only to discover all of the household items have been possessed by ghosts and have kidnapped her grandma. Her grandmother’s cats–who all can now talk–convince Ally that they must go save her relative. As Ally makes her way through her grandma’s house, she utilizes different combinations of cats to combat the ghosts, as each feline has a unique special ability. The wizard cat Mildred can shoot powerful fireballs, for instance, while the kissy cat Nelly sends out hearts in a wider shotgun-like spread.

Cat Lady is the second scheduled release in a deal that Viz Media has with Rose City Games to develop three games that incorporate a manga- or anime-like art style. The first game, The World Next Door, is a visual-novel-meets-puzzle-battle game where human teenager Jun becomes trapped in a world of fantasy and magic and must rely on the new friends she meets to try and find a way home. The third game has yet to be announced.

According to the gameplay trailer, Cat Lady is expected to release “soon.” Launch platforms have not yet been announced.

A manga publisher, Viz Media has long existed on the fringes of the gaming industry and is responsible for some of the most popular manga adaptations of several gaming franchises, including The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon. When the company isn’t focused on games, it’s primarily responsible for publishing English translations of shonen manga in the west–such as My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, One Piece, and Dragon Ball.

In GameSpot’s The World Next Door review, I wrote, “The cast of characters is genuinely funny at times, and getting to know them has its benefits, but the story ends before most have a chance to really grow and mature. Worse, an interesting plot point that Liza introduces into the story near the game’s end is never satisfyingly resolved. The combat portion has similar shortcomings. Though the puzzle battles are frantic bouts of fast-paced fun, the most interesting enemies and bosses are introduced in the latter half of the game, leaving combat in the first two dungeons too simple. Ultimately, there’s enjoyment to be had with The World Next Door, but the game takes too long to start leaning into its strengths.”

Source: GameSpot.com

Sega Teases Yakuza Reveal For Late August

Sega has teased something new for the Yakuza series, setting the debut date in August. The new game will seemingly introduce an all-new protagonist now that Kazuma Kiryu’s story has concluded, but the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has indulged in teasing the fans about the new game.

A tweet promises a press conference to be held in Japan on August 29. The announcement was accompanied by an image of Ichiban Kasuga, the protagonist Yakuza Online, suggesting he’ll factor into the game somehow. It’s unclear if this will be considered the next mainline Yakuza game or a spin-off, or even additional content for Yakuza Online.

Yakuza Online first introduced Kasuga. That game detailed his backstory as a former Tojo Yakuza released from prison prison, now having to find his way through a changed world.

The last game developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio released was Judgement. Though Judgment was a very different game from the rest of the Yakuza series, it added a similar flavor to the world and came with mechanics of its own, with mixed results.

“It’s disappointing to realize that Judgment is at its best when it veers closer to the mold that it came from,” Edmond Tran wrote in GameSpot’s review. “Even though the game’s familiar fighting and side activities will happily keep you occupied, it’s a shame that the most intriguing and unique additions are also the dullest things about Judgment, because the new roster of characters have been wonderfully crafted otherwise. Yagami, Kaito, and the supporting cast are incredibly endearing, and following their every move as they unravel the sinister machinations looming under the surface of Kamurocho is a sensational journey. I can’t wait to return to these characters, but I’m hoping we can all do something different next time.”

Source: GameSpot.com

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Solves One Of PC Gaming’s Biggest Problems

PC gamers are beginning to lose their patience with juggling multiple clients when they just want to find and launch their games. Trying to figure out which EA games were shifted from Steam to Origin, tackling Uplay, and remembering which games are now Epic Store exclusives has been a cause of frustration for PC players, but there may be a solution. Enter GOG Galaxy 2.0, which promises to unify all of your PC games in one very pretty client.

I began using GOG Galaxy when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt first came out and while I loved the DRM-free capabilities, the platform itself was buggy and generally not a great user experience. But GOG Galaxy 2.0 looks to be a vastly improved edition, and as the beta isn’t open to everybody yet, you can get an inside look in our feature video above.

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The first thing which is really apparent is that GOG Galaxy 2.0 is gorgeous. The visual and functional overhaul is impressive and heavily customisable. Importing your games creates an insightful and intuitive overview of your collective PC gaming library, and your PlayStation and Xbox libraries for that matter. Currently it’s not possible to import any Nintendo games, but for games on every other platform you’re able to view your achievements, hours played, and friend’s stats. You can also explore your entire gaming library using filters and search parameters.

The closed beta doesn’t contain every planned feature and as it’s receiving constant updates, there are certain things that don’t work as intended. There are general bugs, some missing trophies and progress, and Galaxy can occasionally lose its connection to certain clients–but these problems don’t outweigh the advantages of the platform, especially how it enables the integration of all your clients into one. This requires some setup as you need to log into each of your clients to connect them to Galaxy, but if you don’t consider Captcha software to be your arch nemesis like I do, it’s pretty painless.

Finishing the process rewards you with a comprehensive gold mine of your own data and a client that will never have you scratching your head trying to remember what platform Mass Effect 2 is on ever again. Once you link your platforms your library auto-populates with art, playtime stats, and achievements. There are gaps where art is missing, but icon and background art can be imported straight from your computer.

You can boot games from GOG Galaxy 2.0 but you do still need to wait for the original client to get running in the background. My wait times varied by platform, with Steam proving to be the fastest and least intrusive third-party platform to integrate. Some clients like Origin and Uplay still insist on popping up on your desktop when you try to launch a game from either platform, but a feature is in the works which will automatically close clients when exiting an associated game. Galaxy does let you install games straight from the launcher, but of course if you want to buy the latest Epic Store exclusive, for instance, you’ll still need to take yourself over to its specific store to buy it.

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The only time you’ll really run into a problem is if you haven’t enabled your clients and games to auto-update. I don’t auto-update my platforms or games because I still remember getting yelled at for using up all our family’s data when I was a teenager living at home so booting a game like The Division 2 can mean waiting for Uplay to update and run and then waiting for the game itself to update and run. Bonus points if Galaxy also required an update at launch. Fortunately, sifting through the piles of data in GOG Galaxy 2.0 to find out which game I’ve logged the most time in–145 hours in Divinity: Original Sin II apparently–is a perfectly good time waster while waiting on those progress bars. Generally, you’ll want to make sure you are auto-updating so you don’t run into this problem, in which case you should sail right into the game with far less waiting around. I did most of my gaming offline and away from distribution platforms until the 2000s so while GOG can’t paint me a perfect data-riffic picture of all the weekends I spent playing Heroes of Might & Magic III or Age of Empires II from dawn until dusk, there is still plenty of stats to check out.

It’s worth noting that GOG Galaxy 2.0 isn’t the first all-in-one launcher. Playnite is an open source library manager that imports games from all of your platforms into one and while by all accounts it does the trick, GOG Galaxy 2.0 has some special additions under its pretty hood. Galaxy includes a bookmark function that lets you pin games, genres, or custom tagged groups to your sidebar. Custom tags can be created instantly and you can group together whatever strange amalgamation of games you choose. There are also plenty of UI options like filtering by platform, operating system, tags, or whether or not the game is installed. The platform is also open-source allowing for community-made plug-ins which should enable clever users to expand the breadth of what GOG Galaxy 2.0 is capable of.

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Overall the process is as streamlined and well-executed as you’d expect from a beta. You can hide games in your library, which I did for trials, and if you own a game on multiple platforms it’ll combine the stats under one page for you. As a space to hold your half a dozen gaming libraries it’s entirely sufficient and missing trophies or sluggish boot times from certain platforms don’t take away from how much easier it makes modern PC gaming. Galaxy is also intending to integrate your friends from other platforms into the client which CD Project says could extend to sending a message to a friend on PS4 who receives it instantly, but this functionality is yet to be implemented.

A handful of years ago I couldn’t imagine GOG Galaxy working for me as a replacement for Steam, despite how much I loved the DRM-free and offline play options, but Galaxy 2.0 is a vastly different beast. It may not have the library to replace your existing platforms, but the relative ease with which it unifies all your clients means that, at least for me, playing my PC games through GOG Galaxy 2.0 from now on is looking to be a no brainer.

Source: GameSpot.com