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GTA Online’s Casino Will Have Horse Racing, Private Arcades, And Penthouses

GTA Online’s casino update launches July 23. The update is about the opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos. Rockstar has revealed more information about the long-teased update via a separate website, a first for GTA Online expansions. The update sounds ambitious and potentially very expensive, with slot machines, horse track betting, custom penthouses, VIP memberships, and more.

The update adds a brand new location to the game. According to the official Diamond Casino website, the new resort will offer many different table games, including blackjack and poker. Players can also hit various slot machines, which seem to be based on in-game TVs and movies. Rockstar has also included a reference to an older GTA game, with players being able to bet on horse races via a service called Inside Track. This service and the ability to bet on horse races was first seen in GTA San Andreas.

Players will also be able to buy a penthouse, which will offer various upgrades, including a private cinema, a guest room for friends, and even an arcade. These penthouses will be located at the casino. Players who have linked their Rockstar Social Club account to a Twitch Prime account will receive a Master Penthouse for free, as well as some other rewards and discounts.

The casino update will also add casino chips to GTA Online. This is confirmed on the website under the casino store tab. Players most likely will earn chips via gambling and casino events and will be able to spend them on clothing, decorations for their penthouse, and other cosmetics. These chips will most likely be the main currency in the casino.

Rockstar hasn’t said if chips will be purchasable with real money, but in Red Dead Online, players gamble with in-game cash that can only be earned by playing the game, not by microtransactions. Given internet gambling laws, it’s likely Rockstar will employ the same method in GTA Online. This way, players can’t spend real money or win fake money that is worth real cash in the casino. We’ve reached out to Rockstar for clarification.

Rockstar has been teasing the casino for a while, and it’s something players have wanted since GTA Online’s launch. While things in the casino update sound exciting and fun, they also sound extremely pricey: A private arcade, artwork, fancy clothing, and personal cinema certainly won’t come cheap. Hopefully exploring the casino and playing some games won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Source: Kotaku.com

Nearly Six Years Later, GTA Online’s Casino Has Been Updated

If you head down to the casino in Grand Theft Auto Online today, you’ll see that some changes have been made. After nearly six years, it seems the vacant and unused casino is being updated, and, according to data miners, more changes are coming.

When GTA V and GTA Online launched in 2013, players noticed an unused casino just north of Los Santos. On the front of the building was a sign stating the casino was “Coming Soon!” Years passed. This sign became a meme, and the casino became a strange relic.

After a small server-side update to GTA Online earlier today, that sign is gone. Beyond removing the sign, the front entrance is now blocked off by construction props and cones. It seems something is happening. When I visited earlier today, I saw other players investigating the area too.

According to Tezfun, a well-known GTA data miner, this is just the beginning. He has found strings of code within the game that seems to lay out a plan for the casino. Tezfun says that over the next few weeks more construction-related props will appear, with the facade continuing to change for most of June.

What is this all leading to? The speculation in the GTA Online community is that a large update focused on the casino will launch sometime in late June or early July. The timing for these rumors and the updates to the casino are interesting, since last month Rockstar added gambling to Red Dead Online in the form of poker games. Could slot machines and blackjack be coming soon to Los Santos?

Source: Kotaku.com

American Fugitive Is A Small Town Version Of GTA

I was driving fast in a ugly sedan. The police were chasing me and I was trying to lose them. I had robbed a home and got caught in the process. Now the cops were hot on my trail. I flipped a corner and they lost me. I quickly jumped out of my car, hopped a fence and found some clothes drying in a backyard. Jackpot! I grabbed a new outfit and quickly put it on then hopped another fence and watched police whiz by, still looking for some dude in a black shirt.

This kind of stuff happens often while playing American Fugitive, a game heavily inspired by top-down Grand Theft Auto games but set in the Midwest.

And unlike the bigger and newer GTA titles, American Fugitive is more focused on small-town crimes and hijinks. You won’t be robbing multimillion-dollar government superjets or selling jetpacks to domestic terrorists. Instead, American Fugitive is all about breaking into homes, knocking over convenience stores, ditching cops in dirt road pursuits and small-town politics. Like, for example, how the Sheriff is corrupt and a member of a rival family.

The mission design in the first few hours reflects this smaller and more grounded world of rural crime. Most missions take only a few minutes to finish and are fairly simple. Maybe too simple? I really felt the missions, like stealing a police car or blowing up some rivals, never felt very involved in the first hours of the game. Maybe later missions add more depth? I really hope so.

Even still, the main draw of American Fugitive is the open world and all the different ways players can interact with it and the citizens living there.

Nearly every building can be broken into or entered. This is done via a mini-game using a blueprint of the building. It may not be as impressive as creating and rendering hundreds of individual homes, but it works well enough and casing a joint before hitting it is tense. You need to be patient to commit a perfect robbery. Check each window, make sure nobody is home, bring a rock or crowbar to break the window or lock, then quickly search around for loot. Get too lazy and check only a few windows and you might climb into a house and right into the eyes of its owner, who is now calling the cops.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto games, the world reacts more to you and your crimes. Walk around with a gun? People will call the cops. Crash into some street lights or parked cars? Cops get called. Trespass onto someone’s lawn? Cops are coming, buddy. This might sound annoying, but it actually makes the world feel more intense and every mission and activity can be screwed up by breaking a small law.

At one point I participated in the mandatory open world video game activity of “racing around the map in a short amount of time.” But unlike most open world games that don’t let police chase you during these side activities, American Fugitive does. I was about to get a fast completion time, slammed through a fence and someone called the cops on me for dangerous driving. Suddenly my race became a high-speed pursuit.

After playing games like GTA and Saint’s Row for years, American Fugitive feels very different. Having to worry about traffic laws, keeping my guns hidden, etc. made nearly every mission and moment a bit more exciting.

Sadly, American Fugitive feels unfinished and cheap in some spots. This is a smaller game from a smaller studio, so I understand there are limits. But I really wish the game ran better. On my PS4 Pro I found the framerate to be all over the place and ran into some audio bugs. The menus and cutscenes also feel like the fell out of a mobile game from a few years ago. Camera controls are also messy and I would love to see a patch to improve them.

But I still enjoy playing American Fugitive. I like an open world crime game that actually makes committing crimes feel exciting and even like a small puzzle. Should I cut this corner and risk getting cops called on me? Should
I use guns in this mission and get police sent to my location? These are questions I never really asked myself while playing GTA and I like having to worry about these smaller details of committing crimes.

I just wish the game had more interesting missions, felt a bit more finished and had better performance on consoles.

Source: Kotaku.com

Uncovered Developer Tools Let Players See Behind The Scenes Of GTA III

Grand Theft Auto III has some interesting features and code hidden within the game. These hidden features were originally used by developers to debug and fix glitches during development and should have been removed. Crafty GTA fans and modders have been able to not only find these hidden features in retail copies but reactivate them and get many of them working again. The results of their efforts give us a window into how Rockstar builds its massive open worlds.

A video released earlier this week by popular GTA YouTuber Vadim M showcases a large number of debugging features that are still hidden inside GTA III. Many of these features were recently found and restored by GTA modders and data miners Fire Head and AAP. While these features are in the retail versions of the game, not all of them work as intended because the code is much older than the final game.

Many debug features in Grand Theft Auto III were created to work on PS2 dev kits. A second controller could be plugged in that would let the developers change the game in real time. This functionality was restored in the PC version of the game, though Vadim M told me he believes it could be activated on the PS2 version of the game if you used a modded copy.

With the second controller, you can instantly change the weather or time of day or remove the HUD. You can also activate a free camera, which lets you fly around the world and look closely at objects, buildings, and roads. This free camera also allowed developers to instantly teleport the game’s protagonist, Claude, to its location, which could potentially be used to skip long drives during testing. The second controller also activates the ability to play the game one frame at a time.

GTA III hackers such as Fire Head have also found debug scripts in the mobile port of the game, but not in the PS2 or Xbox versions. Using some custom code, AAP, Vadim M and Fire Head were able to get port these scripts back into other versions of the game. These scripts include the ability to despawn and respawn all vehicles, start any mission, turn on god mode, recolor any car and access developer menus.

Reactivating these hidden menus allowed Vadim M to access a model viewer, which let developers examine any of the in-game models or characters and watch their animations closely.

These scripts and hidden menus also include a bunch of tools revolving around GTA III’s pedestrians. There’s the ability to activate a color-coded overlay on the road and ground, with different colors representing different rules. One area might be where pedestrians cross the street, so a section is marked with a specific color that means NPC can cross in that specific zone. Other areas are marked to keep pedestrians from entering, such as highways.

The entire video is worth watching as it goes into more detail about many of these features and other debug options, as well as how they all worked and what Rockstar might have used them for during development.

These debug features offer us a glimpse into how a game like GTA III is made. Rockstar is a notoriously secretive company and rarely lets players see beneath the hood. But thanks to some clever and dedicated fans, players can get a better understanding of some of the game’s tools.

Source: Kotaku.com

A New Mod Adds CJ And Big Smoke From GTA: San Andreas Into Resident Evil 2

CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has become quite popular these days, thanks to a recent viral meme and now a new mod from BeastGamingHD and Marcos RC brings the internet’s favorite gangster into the world of Resident Evil 2. But he isn’t alone. Mr.X has been replaced with the one and only, Big Smoke, also from San Andreas.

The mod adds audio clips and character models ripped right out of the original San Andreas into RE2. So when Smoke hits CJ he asks “You okay, man?” in a sad and serious voice, which makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

I also love what happens when Big Smoke grabs CJ. 

“It’s me, Big Smoke!”

This Big Smoke and CJ mod is just one more to add to the giant pile that is Resident Evil 2 mods. From broken faces to a nearly naked Mr.X, the modding community has really been pumping out wonderful content for RE2.

BeastGamingHD has also created more mods for Resident Evil 2, including a mod that adds Thanos and Thor into the game.

Source: Kotaku.com

Cheating Too Much Could Break GTA San Andreas

When I was younger, I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I would also use a lot of cheat codes while playing the game. If a mission was too hard, I would cheat. But I would additionally use some of the silly cheat codes to cause mayhem and have fun. This ended up breaking my playthrough of GTA San Andreas and I didn’t even realize it until it was too late.

As I learned later on, if you activate certain cheat codes at certain points in the game or before specific missions, you can accidentally screw yourself. My specific screw up happened when I activated a cheat code called “Pedestrians Riot.” The code, as the name implies, forces all pedestrians in the game to start fighting each other and the player. Players, including myself, would sometimes activate this code and pretend they were in a zombie apocalypse.

If you activate this or other potentially buggy cheats and play for a bit then turn the PS2 off, you won’t have any problems. But if you activate one of these codes at the wrong time and then save your game, you might just permanently ruin you save. This is what happened to me.

At some point before the mission Mad Dogg, I activated the riot code and saved my game. I then reached the mission, which is well into the second half of the game. In this mission, a rapper named Mad Dogg is trying to jump to his death from a building. The player needs to steal a nearby pickup truck and catch the rapper to save their life.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Problem is every time I tried this mission I would fail, as Mad Dogg would jump off the roof instantly and I didn’t have enough time to save him. It was frustrating. I spent way too much time trying to catch him or anything else I could think of. Nothing worked. Where I lived I didn’t have easy access to the internet. So I had no idea what was going on.

Months later, after I had already given up and loaded a different save from earlier in the game and got past that point, I found out why my game had broken. It turns out that mission becomes bugged and impossible to beat if you activate the riot code and save your game at any point before starting it. The reason is that Mad Dogg spawns in the mission as a pedestrian and activating the riot code, even before the mission, screws him up and causes him to jump.

Other San Andreas missions that would break if players used the riot code include 555 We Tip, Burning Desire, and Tanker Commander.

These aren’t the only missions or events in GTA San Andreas that can be broken by a cheat code. In fact, many can become much harder, impossible or instantly fail if you cheat.

The website GTA Boom posted a list of some of the other potential side effects that can occur if you cheat in San Andreas. For example, if you use a cheat code to recruit anyone as a gang member and then start a gang war, those members will attack the player and make the event much harder to complete. A more explosive effect can occur if a player enters in the popular “$250,000, Full Health, and Full Armor” cheat code during the mission Just Business. Doing this will blow up the motorcycle you are riding, causing you to fail the mission.

Other codes can leave cars hanging in the air or trap C.J. in vehicles. You can even crash the game if you spawn a jetpack in just the right spot using the jetpack code.

If you Google the issue with Mad Dogg or similar cheat related problems, you will find old forum posts from back in 2004 and 2005 of players complaining about this problem. You’ll also see folks suggesting that the reason the glitch occurred was that someone activated too many cheats, which was a common belief for a long time. In fact, even today many folks still think this is what caused the mission to break. The theory some had was that Rockstar had implemented an anti-cheating punishment into the game. Of course, this wasn’t the case but the myth lives on. Even that GTA Boom website incorrectly shares this myth.

So, if you remember getting stuck during a certain mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas you might have accidentally cheated your way into an impossible or broken mission.

Source: Kotaku.com

Speedrunner Tries To Complete GTA San Andreas While Viewers Activate Cheat Codes To Stop Him

Earlier this month, speedrunner Hugo One streamed himself trying to beat Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. But he made it possible for his viewers to, at any point, activate cheat codes using Twitch chat. The end result is a hilarious speedrun filled with some wild moments.

GTA San Andreas, like all other GTA games, includes multiple cheat codes players can activate. These codes can give players extra weapons, spawn vehicles, change the look of C.J. or even alter the rules of the world, making cars hover or pedestrians riot. Letting random viewers activate any of these codes at any point in the game adds a whole new level of challenge to completing a San Andreas speed run.

For example, at one point Hugo One was trying to complete the valet mission that occurs halfway through the game. In this mission, the player is tasked with parking cars until the District Attorney’s car shows up. Then they place a bomb in it and you can probably figure out the rest.

Throughout the mission fans, as usual, tried to stop Hugo One using various cheats. But they were unsuccessful. During the end cutscene for the mission, Hugo One jokingly mocked his fans for “blowing it.” Then someone activated a code that blows up all cars, including the cars featured in the cutscene. This perfectly timed cheat code ended up soft locking the game and forcing Hugo One to load a previous save.

Another point, much later in the game, has the player chasing a firetruck. One fan was able to use the code that spawns a tank to perfectly block Hugo One during the high-speed chase. Using a vehicle to block Hugo was a popular way to throw a wrench into his plans. At another point in that same mission, a player spawned a large semi-truck and trailer, which totally block Hugo and caused him to fail the mission.

To activate these cheats, his fans needed to use a currency that Hugo One uses for his channel called “duckets”. These can be earned by watching his streams or donating to this channel. According to Hugo One, viewers during the stream activated over 2000 cheats and spent over 10 million duckets. The different cheats would cost various prices, with more powerful cheats like the suicide code, costing 100,000 duckets.

The “fight” between Hugo and his fans is not really a serious one. The whole stream is a fun experience between his audience and himself. Throughout the game, his fans find new ways to stop him or hinder his speedrun and through it all, Hugo is (mostly) laughing.

Not all users were activating cheats to stop Hugo. Some players would activate cheats just to mess with Hugo or make him laugh. One great moment happened early on. When Hugo took C.J. to the barber shop to get a hair cut a viewer-activated a perfectly timed costume change.

Some viewers would even activate codes to help Hugo, sometimes giving him more weapons or fast vehicles or other advantages.

Eventually, after spending hours on the last mission Hugo One was forced to disable some cheats as certain viewers were making it impossible for him to finish the game. The entire stream is a really interesting twist on Grand Theft Auto speedrunning and filled with little moments of victory and defeat.

Source: Kotaku.com

GTA Online Players Earned Millions Of Dollars Thanks To A Single NPC

For about a week or so, fans of Grand Theft Auto Online were able to park in a hanger and make millions of dollars doing basically nothing. This was all thanks to one in-game character, Lester. As Rockstar tried to fix this exploit, fans rallied behind Lester and mourned the exploit’s eventual demise.

Late last month, players discovered an interesting bug in GTA Online involving Lester. In GTA Online, players can pay a fee to call Lester and request an airplane. If this fails for whatever reason, the money is refunded to the player. Fans figured out that if they did a few things while making this request, they could trigger an exploit that would cause the refund to keep being sent to them for as long as they wanted.

According to GTA data miner Tezfun2, the bug worked by breaking Lester’s scripting. Players would park in a car inside a hangar at the airport located in Southern San Andreas. They would then call Lester while hitting the gas pedal at the same time. Doing this near a plane spawn location, which there is one located in the hanger, caused the game to start giving players $2000 every few seconds. As long as players stayed in the area and didn’t leave that session, the money would keep coming.

This quickly became a popular way to make a lot of cash. Players shared photos of sessions where everyone was hanging out at the hanger, making money and chilling.

Screenshot: MrMostachio (Reddit)

Lester became a beloved hero in the GTA community. Fans began sharing memes and stories about how much they loved the hacker turned money gifting saint and his money hangar.

Not long after discovering this bug, Rockstar Games patched the exploit. The patch, as Tezfun2 explained to me, fixed this bug by changing how corrupted data works in GTA Online. The game would now clear this data faster, making the money loop impossible. Or so Rockstar thought. Quickly after the patch, players discovered a new way to get the money train rolling again.

Using a Mobile Operations Center, players could block two spawn locations and then call Lester. This would cause the planes to be unable to spawn, thus resulting in a refund and the money exploit was back in action.

This didn’t last long. On Thursday, Feb 28, 2019, Rockstar made another change to GTA Online to stop the Lester bug. This one was more simple and seems to have fully stopped the bug. They removed the cost of locating a plane. So there is no money to refund, thus no more money for Lester to give. The community mourned the end of Lester’s gift.

What is interesting about this particular bug is that according to Tezfun2, this isn’t a new bug. Technically this bug has been possible in GTA Online for years. It was only recently discovered and shared with the community. He believes that there are other similar bugs waiting to be found in GTA Online.

“This new glitch brought new ideas to the people trying to discover glitches,” said Tezfun2. “To abuse features that refund your money in any way possible.”

So it seems that Rockstar might not be out the woods quite yet.

Source: Kotaku.com

The GTA San Andreas Mission So Bad, Rockstar Had To Fix It

There have been a lot of missions in the Grand Theft Auto series. Hundreds of various missions tasking players to kill drug dealers, steal cars, destroy rival gangs and even do some yoga. Not all of these missions have been great and a few of them are completely awful. But one mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is considered by many fans to be the worst of the worst. It was so bad that Rockstar had to fix it in later ports of GTA San Andreas.

In San Andreas, players meet a man who runs an RC toy store. This man is named Zero and he is voiced by David Cross. Zero has a problem and he needs CJ, the protagonist of San Andreas, to help him. His RC toy store is going under and he needs some financial help. Players can invest in Zero’s shop, which unlocks a series of new side missions.

All of these missions are terrible.

They all revolve around Zero trying to defend himself from his unseen rival, Berkley, who wants to destroy Zero’s shop and career. All of these missions involve RC vehicles and none of them are very fun and they all feel out of place in the San Andreas. The second Zero mission, Supply Lines, is the worst and the one players hate the most.

Supply Lines sounds like a simple mission: Destroy some vans using an RC plane. However, this mission was the bane of many San Andreas fans. You can easily find forum posts from 2004, the year San Andreas was released, of players complaining they are stuck. You can also still find players in 2017 getting stuck and frustrated with Supply Lines.

I personally got stuck at Supply Lines. I spent way too much time trying to destroy those damn vans. I eventually gave up and did other missions. Thankfully, this was possible because all of the Zero RC missions are optional. You can beat GTA San Andreas without finishing Supply Lines and many players did just that.

There are a couple reasons that Supply Lines is so hard. One problem is that the RC plane is hard to fly and not very stable. The plane you control is also fragile and the couriers you are attacking have thugs armed with SMGs. Take a few bullets and your plane is destroyed and the mission is failed.

The biggest problem with Supply Lines is the way the fuel in the RC plane works. In the original version of the game, the fuel in the RC plane would get used as time went on, even if you were gliding. This strict time limit combined with bad controls created a situation where many players just couldn’t reach the couriers fast enough to destroy them.

Rockstar changed the mission in later versions of San Andreas. Fuel would now only get used when players hit the throttle, letting them glide around and save gas.

Even with this change, Rockstar seemed aware of how awful Supply Lines still was, because in later ports of San Andreas they changed the mission again. In the Xbox 360 and mobile ports, the fuel tank is larger. This final fix helped make the mission more doable, but it still isn’t very fun.

Supply Lines is such a terrible mission that Zero’s voice actor, David Cross, has publicly complained about the mission. “So annoying. I hated it,” said Cross in an interview. “And I couldn’t fucking do it. The RC thing? … It’s impossible.”

Source: Kotaku.com