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This Video Primer Is a Perfect Introduction to Stephen King’s Horror Fantasy Multiverse

Pennywise sure is a creepy dude, huh?
Image: Warner Bros.

Did you know that Stephen King’s books are almost all interconnected? You probably did, it’s definitely one of those fun facts about the prolific author that gets thrown around a lot. But do you know how that multiverse comes together and just how deep those connections go?

If not, this video by Birth.Movies.Death is an excellent introduction to the wacky horror fantasy world that King has created through decades of books (of varying quality) and with them a slow dribble of Easter eggs and little connections that turn King’s isolated tales of terror and trauma into one big, complicated, sprawling and unending tale of terror and trauma. And also cowboys, sometimes?

The new adaptation of It doesn’t make any big gestures toward this interconnected vision of King’s, but it’s something to keep in mind as the current deluge of King adaptations hits theaters and TV. It might make things a little more entertaining, or at least remind you that somewhere in this shared universe, a version of Stephen King is puttering around, doing King-ly things with his time. Probably writing another horror novel. 

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Source: Kotaku.com