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Finally, A Nintendo 64 That Can Breathe Fire

Screenshot: Bithead1000

This modded Nintendo 64 looks more like a botched entry for Robot Wars than a nice retro gaming console for people to gather around and play classics like Banjo-Kazooie. But it still works as a console—flamethrowers and all.

It was spotted by Attract Mode and created by retro gaming YouTuber BitHead1000. He built a heavy-duty metal N64 shell, decked out with dual gas valves and what appears to be a series of small plastic tubes for spraying lighter fluid.

He showed off his entire build process for the fiery contraption in a 22-minute time-lapsed video which, among other things, involved adding a spinning 3D metal N64 logo backlit by a red light to the front of the system.

BitHead1000 added a red button right below the N64 controller’s center control stick that triggers the console’s flamethrower, which is when things go from nice mood lighting to eyebrow-singeing.

The rest of the time, the modded console acts just like any other N64. Bithead1000 showed himself playing Banjo-Kazooie, but it could work with any other game. Doom 64 would feel especially appropriate.

Source: Kotaku.com

The Original Diablo Is Now Playable In Your Browser

Screenshot: Diablo (GOG )

The sanctity of this place has been fouled!

Released back in 1996, the original Diablo has never gotten as much attention as its successors. That’s one of the reasons a group of programmers took it upon themselves to reverse engineer the game’s source code to make it possible for others to port it to web browsers.

The effort to reconstruct Diablo’s source code began last year, spearheaded by a programmer who goes by GalaXyHaXz, as part of a Diablo fan project called Devilution. “In order to ensure that everything is preserved, Devilution keeps everything as it was originally designed,” writes the Devilution team on Github. “This goes as far as bugs and badly written code in the original game. With that it serves as a base for developers to work with, making it much easier than before to update, fix, and port the game to other platforms.”

That then made it possible for a mod group called Rivsoft to make the game playable for anyone with a web browser over at diablo.rivsoft.net. It provides a link for you to download the Devilution group’s source code, which you can then drag and drop onto the screen in order to start playing the shareware version of the game. Called Diablo Spawn, it was the part of the game you could play without having the CD inserted and includes the first two parts of the dungeon as the warrior class.

If you have an actual copy of Diablo (it’s $10 on GOG, for example), you can drag and drop the DIABDAT.MPQ file from the game’s installed folder to begin playing that version of the game in the browser instead. The original Diablo is a bit archaic-looking over two decades later, but there’s still a satisfying rhythm to it, especially every time you send a skeleton’s bones thundering apart by clicking it with your sword.

Having Diablo playable in a web browser also makes it perfect for brief breaks at work or school. Just don’t forget to have Alt +F4 ready.

Source: Kotaku.com

Sekiro Mod Turns Toy Story’s Woody Into A Killer

If there’s a snake in his boot, it died a long time ago.

You would think that changing the main character into Woody, the friendly sheriff doll from Toy Story, voiced by the equally wholesome Tom Hanks, would turn Sekiro into a joke, but it can be downright disturbing. Woody’s blank look as he mercilessly cuts his adversaries in half is especially chilling.

While Modder huckleberrypie performed whatever dark ritual was needed to make the transformation a couple weeks ago, the mod blew up over the weekend thanks to this clip:

“My cousin and I have just watched Toy Story 4 at the local theatre lately, and since there’s been some videos of Sekiro being modded with funny meme mods I decided to join in on the fun,” huckleberrypie wrote in the mod’s description on Nexus.

It uses an existing mod for adding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ C.J. Carl to the game as its basis, and interestingly enough, huckleberrypie said they got the character model for Woody from Disney Dream Treats, a match-puzzle game for mobile that nevertheless uses 3D models to portray various Disney mascots.

The mod just requires a copy of the game on PC and the Sekiro Mod Engine, which is also available to download on Nexus.

Source: Kotaku.com

Modder Recreates Skyward Sword Dungeon In Breath Of The Wild

For players who may have been disappointed with the lack of traditional dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new set of modding tools is helping players add dungeons inspired by previous games.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Earth Temple is a mod that adds the dungeon of the same name from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Created by a modder who goes by Kreny for the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild, the dungeon comes complete with tons of lava, platforming puzzles, and even a boss fight. While it’s not a one-to-one recreation of the original Earth Temple, it seems to get the spirit of it right.

The mod was made possible in part thanks to the visual editor “Ice-Spear” and collision data tool “Ice-Hall,” both of which were created by a modder called HailtoDodongo in order to help Breath of the Wild fans make more advanced dungeons for the game. “My goal is to get the feeling of old, bigger Zelda dungeons,” the modder told PC Gamer in an interview last month. While HailtoDodongo’s work includes ambitious additions like the Sky Maze dungeon, the tools are one small step toward a sort of unofficial “Zelda Maker” for the Wii U.

At this year’s E3, Nintendo announced it was making a sequel to Breath of the Wild that effectively grew out of how ambitious its original DLC plans for the game were. In light of the lack of new content then, it’s nice to see fans being able to add their own creations to the game to give players new dungeons to explore, at least for those with the Wii U version of the game.

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Ethan Gach

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Source: Kotaku.com

Sailor Moon Mod Makes Slay The Spire Even More Magical

In the name of the Moon, you should try this mod!

Slay the Spire is really two games in one. There’s the version the creators at MegaCrit made with a campaign that spans three acts and includes three heroes. Then there’s the version that allows mods, through which the game’s many fans have cooked up all sorts of custom campaigns featuring alternative heroes and new cards. Of the dozens of Slay the Spire mods I’ve tried though, “The Senshi” featuring Sailor Moon has quickly become one of my favorites.

Created by Steam user Aelie and uploaded to the platform’s Workshop last week, The Senshi adds a bunch of Sailor Moon-themed cards and mechanics as well as the titular hero herself, letting you attempt to traverse the campaign’s brutal dungeons with a new set of abilities. All of Sailor Moon’s attack cards are augmented by her Magic, a stat that can be raised during battle using various support cards. When her Magic stat maxes out she can use another card to transform, just like in the show. That lifts the ceiling on her power so the stat can be boosted even higher.

Outside of this strategy, the mod introduces a bunch of other cards—75 in all—that tie-into other characters and moments from the anime. There’s Luna’s Bite, in which Sailor Moon’s feline guardian deals three damage to an enemy three times in a row, as well as Rose Throw, in which she channels Tuxedo Mask’s iconic entrance to weaken an enemy’s attack and defense. My favorite is Late For School in which oversleeping allows Sailor Moon to sacrifice two points of Determination to draw two extra cards.

As fun as the new cards and mechanics are, what really helps set Aelie’s mod apart is all of the new art. In addition to a fully animated sprite for Sailor Moon, each of the cards includes an image from the show illustrating the attack. There are even some cards that have a Team Work mechanic which allow the other Sailor Scouts, like Jupiter, to show up and help Moon out for a turn.

The mod is only available for the PC version of the game. It is easy to install by following the directions on the Steam page. As one commenter suggested, grab some headphones, boot up some Sailorwave, and prepare to triumph over evil.

Source: Kotaku.com

This YouTuber Heard You Like Minecraft, So He Put Some More Minecraft Inside Your Minecraft

Streamer, programmer, and speedrunner SethBling is always cooking up fascinating new gaming feats: a machine learning Mario Kart AI, an SNES cartridge that runs mods, an Atari emulator that runs inside Minecraft. His latest creation is a 2D version of Minecraft that runs inside a Minecraft chest.

SethBling showed how it works in a video uploaded over the weekend. In Minecraft, he opens a large chest whose 6×9 inventory space has been converted into a 2D area populated by item icons that can be broken down and crafted into stuff, just like in the main game.

He can move his avatar, represented by a tunic and head, left or right by clicking on a block in that direction. When he runs up against a block of rock or wood he can break it apart and acquire the materials. In an inventory screen within the chest screen, he can even combine those materials into new items, like a wooden pickaxe.

SethBling’s Minecraft within Minecraft even has a little house with a bed inside for when contemplating the nature of simulations within simulations proves too exhausting.

SethBling replicated the “real” Minecraft world within the chest using a special /loot command, which can be downloaded as an add-on to the game. This lets the player control the Armor Stand item from the chest screen and interact with the world outside the chest as if the Armor Stand were the player. Everything around the Armor Stand is rendered inside the inventory screen, and anything SethBling breaks apart or changes in the chest happens in whatever part of the world the Armor Stand currently is.

“It’s honestly a very limited system, but it’s enough to look really cool,” SethBling said in his video. “There’s no mobs or anything although that would be cool to add.” SethBling has also added fully-functioning portals and even an internet browser to the game, so sticking a few enemies in his latest Minecraft simulacrum seems like something he could handle.

Source: Kotaku.com

New ROM Hack Adds Ganondorf To Super Smash Bros. 64

The original Super Smash Bros. released 20 years ago with only 12 characters, leaving many classic Nintendo characters by the wayside until future installments were released. A new hack released over the weekend helps add some more variety by adding Ganondorf.

Created by modder JSsixtyfour and titled “Smash Remix,” the hack swaps the Legend of Zelda boss in for Captain Falcon, since it’s much easier to fill an existing character slot with a new fighter than actually increase the roster. Rather than just re-skinning Falcon with Ganandorf’s model from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Smash Remix introduces an entirely different fighting style, borrowing moves from the character as he appears in later Smash Bros. games.

For example, the Falcon Punch has been replaced with Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch. Falcon’s regular A attack, a rapid flurry of punches, has been replaced with Ganondorf’s electric jab. Things like the character’s speed, weight, size, and how long they float in the air were all re-balanced as well according to JSsixtyfour.

“The plan is to continue to create new characters and potentially add characters instead of being forced to replace current characters on the roster,” they wrote in the description on the hack’s webpage. Since it actually changes the game’s ROM, rather than just being a mod that runs over top, it’s possible to download the hack onto a cartridge and play JSsixtyfour’s Ganondorf in local meetups.

As such, they plan to show it off at a Smash 64 tournament in Houston later this month. While Ganondorf won’t be tournament legal, he’s the latest evidence that old games never really die.

Source: Kotaku.com

Fallout 4 Mod Gives Your Character An Anime Look

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion is pretty anime with its island of misfit Synths and deep-seated mysteries. But one modder decided it isn’t anime enough and took matters into their own hands.

Nexus Mods user Hiyokomod created the AnimeRace Nanakochan mod, which adds anime-style characters to Fallout 4, after being disappointed with how the mechanic and synth expert Kasumi Nakano appears in Far Harbor’s questline. You first learn about Nakano by hearing her voice over the radio. She’s animated and bubbly, but also grappling with some heavy existential crises. Once you meet her though, she’s just as grim and mannequin-looking as most of the other character models that tend to populate Bethesda’s open worlds.

“I was absorbed in her and went to see her in a hurry. I was so excited that I even forgot that the game I was playing was Bethesda,” Hiyokomod, whose first language isn’t English, wrote using a translation tool. “I was in despair when I met Kasumi. At the same time, I realized that my ideal Kasumi could not exist in this world. I had to choose between quitting the game or creating my ideal Kasumi.”

Hiyokomod decided on the latter and so created the AnimeRace Nanokochan mod. Rather than just change how Nakano appears in the game, the mod adds an entire race of anime people. It even adds tools for players to create their own anime player character.

It’s a bizarre addition to the game that makes its strange, futuristic setting both more charming and more disconcerting. On a thematic level though, it also sort of works: Nakano’s whole storyline is about an island where Synths, the game’s race of beleaguered, self-aware androids, have taken refuge, and her residual doubts about her own humanity. Turning her into a youthful anime girl heightens that emotional turmoil. As a bonus, it makes Fallout 4 look like a Japanese role-playing game, which I’ve always felt like it was meant to be.

Source: Kotaku.com

A New Mod Adds CJ And Big Smoke From GTA: San Andreas Into Resident Evil 2

CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has become quite popular these days, thanks to a recent viral meme and now a new mod from BeastGamingHD and Marcos RC brings the internet’s favorite gangster into the world of Resident Evil 2. But he isn’t alone. Mr.X has been replaced with the one and only, Big Smoke, also from San Andreas.

The mod adds audio clips and character models ripped right out of the original San Andreas into RE2. So when Smoke hits CJ he asks “You okay, man?” in a sad and serious voice, which makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

I also love what happens when Big Smoke grabs CJ. 

“It’s me, Big Smoke!”

This Big Smoke and CJ mod is just one more to add to the giant pile that is Resident Evil 2 mods. From broken faces to a nearly naked Mr.X, the modding community has really been pumping out wonderful content for RE2.

BeastGamingHD has also created more mods for Resident Evil 2, including a mod that adds Thanos and Thor into the game.

Source: Kotaku.com

Doom Mod Turns The Game Into One Extremely Long Hallway

Tired of getting lost in the original Doom while hunting for ammo packs and teleporters? Well there’s now a mod that takes everything in the game and unravels it along a single, unwavering path, and it’s called Linear Doom.

Created by modder DeXiaZ and uploaded to ModDB, Linear Doom takes all of the game’s clever level design and reduces it, from beginning to end, into a series of corridors. It’s still possible to move slightly to the left or right, but for the most part the game only operates along a single axis. Everything from demons to secret switches have been condensed so they all appear within a single hallway.

All of the walls from the original 3D spaces are still present; they’ve just been flattened into a new kind of especially hellish dimension. On the one hand it’s impossible to get lost; on the other hand it’s impossible to avoid enemies. Linear Doom is best played holding down the forward arrow and CTRL button like your life depends on it, because, well, it does.

It’s easy to get up and running. All you need is a copy of Doom, the GZDoom software, and a copy of Linear Doom downloaded from ModDB. If you’ve ever had dreams of speedrunning Doom, now’s your chance. 

Source: Kotaku.com