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Months After Labor Controversy, Rockstar Converts Game-Testers To Full-Time

Workers at Rockstar Lincoln, the British studio that does the lion’s share of testing for the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption games, are being converted from contractors to full-time employees, three sources familiar with the studio have told Kotaku.

The move will remove the uncertainty of working on temporary contracts, a positive turn at a company with notoriously arduous working conditions. The changes were set to go into effect on August 1, according to two sources. It’s unclear how many people this affects, nor whether it extends to temporary workers at other Rockstar studios. We hoped to get more details from Rockstar itself, but a company rep declined to comment.

This nevertheless appears to be an improvement at a studio where full-time and contract workers helping make Rockstar’s biggest games felt the brunt of the company’s crunch culture. Last October, a Kotaku report about the development across Rockstar’s numerous studios highlighted Lincoln as one of the toughest places to work. A Lincoln employee had told us that the testing team had been working mandatory overtime for a year, and Rockstar confirmed that testers had been asked to work on evenings and weekends.

The contract workers had it rough, a source explained last October:

“A large amount of staff are on rolling temporary contracts and live in the hope that they will be extended and able to pay rent as the end of their contract approaches,” said one current tester. “I don’t feel like anyone is comfortable speaking out in the hopes that they can be extended long enough to be made permanent. Staff are often reminded how lucky they are, simply to be working for Rockstar.”

Kotaku had also reported last year that testers at Lincoln weren’t allowed to keep their cell phones at their desks, and instead must keep them in lockers. This policy, a source now tells us, has been rescinded.

One source told Kotaku last week that attrition at Lincoln has been high, speculating that the impact that negative press about Rockstar’s labor practices last year may have combined with a high level of worker burnout to result in this policy change.

Rockstar is also experimenting with “flex-time,” two of the sources said, allowing workers to shift when they do their assigned work hours.

Such granular changes to workplace policy are seldom made public nor covered in gaming news, but in recent years, journalism, activism (and at times a mix of both) have brought greater attention to the taxing labor involved in making the games so many people enjoy. Last Friday, it was even the topic of a Netflix news show.

Additional reporting by Jason Schreier

Source: Kotaku.com

Finally, You Can Purchase The “Yellow Dog With Cone” Statue In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online players waited years for the casino to open and the latest large update finally did just that. Players have been excited. But not all was well. You see, there was still something missing. But finally, our nightmare is over. After first being teased on the official website for the newly open Diamond Casino, The Yellow Dog With Cone statue is finally available to purchase in the casino’s store.

When Rockstar first started teasing and talking about the casino update they also launched a website alongside the news. This site showcased many different features of the casino, including various table games, penthouse features and more. But one item that was also teased was that of an art piece named Yellow Dog With Cone.

But when the update was released last week, some fans discovered that there was no statue available in the game. This became a meme on the various GTA subreddits and forums, even spawning the creation of a subreddit dedicated to only the yellow dog and their cone. It seemed clear that players wanted their doggo.

“Where is my Injured Yellow Dog!?!? Lol” Asked one Reddit user, after finding no dog statue. I assume the “LOL” at the end is just the way that user copes with sadness. Some folks smile through the pain.

Multiple posts popped up on Reddit and Twitter asking where the damn dog was and why the world was so awful. The reason the dog wasn’t in the game was that, as explained on the official website for the casino update, the store updates each week with new items. So the wait began. Players hoped that soon the Yellow Dog With Cone would grace their GTA Online penthouses.

“God I hope yellow dog with cone is added tomorrow,” tweeted one player as they waited for news of the updated store.

Finally, after what felt like years of waiting, fans were rewarded when it was discovered that the casino store had been updated for the new week and the Yellow Dog With Cone was one of the items available to buy.

“YELLOW DOG WITH CONE HAS ARRIVED” was the title of one of the various posts that appeared on Reddit after the dog statue was added to the game. As you might expect, players were happy and relieved to finally get the big yellow pup in their hands. “God has truly chosen us,” exclaimed one fan on Reddit.

Yellow Dog With Cone costs 41500 chips to purchase, but that seems like a small price to pay for something so wonderful and beloved. Players also found other similar statues, but differently colored dogs. As far as I can tell, the GTA community has no feelings towards these other dogs.

After being added to the game, fans began snapping photos of their new purchases. One fan even took the dog out to the beach for a nice vacation.

For those who need the Yellow Dog With Cone in their penthouse, act fast. Once the store changes again, we have no idea when or if our neon-colored pup will return. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Don’t disappoint Yellow Dog With Cone.

Source: Kotaku.com

It Sucks Being A Valet In GTA Online

The newly opened casino in Grand Theft Auto Online is a popular spot. Players are driving up to the casino constantly right now. Luckily for them, there is a valet working the front of the building. But being a valet in GTA Online is a dangerous job, especially if you are unarmed and out in the open. Since the casino opened, this poor valet has had what you might call a rough existence. Being killed, beaten, burned and trolled regularly.

Earlier this week, GTA Online’s long-awaited casino finally opened and players came rushing through the doors to gamble and chill with friends and strangers. But outside, not having any fun, players encountered a lonely valet. This man, wearing a red vest and black pants, was waiting there to park players’ cars. This feature is currently hard to use because the dude is always dead. It turns out, most players seem to see the man in the red vest as a target.

Almost immediately after the update launched, players began attacking the valet, including many players setting him on fire. They really like doing that.

But even on fire, the valet doesn’t quit working. Players have shared clips showing the valet doing his job, even while fully engulfed in red hot flames. That’s some dedication to your job.

When the valet is not being attacked or burned alive, he is getting trolled. Players will often bring in ridiculous vehicles and then ask the poor man to park it for them. Players have shown up in planes, helicopters, submarines and even a giant dump truck. Come on, folks. He can’t drive this stuff. Besides, where would he even park it?

All this harassment and abuse has had an effect on the poor guy. Some players have noticed him freaking out for no reason or running away suddenly. Can you blame him? Every few minutes he is getting shot at or attacked. I’d start losing it too, under those circumstances.

As time goes on it seems he isn’t going to take all this punishment lying down. He is ready to fight back. Players who start a fistfight with the overworked valet might discover he has a mean hook and is ready to punch anyone who pushes him too much.

Another player discovered what happens when you drive too fast near the valet.

Because the valet is so often dead and nowhere to be found, some players have decided to put on the red vest themselves and jump online to take over the job. The current valet probably deserves a break anyways. Of course, players taking over the role quickly discovered just how deadly it can be to be a valet in Los Santos.

How does the valet keep coming back in GTA Online, day after day and death after death? Well, it seems this casino is cloning the poor guy. Though sometimes the cloning process gets out of control and because of this, players have sometimes pulled up to a casino sporting a dozen or more men in red vests.

One day, if we all keep killing the bastards, they might finally snap and their clone army will destroy the world of GTA Online. So be careful and maybe give that poor guy in the red vest a break the next time you visit the casino to do some gambling. He has a rough life as it is.

Source: Kotaku.com

Fake GTA Online Money Streams Are Popping Up Ahead Of Casino Update

Grand Theft Auto Online’s upcoming casino update has a lot of players hoping for expensive cars, new clothing items and lots of other things to buy. Some scammers are taking advantage of players’ excitement using fake online streams claiming to drop in-game money, sometimes in exchange for real money donations.

Money drop streams aren’t a new phenomenon in GTA Online. Since players figured out how to mod the game on console and PC, people have been running streams where one player uses a modded account or game to drop free bags of in-game cash for other players. But most of these streams on sites like YouTube aren’t real and instead are created to fool players. These fake streams become more popular before big updates, as fans grind and save up in-game cash to buy all the new goodies the next update will bring.

With the upcoming casino update, players have gone into overdrive. Details about the update released today show many items that could be costly. Recent in-game events have all been focused on giving players big payouts on missions, races, and businesses, which has stoked players’ fears that they’ll need a lot of money to fully enjoy the casino content. This is the perfect environment for scammers.

These scam streams follow similar setups. They promise players across all platforms in-game money if they follow certain directions. These vary from stream to stream, but generally, players are asked to follow one or more social media accounts, subscribe to one or many YouTube accounts, like the stream, follow a fan page and drop their Gamertag or PSN ID into the chat. Some streams ask viewers to donate real-world money to gain invites to private GTA Online lobbies where they can get in-game money drops. Many of these streamers are trying to get more subscribers and followers, which is why the directions often include warnings that if followers unsubscribe they won’t get the money.

Most of these streams won’t actually reward followers with in-game money. The first red flag is that most of the streams promise to give players across all platforms money. However, GTA Online doesn’t have shared accounts or cross-play, so one lobby can’t possibly payout to players on any platform. Streams that actually give players money instead specify one platform, or they switch lobbies during the stream to other platforms.

Another sign of fake streams is the content of the stream itself. The gameplay is often ripped from other channels or is old footage of players hosting money-dropping events; they aren’t actually live. I saw some gameplay that was clearly from a few weeks ago, because the loading screen mentioned an event from July 3, even though the stream was supposedly happening live on July 15. Other times the gameplay will be GTA V single-player gameplay instead of GTA Online.

Another warning sign can be the length of the streams. One stream I found had been live for nearly 48 hours. Another stream posted on Reddit had been live for nearly a week. Even the most dedicated GTA Online player needs to sleep.

Most of these streams don’t have people commentating over the action or communicating with chat. Some scam streams employ chatbots to interact with fans, but the streamers themselves aren’t active in the chat. Some streams have audio that never mentions the chat and seems to be ripped from another stream to appear more realistic.

In the middle of a weekday afternoon, I found 15 different fake streams live on YouTube alone. On weekends and at night, I found 25 or 30 of these streams. Some have only had three or five viewers, while I’ve seen others with up to 700 viewers.

Many viewers in these streams are frustrated, especially those who have donated money or watched for hours without being invited to the private lobbies the stream promised. In one stream I watched, players complained about not getting invites after donating. “None of these money drops ever work,” one viewer complained. “I donated 2 dollars and still haven’t gotten an invite,” wrote another. “You’re not gonna steal from me are you?” they added. Several suspected the streamer wasn’t even reading the comments.

Luckily, most players I’ve seen have only wasted their time watching these streams and haven’t donated much money to them. But for players looking to make some money fast, don’t fall for these streamers who are willing to take real money donations and give out nothing. Your time is better spent playing missions and completing heists or other in-game activities which will actually reward you with GTA money.

Source: Kotaku.com

The GTA San Andreas Myth That Turned Out To Be True

Back in 2005, I was almost 15 years old and I was still playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game at this point was over a year old. But I was still spending hours every week playing it. It was during one of these sessions that I experienced a strange and spooky encounter with an old car in the woods.

One weekend back in 2005, I was playing some late night GTA San Andreas. I was out in the southern area of the map, where it is heavily filled with trees, rocks and not much else. Suddenly, a car rolled down a hill. It was old, beat up and its red paint job stood out in the dark forest. I ran up to the car, only to find it was empty!? I didn’t know what happened and was a bit creeped out, so I left the area quickly. What I didn’t know at the time was that I had just run into a ghost car, a popular myth in GTA San Andreas.

Not long after the game was released, players began reporting strange cars they found in the woods. These cars would drive down hills as if they had human drivers on the inside. But when examined, the cars were empty. People began calling these strange automobiles “ghost cars.”

An older video from 2008. These types of videos were huge in the years after GTA San Andreas was released.

Unlike other famous mysteries in GTA San Andreas, like Piggsy or Bigfoot, ghost cars could easily be found. If you run around the woods of GTA San Andreas for long enough you will probably encounter a ghost car.

After my first encounter with a ghost car, I began looking online for information about cars. I quickly found now-long lost posts about the ghostly cars from other fans. Some were telling the truth, telling tales that sounded like my creepy encounter. Other fans seemed to be making stuff up. I distinctly remember one player sharing a “real” story about how a ghost car actually chased them and honked its horn as it weaved around trees, trying to run over the terrified player. Another player said they saw a ghost car and while leaving they ran into a UFO.

While this stuff might sound crazy today, 15 years ago it sounded a lot more plausible. GTA San Andreas seemed impossibly big at the time and it was still a new game. I remember reading these stories and thinking to myself that some of this could be true. At the time the game felt like a puzzle box that nobody had cracked yet.

I, like many other players at the time, spent hours searching the woods and deserts of San Andreas for secrets and creepy creatures. I remember spending way too much time in the foggy woods using my jetpack to coast around, looking for the elusive Bigfoot.

Now that we have ripped apart San Andreas and seen all the files and lines of code in the game, we know there aren’t any strange creatures or ghosts. But before we knew all the answers, San Andreas felt like the real world. It was large and we didn’t know everything. Back then, it really did feel like maybe aliens and other strange things could be lurking in the digital world of the game. And when we found ghost cars and could regularly spot them, it almost felt like a confirmation that anything could be in the game.

So if ghost cars are actually in the game, what are they? Is this actually Rockstar including a creepy paranormal event into their open-world crime simulator? The answer is no and the explanation of ghost cars is interesting, but not creepy at all.

There are a lot of vehicles in GTA San Andreas. A few cars in the game have special versions that can sometimes spawn. The Glendale, an old car that looks like it was made in the 50s, has one of these special variants. In the in-game files of San Andreas, this special version is named “glenshit” and is a beat up and ugly version of the Glendale. This beat up version of the car can spawn in a few places in the southernly rural sections of the map. And sometimes it can spawn on hills or small inclines in the woods. When this happens the cars will roll down the hill and appear to be driving. The game doesn’t spawn a driver, so when players investigate they find an empty car. These cars were not, however, actually running or turned off. So any videos or pictures featuring the cars driving around or having their headlights are fake and were made using mods or editing tricks.

Also, these cars can sometimes spawn during vigilante missions because the game can technically spawn any car during these missions, including the shitty version of the Glendale.

So the ghost cars are just poorly placed spawn points for a beat-up old car. Maybe Rockstar placed them here on purpose, to create spooky cars that drive down hills without drivers? But the more likely answer is that Rockstar wanted players to find crappy and old cars in this part of the map, cars that look abandoned or wrecked. Then, because some of their spawn points were too close to hills, these cars would roll down mountains and scare teenagers who were up to late playing GTA.

The GTA series has a lot of mysteries, you can find a whole wiki dedicated to them, but most of them are fake or totally made up. But a few of them, like the ghost cars, turn out to be true. And while the reason ghost cars exist isn’t creepy, these rare proven-to-be-true myths help make it easier to believe that maybe Bigfoot is out there, wandering Mount Chiliad.

Source: Kotaku.com

It Takes A Lot Of Work (And Mistakes) To Pull Off An Impressive GTA Stunt

If you’ve visited Kotaku over the last few years, you might have seen videos of skilled Grand Theft Auto Online players pulling off impressive stunts. Sometimes they use bikes, sometimes cars, sometimes multiple vehicles are involved. These videos are always entertaining to watch. But have you ever wondered how many attempts it takes to successfully complete these stunts?

Well, a new video uploaded by GTA stunter Plex shows how much work goes into making a stunt and the process is almost more entertaining than the actual stunt.

Plex posted his video on the GTA Online subreddit and it quickly earned over 4k upvotes. The video showcased many of the attempts, mistakes, and failures that occur when trying to create a single stunt in Grand Theft Auto Online.

As Plex explained to me, some of the most impressive and complex stunts can take upwards of 20 hours to actually pull off. The stunt that was shown off in the bloopers video ending up taking Plex and his friend over 18 hours to finally complete. Plex creates stunts for the popular YouTube channel Evolve Stunting. GTA Online stunt creators and videos are a huge subcommunity within the game and on YouTube.

Plex has been doing stunts in GTA Online since the game came out back in 2013. “I’ve put over 5,500 hours in, primarily on the BMX,” said Plex. Even with that much experience and skill, nailing a particular hard stunt takes time and a little bit of luck. That’s because nothing can stop a random lag spike or physics bug from wrecking a perfect attempt. But at least the blooper reel is fun to watch.


Source: Kotaku.com

Look At This Adorable And Deadly Cougar From Red Dead Redemption 2

When you think about the cougars in Red Dead Redemption 2, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fear. Or maybe injury? Or that scary growl that big cats do before they jump on you and rip your face off. What probably doesn’t pop into your head is just how dang cute these big cats actually are, when they aren’t attacking you.

A player posted on the Red Dead Redemption 2 subreddit a short clip of a strange glitch. When the game isn’t bugging out, after entering this cave, players are forced to fight a deadly white cougar in the dark with a small lamp. It’s scary and dangerous.

But for some reason when the player entered the cave they found something different waiting for them. Instead of attacking, the cougar just stood around and did nothing. When the player got closer, they noticed something: This is one cute kitty!

Normally in RDR2 you don’t get to stare at living cougars for very long and never this closely. They usually kill you long before you can zoom in and look at their face. But due to a bug, the big cougar just stares at the player and looks almost sad. Look at those big eyes. They just want you to pet them. Put the gun down and pet them a bit.

Though after a few seconds the cat becomes a bit scarier looking, but then returns to looking cute.

Maybe it just doesn’t like a gun being pointed at it? That seems fair to me. I wouldn’t like that either.

Is this a bug or is this the start of a new era in RDR 2? An era where animals and men work together and hang out. Like Dinotopia, but with cougars and bears. Well according to the user who posted this clip, this was just a short-lived moment of cuteness.

“About 3 seconds later I moved and [the cougar] attacked me, I had to start again.”


Cougars are still dangerous. And after how many millions of cougars have been cloned and killed in Red Dead Online, can you blame them for killing people. We had it coming.

Source: Kotaku.com

Red Dead Online’s Newest Mode Feels Like The Wild West

In the past few weeks, Rockstar has added three new PVP modes to Red Dead Online. Two of these modes aren’t that interesting, but one, featuring horses and shotguns, is a great use of Red Dead Online’s wild west setting.

Last month, Rockstar released a large update for Red Dead Online that added poker, along with more missions and numerous balance changes. This update also moved the game out of beta. Since then, Rockstar has made small updates that have added three new PVP modes: Public Enemy, Head For The Hills and Sport of Kings.

Public Enemy and Head for the Hills are fine PVP modes where players try to kill a player who is marked as a target and try to escape to a location while others try to stop them, respectively. Though I did like the moments of utter chaos that can occur in Head For The Hills, I’m not itching to play more of these two modes.

In Sport of Kings, eight players are split into two teams of four, and all players are riding horses and carrying sawed-off shotguns. While on horseback, players need to capture a torch and then light the enemy team’s signal fires. Light all of the enemy team’s fires first and your team wins the round. Do this three times and your team wins the match.

On foot, this mode might be dull, but adding horses makes everything fast, deadly and a little out of control. The close range and high power of shotguns make things intense.

Since you are on horseback, picking up the torch requires timing and planning. Your horse can’t turn on a dime, so it’s important to aim just right before galloping over the torch to collect it. This also means that players often ride into the same area in nearly straight lines at full speed. I saw many players miss the torch or get there too late and end up ramming into other horses. This can send people flying, killing them in the process.

Once you have the torch, Sport of Kings becomes a high-speed pursuit. Your teammates can try to block enemy players from reaching or shooting you. Having the torch is exciting, and dodging an enemy trying to cut you off feels great. Of course, these pursuits also expose one of the big issues with this mode. If you get stuck with bad teammates or a player who is AFK, matches get a lot harder, but not impossible, to win. Even with an AFK ally, my team and I have been able to win. Other matches I played were lost due to players not pulling their weight.

When the other team has the torch, Sport of Kings becomes a game of balancing defense and offense. Sitting back and just protecting your signal fires isn’t always the best choice, so you need to push forward and try to cut them off or take out their teammate, who will respawn, but not right away. But if you get too aggressive you might leave your signal fires unprotected. I had a few rounds where I was carrying the torch and the enemy tried to stop me but made a mistake, letting me slip by them and light all their signal fires in a few seconds. It felt exhilarating.

Rockstar giving all players sawed-off shotguns is a perfect fit for this mode. They are powerful enough that you can get one hit kills at close range and with a bit of luck. In several matches, I was able to turn a losing game around with a lucky blast of shotgun pellets. But shotguns are also wildly inaccurate and inconsistent. That might sound frustrating, but when everyone else is missing shots too, it’s less annoying and more enjoyable.

In a lot of other PVP modes in Red Dead Online, winning is all about having the fastest headshot skills and avoiding skilled snipers. That isn’t what I want out of Red Dead Online. Instead, Sport of Kings feels more like the wild west action I prefer, complete with bullets flying everywhere, missed shots, and close calls. I feel like a cool cowboy when I weave around a few bad guys, take a few down, then whip around and light their signal fires.

There are dozens of great online shooters in the world, from Gears of War to Overwatch to Fortnite to Counter-Strike. If I want standard deathmatch or battle royale, I can play those games. But none of them can replicate the action of the wild west, something Red Dead Online is uniquely positioned to do and does so well in Sport of Kings. Hopefully, we’ll see more modes like this in future updates.

Source: Kotaku.com

Nearly Six Years Later, GTA Online’s Casino Has Been Updated

If you head down to the casino in Grand Theft Auto Online today, you’ll see that some changes have been made. After nearly six years, it seems the vacant and unused casino is being updated, and, according to data miners, more changes are coming.

When GTA V and GTA Online launched in 2013, players noticed an unused casino just north of Los Santos. On the front of the building was a sign stating the casino was “Coming Soon!” Years passed. This sign became a meme, and the casino became a strange relic.

After a small server-side update to GTA Online earlier today, that sign is gone. Beyond removing the sign, the front entrance is now blocked off by construction props and cones. It seems something is happening. When I visited earlier today, I saw other players investigating the area too.

According to Tezfun, a well-known GTA data miner, this is just the beginning. He has found strings of code within the game that seems to lay out a plan for the casino. Tezfun says that over the next few weeks more construction-related props will appear, with the facade continuing to change for most of June.

What is this all leading to? The speculation in the GTA Online community is that a large update focused on the casino will launch sometime in late June or early July. The timing for these rumors and the updates to the casino are interesting, since last month Rockstar added gambling to Red Dead Online in the form of poker games. Could slot machines and blackjack be coming soon to Los Santos?

Source: Kotaku.com

The Best Moment In GTA San Andreas Is Leaving San Andreas

I have a lot of memories of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The first time I got to the top of Mount Chiliad. The first time I saw that big Golden Gate Bridge knock-off. Playing the last mission and actually beating the entire game. But my favorite memory from GTA San Andreas is when I got to fly out of the map and explore a small section of Liberty City, the location of Grand Theft Auto 3.

I remember the moment very clearly. I was 13 and it was the weekend. A mission asked me to get into a plane and fly to Liberty City. I expected the game to show me a cutscene of me flying to the city and then maybe a cutscene of C.J. in Liberty City before spitting me back home. Instead, I was shocked to find I was actually going to the city and would get to do a whole mission in this East Coast metropolis.

Grand Theft Auto games rarely let the player truly leave the map and visit another location. Grand Theft Auto V is maybe the only other example of this, sending the player to the snowy town of North Yankton twice in the game. Once at the very start and later on during a story mission towards the end of the game. And while I enjoyed these moments in GTA V, they aren’t as cool as getting to re-visit Liberty City in GTA San Andreas.

The main reason the San Andreas detour is more memorable for me is because of the location. In GTA V you fly to a small town in the North, which is neat. We don’t get to visit rural small towns very often in GTA games. But I don’t have much of a connection to that location.

Liberty City, on the other hand, is a place I know. I can navigate the streets of that digital city better than most real-life cities I’ve lived in. I can get to the Banshee spawn blindfolded. I know where the airport is and where the Dodo is located at that airport. I remember the first time I crossed the bridge. I can still find gun stores without looking at the map. It has a special place in my brain and I’ll never really forget it.

So getting to fly back to Liberty City while playing San Andreas was amazing. Getting to see my old stomping grounds, now covered in snow, was wild. Things had changed while I was away visiting Vice City and San Andreas.

The location C.J visits during the mission is Marco’s Bistro, a location that I remember very well from my time playing GTA 3. This is where you park a car with a bomb to kill a mafia member dining at the bistro during an early mission in that game. Getting to go inside this location, something you never do in Grand Theft Auto 3, was so exciting for young Zack at the time.

The kitchen found inside the bistro
Screenshot: GTA Wiki

The mission C.J. is tasked with completing in Liberty City isn’t very interesting. You just kill some mafia thugs and leave. But getting to visit a snowy Liberty City more than makes up for a dull mission.

To pull this visit off, Rockstar recreated part of the city and then placed it high above the San Andreas map. Weirdly, this area is actually considered an interior, even though it looks to be outside. This is due to how San Andreas handles locations and rooms. Basically, when you fly to Liberty City, Rockstar teleports you inside a big room that is the city and the Bistro. Another fun fact about this mission and trip across the country: This is the first time we got to see snow in a Grand Theft Auto game.

15 years after San Andreas was released, I still think about this mission. I hope in the future, with the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 6 coming one day, that Rockstar lets us fly to another city. Even if it’s just for a mission. These types of missions help make the world and game feel bigger. Plus, who doesn’t want to take a vacation every once and while.

Source: Kotaku.com