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Red Dead Online’s New Update Is A Good Start

After weeks of teasing and hyping, the latest and biggest Red Dead Online update went live today. The update adds hundreds of new fashion items, changes how bounties work, rebalances gameplay and fixes numerous bugs. It’s a good update with some great improvements, but it might not be enough for fans looking to come back.

One of the biggest new changes is that players can no longer see where every other player is on the map. In the past, this was used to track down players who were all alone or who were fishing and hunting, then kill them over and over. Rockstar believes that this new change will help diminish abusive behavior.

My time with the new update seems to suggest this isn’t going to be enough. I was still killed walking around a city by a random player. But thankfully another new change helped keep this murderer from killing me over and over. After being killed by another Red Dead Online player, you now can parlay with them, be spawned away from the area, and neither player can hurt the other for 10 minutes. Parlay existed before this update, but it was harder to activate and didn’t always work. Sometimes players would get killed numerous times before they could parlay, and members of the killer’s posse could still attack the victim. Now, players can parlay a player or their entire posse. This change will hopefully allow players to escape annoying situations with trolls.

The highlighted red dot is an aggressive player. Other more lawful players are now hidden on the map.
Screenshot: Red Dead Online

In one server I joined, a player was killing everyone who came close to them. This player was marked with a bright red dot and could be spotted on my map from all the way on the other side of the game world. This allowed me to easily avoid them, which is a nice change. Before, all players were represented by a white dot, which made it impossible to know who was a nice cowboy and who was a deadly asshole.

Aggressive and violent players also now have AI bounty hunters come after them if they commit too many crimes. The bigger their bounty gets, the more bounty hunters come after them.

Another big addition to Red Dead Online is daily challenges. Every day players get access to seven new challenges. These can include collecting herbs, killing animals or eating certain foods. I even got a challenge asking me to cut my hair. (This update adds new hair colors and styles too, which is nice!)

Completing a daily challenge will award a gold nugget. It’s a simple system, but it gives players more things to do or try. Some players encountered a bug where the game asked them to complete a challenge using a gun that hasn’t been added into the game, but Rockstar is already fixing this issue.

The update is also filled with smaller and less noticeable fixes and changes. One that I’m really happy to see is that Rockstar is making major balance tweaks to the free roam event “Dispatch Rider,” a mode where players try to ride a target horse for as long as possible while avoiding enemy players. This mode used to be annoying to play because the moment you jumped onto the target horse, every player would shoot and kill you in less than a few seconds. The mode now gives players who get on the target stallion some protected time in which they can’t be killed, and they also regain health when they first mount the horse. This makes the mode less frustrating and more fun to play.

Another easy-to-miss change is rebalancing dead eye and rifles. When activating dead eye, accuracy will no longer be perfect. This should make it harder to exploit dead eye to kill players from long distances.

The varmint rifle is getting nerfed to be less accurate, and more powerful rifles like the Carcano are getting buffed and will do more damage. Before this update, the small caliber varmint rifle was popular over nearly every other rifle because it was incredibly accurate and did surprising amounts of damage. These changes will hopefully make bigger rifles more useful in PVP.

This update also adds emotes, though the prices on these and some other items feel too high. I was also disappointed to see that some of the new clothing items can only be bought in certain styles using gold. Thankfully, these items are purely cosmetic, but for those concerned about increasing prices, this won’t help ease those worries.

The new update adds new emotes that players can buy using cash or gold.

PS4 users also get early access to some extra content. These exclusive items, a new knife and some new clothing options, aren’t terribly exciting. Rockstar also hasn’t confirmed how long these items will remain platform exclusive.

This update really does feel like nearly every part of the game is being touched in some way. However, while this is a big update, many players might be disappointed by what this update doesn’t add.

There are no new story missions, side missions, new horses, or real endgame activities. The world still feels a bit barren. Rockstar is promising more content is coming soon, including a new free roam activity next week.

This new update is a great start for Red Dead Online, but I don’t know how many players who stopped playing are going to return because of this update. Red Dead Online is a better and slightly bigger game after this patch, but it still has a long way to go.

Source: Kotaku.com

Red Dead Online’s Next Update Will Combat Griefing, Rebalance Weapons 

Screenshot: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online will be receiving a large update on February 26th, Rockstar Games announced today. This update will add new daily challenges and rebalance some weapons. It will also implement some of the changes Rockstar first revealed back in January. In their news post, they explained in more detail how many of these changes will work and how they hope the changes will improve Red Dead Online.

After a rough launch, Red Dead Online fans have continued to voice their concerns about the in-game economy, lack of missions, griefing and other problems. The upcoming update seems focused on trying to fix some of the biggest issues fans are currently having in RDO.

Ways To Limit Griefing

Rockstar wrote that it’s hoping to “minimize certain destructive player behaviors.” This seems to be a more elegant way of saying “We are going to stop assholes from being so annoying.” Currently player blips, indicators of where players are in the game’s world, can be seen on the map at all times and at any distance, allowing players to target others no matter where they hide.

Following the February update, player blips will only show up if players are within 150 meters of each other. If a player is farther away than 150 meters, they won’t appear on your map unless they fire their weapon.

Rockstar is also implementing a system that will highlight players who are overly aggressive. As players act more aggressively, such as through killing other players or their horses, their player dot will become a darker shade of red. More laid-back and less violent players will stay a bright blue color. This system sounds very similar to GTA Online’s Mental State mechanic. Like that system, players in RDO will also be able to change their dot color from red back to a more peaceful blue if they calm down and stop killing other players for a bit.

Another step Rockstar will take to help limit how often players are killed by aggressive trolls is that, after the update, players will be able to parlay with an entire posse. Currently, if a troll keeps killing you, the game will allow you to parlay with them, which means they can’t hurt or kill you for a certain amount of time. However, in the current system, the aggressive player’s posse can still attack you. The new posse parley will help keep roving bands of trolls from frustrating smaller posses or peaceful solo players.

Bounty Hunting Is Coming

Rockstar has also confirmed that this next big update will add bounties into the game. A player who is overly aggressive and breaks the law often will eventually have a bounty placed on their head.

Unfortunately, it seems players can’t hunt these bounties. Instead, when your bounty gets high enough, NPC bounty hunters will hunt you down and try to kill you.

Not all crimes will earn players a bounty on their head. While killing another player or their horse will quickly bring bounty hunters after you, attacking random NPCs or farm animals won’t be as seriously punished. Some crimes, like small-time robbery, won’t even earn you any amount of bounty, but instead will lower your honor.

It seems like a missed opportunity to not allow other players to become temporary bounty hunters who can hunt down aggressive players. In a game that is lacking content, this could have been a great way to add something new to free roam.

Daily Challenges And Other Changes

Red Dead Online’s February update will add daily challenges into the game. These challenges will cover many different activities in Red Dead Online, asking players to kill bandits, collect herbs, hunt animals, sell stolen goods and more. Rockstar also plans on adding more challenges in future updates. Completing these challenges will unlock new rewards and bonuses.

Rockstar will also be balancing some weapons, specifically the Varmint rifle. The popular small caliber rifle will have its accuracy dropped, making it less effective in long range encounters. Though Rockstar only gave the Varmint Rifle as an example, the post says that “based on community feedback received thus far, select weapons will be re-balanced.” This hopefully means tweaks to other firearms and weapons.

Rockstar also explained that it’s making changes and fixes to the way horse cargo works. Players currently deal with all manner of problems when storing skins and pelts on their horses, with these items sometimes vanishing after players die or fast travel. Rockstar wrote that “fixes to horse cargo are numerous,” though the developer didn’t specify what the changes will actually be.

These new changes and fixes couldn’t come soon enough. Many players are increasingly disappointed in their Red Dead Online experience and are wanting more improvements from Rockstar. Hopefully these changes will help alleviate some of the issues RDO players are dealing with when playing online.

Source: Kotaku.com

Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Are Still Unraveling All Of Its Mysteries

One community of Red Dead Redemption players is determined to find every secret, ghost, strange sound, Easter egg and more. They don’t just want to find them though, they are also working to record them all and maybe connect them to other mysteries and even other Rockstar published games. This is the wild world of the Red Dead Mysteries fan community.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a big game, everyone at this point already knows that. You can spend dozens of hours exploring the game and still miss most of the smaller details and secrets. This makes it a perfect game for a large community of mystery hunters. Players can spend hours just hiking around a small section of the woods, documenting anything that seems out of place or bizarre.

What constitutes bizarre or strange is tricky to determine in game like Red Dead Redemption. Sometimes weird bugs and glitches can occur randomly. Remember the weird animal-people-hybrids players encountered in the original Red Dead Redemption? Or all the odd glitches that have been documented in different episodes of Kotaku’s Highlight Reel?

That’s the problem with a big and complex open world, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a strange Easter egg and what’s just a strange glitch.

This means a lot of posts on the Red Dead Mysteries subreddit are less definitive or confident. There aren’t many posts of someone going “I found a ghost!”. Instead, most posts are questions to the community asking if what the user saw or heard is something important. Like a post where a user asked “I went to the post office and when I came out my horse had died. Is this normal by any chance?”

“Is this Normal?”
Screenshot: Andretaker (Reddit)

To the credit of the Red Dead Mysteries community, many players are quick to debunk most images or posts. Players responded to the sad cowboy who just lost a horse with different theories. “Could he have wandered onto the tracks and gotten clipped by a train?” or “No mystery here feller, it’s either been clipped by the train or glitched out and died.” It seems this was less mysterious death and more likely a wandering horse getting too close to a train. Though, there are ghost trains in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Red Dead Mysteries community has found some interesting things beyond dead horses. Many players have found different markings and carvings in the side of rocks and trees. The exact meaning of these markings has yet to be determined, but they certainly seem like something strange.

Screenshot: Robospookdog (Reddit)

Players have also found a possible pagan ritual site and even UFOs. Players are actually shooting at the UFOs, destroying the lights on the space craft which seems to cause it to freeze in place. Some mystery hunters theorize that this could be the next step in unlocking more UFOs. It also is a a bit rude, honestly. Poor aliens.

So what does all this mean? Well… nobody really knows. That’s what many players are trying to piece together. What do all these clues, Easter eggs, strange maps and more actually mean? Are they all connected or are they each separate puzzles, waiting to be solved?

One of the most recent puzzles players tried to piece together involved compasses that are dotted around the map of Red Dead Redemption 2. These compasses are pointing in different directions, so many players believed that they could all be pointing towards something. Maybe a new UFO? Maybe a hidden area? Maybe the third meteorite? (Which is another mystery players are hunting for.)

A user made map showing the different headings of each compass.
Illustration: YABOI69420GANG (Reddit)

Once again, the community worked together and figured out that most likely these compasses are nothing but random props. Each compass is just the same model, copy and pasted in different locations. So it seems unlikely their directions matter much.

While it might be disappointing that many of the different theories players are making or discoveries they are finding are being debunked, it also makes the hard-to-debunk-mysteries all the more interesting.

As mentioned earlier, meteorites are currently something the community is searching to find. Specifically the third meteorite of a possible collection.

Players have already found two meteorites, but discovered that when collected the game tells the player they have only 2 out of 3 meteorites. Where is the third space rock? Players have different ideas, including the theory the rock is at the bottom of a lake.

One player even contacted Rockstar and supposedly got a response, but I can’t confirm if the email is real and even if it is, I’m not sure customer support representatives would have this information.Maybe this mystery is connected to a map of the stars players found a few months back? And maybe both of these mysteries are connected to the UFOs?

There are even some mystery hunters who are connecting Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V together using time travel.

One of the side quests in RDR 2 has players encountering a strange man who has a birthmark on his face. This birthmark along with other clues seems to imply that the man might be a time traveler and perhaps is even connected to the Epsilon cult found in GTA V. Maybe the secret of Mt. Chiliad is actually hidden deep in RDR 2?

Probably not.

If there are any more mysteries to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems almost certain the community will find them and solve them.

Hopefully, all these clues and secrets have a more rewarding pay off than the sad search for the jet pack in GTA V. Those clues ended up meaning nothing and it was only years later that the jet pack was finally added into the game as part of a GTA Online update. So maybe this is all a wild goose chase or maybe, just maybe, there really is a third meteorite and it will unlock a big, crazy secret.

We just gotta have a little faith, folks.

Source: Kotaku.com

Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Are Using Canoes To Escape The World

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is large. Though after you spend enough time running around the deserts and swamps of RDR2, you might want to take a vacation. Maybe go visit a new exotic land? Some crafty players have figured out how to do just that and all it takes is a canoe and some patience.

If you haven’t beaten RDR2 yet, the location players are visiting might be a spoiler.

So you want to leave The West behind for a bit and go somewhere a little more tropical? Basment Gamer Bros has a simple and short video showing players how to escape the world in just a small boat.

You will first need to trick the game into thinking you even deserve your little tropical vacation. To do this, you’ll have to use a different glitch to leave the playable map of RDR2. Nobody said this trip was going to be easy.

Once you’ve activated this first glitch, you’ll have to head south for a bit until you get a notification that you have entered Guarma. However, if you look around you will notice you are not on a fictional Cuban island, but still very much in The Wild West. That’s okay, this is all part of the process!

The next step is to turn around and head north towards the Lannahechee River.

At the river you should find some canoes. “Borrow” one of these small boats and start paddling north up the river. This is going to take some time, so maybe grab a drink or a snack.

Screenshot: Basement Gamer Bros (YouTube)

Eventually, after tapping and tapping the row button, you will break free of the map. Unfortunately, you now have even more rowing ahead of you. Once you reach a low texture land mass on the right, direct your canoe towards the shore. Instead of getting stuck on the beach, you and your canoe will paddle through like nothing is in your way.

Once you get under the land just keep paddling south and eventually you will reach the coastline of Guarma. Enjoy your tropical vacation, you’ve certainly earned it after all that damn paddling.

This isn’t the only way to get to Guarma. Other players have used various different methods to reach the island, including falling through an opening in the game world.

Source: Kotaku.com

The GTA San Andreas Mission So Bad, Rockstar Had To Fix It

There have been a lot of missions in the Grand Theft Auto series. Hundreds of various missions tasking players to kill drug dealers, steal cars, destroy rival gangs and even do some yoga. Not all of these missions have been great and a few of them are completely awful. But one mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is considered by many fans to be the worst of the worst. It was so bad that Rockstar had to fix it in later ports of GTA San Andreas.

In San Andreas, players meet a man who runs an RC toy store. This man is named Zero and he is voiced by David Cross. Zero has a problem and he needs CJ, the protagonist of San Andreas, to help him. His RC toy store is going under and he needs some financial help. Players can invest in Zero’s shop, which unlocks a series of new side missions.

All of these missions are terrible.

They all revolve around Zero trying to defend himself from his unseen rival, Berkley, who wants to destroy Zero’s shop and career. All of these missions involve RC vehicles and none of them are very fun and they all feel out of place in the San Andreas. The second Zero mission, Supply Lines, is the worst and the one players hate the most.

Supply Lines sounds like a simple mission: Destroy some vans using an RC plane. However, this mission was the bane of many San Andreas fans. You can easily find forum posts from 2004, the year San Andreas was released, of players complaining they are stuck. You can also still find players in 2017 getting stuck and frustrated with Supply Lines.

I personally got stuck at Supply Lines. I spent way too much time trying to destroy those damn vans. I eventually gave up and did other missions. Thankfully, this was possible because all of the Zero RC missions are optional. You can beat GTA San Andreas without finishing Supply Lines and many players did just that.

There are a couple reasons that Supply Lines is so hard. One problem is that the RC plane is hard to fly and not very stable. The plane you control is also fragile and the couriers you are attacking have thugs armed with SMGs. Take a few bullets and your plane is destroyed and the mission is failed.

The biggest problem with Supply Lines is the way the fuel in the RC plane works. In the original version of the game, the fuel in the RC plane would get used as time went on, even if you were gliding. This strict time limit combined with bad controls created a situation where many players just couldn’t reach the couriers fast enough to destroy them.

Rockstar changed the mission in later versions of San Andreas. Fuel would now only get used when players hit the throttle, letting them glide around and save gas.

Even with this change, Rockstar seemed aware of how awful Supply Lines still was, because in later ports of San Andreas they changed the mission again. In the Xbox 360 and mobile ports, the fuel tank is larger. This final fix helped make the mission more doable, but it still isn’t very fun.

Supply Lines is such a terrible mission that Zero’s voice actor, David Cross, has publicly complained about the mission. “So annoying. I hated it,” said Cross in an interview. “And I couldn’t fucking do it. The RC thing? … It’s impossible.”

Source: Kotaku.com

GTA Online Adds RC Cars In Latest Update

Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest game mode isn’t about powerful supercars or big armored tanks. Instead, this new mode focuses on something tiny and fast: remote controlled cars. The RC Bandito is a small RC car that first appeared last month in the Arena War update, which added a whole new deadly game show to GTA Online. Now the little RC car has received its own series of races, and they are a lot of fun.

The new RC car races are set up like standard checkpoint races in GTA Online. Players race around a track, hitting checkpoints along the way, and the first player to finish the set number of laps wins. I was happy to find that the RC cars feel very different from a standard car. They move quickly, can turn on a dime, bounce around more and just generally feel more wild, in a good way.

At first I was hitting walls and spinning out, but once I got the hang of how the RC car handles I had a great time zooming around the eight different tracks Rockstar created. As I got better with the little cars, I found myself almost never braking or slowing down. Instead I started finding the angles on turns that let me keep my speed.

When I did make a mistake, it was disastrous. Even at slower speeds, the RC cars are very bumpy and prone to flipping over or spinning out. If I hit a wall or another car at a high rate of speed, my little RC car would fling off like a pinball. This can become frustrating if it happens multiple times in one race, but luckily everyone else is flying around too. In races with 10 or more players, the track often looks like a bunch of kids left their Hot Wheels cars laying out after playing with them.

I also really enjoy the lobby screen before the race starts. Usually the screen shows players grouped around a car. But in the RC car races, players wearing full racing gear and helmets are grouped around tiny remote controlled cars. It makes me laugh each time the lobby loads.

The whole mode feels funny. I was surprised at how many players I encountered online who were just laughing and having a good time. I usually end up muting most players in GTA Online because all they do is yell or complain constantly, usually using toxic language and slurs. However, I had a much different experience in my RC car races. Players were laughing and talking about how absurd the RC cars were. The mode just has a more playful and fun vibe than previous racing modes.

If you really enjoy driving the RC Bandito in races, you can buy the RC car and take it out around the city and desert of GTA Online. Though it isn’t cheap: The RC car in GTA Online cost over $1.5 million. Once players have shelled over a million bucks to buy the RC car, they can customize it, give it the ability to jump or even add explosives to it. This is GTA Online, so of course you can add a bomb to it. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy the RC car to play the new races, which is nice because these new races are fun, but not $1.5 million dollars worth of fun.

GTA Online has tried in the past to recreate the feeling of RC cars in its Tiny Racers mode, but that mode used a camera angle that made racing difficult and used normal-sized GTA Online cars, using the top down camera to make them look smaller. These new RC car races feel much better, and I had a great time blasting around the tracks. I hope Rockstar adds more RC car tracks in the future. Maybe some RC boat or plane racing too?

Source: Kotaku.com