Terry From Fatal Fury Is Being Compared To A Macho Pokémon Trainer in Japan

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If you are steeped in SNK fighting game lore, then you are more than familiar with Terry Bogard. If you’ve never played Fatal Fury, you might not know who he is. If you like Pokémon, he might look familiar.

The announcement that Terry was coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with met with puzzlement among some fans—and delight among others.


As pointed out on Pokemon Matome and NWK News, some people online in Japan have been referring to Terry as “muki muki Pokémon toreenaa” (ムキムキのポケモントレーナー) or the “brawny Pokémon trainer.”

The text pointing to Ness reads “childhood” in Japanese (幼少期 or youshou-ki), while the text pointing to Red is “adolescence” (青年期 or seinen-ki). The text directed at Terry reads “middle-age” (壮年期 or sounen-ki). The tongue-in-cheek comparison is like is a different stage in the same character’s life!




He’s not the only muscle-bound trainer, though!

Source: Kotaku.com

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