The Internet Is Having A Hard Time With The Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

Screenshot: Sonic The Hedgehog (Paramount Pictures)

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie is a blight upon this weary earth.

I do my best to say positive. On some days, it works. On other days, the horrific trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog comes out. Lord, please help me.

There’s a lot going on. Jim Carrey is devouring the scenery, having what looks like a really good time. Ben Schwartz’s voice is coming out of Sonic’s mouth, which is disorienting. Cyclops is there, and he’s a cop now, and as an X-Men fan, that scans.The trailer contains so many other perception-shaking things in addition to these. Something that’s hit a lot of people really hard is Sonic’s human teeth.

While people on Tumblr are no less perplexed by the movie, they’re also kinda into Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik. Once again, I salute the people of Tumblr for being as horny as possible at all times.

I for one welcome death. Let me be lowered into Sonic’s hungry, gaping maw. He’s got teeth now. For gnashing.


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