The Nintendo Switch Is Getting Overwatch Pro Controllers

In a recent Nintendo Direct, the company revealed a slew of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch in late 2019 and 2020. One of the most exciting announcements was Overwatch: Legendary Edition, which releases on the Switch October 15. To celebrate, PowerA is adding two new Overwatch-themed controllers to its enhanced wireless Switch Pro controller collection, which we’ve written about previously and highly recommend as a more affordable, third-party option. PowerA will also offer a protective Overwatch-style Switch case. All three Overwatch accessories are officially licensed by Blizzard and Nintendo and will be available this fall at major retailers in North America, Europe, and Australia.

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The first controller features Reaper and has a black-and-red design. You can pre-order the Reaper controller for $50 USD at Amazon, which lists the release date as September 20.

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The second controller is for D.Va fans, featuring pink buttons, D-pad, and thumbsticks against a baby blue background. So far, it’s only listed at the EB Games Australia website for $89.95 AUD and is slated to release in October. According to PowerA, the D.Va controller should appear at more retailers in other countries soon.

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PowerA’s enhanced wireless Bluetooth controllers have a similar ergonomic design to the first-party Pro controllers and are comfortable to use. While there’s no rumble or NFC reader, these controllers do allow for motion controls and custom button mapping. The main drawback is that they use two AA batteries, but that still provides up to 30 hours of gameplay and isn’t a huge loss if you use your Pro controller only occasionally or need a backup. The PowerA enhanced wireless Switch controllers always launch at $50 USD, but you can get this black-and-red design for only $35 on Amazon right now.

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If you’ve yet to buy a protective carrying case for your Nintendo Switch, you now have another option available: this new Overwatch-themed pouch. With a hard outer shell, padded screen protector, and game card storage, this travel case will shield your Switch from any damage when you take it on the go. It costs $25 USD and will be available on September 15, according to Amazon.

See Overwatch protective Switch case at Amazon

Overwatch: Legendary Edition is available to pre-order now for $40 USD and comes bundled with 15 character skins and a three-month Switch Online membership, which you’ll need to play. Anyone who pre-orders the game will also receive the bonus Noire Widowmaker skin. Note that this is a digital download, so there won’t be a physical game card with your purchase.

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