YouTuber Remixes Chill Song With Gunshot Sounds From Apex Legends

Whenever I’ve got an Apex stream open in another tab and suddenly the streamer gets into a gunfight, it can be very jarring. I was listening to pleasant conversation, the ideal background noise, and then there are just dozens of loud gunshots. This remix of Intro by The XX, which uses samples of gunshots from Apex Legends, manages to make those sounds I find so startling pretty soothing.

The creator of this remix, whose YouTube channel is called Stolen Memes, said on Reddit that it took them six hours to make, and I’m honestly impressed. It doesn’t sound gimmicky, and when they turn the gunshots into a kind of drum breakdown near the end of the track, I found myself bobbing my head.

This is the kind of remix you fantasize about impressing people with by throwing it on as a deep cut. I might do that with the chopped and screwed remix of Grizzly Bear’s classic album Veckatimest, which must be heard to be believed. This one, too.


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