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Getting Drunk In GTA Online’s Casino Unlocks A New Secret Mission

The recently added casino in Grand Theft Auto Online has become a popular spot for players and has led to GTA Online reaching its highest number of active players since launch. But while the slot machines and card games are a big draw, there is a secret hidden in the casino for those willing to get really drunk, possibly multiple times.

The secret mission involves the player waking up after getting really drunk. An ambulance and some paramedics are near them, presumably due to their hard night of drinking. The player is then contacted by the casino manager and scolded for taking one of the casino’s delivery trucks out for a joyride. The manager will forgive the player for being a drunk asshole if they return the truck.

To find this secret mission, players first need to own a penthouse in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort. You need the penthouse to access the story missions that were added in the casino update. Host and play the first mission, Loose Cheng, to unlock casino work missions. These are short, randomly given missions that the player can request using their phone. The secret mission is hidden and is activated by getting drunk, not calling, but you will need these casino work missions unlocked to access it.

Head over to your private penthouse bar or the casino’s public bar and start drinking. Specifically, you need to drink shots of Macbeth Whisky. Each time you drink a shot of this powerful alcohol, your character will get very drunk, eventually blacking out and waking up in a different spot. Some players have found themselves transported outside the casino, to their own penthouse and to the casino’s bathrooms. To get the secret, you just have to keep drinking shots, over and over, until you get lucky enough to wake up in the mission.

Video of the secret mission from IceInfluX

Some players have been able to unlock the new secret after 50 drinks or less. Others have spent hours drinking Macbeth shots and still haven’t unlocked the mission. One player claims to have had 167 shots and still not unlocked the secret mission.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because this particular whisky shot was used in a different secret in GTA Online last year. In the nightclub update, players could drink this same alcohol and randomly wake up in different spots in the city. If you were lucky, or persistent, you could eventually wake up with a new exclusive shirt.

Unlike that secret and its exclusive piece of clothing, the reward for the hidden casino mission isn’t very impressive. It pays out around the same amount of similar casino jobs. However, there is some humorous dialogue that can be triggered while doing this secret mission, with Ms. Baker, the casino manager, claiming she’s never met someone who can be so offensive without saying a word, a reference to the fact your character in GTA Online never speaks.

Be careful when trying to get this secret mission. Some players have reported weird issues occurring when they wake up in their penthouse, like their entire living space getting sucked into a void and the world despawning randomly around them. The dangers of alcohol.

Source: Kotaku.com

Fallout 76 Players Will Soon Be Able To Drink Even More Of Their Problems Away

There are lots of bottles of beer, whiskey, and other instruments of intoxication already scattered throughout the rolling hills of Fallout 76’s West Virginia, but on March 12 players will be able to start making their own.

Today’s Inside the Vault article sheds light on how the whole thing will work. The update, originally teased last week, will introduce Biv, a bartending robot who resides on the fringes of Vault-Tec University’s Scorch-infested campus. There you’ll be able to chat him up and gain access to a new quest called Wasted on Nukashine. Completing it will give players access to the blueprint to construct a brew station workbench at their campsite and proceed to never again shut up about their favorite kind of bitters.

This brew station can be used to produce a range of alcoholic beverages, including the following beers, spirits, and mixed drinks, each of which produces different effects depending on how long you age them:

Hoppy Hunter

  • Fresh Effects: Increased scope stability and damage versus animals, but reduced VATS accuracy.

Tick Blood Tequila Sunrise

  • Effect: Your successful melee attacks have a chance to inflict you with a disease but may also refill your hunger meter.

Firecracker Whiskey

  • Fresh Effect: Your melee attacks will result in self-immolation, damaging both you and your attackers.
  • Vintage Effect: In addition to its fresh effects, Firecracker Whiskey will set enemies on fire from your ballistic and melee attacks.

You’ll need the recipes to create these and other drinks, which can be obtained by completing the daily quests handed out by Biv. Why bother trying to rebuild society when you can just cook up some authentic Appalachian hooch instead? If I was forced to live in Fallout 76, I’d spend most of my time getting blitzed too.

Source: Kotaku.com