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The Way of the Househusband uses yakuza action to teach housekeeping skills

The Way of the Househusband, Kousuke Oono’s new manga releases today online and in-store, and it’s the perfect blend of comedy and action. It’s is the delightful story of a powerful former member of the yakuza and his transition to be a stay-at-home husband.

Oono still draws Tatsu as a scary dude. Even though he’s not in the yakuza anymore, he still wears his huge aviator sunglasses, slicks back his hair, and wears suits. His aura is menacing, to say the least, and the people around him can tell what his previous line of work was.

But he’s also doing great work as a househusband, and Oono uses that work to give the reader genuinely helpful housekeeping tips, the best part of The Way of the Househusband. While not every chapter has a good tip, learning how to get out stains using hydrogen peroxide or how to clean in the crevices of your home is a sweet reward to an otherwise still very good manga.

While Way of the Househusband lacks an overarching plot, favoring chapter-long stories instead, it’s a nice, silly pick-me-up manga. Each chapter chronicles a different part of Tatsu’s daily life, from run-ins with former rival yakuza groups to just going to the grocery store to make dinner. His appearance and his way of talking —riddled with yakuza slang — tends to get him in trouble, but by the end of each chapter, a new person realizes how soft and kind Tatsu really is.

His way of completing tasks also tends to get violent, so the manga creates a perfect blend of home living and weird yakuza action, from the occasional chase scene to the wholesome romance between Tatsu and his wife.

The Way of the Househusband is available to buy now in paperback or digital from most book sellers.


The next Total War game is called Troy: A Total War Saga

The next game from Creative Assembly is called Troy: A Total War Saga. The title was unveiled by PC Gamer, which shared an early image of its cover story via Twitter last night.

Creative Assembly is riding high after the success of Total War: Three Kingdoms, which was roundly praised by critics — including here at Polygon — as one of the best games in franchise history. It was unique for a number of reasons, including a dynamic diplomacy system with reactive non-player characters. It also featured two distinct modes of play, one that brought it more in line with the developer’s past historical wargames and another which pushed combat more toward the high-fantasy seen in Total War: Warhammer 2.

Little is known about Troy, other than the PC Gamer cover shared online. It shows what appears to be a bronze statue of two ancient Greek warriors armed with spear and shield. The tagline is “epic battle in a world of gods and monsters.” The subtitle leads us to believe the game will be part of the Total War Saga series, which so far includes Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia and Total War: Fall of the Samurai.

On Twitter, developers are teasing a reveal for 10 a.m. ET tomorrow.


First trailer for Netflix’s Raising Dion taps into Dion’s totally awesome powers

It’s hard to be a single mom. It’s even harder when your kid is manifesting superpowers. It’s even harder when a government agency — which may or may not be linked to your husband’s mysterious death — is tracking down people with superpowers. But that’s just what Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright) finds herself in the middle of.

The first trailer for Raising Dion dives into the range of Dion’s superpowers: he teleports, he moves things with his mind, he conjures up galaxy projections, and much, much more. Disastrous storms are also drawn to him? We’re in for a wild ride.

Based on a comic by Dennis Liu, Raising Dion stars Alisha Wainwright (Shadowhunters) with newcomer Ja’Siah Young as Dion, Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) as Nicole’s dead husband Mark, and Jason Ritter (Gravity Falls) as Mark’s best friend Pat. The show, which is also executive produced by Jordan, premieres on Oct. 4.


Call of Duty: Mobile is launching in October

Call of Duty: Mobile will be released on Android and iOS devices on Oct. 1, Activision announced today. The free-to-play mobile game was developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio and pulls inspiration from the Call of Duty franchise, including games like Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Multiplayer and battle royale modes will be playable at launch, with “time-limted events and playlists” updated regularly. Within multiplayer, Activision said players will be able to compete in Call of Duty classics like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Free-For-All. Popular maps like Nuketown, Crash, and Hijacked are also expected to appear in the game’s rotation. Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode sounds familiar to the plenty of others out there: 100 fighters drop into a map and fight to be the last person or team — solos, duos, and four-person modes are available — standing. Weapons and vehicles are strewn across the maps, which have been adjusted specifically for the mobile version of the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile was announced in March, with its public beta running over the summer in “select regions.” At release, Activision teased some potential future content — like Call of Duty’s zombies — at the end of the announcement trailer.

“We’ve tested the game extensively in select territories and the feedback we’ve received has helped us refine the experience for Oct. 1,” Activision vice president of mobile Chris Plummer said in a statement.

Call of Duty: Mobile will be available on iOS and Android devices “in all countries where Google Play and App Store are supported,” Activision said — except mainland China, Vietnam, and Belgium.


Jump Force, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night come to Xbox Game Pass

Rally racing, anime fighting, and Castlevania’s spiritual successor highlight the new games available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in the last two weeks of September.

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 19, Game Pass’ library adds Jump Force, in which just about every famous manga hero joins up with stylized created fighters to fend off a pan-dimensional crisis threatening all your favorite anime canons. Jump Force, from Spike Chunsoft and Bandai Namco, launched back in February; our review found the colorful, creative world and characters that Jump Force brought together wasn’t really supported by the story or the fighting mechanisms.

On Thursday, Sept. 26, Dirt Rally 2.0, Lego Worlds, and Bad North join the club. Bad North is a indie strategy title in which players have to defend their territory from a pillaging Viking horde. Bad North premiered on Nintendo Switch last August, and we found it to be “the chillest RTS” for the inviting way it presented what is often a very dense genre.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is a deep but challenging rally racing sim from a studio that’s done it well for years, Codemasters. We reviewed it on a PlayStation 4 but found it very enjoyable and accessible on a gamepad, with the career’s strategy layer making it the preferred mode of play.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the newest of the four games, launching in mid-June. Made by long-time Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi, it was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2015 with a pitch promising to bring all the features fans of that series loved. It was originally slated for a 2017 release.

Finally, Lego Worlds is that toy culture’s take on a Minecraft sandbox experience, which makes it interesting that Xbox would give space to a competitor. Lego Worlds launched in 2017; reviews were middling then, and we haven’t heard much from it since.

Xbox Game Pass’ big release for September was Gears 5, a day-and-date launch for both PC and Xbox One subscribers on Sept. 10. Xbox Game Pass is $9.99 a month, and is $14.99 a month for those who combine it with Xbox Live Gold (which also gets the new Game Pass for PC catalog).


Double Dragon’s perpetual damsel isn’t taking any shit in the new River City game

In some ways, River City Girls is a complete reboot of the popular Kunio-kun franchise. Known outside of Japan as River City Rampage, this series of beat-’em-ups is beloved for its deep fighting mechanics and extensive cast, many of whom show up in River City Girls sporting updated designs.

But no one received as big a glow up as a woman who has always deserved more respect.

Since 1987, Marian Kelly has been defined by her victimhood. She first appeared in the original Double Dragon as a Princess Peach-style damsel, except instead of being whisked away in a flying clown car, she was brutally punched in the stomach and slung over the shoulder of her attacker, skirt hiked up and panties exposed.

This kidnapping would throw Double Dragon protagonists Billy Lee (Marian’s boyfriend) and his brother Jimmy into their very first adventure, a familiar story beat so prevalent that it was eventually covered by Feminist Frequency’s “Tropes vs. Women” video series.

Although Marian’s character and backstory would eventually be filled out with in greater detail in future games, the aforementioned kidnapping scene has been recreated in numerous remakes and re-releases since, most recently 2012’s Double Dragon Neon. No matter what her creators intended, she is one of gaming’s most iconic victims, serving mostly as a way to get the Lee brothers out of their garage and ready to beat up street gangs.

An animated GIF of Double Dragon’s opening, in which thugs punch Marian and kidnap her outside the Lee’s garage
Technos via Feminist Frequency

But before the character could get a makeover, she would have to visit another gaming universe entirely.

From bland to buff

River City and Double Dragon share a few key connections. They were both created by Japanese designer Yoshihisa Kishimoto in the 1980s for the now-defunct Technōs Japan before the studio’s properties were gobbled up by Arc System Works in 2015. And while there weren’t any official crossovers, the potential was certainly there: Both franchises dealt with young street toughs fighting through rival territory in search of a kidnapped love interest, and the basic gameplay elements were essentially the same. It wasn’t until River City Girls was released earlier this month that the two universes would collide.

River City Girls is, to be blunt, an absolute delight. The fighting system is fun, the characters are lovable, and beat-’em-ups have never looked so good. It’s clear that WayForward, who worked on previous gems like Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, took great care in crafting the world of River City Girls with as much character and personality as possible. This becomes apparent in the way even tertiary characters from the River City franchise received massive facelifts, upgrades that also carried over to guest characters from Double Dragon.

Over the course of the game, River City Girls players will eventually run into Billy and Jimmy Lee as well as Marian Kelly, who runs an accessory store called Swaggage. The Double Dragon protagonists themselves are easily recognizable, even with new voiceovers from online personalities The Game Grumps, but Marian is easy to miss. This isn’t because she resides in one of the game’s secret areas, but because she looks different enough to be confused for an entirely different character.

A muscular woman with white hair talks to young students
Yep, that’s Marian
WayForward/Arc System Works

Where before she had difficulty sticking out among other blonde damsels of the time, like Super Mario’s Princess Peach and The Legend of Zelda’s Princess Zelda, Marian now sports a more athletic outfit and a dramatic shock of white hair. The most striking part of her new look, however, is her physique. Gone is the waifish build that defined an era of love interests, replaced by an absolutely cut figure and six-pack abs.

Marian’s updated design immediately caught the attention of the online world, with many an expletive-filled thirst tweet proclaiming deep love for the once-damseled character. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear who exactly she is within the game itself since no one refers to her by name, but behind-the-scenes data indicates the Swaggage merchant is indeed Marian, information that was eventually backed up by folks responsible for bringing River City Girls to life.

When a Twitter user pinged WayForward with a screenshot of Marian’s shop to suggest the studio make her a playable character down the line because “she could totally kick the crap out of everyone,” whoever is behind the official account seemed to agree, noting that Marian “got tired of being a damsel in distress.”

Rem, the River City Girls character artist behind the redesign, also provided a little more background, indicating that Marian’s new muscular build was a direct response to the way she has been frequently brutalized in the past.

“It seemed like her whole character was just ‘gets punched in the stomach and kidnapped,’” Rem explained. “Needless to say, Marian’s not taking that shit any more.”

Marian doesn’t play a huge role in River City Girls — it is a River City game, after all — but her updated look struck a chord with fans. While the toned abs might call back to the numerous times she was slugged in her stomach, they do so in a way that both acknowledges and improves the history of a character that used to be merely a perpetual damsel trope.

Should it be necessary for a woman to make herself physically imposing to ward off would-be attackers? In real life, absolutely not. But when it comes to River City and Double Dragon, imaginary worlds that value physical strength above all else, Marian now has an identity, something that helps her stand out from the packs of punk rock thugs and whip-wielding dominatrixes that once victimized her.

And I think that’s pretty neat.


Everything coming to Netflix in October

Even with Netflix’s recommendation algorithm steadily serving you new movies, new TV shows and original programming tailored to your binging habits, the streaming service’s firehose of content makes what’s coming and going difficult to parse.

That’s why we break down each month’s additions with a spotlight on what to keep on your radar. Netflix’s own “new releases” category is an info dump. Consider us a picture-in-picture talking head, screaming recommendations at the screen.

The Breaking Bad television event exclusively premieres on Netflix, along with the return of Big Mouth. New originals include the existential comedy Living With Yourself starring Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd, Raising Dion, a super powered family drama, and Jenny Slate’s comedy special. On the movie front, it’s a good month for Brad Pitt with Troy and Ocean’s Twelve. Catch the OG Men in Black and the OG Charlie’s Angels before you see their sequels.

Available in October

My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: The late-night king interviews the king of Bollywood, celebrated Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Available Oct. 1

Carmen Sandiego: Season 2 (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: The stakes are higher than ever for Carmen, Ivy and Zack as V.I.L.E. unleashes a host of dastardly new villains while A.C.M.E. closes in.

Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Following her popular set on Season 1 of Netflix’s The Standups, Nikki Glaser is back with her first hour long Netflix original comedy special, Bangin’. Launching globally on October 1, Nikki keeps the audience at the edge of their seat as she delves into taboo topics like sex and… sex. The gloves are off as she pushes back at the unreal sexual expectations women face with her hilarious, no-holds-barred style.

93 days
Along Came a Spider
Bad Boys
Bad Boys II
Bring It On, Ghost: Season 1

lucy liu, cameron diaz, and drew barrymore in catsuits on a boat Columbia Pictures

Charlie’s Angels
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Get ready for the Charlie’s Angels reboot coming out this November by watching the 2000s movies starring Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore.

Cheese in the Trap: Season 1
Chicago Typewriter: Season 1
Exit Wounds
Good Burger
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
Honey 2
House of the Witch
Lagos Real Fake Life
Men in Black II
Moms at War
No Reservations

Ocean’s Thirteen
Ocean’s Twelve

At one point in Ocean’s Twelve, Julia Roberts’ character pretends to be Julia Roberts. It’s great. Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s characters have the best bro dynamic of the 2000s, always worth a rewatch.

One Direction: This Is Us
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Scream 2
Signal: Season 1
Sin City
Sinister Circle
Superman Returns
Surf’s Up
The Bucket List
The Flintstones
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
The Island
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Rugrats Movie
The Time Traveler’s Wife
Tomorrow with You: Season 1

brad pitt as achilles. his hair is long and he is ripped Warner Bros. Pictures


Does this movie accurately depict the events of the Iliad? Eh. Does this movie have oiled up young Brad Pitt, Garrett Hedlund, and Orlando Bloom? Does it have this really deep quote that people on the internet keep attributing to Homer even though it’s definitely written by Game of Thrones screenwriter David Benioff? Yes and yes. Please enjoy this movie for those two things.

Tunnel: Season 1
Unaccompanied Minors
Walking Out

Available Oct. 2

Living Undocumented (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: From executive producer Selena Gomez, LIVING UNDOCUMENTED follows eight undocumented immigrant families who volunteered to tell their stories at great personal risk, revealing the high cost many must pay to try and live the American dream.

Ready to Mingle (Solteras) (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: After the man she thought she’d marry breaks up with her, Ana joins a class for single women who are in search of a husband.

Rotten: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Explore the secrets behind sugar and chocolate, the true cost of avocados and bottled water, and the changing world of wine and marijuana edibles.

Available Oct. 3

Seis Manos (Netflix Anime)

From Netflix: Set in Mexico in the 1970’s era, Seis Manos centers on three orphaned martial arts warriors who join forces with a DEA agent and a Mexican Federal to battle for justice after their beloved mentor is murdered on the streets of their tiny border town.

Available Oct. 4

Big Mouth Netflix

Big Mouth: Season 3 (Netflix Original)

Tuca and Bertie was cancelled, but hey at least we’ve got Big Mouth! Amirite? The kids at Bridgeton Middle grapple with the ugly parts of growing up: sex, drugs, and hormones.

Creeped Out: Season 2 (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: Creepy apps, wishes gone wrong and portals to another dimension: Brace yourself for 10 new spine-tingling tales.

In the Tall Grass (Netflix Film)

Never has Panicum virgatum looked so menacing. Based on a Stephen King and Joe Hill novella, In the Tall Grass stars a creepy field of tall grass. Two siblings enter, following the voice of a child screaming for help. They can’t get out. No one can get out. What does the grass want?!

Peaky Blinders: Season 5 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: As the Shelbys grapple with the 1929 stock market crash, Tommy confronts new threats to his power from younger family members and fascist rivals.

a young boy watches his cereal spill and suspend in mid-air. he is shocked. NETFLIX

Raising Dion (Netflix Original)

A single mother raises her son, Dion, after the mysterious death of her husband (Michael B. Jordan). The catch? Dion starts to manifest superpowers and there’s totally a government agency trying to hunt him down.

Super Monsters: Season 3 (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: The fun-loving Super Monsters learn new lessons — and make new friends — while exploring the world around them in Pitchfork Pines.

Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: The Super Monsters share their Halloween traditions with Vida, then get invited to a Día de los Muertos party in the Howlers’ backyard.

Available Oct. 5

Legend Quest: Masters of Myth (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: When mythical creatures come to life, it’s up to Leo, Teodora, Don Andrés and Alebrije — super-secret monster hunters — to save the day.

Available Oct. 7

Match! Tennis Juniors (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: A tennis prodigy battles the odds to excel on the court while balancing schoolwork and inspiring fellow players on his team.

The Water Diviner

Available Oct. 8

Deon Cole: Cole Hearted (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Chicago’s own Deon Cole is relentlessly hilarious in his first hour-long Netflix original comedy special, Deon Cole: Cole Hearted. Doubling down on his unrestrained and engaging set from the Netflix stand-up comedy series, The Standups, Cole beta tests bottomless jokes about offering mints to strangers, dining while Black, post-sex salutations and the preservation of comedy as the last raw form of expression.

The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-ween (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: When Halloween is declared illegal, best friends Harold and George search for a clever way to fight back against the outrageous new law.

Available Oct. 9


Rhythm + Flow (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and Tip T.I. Harris search for the next breakout hip-hop star in this music competition series. Starting October 9, new episodes of Rhythm + Flow will roll out each Wednesday, with different phases of the competition featured across 10 episodes.

Available Oct. 10

Schitt’s Creek: Season 5

Ultramarine Magmell (Netflix Anime)

From Netflix: Decades after the sudden birth of a new continent, a young rescuer-for-hire provides aid to adventurers exploring this dangerous, uncharted world.

Available Oct. 11

a scruffy man at the interrogation tanle AMC

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Netflix Television Event)

Find out what happened to Jesse after he drives out of neo-Nazi drug den. The movie picks up right after the series finale. The only confirmed cast returning is Aaron Paul as Jesse, but a teaser trailer hinted at some other returns.

The Forest of Love (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Auteur Sion Sono helms the fictionalized retelling of how one charismatic leader led his followers down a bizarre, gruesome, deadly and depraved path.

Fractured (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Driving home after a tense holiday weekend with his in-laws, Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington), a well-meaning but overwhelmed family man, pulls into a rest area with his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and daughter Peri (Lucy Capri). The trip takes a turn for the worse when Peri is hurt in an accident and the family rushes to a nearby emergency room run by a staff with dubious intentions. After being sent away for further testing Peri and Joanne vanish and all records of their visit disappear. Ray’s concern turns into a desperate race to find his family and discover the truth of what happened to them.

Haunted: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: In an all-new season of true-life terror, real people recount unsettling run-ins with demons, ghosts and more, as told via dramatic reenactments.

Insatiable: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: In season two of Insatiable we find Patty dealing with, well, a lot. Her past is haunting her, and her struggle to be “good” is becoming harder and harder each day as she battles her inner demons. And Bob – well – he’s helping her cover up Christian’s murder, but just how far will his loyalties go? Will he continue to allow his romantic relationships, his career ambitions, and his integrity to take a beating, just to help Patty pursue her pageant dreams? And when beauty queens start going missing, who’s to blame? Patty’s rage? Or is there more at play?

La influencia (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Back in her childhood home to care for her comatose mother, Alicia is forced to face a past she thought she’d buried and a body that refuses to die.

Plan Coeur: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Four months after bidding farewell to her BFFs, Elsa stages her return to Paris. But guilty secrets take a toll on her love life and her friendships.

The Awakenings of Motti Wolenbruch (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Pressured to marry a nice Orthodox Jewish woman, Motti is thrown for a loop when he falls for classmate Laura, who his mother will never approve of.

YooHoo to the Rescue: Season 2 (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: In a series of magical missions, quick-witted YooHoo and his can-do crew travel the globe to help animals in need.

Available Oct. 12

Banlieusards (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Noumouké, 15, must decide which of his brothers’ footsteps he’ll follow: law student Soulaymaan or mobster Demba. Directed by Kery James and Leïla Sy.

Available Oct. 15

Dark Crimes

Available Oct. 16

Ghosts of Sugar Land (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: A group of suburban Muslim friends trace the disappearance of their friend “Mark,” who is suspected of joining ISIS.

Sinister 2

Available Oct. 17

The Karate Kid

The Unlisted (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: Identical twin brothers Dru and Kal uncover a secret government plot to control and track Australia’s students.

Available Oct. 18

The Yard (Avlu) (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: After a fateful domestic clash, a devoted mother finds herself in prison and fighting to survive in hopes of reuniting with her daughter.

Baby: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Chiara and Ludovica find their lives spinning out of control as they navigate relationships, high school dramas and new corners of Rome’s underworld.

Eli (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Eli is the story of a young boy (Charlie Shotwell) plagued with an unknown, debilitating illness that requires him to live completely sealed off from the outside world. After exhausting every option, his parents (Kelly Reilly and Max Martini) put their trust – and his life – in the hands of a doctor (Lili Taylor) whose experimental, cutting edge treatments at her clean house facility may hold Eli’s last hope. As Eli undergoes the tremendously intense process that could potentially cure him, he begins to be haunted by experiences that make him question who he can trust and what is lurking inside the house. Co-starring Sadie Sink.

Interior Design Masters (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Aspiring interior designers transform a variety of spaces from dowdy to delightful as they vie for a life-changing contract with a top London hotel.

The House of Flowers: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: The de la Mora family grieves a loss while trying to recover sold businesses, plotting revenge and entangling themselves in romantic disasters.

The Laundromat (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: A widow (Meryl Streep) investigates an insurance fraud, chasing leads to a pair of Panama City law partners (Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas) exploiting the world’s financial system. Steven Soderbergh directs.

two paul rudds, chilling on a couch, five feet apart ‘cuz they’re the same guy Netflix

Living with Yourself (Netflix Original)

Two Paul Rudds, one shared life. Grumpy Paul Rudd undergoes a spa process in order to feel good about his life again. When he awkwanes, he’s happy! He’s finally good at his job and his marriage! And then he realizes, oh shit, he’s actually a clone — the real grumpy Paul Rudd clawed his way out of a grave.

MeatEater: Season 8 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Steve’s journeys in search of such delicious game meat as venison and mutton take him as far afield as Mexico and Alaska.

Mighty Little Bheem: Diwali (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: From decorating his home to devouring sweets, join Bheem as he makes merry — and a bit of mischief — while the festival of lights is in full swing.

Seventeen (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: To find his therapy dog, a 17-year-old escapes from juvie and embarks on a journey of reconnection with his brother and grandmother through Cantabria.

Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales Collection 2 (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: The fun continues for Lucky and her friends with more adventure than ever before. Wherever they go, it’s quite a ride — and you get to come along!

Tell Me Who I Am (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: After losing his memory at age 18, Alex Lewis relies on his twin brother Marcus to teach him who he is. But the idyllic childhood Alex paints is hiding a traumatic family secret that the twins must finally face together decades later.

Toon: Seasons 1-2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Reclusive, socially awkward jingle composer Toon must navigate the nightmarish world of show biz after a viral video skyrockets him to fame.

Unnatural Selection (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Pioneers in gene-editing techniques and artificial intelligence confront ethical and technological challenges unlike any humanity has faced before.

Upstarts (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Upstarts, is a bromance about three college graduates from small-town India, captivated by the startup mania sweeping the country. As they enter the rollercoaster startup ecosystem of big dreams, big money and bigger sharks, they are faced with a big choice – their dreams, or their friendship. Directed by Udai Singh Pawar, Upstarts is produced by Raja Menon, Janani Ravichandran and Jawahar Sharma of Bandra West Productions. This film is supported by real-life heroes from the startup world in Bengaluru.

Available Oct. 19

tommy lee jones and will smith packing the big guns Columbia Pictures

Men in Black

Aliens. New York. Will Smith. Secret government organizations. What more do you want?

Available Oct. 21

Echo in the Canyon
Free Fire

Available Oct. 22

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Comedian and actress Jenny Slate’s first Netflix original comedy special Stage Fright gives the audience an inside look at the comedian’s world. Interspersed within her hilarious stand-up set, Jenny shares personal clips of her childhood and interviews with her family in an intimate look at her life. Launching globally on October 22, Jenny overcomes her stage fright while telling stories about her visit to a midnight Catholic Mass and the ghosts that haunted her childhood home.

Available Oct. 23

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Each episode of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will feature David Chang accompanied by a different celebrity guest exploring a single city, its culture and its cuisine. As the pair travels through each city, they will also uncover new and surprising things about themselves. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is produced by Tremolo Productions in association with Majordomo Media. Morgan Neville, Dara Horenblas, David Chang, Christopher Chen, Caryn Capotsto, and Blake Davis serve as Executive Producers.

Dancing with the Birds (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Some of the world’s most majestic birds display delightfully captivating mating rituals, from flashy dancing to flaunting their colorful feathers.

Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

Available Oct. 24

Daybreak (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: High school isn’t the end of the world… until it is. In this post-apocalyptic, genre-bending series, the city of Glendale, California is populated by marauding gangs of jocks, gamers, the 4-H Club, and other fearsome tribes who are kicking ass as they fight to survive in the wake of a nuclear blast (on the night of Homecoming…ugh). Following an eclectic group of survivors as they navigate this strange and treacherous world, DAYBREAK is part samurai saga, part endearing coming-of-age story, and part Battle Royale. This Generation A series (A for Apocalypse! Get it?) is rated TV MA.

Revenge of Pontianak

Available Oct. 25

A Tale of Love and Darkness

Brigada Costa del Sol (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: This series explores the history of drug traffic in Spain and focuses on the first law enforcement organization created to fight it in the mid 1970s.

Brotherhood (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: An honest lawyer (Naruna Costa) reaches a moral crossroads after learning her brother (Seu Jorge) is the leader of a rising criminal faction in Brazil.

Dolemite Is My Name (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Eddie Murphy portrays real-life legend Rudy Ray Moore, a comedy and rap pioneer who proved naysayers wrong when his hilarious, obscene, kung-fu fighting alter ego, Dolemite, became a 1970s Blaxploitation phenomenon.

Greenhouse Academy: Season 3 (Netflix Family)

From Netflix: The teen drama set in an elite boarding school in Southern California returns for Season 3, with the two rival student houses joining forces to uncover an evil plot.

The Kominsky Method: Season 2 (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: The sun isn’t setting yet on aging actor slash acting coach, Sandy Kominsky and his longtime agent Norman Newlander in the award-winning Netflix comedy series The Kominsky Method. Academy Award® Winners Michael Douglas (Kominsky) and Alan Arkin (Newlander) continue their journey as two friends tackling life’s inevitable curveballs as they navigate their later years in Los Angeles, a city that, above all else, values youth. This season, Sandy meets and bonds with his daughter’s new boyfriend (guest star Paul Reiser) who is uncomfortably close to Sandy’s age. Meanwhile, Norman reconnects with an old flame from his youth (guest star Jane Seymour) and after fifty years, they decide to start again. Nancy Travis and Sarah Baker co-star. Both comedic and emotional, The Kominsky Method is a half-hour single camera comedy created by 8-time Emmy Award Nominee Chuck Lorre. Lorre, Al Higgins and Michael Douglas executive produce the series which is produced by Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. The second season consists of eight episodes.

Monzon (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: This series explores the criminal investigations of Argentine boxing champion Carlos Monzón, who in 1989 was found guilty of the violent murder of his wife Alicia Muñiz.

Nailed It! France (C’est du gâteau!) (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: “Nailed it!” hits France with a splat as home bakers talented in catastrophe compete to make almost-edible wonders. French pastry may never be the same.

Nailed It! Spain (Niquelao!) (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: “Nailed It!” cruises to Spain, where novices try to avoid a fiasco while baking stunners. La Terremoto de Alcorcón hosts alongside chef Christian Escribá.

Prank Encounters (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Hosted by Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things), each episode of this terrifying and hilarious prank show takes two complete strangers on the surprise ride of a lifetime. It’s business as usual until their paths collide and their one-day assignments turn into supernatural surprises. Where fear meets funny, Prank Encounters is the most elaborate hidden camera prank show ever devised.

Rattlesnake (Netflix Film)

From Netflix: Katrina (Carmen Ejogo) is a single mother driving cross country to start a new life with her young daughter Clara (Apollina Pratt) when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. As Katrina changes the tire, Clara wanders off the desert road and is bitten by a venomous rattlesnake. Desperate to save her daughter’s life, Katrina accepts the help of a mysterious woman, but after she miraculously heals Clara, Katrina is asked to repay the good deed by killing a stranger in exchange for the life saved. Without time to lose, she must wrestle with the morality of who deserves to live and who should die, before her daughter’s life is once again put in peril at sundown. Rattlesnake is a pulse-pounding, psychological horror film directed by Zak Hilditch (1922, These Final Hours), also starring Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarchy, Marvel’s Luke Cage) and Emma Greenwell (Shameless, Love & Friendship, The Rock) and produced by Ross Dinerstein (1922, The Package, 6 Balloons).

It Takes a Lunatic (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: An intimate portrait of Wynn Handman, a teacher who impacted generations of actors and directors — including Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Connie Britton, John Leguizamo, Aasif Mandvi, Alec Baldwin, Burt Reynolds, Joanne Woodward and many more.

Available Oct. 28

A 3 Minute Hug (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: This documentary captures the joy and heartbreak of families separated by the U.S.-Mexico border sharing a short but bittersweet reunion in 2018.

Little Miss Sumo (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Banned from competing professionally, sumo wrestling champion Hiyori confronts obstacles inside and outside the ring in an attempt to change the rules of Japan’s national sport — and fight gender inequality.

Shine On with Reese: Season 1

Available Oct. 29

Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Actor, talk show host, producer, and comedy legend Arsenio Hall makes his Netflix comedy special debut with Smart & Classy. Over the course of his illustrious career entertaining audiences around the world, Arsenio reflects on stand-up in today’s political climate, Coming to America, winning “Celebrity Apprentice,” his favorite drug, and more!

Available Oct. 30

Flavorful Origins: Yunnan Cuisine (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Explore the diverse flavors of China’s Yunnan province and get to know the cooks and ingredients that shape its rich culinary tradition.

Available Oct. 31

Kengan Ashura: Part ll (Netflix Anime)

From Netflix: The Annihilation Tournament rages on: corporate leaders jockey for the Kengan chairmanship while their gladiators beat each other bloody in the ring.

Nowhere Man (Netflix Original)

From Netflix: Two nefarious schemes taking place 10 years apart entangle a dauntless triad member who must break out of prison to rescue a loved one.


One of Marvel’s biggest heroes just got a symbiote, and that’s bad news for Carnage

Lately, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have had a lot of highs and lows in their relationship.

First the symbiote’s sentience was destroyed, leaving it unable to speak to Eddie. Then Eddie found out that nine years ago the alien had erased his memories of having a son. Then the symbiote got ripped off of him in order to make a sword for the mastermind of the War of the Realms. Then it got its mind back and reunited with Eddie, only to be thrown into the current Absolute Carnage arc.

In this week’s issue, Eddie’s and the symbiote were definitely at a low — which coincided with one of the Avengers merging with a symbiote for the first time in Marvel history.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage #3.]

Eddie Brock attempts to help in a fight, but the Venom symbiote refuses, causing Eddie to run right out of the symbiote’s gooey mass like a Looney Tunes character leaving a cloud of smoke behind them, in Absolute Carnage #3, Marvel Comics (2019). Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

Absolute Carnage is all about its eponymous villain trying to tear out the spine of every person who has ever been the host of a symbiote, and eat it. See, those spines contain little bits and pieces of the symbiotes who once merged with those people, known as “codices,” and once Carnage gets enough, he’ll be able to awaken Knull, the imprisoned god-tyrant of the symbiotes.

Thanks to previous Marvel events Venomverse and Venomized, the list of people who have merged with a symbiote is quite long, and full of many familiar characters, including, for example, the X-Men, the Avengers, Deadpool, and Doctor Doom. Fortunately, over the past few issues, Eddie Brock has developed a way to remove codices from the spines of former symbiote hosts (with a little help from the superintelligent supervillain the Maker).

And so in Absolute Carnage #3, the Avengers finally show up to get their Carnage cootie shot, before Carnage can either get to them and eat their codices, or turn them into a terrifyingly powerful member of his ever-growing enthralled symbiote/host army.

Got all that?

Adding an extra helping of trouble to the whole thing is that Eddie and his symbiote disagree on how to handle the problem. The Venom symbiote feels responsible for Carnage, whose first symbiote partner was one of its offspring, and feels justified in using deadly force against Carnage’s unwilling army to shut the whole thing down. Eddie is reluctant to kill innocent people, and he’s worried about protecting his offspring, his newly discovered son, Dylan.

Eddie and his symbiote disagree about whether to use deadly force, each using their child as motivation, in Absolute Carnage #3, Marvel Comics (2019). Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

“If you are not strong enough to end this,” the Venom symbiote promises, “I will find someone who is.” And by the end of Absolute Carnage #3, when Carnage himself attacks the secret lab with the codex-removing machine and Eddie turns to protect Dylan instead of going on the attack, the Venom symbiote leaves him for someone very strong.

The Avengers brought their own expert scientist to inspect the machine — which is fair, given that it was built by a supervillain — Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk, after merging with the Venom symbiote, in Absolute Carnage #3, Marvel Comics (2019). Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman/Marvel Comics

The final page of Absolute Carnage #3 marks the first time that the Hulk has ever been the host of a symbiote, much less the Venom symbiote itself — and teases what we can only assume will be a pretty big fight next issue.

It just goes to show: Nobody does a messy breakup like Eddie Brock and his symbiote.


Red Dead Online players say they’re finding zombies in the game

The recent, random and unannounced appearance of a zombie NPC in Red Dead Online has given some fans hope that another Undead Nightmare, or something like it, is in store for Rockstar’s cowboy adventure. It could also be a glitch.

First, the zombie. Redditor groats_active spied this wight (above) in the swamp and others say they’ve seen dead bodies laying around since last week’s update. The manner in which they behave lead some players to believe these are glitches — which wouldn’t be a first for Red Dead Online. Some have reported “zombies” with blue skin, leading others to believe this is all a screwed-up implementation of something to do with the cholera outbreak.

The fact the swamp zombie was upright and not blue, plus that we are about 45 days away from Halloween, gives that side of the speculation a little more weight. However, another player said he was led to the swamp zombie, specifically, by a barking dog, then ambushed by a bandit. “I believe this corpse is part of a trap and glitched to stand up for me,” indiethetvshow wrote. That happened to another player, too, with the body behaving in more glitchy ways. Others have documented similar findings over the past week, too.

The presence of Red Dead Online (especially as an open-ended microtransaction vehicle) means story-based DLC in Red Dead Redemption 2 is about as likely for it as it has been for Grand Theft Auto 5 in the six years since its launch. The original Undead Nightmare was a premium expansion for Red Dead Redemption, arriving during the week of Halloween 2010. It packed in a ton of new single-player missions, plus side missions and other events, along with a couple of multiplayer game modes.

As Red Dead Online (and Grand Theft Auto Online) shows, such things are possible within the game’s sprawling multiplayer suite, which is where Rockstar wants folks’ attention if not in the campaign. We’ve still reached out to a Rockstar rep to see if this is indeed a glitch like last time, or a stay-tuned teaser.


Fortnite’s latest patch brings new social features to the mobile version

This week’s Fortnite update is on the smaller side of things, which makes sense considering how many changes have already come to the game this season. In this patch Epic is adding a new social hub to the mobile version of the game, as well as making some minor, but very welcome, gameplay adjustments.

The new social feature on mobile is the Fortnite Party Hub and it seems to be a way to keep players connected to their friends even when they aren’t in-game. The Hub will let players join parties and voice chat with friends regardless of whether they’re playing a match or not. These parties can be transferred to either a console or a PC, or you can stay in the mobile party and use your phone to voice chat with teammates while you play on another platform.

As for gameplay changes this patch, the largest adjustment is to circle placement. Storms will no longer be able to end at Moisty Palms, Greasy Grove, Tilted Town, or Retail Row. These four areas are all part of this season’s on-going events and each one has a special property that makes it different from the rest of the map. These changes can make ending zones there frustrating for players, so Epic is just eliminating that possibility.

For a full look at all the changes coming to Fortnite in the patch v10.31 you can see the notes below.

Fortnite patch notes v10.31

Weapons and Items

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue involving the Star Wand and AC/DC Pickaxes not doing the intended amount of damage.
  • Because this issue has been resolved, these Pickaxes have been re-enabled.


  • Storm Circles will no longer end at the following locations (in core and Arena modes):
  • Moisty Palms
  • Greasy Grove
  • Tilted Town
  • Retail Row

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which Ziplines could give players an unintended effect.
  • Because this issue has been resolved, Ziplines have been re-enabled.
  • When a player is eliminated, their damage towards the Storm Surge threshold will no longer be removed from their remaining teammates’ total.


Support-a-Creator codes can now be used for real-money offers in-game.

  • More information on this will be available in a blog post later this week.
  • Please note: For any Packs that contain V-Bucks, the revenue share will be applied to the Creator code that is entered when the V-Bucks from that pack are spent.


Party Hub

  • Connect with Fortnite friends on the go so the party never stops. See who’s online, party up, and jump in-game together on any platform. (Or just voice chat!)
  • Want to hang with friends in-game while you’re out and about? Now you can take the party with you! For more information, check out our FAQ here.


  • This new feature allows you to you use two apps at once on supported iPads! Supported iPad models include:
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad (5th generation and later)
  • iPad Air 2 and later
  • iPad mini 4 and later

By enabling Multitasking, all iPads will have the ability to rotate the screen orientation to enter Portrait Mode.

  • If you don’t want to play in Portrait mode, enable Rotate Lock on your iPad.


From server on September 13

  • Resolved an issue involving some Mission objectives not measuring progress.