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You Can Find A Hidden Cat That Shoots Lasers In Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

Gif: The Easter Egg Hunter (YouTube)

Some Easter eggs and secrets aren’t actually that hard to find. Sometimes they are even connected to achievements or trophies in-game, making them very easy to locate. But some secrets are much harder to find and honestly make me wonder how anyone ever finds these things.

The Easter Egg Hunter and Oddheader, two YouTubers who love video game secrets, collaborated to put together a recent video that showcases some really well hidden and hard to find Easter eggs.

One of my favorite discoveries they showcased in the video is a hidden weapon found in Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway. The secret gun is actually not a gun, but a cat that shoots laser or plasma orbs. Finding this Easter egg is not easy and involves shooting precise spots of a level in a certain order. None of these spots are marked and there is no indication that you are hitting them correctly.


How anyone found this is beyond me. It makes me want to load up some old games and shoot everything around me in different patterns. Who knows, maybe buried in some old shooter from the early 2000s is a hidden dog that shoots fire?

Source: Kotaku.com

Mario Maker Contest: International Cat Day

International Cat Day happened this week, not to be confused with National Cat Day, which happens in October. Do cats deserve two different days dedicated to them? I don’t know. But let’s celebrate our fluffy little pets by creating some Mario levels.

Your Challenge This Week: Create levels that feature the Cat Mario powerup.

Theme: Cat Day / Cats

Your course can be more than just cat action, but I would recommend making the Cat Mario powerup the focus of the level. Feel free to use any level theme you want, like desert or jungle, etc. As long as I can turn into a cat then the level is eligible for the contest.

Next week I’ll pick some of my favorite courses and a winner.

How To Submit A Level — Instructions

1. Build a new course based on the challenge.

2. Name the level and please add “Kotaku AND / OR the theme this week into the name of the level. Once that’s done, upload it in Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

3. Then post the course ID into the comments, along with the name of the level and any other info you want to include. PLEASE include the name of the course in the comments.

Source: Kotaku.com

Cat wrecks video game stream by barfing so hard it breaks a computer

Photo: Tanased Heamathulin (Getty Images)

Cats ask very little of us. They need to be fed, brushed, given water and toys to play with, and have their litter changed. In return, they provide love and companionship, tempered only with the annoyances of some occasional early morning meowing and ill-timed explosions of barf.

Because cats, for all their redeeming qualities, are also great at yacking stuff up in the last place you’d want them to, a live streamer who goes by JadedBlue will now be taking a break from playing games on the internet. As a perfectly framed clip shows, his cat Kelsier decided to cut short a Twitch broadcast yesterday by ralphing with such incredible volume and direction that it broke a computer.

The video proceeds like a low-stakes horror short: JadedBlue is playing a game, hears some disconcerting meows and asks “What’s the matter, buddy?” After recognizing the first of several disgustingly wet-sounding cat gags, he looks to his left, pleads “Oh, dude…dude,” and the stream abruptly cuts off. Kelsier the cat, full of feline dignity (and hastily eaten food), yartzed so hard it cut the video immediately.

Later, the streamer announced, with the grossest photographic evidence possible, that he won’t “be streaming for a little bit” because Kelsier “ended up puking directly into my computer,” likely wrecking the motherboard, graphics card, and power supply in the process.

Warning: the below tweet contains photograph evidence of cat puke.

This is the nature of the world. Cats are not stuffed animals. They are living, breathing creatures whose affection comes with a few small caveats—like that sometimes, in exchange for all the good they bring, they’ll vomit straight into the top of your computer, costing you hundreds of dollars and interfering with your video game streaming schedule.

[via Polygon]

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Source: Kotaku.com

Look At This Adorable And Deadly Cougar From Red Dead Redemption 2

When you think about the cougars in Red Dead Redemption 2, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fear. Or maybe injury? Or that scary growl that big cats do before they jump on you and rip your face off. What probably doesn’t pop into your head is just how dang cute these big cats actually are, when they aren’t attacking you.

A player posted on the Red Dead Redemption 2 subreddit a short clip of a strange glitch. When the game isn’t bugging out, after entering this cave, players are forced to fight a deadly white cougar in the dark with a small lamp. It’s scary and dangerous.

But for some reason when the player entered the cave they found something different waiting for them. Instead of attacking, the cougar just stood around and did nothing. When the player got closer, they noticed something: This is one cute kitty!

Normally in RDR2 you don’t get to stare at living cougars for very long and never this closely. They usually kill you long before you can zoom in and look at their face. But due to a bug, the big cougar just stares at the player and looks almost sad. Look at those big eyes. They just want you to pet them. Put the gun down and pet them a bit.

Though after a few seconds the cat becomes a bit scarier looking, but then returns to looking cute.

Maybe it just doesn’t like a gun being pointed at it? That seems fair to me. I wouldn’t like that either.

Is this a bug or is this the start of a new era in RDR 2? An era where animals and men work together and hang out. Like Dinotopia, but with cougars and bears. Well according to the user who posted this clip, this was just a short-lived moment of cuteness.

“About 3 seconds later I moved and [the cougar] attacked me, I had to start again.”


Cougars are still dangerous. And after how many millions of cougars have been cloned and killed in Red Dead Online, can you blame them for killing people. We had it coming.

Source: Kotaku.com

Marvel Finally Learned What GMG Has Known All Along: Ginger Cats Are Great

Socrates, one of many awesome ginger cats living with GMG employees.
Photo: Jill Pantozzi

With the release of Captain Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a brand new star. No, not just the kick-ass superhero of the title, but a cat named Goose.

Captain Marvel’s Goose (aka Reggie) has been at the forefront of marketing for the film, from posters to merchandise and more. Which, frankly, delighted many of us here at Gizmodo Media Group who know one thing to be certain: Ginger cats rule.

So, to celebrate Marvel finally catching up to this revelation, may we present the ginger cats of Gizmodo Media Group (and Fusion Media).

To begin, here’s Socrates (also seen above, and pronounced So-crates, like in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), who belongs to io9’s Deputy Editor Jill Pantozzi.

Everyone needs a drug fish.
Photo: Jill Pantozzi

This guy is Danforth, and he belongs to yours truly, Germain Lussier, Staff Writer for io9. (He’s got a grey brother named Bolton and 100 points if you understand their names.)

Danforth catching some zzzzzs.
Photo: Germain Lussier

Next, meet Tango Tangerine, who belongs to Maddie Stone, the Managing Editor of Earther.

Tango Tangerine
Photo: Maddie Stone

This is Bacon Hamster Cheeseburger, one of two ginger cats owned by Kotaku’s Snacks Editor, Michael Fahey.

Bacon Hamster Cheeseburger
Photo: Michael Fahey

And this is Michael’s other buddy, Jeff.

Photo: Michael Fahey

Our next superstar is Cinna, the adorable friend of Alanis King, a Staff Writer for Jalopnik.

Photo: Alanis King

Sriracha, aka the best ginger cat name ever, is “in charge of” Jalopnik Managing Editor Erin Marquis.

Photo: Erin Marquis

Giaco Furino, a Senior Writer for [email protected], wondered if Creamsicle was ginger enough for this article. And with a name like “Creamsicle,” the answer is obvious.

Photo: Giaco Furino

Okay so, technically Social Editor Caitlin Schneider doesn’t own Rajah and Aslan, her friend does, but look at these buddies and tell me they don’t need to be here.

Rajah and Aslan
Photo: Caitlin Schneider

Now, of all the cats here, Gus might be the Goose of the bunch. He’s a star. Look at this de-LIGHT-ful photo from Brian Kahn, Senior Reporter for Earther.

Photo: Brian Kahn

This one’s from Gizmodo Science Writer Ed Cara. Say hello to Cheddar.

Ginger cats aren’t just for Gizmodo Media Group to love, either. Our sister site the AV Club wanted in as well, so here’s Executive Editor Laura M. Browning’s cat, Monte.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Did io9 just use the occasion of a Marvel movie to make a whole post of cat photos on a science fiction and fantasy website? The answer, of course, is we abso-fucking-lutely did.

Captain Marvel, featuring the scene-stealing Goose, is out in theaters now.

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Source: Kotaku.com