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Please Enjoy This Pokémon Routine From A Celebrity Dance Show

The BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing had a movie special this week, and for his number British Paralympic table tennis champion Will Bayley figured, sure, I’ll be Ash and dance with a slightly terrifying depiction of Pikachu, played by professional dancer Janette Manrara. Why not.


Source: Kotaku.com

The Art of Drag Turns Game of Thrones, Marvel, and More Into Works of Fabulous Fandom Fashion

Flame Con is the world’s largest convention dedicated to LGBTQ+ fandom. It returned to New York City’s Times Square last weekend and celebrated its fifth year of existence with Fire Ball, a Smörgåsbord of performances referencing some of the most popular properties in nerd culture.

Drag. Burlesque. Superheroes. Airbending. Jigglypuff. It’s a classic recipe for the best night out in ages—the Long Island Iced Tea of queer fandom, if you will. The ball was hosted by Ginger Rodger, who also did a hilarious Captain America/Bucky Barnes tribute we just loved.

Check out the video above for some of the standout acts! There’s Abel Rey’s Legend of Zelda striptease, Blvck Laé D.’s drag take on Daenerys Targaryen (complete with S&M dragon backup dancers), an extremely acrobatic interpretation of Agent Smith by Twinky Boots, and an absolutely magnificent 10-minute Avatar: The Last Airbender tribute led by Megami as Aang. It was definitely an energizing night.

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Source: Kotaku.com

Dance Your Pain Away, Harry

Hello! This week we check out the new Call Of Duty, learn about the bizarre tale of the fake game studio, anger that annoying friend, get some new Nintendo VR action and dance away all our fears and suffering.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Like most weeks, Kotaku was filled with some great stories. Here are a few of my favorites!

Hell yeah, dude!

I feel like this has long been a problem with the franchise. I enjoy some Call of Duty action, but the multiplayer has always feels like someone recut a dramatic war film to edit out all the important and sad moments.

I’m thankful that this all fell to pieces relatively fast. I can’t imagine how much worse this situation could have gotten if it dragged on for months.

And you all thought that new Sonic looked bad!


I think we all had a friend like this. They not only wanted to win, but they wanted to be the center of attention at all times too. I only wish I was this clever as a kid to annoy my asshole friend like this.

Isabelle has never been the same since she started drinking all that “vacation juice.”

Boomers beware, in Silent Hill we do Fortnite dances all night long.


Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

Prepare for Titanfall…wait.. what?

I need to get some friends together and play this creepy co-op game. It looks really fun.

I wonder how well this runs and looks, but the idea seems great. This seems like a perfect fit for a VR mode.

In the future, as the world faces the monolithic megacorp, Disney, we will fear the Tsum Tsums. But for now, we will enjoy their cute festival, I guess.

Source: Kotaku.com

Body-Bending Dancers Do A Mean Mortal Kombat Routine On America’s Got Talent

A four-man dance squad called Adem Show from the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan put on a breathtaking Mortal Kombat-inspired routine on last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent. The Raiden-like leader manipulating a trio of contortionist ninja is stunning (and often painful) to watch.

Judging from the production and staging of the clip posted last night to the America’s Got Talent YouTube channel, the show’s producers are well aware of how special and unique Adem Show’s performance is. The whole group gets a flashy entrance set against a montage of less interesting performers, and each member gets an intro with a title card describing their character. There’s Elektro (who is clearly inspired by Raiden), Vortex (who is basically Smoke), Inferno (Scorpion) and Vortex (Sub-Zero).

The scripted drama of the intro is a bit much, but once the four start moving, all of that nonsense is forgotten. Elektro acts as the puppet master behind the trio, pretending to manipulate their bodies as each show off their particular talents. Vortex twists and contorts his limbs into poses that look painful (but, for a professional contortionist, are hopefully not). Inferno isolates parts of his body, like his head, keeping them still while the rest of him dances, creating a very cool effect. Finally, there’s Cyclone, who ends the routine in an impossible-looking balanced pose standing on one foot.

Damn. I have no idea how America’s Got Talent works, but at the end of Adem Show’s performance, they got four yes votes and the loud adoration of an incredibly enthusiastic crowd. Even Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon was impressed. Check out the entire routine below, and be impressed for yourself.

Source: Kotaku.com