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Something Ain’t Right With The Latest Dinosaur Added Into Jurassic World Evolution

The newest DLC was recently released for the park building game Jurassic World Evolution. This new update included some new features, like a photo mode for consoles, but more importantly, it added some new dinosaurs. But one of these new dinos is a bit broken.

Proceratosaurus is a small carnivore which was added in the newly released DLC, Carnivore Pack, alongside two other meat eaters. Fans in the Jurassic World Evolution community were excited about the new dinosaurs but soon discovered that Proceratosaurus had some body issues. Specifically, its neck and tail seem prone to just completely collapse in horrifying ways.

Screenshot: Suninho94 (Reddit)

This wasn’t a random bug that only one or two players encountered. On the game’s subreddit and on YouTube, you can find numerous photos and videos of this small carnivore suffering from deflated neck and tail syndrome.

Screenshot: Grimpeace (Reddit)

Fans were generally happy with the latest batch of new creatures, especially because the new dinos even have some unique animations included. (This is noteworthy because many previous dinosaurs in the game shared multiple animations.)

However, players are disappointed and a little bit amused about this bug and are hoping Evolution developer Frontier Developments is able to solve their bendy and broken dinos soon. Frontier did confirm they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

This little carnivore isn’t just bending in weird ways, other players have discovered that if the dinosaur is tranquilized it will sometimes begin to spin around in the air and fold into odd shapes.

It seems the scientists over at Jurassic World needed to keep these little meat eaters in their tubes a bit longer.

Source: Kotaku.com

Parkasaurus Is A Cuter Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

One of my favorite games is the park builder Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It was released back in 2003. The recent Jurassic World Evolution was a solid successor to JPOG, but Parkasarus, an indie game in Early Access on Steam, actually captures the feel of JPOG better. And it looks cuter doing it, too.

Developed by Washbear Studio, Parkasarus is a colorful and cute take on the dino-themed park builder. While Evolution and JPOG went after more realistic visuals, Parkasaurs embraces the silly and fun nature of building a dino park. From the visuals to the writing and to how dinosaurs are bred, everything is a lot more cartoonish and funny.

However, don’t let these visuals distract you too much. Underneath the gorgeous art is an intense park management game that rivals even Jurassic World Evolution.

Like JPOG, you build enclosures and add grass, trees, water, and rocks into these pens. But Parkasarus demands these enclosures meet certain requirements. For example, the first dino you get is a Stegosaurus. This dinosaur needs to live in a rainforest biome, meaning you will have to add water, grass and certain trees to the pen to make the animal happy. Add too much of something and you can turn the pen into a desert, a forest or even a swamp.

Dinos in Parkasarus need more than just food, water, and sleep too. They will want privacy. This can be achieved using tall grass they hide in, tall walls or keeping paths that guest use away from the fences. They will also want a diversity of plants and rocks and will get bored without toys or other dinos. They can be a bit high maintenance.

When I first played I didn’t worry too much about the needs of dinos. I thought to myself that even if they got out, they won’t hurt anyone in this charming world. I was wrong. These dinos, even the small babies, will brutally fling folks around or drag them around the park. So take care of them or face their wrath. If they do get out you can have them tranquilized.

Dino Attack!

As you progress through the game you will have to manage hiring employees, buying food for the dinosaurs and placing trash cans and other useful bits for guests. Don’t manage these things and visitors will trash you on the in-game social media site. They can be really harsh too. It’s a park with dinos. What more do you folks want?

Similar to JPOG, you will have to send dig teams to excavate fossils to create more dinosaurs. But unlike JPOG or Evolution, you actually have to dig the fossils up yourself using a mini-game. The goal is to uncover valuable fossils or gems by clicking in different parts of the covered grid, which represents the dig site. Hire more scientists to get more time to dig and better digging tools, letting you uncover more fossils quicker.

Digging up fossils

Weirdly, you don’t extract DNA from these fossils and instead, take them to a barn where a magical chicken eats them and then lays a dino egg. It’s a strange world. Once you have the egg, you will need to let it hatch before folks can see your dino. Unlike JPOG, dinos actually come out as babies that will grow over time. The only thing better than a cute dino is a cute baby dino.

Parkasarus includes a lot of decorations and buildings too. Using these along with some robust terrain tools you can easily create a big park that looks wonderful. Many of these decorations must first be unlocked using a massive tech tree. Again, I wasn’t expecting this deep of a park management game from something that looks so damn adorable. I guess you should never judge a book by its cover. Sorry, Parkasarus.

The game is still in early access, so some features are missing. I also ran into some weird bugs, like notifications popping up over and over again. These minor quibbles aside, the game ran mostly fine and plays like a nearly finished product.

A Cute Baby Dino

A good sign to me when playing these kinds of games is how much time they suck away without me noticing. I played this game for a half hour, or so I thought. I looked up at the clock and noticed I had been actually playing for nearly three hours. I didn’t care. I was too busy building a new pen for my lovely little triceratops.

For some fans of JPOG or Jurassic World Evolution, the visuals will be impossible to get pass. Still, I really hope folks who are into these type of park building games give Parkasarus a try. It’s delightful, has a ton of management options and feels like a great successor to Operation Genesis.

Source: Kotaku.com

Jurassic World Evolution Fans Are Flooding The Game With Stegosauruses

This week, Jurassic World Evolution fans are dedicated to one simple mission: Flooding their virtual parks with stegosauruses. This isn’t because these fans randomly decided the world needed more big herbivores. There is a purpose to their sudden dinosaur obsession. Evolution developer Frontier Development are celebrating their 25th anniversary and are tasking fans with creating and releasing a community total of 25,000 stegosauruses into their parks. Fans have only until January 31st to complete the challenge.

While that number might sound high, Evolution fans have teamed up to produce all the stegos they can possibly create. On the Jurassic World Evolution subreddit, fans are sharing their creations and their stego collections. Some players are turning entire islands and parks into stego producing factories. Some skilled fans are able to produce up to 900 stegos on one island, which is a lot. Maybe too many dinos. Players are making so many stegosauruses they are causing their computers to crash.

Many fans are also sharing memes and screenshots to help spread stegosaurus propaganda.

Illustration: drwiseguy561 (Reddit)

The entire event seems to have successfully brought together the Jurassic World Evolution community. The entire subreddit is filled with stegosaurus related images, videos and posts.

So what do fans get for all this stego breeding business? A new cosmetic gene for stegos that adds some purple to the big herbivores. Previously, only a few dinosaurs in the game had access to these cool purple genes.

With some fans pumping out a few hundred stegos every day and players coordinating their efforts to create more, it seems like this challenge will be finished soon. Which is good. Who doesn’t want a purple stegosaurus?

Source: Kotaku.com

Watch This Relaxing And Informative Let’s Play Of Jurassic Park Trespasser 

Screenshot: Jurassic Park Trespasser

Jurassic Park Trespasser isn’t a very good game, but it is a perfect game for a let’s play. Shadefyre’s excellent 10 part series is one of the best let’s play of Trespasser and one of my favorite let’s play on all of YouTube. Shadefyre has a very relaxing and calming voice. All of his Trespasser videos are filled with quiet moments where he lets game take the stage. But the best part of this series is all the information sprinkled throughout the video.

Episode one of Shadefyre’s Trespasser let’s play

A great example can be found in episode 1. After killing a dangerous dino, Shadefyre plays with the body and a nearby tree to show off the game’s advanced sound randomizer technology. It’s just one of many bits of advanced tech that exists in Trespasser. And Shadefyre does a great job in each episode of detailing how these parts of Trespasser work, why they were added and why they so often break.

He recently did a bonus episode about the Trespasser demo and how it differs from the main game.

This is the perfect lets play to watch on a lazy Sunday. Grab something to drink or eat, sit back and let Shadefyre walk your through a strange game. A game that assigns jumping to the Q button on a keyboard.

Source: Kotaku.com