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You Can Find A Hidden Cat That Shoots Lasers In Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

Gif: The Easter Egg Hunter (YouTube)

Some Easter eggs and secrets aren’t actually that hard to find. Sometimes they are even connected to achievements or trophies in-game, making them very easy to locate. But some secrets are much harder to find and honestly make me wonder how anyone ever finds these things.

The Easter Egg Hunter and Oddheader, two YouTubers who love video game secrets, collaborated to put together a recent video that showcases some really well hidden and hard to find Easter eggs.

One of my favorite discoveries they showcased in the video is a hidden weapon found in Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway. The secret gun is actually not a gun, but a cat that shoots laser or plasma orbs. Finding this Easter egg is not easy and involves shooting precise spots of a level in a certain order. None of these spots are marked and there is no indication that you are hitting them correctly.


How anyone found this is beyond me. It makes me want to load up some old games and shoot everything around me in different patterns. Who knows, maybe buried in some old shooter from the early 2000s is a hidden dog that shoots fire?

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Some Of The Best Games Hidden Inside Other Games

GIF: The Easter Egg Hunter (YouTube)

Sometimes when I’m playing a game and it ain’t great or I’m bored, I’ll wish I was playing something else. That usually means exiting the game and loading up a new video game. But there are some devs that have kindly tossed in a whole different game inside another game, letting players take a break from fighting to play some Breakout.

Over on YouTube, The Easter Egg Hunter released a video this week showcasing some of the best and oddest games hidden in other games.

For example, in Hitman (2016) players can actually play Minesweeper on a computer found in the game. To access this game a player will need to have an explosive rubber ducky and place it underneath a specific pole in the world. Once that has been done, for some reason, Minesweeper becomes available to play.

This isn’t a list of every instance of a hidden game inside another game. But a few of these I didn’t know about. This video also got me thinking about one of my favorite examples of a game in a game, which was Test Drive: Overdrive on the PS2. It had a playable version of Pong during loading screens. The game wasn’t great, so my brother and I ended up playing a lot of Pong instead of racing.

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Getting Drunk In GTA Online’s Casino Unlocks A New Secret Mission

The recently added casino in Grand Theft Auto Online has become a popular spot for players and has led to GTA Online reaching its highest number of active players since launch. But while the slot machines and card games are a big draw, there is a secret hidden in the casino for those willing to get really drunk, possibly multiple times.

The secret mission involves the player waking up after getting really drunk. An ambulance and some paramedics are near them, presumably due to their hard night of drinking. The player is then contacted by the casino manager and scolded for taking one of the casino’s delivery trucks out for a joyride. The manager will forgive the player for being a drunk asshole if they return the truck.

To find this secret mission, players first need to own a penthouse in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort. You need the penthouse to access the story missions that were added in the casino update. Host and play the first mission, Loose Cheng, to unlock casino work missions. These are short, randomly given missions that the player can request using their phone. The secret mission is hidden and is activated by getting drunk, not calling, but you will need these casino work missions unlocked to access it.

Head over to your private penthouse bar or the casino’s public bar and start drinking. Specifically, you need to drink shots of Macbeth Whisky. Each time you drink a shot of this powerful alcohol, your character will get very drunk, eventually blacking out and waking up in a different spot. Some players have found themselves transported outside the casino, to their own penthouse and to the casino’s bathrooms. To get the secret, you just have to keep drinking shots, over and over, until you get lucky enough to wake up in the mission.

Video of the secret mission from IceInfluX

Some players have been able to unlock the new secret after 50 drinks or less. Others have spent hours drinking Macbeth shots and still haven’t unlocked the mission. One player claims to have had 167 shots and still not unlocked the secret mission.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because this particular whisky shot was used in a different secret in GTA Online last year. In the nightclub update, players could drink this same alcohol and randomly wake up in different spots in the city. If you were lucky, or persistent, you could eventually wake up with a new exclusive shirt.

Unlike that secret and its exclusive piece of clothing, the reward for the hidden casino mission isn’t very impressive. It pays out around the same amount of similar casino jobs. However, there is some humorous dialogue that can be triggered while doing this secret mission, with Ms. Baker, the casino manager, claiming she’s never met someone who can be so offensive without saying a word, a reference to the fact your character in GTA Online never speaks.

Be careful when trying to get this secret mission. Some players have reported weird issues occurring when they wake up in their penthouse, like their entire living space getting sucked into a void and the world despawning randomly around them. The dangers of alcohol.

Source: Kotaku.com

Yes, There Is a Bathtub in Netflix’s The Witcher

Get ready for this view.
Image: CD Projekt Red

Eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer at what appears a masquerade sex party in Netflix’s first The Witcher trailer. But apparently, that’s not going to be the only nudity on the show. There’s a certain bathtub. You may have heard of it. And yes, it’s making a comeback—in a manner of speaking.

During a press roundtable for The Witcher, io9 asked showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (Daredevil) about what Easter eggs fans of the books and video games can expect in the series. Of course, by that we meant the bathtub that Geralt takes a sexy dip in during Witcher 3. Obviously.

The scene has practically taken on a life of its own, inspiring memes, statues, even a birthday cake. But it also showed us a softer, more vulnerable side of Geralt. So, will Netflix’s The Witcher have a bathtub scene of its own?

“There is a bathtub this season. There is a bathtub,” Hissrich revealed. “I won’t tell you who’s in the bathtub, but there is a bathtub.”

Hissrich went on to explain that—as fans of the original books and video game adaptation—she and the writers wanted to honor the little details they’d come to love about the series. Whether it’s a little Easter egg, like the bathtub, or a much-bigger part of the lore.

She mentioned that the story she personally wanted to include was “A Question of Price,” a short story that explains how Ciri became Geralt’s surprise child, from the now-obsolete book, Wiedźmin, which is now part of The Last Wish.

We’re fans of the series too. We’re fans of the franchise. So one of the things that I asked the writers when they showed up on the first day was, having read the books, what did you love the most? It could be the tiniest thing. It could be, you know, something Jaskier says over and over again, or it could be something huge. For me, it was ‘A Question of Price.’ I was like I have to do ‘A Question of Price.’ And so I think people who are big fans of the franchise will find a lot of fun stuff.

The Witcher debuts on Netflix later this year. We’ll have more on the way from our interviews so stay tuned.

Update: Thanks so much to our internet sleuths who were able to identify the name Hissrich was citing: Jaskier, also known as Dandelion! Y’all are the best.

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New Battlefield V Easter Egg Makes Players Build A Stairway Into The Sky

The Battlefield series is renowned for its easter eggs. Whether it’s locked doors that take a year to open, giant sharks, or extremely well-hidden guns, there’s always something hiding in the shadows. A new easter egg for Battlefield V adds a pinch of Fortnite to the game, with a building challenge that extends high into the sky and might include more secrets if players can reach the top.

YouTuber DANNYonPC, a Battlefield player always on the cutting edge of easter egg discoveries, revealed a new secret yesterday. It is a tricky challenge to build a stairway into the sky, complete with rockets to dodge and ominous messages as players progress. It can be found in Battlefield V’s practice range and requires four players to activate. If players coordinate and stand on four plates hidden on the map, they gain the ability to use their building tools to construct staircases up into the clouds. These staircases break over time, meaning that players who want to get as high as possible need to work quickly. There are multiple paths to follow, some of which lead to dead ends. The result is a sort of vertical maze. YouTubers like jackfrags and players on Reddit are working to see how high they can climb and if there’s anything else to be found.

Battlefield easter eggs tend to snowball into larger secrets. Strange Morse code messages in Battlefield 1 originally led to hidden dogtags, and having those dogtags eventually allowed players to access a dangerous gas-filled maze. Successfully navigating that maze led player to find a special revolver. Similarly, a hunt to find a giant shark on one level shifted into a months-long unraveling of secret codes that culminated in a locked door opening. The room had leaking pipes dripping water in Morse code. Decoding that revealed the announcement date for Battlefield V. Climbing these stairs in Battlefield V leads to headphones that allow players to hear yet another Morse code message. That message hasn’t been decoded yet.

Battlefield V has slowly expanded since its launch in November 2018 with new maps and story missions but it hasn’t quite had as many huge easter eggs as its predecessor. With new discoveries finally offering challenges and mysteries that tease further secrets, Battlefield V comes closer to the silliness of previous games. What comes next? Godzilla monsters? An alien ray-gun? Dinner for two at New York’s finest restaurant? Only time will tell. Until then, players will simply keep climbing that stairway to Heaven.

Source: Kotaku.com

Vader Immortal Finally Makes Alderaanian Wolfcats Canon

The first episode of VR game Vader Immortal was released earlier this week and I’m happy to share this news with Star Wars fans around the world. Finally, Alderaanian Wolf-Cats are truly canon, once and for all. What a relief. Also, some other Easter Eggs and references are in Vader Immortal’s first episode too.

The YouTube channel Star Wars Explained has a wonderful video out that goes over all of the fun little details and references players can find while playing Vader Immortal. This is useful for players who don’t own an Oculus VR headset.

Some other interesting bits of Star Wars lore included in the game include a reference to the city world of Nar Shaddaa, a location seen often in older EU games and books. The planets of Wayland and Bakura, first created for older EU books are mentioned, which makes me wonder if Lucasfilm has any future plans for these planets. Something I found very curious is that your droid partner explains that the Emperor keeps a “storehouse of treasures” on Wayland, which was true in the older EU and is now, apparently, canon.

Players can also find a new artifact that references the planet of Jedha, which was seen in the film Rogue One. The artifact was stolen, but the people on the planet don’t mind because they believe it was cursed.

Finally, my favorite little Easter Egg involves a training droid. This particular droid is actually voiced by Pablo Hidalgo, a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group who has been around for a long time and has a deep knowledge of Star Wars. He has also appeared in episodes of The Star Wars Show.

This is only the first episode, so future episodes of the game will most likely include even more references and details. Will we see the return of Hohass Ekwesh? One can dream.

Source: Kotaku.com

The New Shazam Movie Has Some Odd Video Game References

This weekend the newest DC superhero film, Shazam, was released. Critics enjoyed it. I liked it a lot too. Though while the action and jokes are strong in Shazam, there are some weird video game references that caught me off guard.

To be very clear, I don’t have screenshots of most this stuff because of the fact that movie just came out. But take my word for it! You can find these video game related things in Shazam!

No specific spoilers below, but if you want to be surprised by what games are mentioned, stop now.

  • A kid using a PS3 Sharpshooter and PS3 Move Controller as a weapon.
  • Someone shooting lighting out of their hands and yelling “Hadouken!!”
  • A scene where Shazam and his friend play Mortal Kombat X.
  • Some hacker referencing all the hours of Watch Dogs they’ve played.
  • After a finisher, a character yells out “Fatality!” like the announcer from Mortal Kombat.
  • A reference to early 2000’s PC game Uplink, from the same hacker who loves Watch Dogs.

Some of these are obvious and most folks will get them right away. The Mortal Kombat ones, in particular, had my theater laughing loudly. Though I have to wonder how many folks got the Watch Dogs reference. Or the Uplink name drop.

Also, there was one dude in my showing of Shazam who YELLED very loudly when the Haudoken scene happened. Like REALLY loudly. I even looked back to see if I could spot the dude, I assumed he was standing honestly.

I can’t help but overthink the Mortal Kombat X scene. Does that mean Injustice 2 exists in that universe and was the predecessor to that MKX? Is Shazam in that Injustice 2?

I’m not going to think about this anymore.

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Gex Speedruner Finds Mysterious Floating Cube

I love mysterious Easter Eggs and weird secrets in video games. So does YouTuber Oddheader, who put together a great video showcasing some lesser-known and more obscure secrets and discoveries.

Maybe the most interesting secret seen in the video involves a strange cube that a speedrunner encountered in Gex Enter The Gecko. All six sides of the cube show the same image, which looks like two people dressed up as characters from the Speed Racer cartoon.

Unfortunately, speedrunner NanchiSR was busy trying to finish their run and didn’t stop to investigate the cube. It is believed to be the first time this cube has been found in the game, though other players have discovered other cubes in the game.

A more creepy secret was found in Lost Planet 3. Behind a specific wall of ice in a cave, players found a pair of red glowing eyes. Nobody is sure why these eyes are here or if there is any more to this scary little secret.

The full video is worth watching as Oddheader shares more secrets and mysteries from games like Pokemon and Assassin’s Creed. This is part two, his original video has even more secrets you might not know about.

Source: Kotaku.com

Far Cry New Dawn Is Filled With Splinter Cell, Rabbids & Other Ubisoft Easter Eggs

Screenshot: The Easter Egg Hunter (YouTube)

Far Cry New Dawn players are discovering that the wasteland of Hope County, Montana is littered with Easter Eggs to other Ubisoft games. Popular YouTube channel “The Easter Egg Hunter”put together a video showcasing some of the secrets players have already found in New Dawn.

Some of the secrets are small references to previous Far Cry games. For example, in an underground bunker you can find a small bobble head of Far Cry 3 villain Vaas.

Another YouTuber, Dan Allen, showcased that players can also find some Blood Dragon eggs in New Dawn. These eggs are from the Far Cry 5 mission where you help a director with his movie. You can even find a note from the director in New Dawn. This mission itself was a reference to the popular spin-off game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Outside of Hope County, players have spotted a Rabbid. These strange creatures have starred in multiple Ubisoft games, even appearing alongside Mario and other Nintendo characters in a game that was similar to XCOM, because video games are really weird.

Rabbid in New Dawn
Screenshot: The Easter Egg Hunter (YoutTube)

The most impressive Easter Egg is a reference to the Splinter Cell franchise. Players can find a crashed plane, which looks very similar to the Paladin featured in Splinter Cell Blacklist. Once players go inside, they can find more references to Blacklist, including a computer that looks like the ShadowNet featured in that game and notes from Splinter Cell characters discussing the end of the world.

The best part of this Splinter Cell secret is that players can actually find Sam Fisher’s stealth suit, complete with tri-goggles. Once unlocked, players can don the famous sneaking suit and explore Hope County dressed as the master spy.

Considering last year Ubisoft had Sam Fisher pop up in Ghost Recon Wildlands, maybe this is another hint that we will finally get a new Splinter Cell game.

About the author

Zack Zwiezen

Zack Zwiezen is a a writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, USgamer, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.

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Apex Legends Players Keep Finding Tiny Hidden Animals

Illustration: Apex Legends (Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends just came out earlier this week, and players are already finding some mysterious easter eggs: small model dogs and dinosaurs. Awww.

The new battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment is so new I feel like I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what I can do in it. Some players who’ve spent their time in the game exploring the world map have started to find hidden models.

Some players on Reddit and Twitter say that in the training map, in a gap in the mountains, you can find a model of a dog.

This same model of a dog can also be found in the market area of the King’s Canyon map, where it’s surrounded by framed pictures of a real life dog.

Elsewhere on the training map, you can also find a small plush dinosaur.

Kotaku reached out to Respawn about these animals, and while the company did not provide comment about the dog or the dog shrine, they did point out that longtime Respawn fans might already recognize the dinosaur.

“The plush dino critter is Nessie, a long-running Respawn Easter Egg,” said Brad Hilderbrand, Respawn PR manager. “All the maps in Titanfall and Titanfall 2 had a hidden Nessie somewhere in them, so the team kept her legend alive in Apex.”

I’m glad Nessie’s got a name; she’s also adorable. I’m still really curious about this dog, though, especially because it seems so beloved. I’m not a pet owner, so I don’t know, but maybe creating dog shrines hidden in a video game is just your average way to show your devotion to your furry friend.

Update – 5:46pm: Jason McCord, lead level designer at Respawn, shed some light on the dogs hidden in Apex Legends. During development, McCord said, he and his wife’s dog Shadie passed away suddenly from health complications.

“Shadie was our best friend, and so I wanted her to live on in this little corner of the map,” he wrote on Twitter. “It legit makes me feel better to visit this area sometimes.”

Rest in peace, Shadie. You truly are a legend.

Source: Kotaku.com