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New Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Speedrunning Trick Shaves Three Hours Off Previous Record

Screenshot: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto games are huge, which makes speedrunning them a time-consuming proposition. A complicated new trick discovered for San Andreas has shortened a run that normally took almost four hours to under 30 minutes.

The new trick—whose name, “Arbitrary Jump In Skip,” could honestly use some work—is only doable on the Windows Store version of the game. It’s similar to a technique used by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City speedrunners, and it allows players to skip straight to San Andreas’ climax via several intricate steps. According to details shared by current world record holder Powdinet over on Reddit, starting a vigilante side mission at a certain point during the early “Ryder” story mission makes San Andreas jump to a random line of script code that’s determined by how much time has elapsed since the game started.

The current world record shows how the game skips to the final mission using this trick around the 16:12 mark

Naturally, things must line up just right to pull this off, which can be a difficult feat in the living world of San Andreas. Can’t find a police motorcycle to start the vigilante mission within a strict time frame? Reset and try again. Can’t find a drug dealer to waste for an extra $2,000? That changes some of the steps further down the line. At one point, the convoluted setup causes San Andreas protagonist Carl Johnson to lose the ability to enter vehicles. But time everything right, and it’s possible to make the game think you’re on the final segment of the final mission. From there all runners have to do is complete the story as normal.


Since this discovery was made public last Saturday, the fastest time in which folks have been able to complete San Andreas has been reduced dramatically. The enormous potential of this technique has caused the community to separate runs that utilize the Arbitrary Jump In Skip from those that don’t. The current world record without using this trick stands at 3:52:07, whereas Powdinet recently managed to beat San Andreas in just 25:52.

Over the years, speedrunners have been responsible for some of the coolest discoveries in video games, and this San Andreas trick is just another example of their ingenuity. Expect to see a lot more runs of San Andreas pop up as folks try to push the time even lower.

Source: Kotaku.com

Just How Accurate Were All Those GTA V Rumors And Leaks?

Grand Theft Auto V turned six years old this past week and to celebrate it I wanted to take a look back at some of the rumors that existed about the game before it was released. How accurate were they and what, if anything, did they correctly predict?

Six years is a long time and fans have become increasingly anxious and excited about a follow up to GTA V. And as fans get more desperate for information and leaks, rumors about GTA 6 become more and more common. But should fans trust any of these rumors? How accurate were rumors about GTA V before the game was released?

GTA V Will Star A Police Officer (Or Maybe Not)

This is a rumor that popped up in various places before GTA V was officially announced. The exact details varied depending on the site or forum post, but the basic idea was that players would control a rookie cop in Los Santos or L.A. They would encounter characters from GTA San Andreas and players would be able to arrest criminals, respond to police calls and decide to be dirty or good cops.

Of course, all of this was complete hogwash and most GTA forum-goers and fans seemed to realize this rumor was complete garbage. However, I did occasionally see reference of this rumor in the lead up to GTA V’s official reveal, so for some, it seemed believable enough to share with others. One odd thing about this rumor is that a few places that posted this rumor did predict that GTA V would use a weapon wheel like Red Dead Redemption. But this is honestly just a smart guess based on Rockstar’s history of taking elements from past games and bringing them into future games.

But it wasn’t just a cop that was rumored to be the star of GTA V. Another popular rumor claimed the star of the game was actually Albert De Silva, a man from Vice City who has settled down to have kids in Los Santos. This sounds accurate to the story of GTA V, but remember that this rumor popped up after the first trailer. In that trailer, the main character explains they wanted to start a family, settle down, etc. It’s not hard to predict the story when a trailer lays out the setup. And the other details are wrong because those aren’t revealed in the trailer, so whoever created this rumor had to fill in the gaps and guessed.

“Leaked” Maps

Rockstar open-world games are known for their large and highly detailed maps. So it makes sense that people would be excited to learn about GTA V’s map long before the game was released. Because of this, many, many, MANY, fake maps were posted online claiming to be leaked images of the real GTA V map.

Some of these maps seemed REALLY plausible and were covered by various sites, including Kotaku.

But none of these ended up being the real map. Some were close, most were just fantasies featuring multiple cities and islands.

Now, occasionally real maps will leak out ahead of a Rockstar release. For example, GTA V’s map leaked a few days before release after some fans got their hands on early copies of the GTA V strategy guide. And the map for Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked well before the game’s release, back in 2016.

So these things do happen, but it’s rare. More often than not leaked maps are just Photoshop creations made by trolls and bored fans.

Too Good To Be True Rumors

A lot of the rumors and “leaks” that popped up before GTA V’s official reveal and subsequent release are filled with ideas that sound amazing and also, probably, impossible to actually implement. For example, a few popular rumors that floated around claimed the game would have seasons, with extreme weather like snow and floods. None of this was true.

Other rumors suggested multiple cities or that Los Santos would be bigger than GTA IV’s entire map and the outside countryside would be gigantic and filled with small towns.

Another popular rumor claimed there was going to be a demo at E3 2013. This should immediately set off red flags to anyone reading it. Rockstar is known for rarely appearing at E3 in any capacity. Sometimes their games will appear on a stage show, but they never have a big booth or stations where people can play their games. That just ain’t how Rockstar does things. Any rumor claiming E3 demos or big E3 gameplay reveals is most likely made-up nonsense.

While Rockstar is filled with talented studios and developers, some of these rumors claimed things that sound impossible to pull off on current generation consoles, let alone Xbox 360 or PS3. Like dynamic traffic reports on the radio or having nearly every building be enterable.

Accurate Pre-Release Information

While many different sites and forums were filled with various rumors, many of which turned out to be wrong, some reports ahead of the game nailed it. Kotaku got information from a source in 2011 that GTA V was going to be set in Los Santos, and that it also would star multiple playable characters. Both of these things proved to be correct.

The big difference between this information and some of the other rumors mentioned in this post is clear. Nothing in here sounds too outlandish, it all seems like a natural evolution of previous GTA games. Not only that but Stephen Totilo is a great reporter and can be trusted. He and others at Kotaku have a long and proven history of getting information about games before they are announced. This information isn’t just made up or grabbed from a random forum post.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors

Looking back at GTA V rumors, it turns out that most of them were entirely wrong. Which isn’t surprising. Random rumors spread on forums and Twitter are hard to prove and easy to make up. And as hype for the next GTA continues to build, be careful about trusting rumors that might show up online.

Remember these tips when reading a new rumor:

  • Does this sound like a real list of features or a fan just listing off their dream GTA features?
  • Rockstar keeps the older GTA games separate from the modern games. So any rumor claiming “CJ is back” should be ignored.
  • Does the map or HUD on a leaked screenshot look a lot like GTA V or another open-world game? If so, it’s probably fake.
  • Rockstar ain’t showing gameplay at E3, so don’t believe rumors that claim otherwise.

I get people being excited for GTA 6 but don’t let that excitement cloud your judgment. Take every rumor with a grain of salt and always assume random people on the internet are just trolling. Because often they are.

Source: Kotaku.com

There Are Now 100 Hidden Action Figures To Find And Collect In GTA Online

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online is filled with crime, action, and destruction. Often players are given jobs that involve robbing banks, assassinating enemies, stealing cars or blowing up drug dens. But in the latest GTA Online update, players have a decidedly more mundane task: Collect 100 action figures for a toy collector.

To start this quest, simply log into the GTA Online and wait for a text from a man who owns a local comic book store. Someone stole all his action figures and he needs you to collect them and bring them all back. If you are wondering how a comic store owner got hold of the phone number of a huge criminal, he’s a friend of Lester, who provides jobs for players. Los Santos really is a small world after all.

While the toys were just added earlier this week, dedicated players have already found all 100 figures and discovered what rewards you earn for spending a few hours searching the map.

For each figure you find, you’ll earn $1000 and 1000 RP points. After you find all of them, you will earn another $50k and a new outfit.

The new outfit is based on the in-universe superhero, Impotent Rage. The new outfit also comes with a new hair cut. Wearing both of these new cosmetics lets players pull off a solid Impotent Rage cosplay. Now, does anyone actually want to play GTA Online while looking like Impotent Rage? Maybe a few? Some fans are having fun with the new outfit.

Personally, I would have been happier with more money or suit made out of the 100 action figures.

If you want to go searching for action figures in GTA Online, you can use various maps and videos that players have put together showing where to find each collectible and the most efficient order to collect them in. Get your car or helicopter or jetpack ready and go collect some toys.

Source: Kotaku.com

A Single Image That Helped Lead To Grand Theft Auto

Total RecallTotal Recall is a look back at the history of video games through their characters, franchises, developers and trends.  

Mike Dailly, of Lemmings and GTA fame, shared something very cool on Twitter over the weekend: an image he made in 1994 that, in a very direct way, led to the creation of the original Grand Theft Auto.

He also shared an animated version of the image created for an old talk, which you can check out (and advance by pressing space to go through the steps) here.

It’s of course not the only thing that led to Grand Theft Auto, but as the thing that inspired the engine that would power and define the game, it’s a pretty important one, and it’s fascinating getting a chance to see it so early on.

If the earliest days of Grand Theft Auto history are your thing, Dailly also made a Flickr gallery a few years back containing all kinds of other early GTA material, from the game’s original design docs to some character art.

Source: Kotaku.com

GTA V Speedrunning Has Changed A Lot Since 2014

Grand Theft Auto V speedrunner FriendlyBaron recently released a video comparing how different GTA V speedruns are today compared to the first world records set back in 2014. Like older games, such as Super Mario 64, GTA V speedrunners have learned new and improved ways to complete sections of the game. But unlike those older games, GTA V has been updated over the years and this had led to some significant changes to runs.

For example, in the original version of GTA V players could drive their car super fast into a fence to trigger an early mission. This had some hilarious results but was also extremely fast. However, in the newer versions of GTA V this no longer works, so players had to figure out a different method which involves grinding the side of the fence and parking quickly.

Other changes in the speedrun come from players learning how to better use vehicles or finding better routes to get to objectives. One common way players save time in 2019 compared to 2014 is by not always searching for or returning to a faster car. While that might seem like the best way to shave off a few seconds, it turns out skilled players can use advanced driving techniques and routes to save more time by just using the crappy van or truck they already have.

The full video is a great overview of most of the missions in GTA V and how speedrunners approach them differently after years of practice, testing, and discoveries.

After all these changes and improvements the world record for completing GTA V has dropped from just over seven hours in 2014 to  six hours and few minutes in 2019.

Source: Kotaku.com

Cheers To 500 Episodes Of Highlight Reel

Today on the 500th episode of Highlight Reel we have Just Cause Reindeer, special cameos from the editor, killer shots, and much more!

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku’s regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world. If you record an amazing feat while playing a game (here’s how to record a clip), send it to us with a message confirming that the clip is yours at [email protected] Or, if you see a great clip around that isn’t yours, encourage that person to send it in!

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The GTA San Andreas Mission That’s So Easy, There’s No Way To Fail It

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is filled with some famously annoying and difficult missions. Everyone knows of the infamous mission where the player is tasked with following a train while riding a dirtbike. Or the extremely hard Zero RC missions, which were so bad and challenging that Rockstar actually changed them in later versions of the game. But not everything in San Andreas is impossible or annoying. In fact, there is a mission that is so easy to complete that it is basically impossible to fail.

“Fish In A Barrel” is the name of the mission and it happens towards the latter half of GTA San Andreas. Beware spoilers for GTA San Andreas.

At this point in the game, CJ has been working for the mob and other criminal groups in the city of Las Venturas, which is Rockstar’s version of Las Vegas. After all this hard work and proving himself capable and trustworthy, he is invited to a meeting. At this meeting, he and another character sign a contract and become part owners of a casino on the Las Venturas strip. They celebrate and drink some alcohol.

That’s it. That’s the whole mission. Once short cutscene.

I remember when I first played this game and reached this point. Young 13-year-old Zack had no idea what just happened. I wondered if I had broken the game or maybe the game had glitched in some strange way? San Andreas is a buggy game, so maybe that’s what happened? The mission bugged out and didn’t properly load. So I reloaded my last save and got back to the casino to try it again. But just like before, the mission started with a cutscene, the cutscene ended and that was that.

At this point, I consulted my GTA San Andreas strategy guide, a large book that was filled with a ton of information about the game, including detailed walkthroughs for every mission in the game. I never used this to complete missions or to look ahead and spoil anything. Instead, I used this book as a tome of knowledge, where I could see which car was the fastest or where certain stores or guns were located on the map. Flipping through the book I found the mission, “Fish In A Barrel” and all it said was this is just a cutscene. I was still confused, but at least I knew it wasn’ t a bug or my fault.

Because this mission is literally just a cutscene, the walkthroughs of it online are just people watching the cutscene.

The YouTube comments below this video are wonderful, too. The majority of them are people joking about how hard this mission is or how impossible it is. Others sarcastically claiming it took them years to beat. But there are a few comments left by people who seem genuinely surprised and confused about this “mission.”

“Wait, this is a mission? All you have to do is to walk [to] the marker a cutscene and a phone call,” posted one YouTube user.

A lot of comments call this mission pointless and they aren’t wrong. However, according to multiple GTA wikis, this mission was originally part of a larger mission which would have involved using a golf club to protect the casino owner from an attack of some kind. While this sounds plausible, I can’t actually find any hard evidence of this cut mission. People link back to the various wikis, which include this bit of trivia but don’t include any sources on where this information comes from. Digging around online I couldn’t find any myself. Maybe buried somewhere deep in an old forum post is some evidence of this claim, but as far as I can tell it is more a rumor than a fact.

This isn’t the only mission in GTA San Andreas to mostly consist of a cutscene. An earlier mission, “King In Exile”, also features a similar cutscene and no mission afterward. I’m not sure why I only remembered Fish In A Barrel as the weird cutscene mission and not also King In Exile. And unlike Fish In A Barrel, there doesn’t seem to be any rumors or information about a cut mission regarding King In Exile. Which makes sense. King In Exile is a cutscene where CJ says he is going to leave and then he leaves. Can’t really make a mission out of that.

San Andreas has some absolutely terrible difficulty spikes. Case in point, GTA SA includes these two incredibly easy missions, that are just cutscenes. Yet it also features a series of missions that are so hard and annoying, most players skipped them and Rockstar eventually had to fix them. Modern GTA titles have gotten better at making missions ramp up gradually and follow more of a smooth difficulty curve, with later missions being harder than earlier ones. But back in GTA San Andreas, Rockstar took players on a difficulty rollercoaster.

Source: Kotaku.com

GTA Car Turns Into Aircraft Catapult

Today on Highlight Reel we have ghost trees, rude French bourgeoisie, nasty Mordhau tricks and much more.

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku’s regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world. If you record an amazing feat while playing a game (here’s how to record a clip), send it to us with a message confirming that the clip is yours at [email protected] Or, if you see a great clip around that isn’t yours, encourage that person to send it in!

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Months After Labor Controversy, Rockstar Converts Game-Testers To Full-Time

Workers at Rockstar Lincoln, the British studio that does the lion’s share of testing for the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption games, are being converted from contractors to full-time employees, three sources familiar with the studio have told Kotaku.

The move will remove the uncertainty of working on temporary contracts, a positive turn at a company with notoriously arduous working conditions. The changes were set to go into effect on August 1, according to two sources. It’s unclear how many people this affects, nor whether it extends to temporary workers at other Rockstar studios. We hoped to get more details from Rockstar itself, but a company rep declined to comment.

This nevertheless appears to be an improvement at a studio where full-time and contract workers helping make Rockstar’s biggest games felt the brunt of the company’s crunch culture. Last October, a Kotaku report about the development across Rockstar’s numerous studios highlighted Lincoln as one of the toughest places to work. A Lincoln employee had told us that the testing team had been working mandatory overtime for a year, and Rockstar confirmed that testers had been asked to work on evenings and weekends.

The contract workers had it rough, a source explained last October:

“A large amount of staff are on rolling temporary contracts and live in the hope that they will be extended and able to pay rent as the end of their contract approaches,” said one current tester. “I don’t feel like anyone is comfortable speaking out in the hopes that they can be extended long enough to be made permanent. Staff are often reminded how lucky they are, simply to be working for Rockstar.”

Kotaku had also reported last year that testers at Lincoln weren’t allowed to keep their cell phones at their desks, and instead must keep them in lockers. This policy, a source now tells us, has been rescinded.

One source told Kotaku last week that attrition at Lincoln has been high, speculating that the impact that negative press about Rockstar’s labor practices last year may have combined with a high level of worker burnout to result in this policy change.

Rockstar is also experimenting with “flex-time,” two of the sources said, allowing workers to shift when they do their assigned work hours.

Such granular changes to workplace policy are seldom made public nor covered in gaming news, but in recent years, journalism, activism (and at times a mix of both) have brought greater attention to the taxing labor involved in making the games so many people enjoy. Last Friday, it was even the topic of a Netflix news show.

Additional reporting by Jason Schreier

Source: Kotaku.com

It Sucks Being A Valet In GTA Online

The newly opened casino in Grand Theft Auto Online is a popular spot. Players are driving up to the casino constantly right now. Luckily for them, there is a valet working the front of the building. But being a valet in GTA Online is a dangerous job, especially if you are unarmed and out in the open. Since the casino opened, this poor valet has had what you might call a rough existence. Being killed, beaten, burned and trolled regularly.

Earlier this week, GTA Online’s long-awaited casino finally opened and players came rushing through the doors to gamble and chill with friends and strangers. But outside, not having any fun, players encountered a lonely valet. This man, wearing a red vest and black pants, was waiting there to park players’ cars. This feature is currently hard to use because the dude is always dead. It turns out, most players seem to see the man in the red vest as a target.

Almost immediately after the update launched, players began attacking the valet, including many players setting him on fire. They really like doing that.

But even on fire, the valet doesn’t quit working. Players have shared clips showing the valet doing his job, even while fully engulfed in red hot flames. That’s some dedication to your job.

When the valet is not being attacked or burned alive, he is getting trolled. Players will often bring in ridiculous vehicles and then ask the poor man to park it for them. Players have shown up in planes, helicopters, submarines and even a giant dump truck. Come on, folks. He can’t drive this stuff. Besides, where would he even park it?

All this harassment and abuse has had an effect on the poor guy. Some players have noticed him freaking out for no reason or running away suddenly. Can you blame him? Every few minutes he is getting shot at or attacked. I’d start losing it too, under those circumstances.

As time goes on it seems he isn’t going to take all this punishment lying down. He is ready to fight back. Players who start a fistfight with the overworked valet might discover he has a mean hook and is ready to punch anyone who pushes him too much.

Another player discovered what happens when you drive too fast near the valet.

Because the valet is so often dead and nowhere to be found, some players have decided to put on the red vest themselves and jump online to take over the job. The current valet probably deserves a break anyways. Of course, players taking over the role quickly discovered just how deadly it can be to be a valet in Los Santos.

How does the valet keep coming back in GTA Online, day after day and death after death? Well, it seems this casino is cloning the poor guy. Though sometimes the cloning process gets out of control and because of this, players have sometimes pulled up to a casino sporting a dozen or more men in red vests.

One day, if we all keep killing the bastards, they might finally snap and their clone army will destroy the world of GTA Online. So be careful and maybe give that poor guy in the red vest a break the next time you visit the casino to do some gambling. He has a rough life as it is.

Source: Kotaku.com