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Getting Drunk In GTA Online’s Casino Unlocks A New Secret Mission

The recently added casino in Grand Theft Auto Online has become a popular spot for players and has led to GTA Online reaching its highest number of active players since launch. But while the slot machines and card games are a big draw, there is a secret hidden in the casino for those willing to get really drunk, possibly multiple times.

The secret mission involves the player waking up after getting really drunk. An ambulance and some paramedics are near them, presumably due to their hard night of drinking. The player is then contacted by the casino manager and scolded for taking one of the casino’s delivery trucks out for a joyride. The manager will forgive the player for being a drunk asshole if they return the truck.

To find this secret mission, players first need to own a penthouse in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort. You need the penthouse to access the story missions that were added in the casino update. Host and play the first mission, Loose Cheng, to unlock casino work missions. These are short, randomly given missions that the player can request using their phone. The secret mission is hidden and is activated by getting drunk, not calling, but you will need these casino work missions unlocked to access it.

Head over to your private penthouse bar or the casino’s public bar and start drinking. Specifically, you need to drink shots of Macbeth Whisky. Each time you drink a shot of this powerful alcohol, your character will get very drunk, eventually blacking out and waking up in a different spot. Some players have found themselves transported outside the casino, to their own penthouse and to the casino’s bathrooms. To get the secret, you just have to keep drinking shots, over and over, until you get lucky enough to wake up in the mission.

Video of the secret mission from IceInfluX

Some players have been able to unlock the new secret after 50 drinks or less. Others have spent hours drinking Macbeth shots and still haven’t unlocked the mission. One player claims to have had 167 shots and still not unlocked the secret mission.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because this particular whisky shot was used in a different secret in GTA Online last year. In the nightclub update, players could drink this same alcohol and randomly wake up in different spots in the city. If you were lucky, or persistent, you could eventually wake up with a new exclusive shirt.

Unlike that secret and its exclusive piece of clothing, the reward for the hidden casino mission isn’t very impressive. It pays out around the same amount of similar casino jobs. However, there is some humorous dialogue that can be triggered while doing this secret mission, with Ms. Baker, the casino manager, claiming she’s never met someone who can be so offensive without saying a word, a reference to the fact your character in GTA Online never speaks.

Be careful when trying to get this secret mission. Some players have reported weird issues occurring when they wake up in their penthouse, like their entire living space getting sucked into a void and the world despawning randomly around them. The dangers of alcohol.

Source: Kotaku.com

Fake GTA Online Money Streams Are Popping Up Ahead Of Casino Update

Grand Theft Auto Online’s upcoming casino update has a lot of players hoping for expensive cars, new clothing items and lots of other things to buy. Some scammers are taking advantage of players’ excitement using fake online streams claiming to drop in-game money, sometimes in exchange for real money donations.

Money drop streams aren’t a new phenomenon in GTA Online. Since players figured out how to mod the game on console and PC, people have been running streams where one player uses a modded account or game to drop free bags of in-game cash for other players. But most of these streams on sites like YouTube aren’t real and instead are created to fool players. These fake streams become more popular before big updates, as fans grind and save up in-game cash to buy all the new goodies the next update will bring.

With the upcoming casino update, players have gone into overdrive. Details about the update released today show many items that could be costly. Recent in-game events have all been focused on giving players big payouts on missions, races, and businesses, which has stoked players’ fears that they’ll need a lot of money to fully enjoy the casino content. This is the perfect environment for scammers.

These scam streams follow similar setups. They promise players across all platforms in-game money if they follow certain directions. These vary from stream to stream, but generally, players are asked to follow one or more social media accounts, subscribe to one or many YouTube accounts, like the stream, follow a fan page and drop their Gamertag or PSN ID into the chat. Some streams ask viewers to donate real-world money to gain invites to private GTA Online lobbies where they can get in-game money drops. Many of these streamers are trying to get more subscribers and followers, which is why the directions often include warnings that if followers unsubscribe they won’t get the money.

Most of these streams won’t actually reward followers with in-game money. The first red flag is that most of the streams promise to give players across all platforms money. However, GTA Online doesn’t have shared accounts or cross-play, so one lobby can’t possibly payout to players on any platform. Streams that actually give players money instead specify one platform, or they switch lobbies during the stream to other platforms.

Another sign of fake streams is the content of the stream itself. The gameplay is often ripped from other channels or is old footage of players hosting money-dropping events; they aren’t actually live. I saw some gameplay that was clearly from a few weeks ago, because the loading screen mentioned an event from July 3, even though the stream was supposedly happening live on July 15. Other times the gameplay will be GTA V single-player gameplay instead of GTA Online.

Another warning sign can be the length of the streams. One stream I found had been live for nearly 48 hours. Another stream posted on Reddit had been live for nearly a week. Even the most dedicated GTA Online player needs to sleep.

Most of these streams don’t have people commentating over the action or communicating with chat. Some scam streams employ chatbots to interact with fans, but the streamers themselves aren’t active in the chat. Some streams have audio that never mentions the chat and seems to be ripped from another stream to appear more realistic.

In the middle of a weekday afternoon, I found 15 different fake streams live on YouTube alone. On weekends and at night, I found 25 or 30 of these streams. Some have only had three or five viewers, while I’ve seen others with up to 700 viewers.

Many viewers in these streams are frustrated, especially those who have donated money or watched for hours without being invited to the private lobbies the stream promised. In one stream I watched, players complained about not getting invites after donating. “None of these money drops ever work,” one viewer complained. “I donated 2 dollars and still haven’t gotten an invite,” wrote another. “You’re not gonna steal from me are you?” they added. Several suspected the streamer wasn’t even reading the comments.

Luckily, most players I’ve seen have only wasted their time watching these streams and haven’t donated much money to them. But for players looking to make some money fast, don’t fall for these streamers who are willing to take real money donations and give out nothing. Your time is better spent playing missions and completing heists or other in-game activities which will actually reward you with GTA money.

Source: Kotaku.com

GTA Online’s Latest Missions Go Back To The Game’s Roots

Over the last few weeks, Rockstar has been adding new missions to Grand Theft Auto Online based around repossessing, selling and stealing vehicles. Most new GTA Online content often focuses on PvP action, grinding tasks for a new business or racing against others. These latest missions are a return to the simple missions the game first launched with, and they’re also filled with cool and creative moments that currently make them some of the most fun things to do in GTA Online, either alone or with others.

These new missions are given by Simeon, one of the original and oldest GTA Online mission-givers. They all involve players working for Simeon and stealing, destroying or saving exotic and expensive vehicles for his business. It’s a narrative setup that GTA Online has used multiple times in the past, but it also reminded me of the earlier days of the game, before I had 30 cars, multiple businesses, a private military, and a fancy night club. I’m nostalgic for the less over-the-top and wacky GTA Online from years ago, and these missions scratch that itch.

A total of eight missions have been added over the last three weeks. One asks players to steal cars using a helicopter, another tasks players with saving burning cars using a water cannon, and another has players solving a puzzle made out of vehicles.

My favorite mission, R.V. There Yet, is about stealing a large armored truck that is parked in the middle of an R.V. dealership lot. Using some vehicles and specially added unmovable props, you have to move the RVs and trucks in a certain order to finally free your armored vehicle. Alone, this puzzle is a bit tricky, as enemies will spawn and shoot at you. With others, this puzzle becomes a fun moment of teamwork, as players need to coordinate when to move R.Vs and when to focus on enemies shooting at them. I can’t think of another GTA Online mission that used cars like this, and I would love to see this level of creativity continue in future missions and events.

Another standout mission, Under The Hammer, highlights how most of these missions seem to have been built for both groups of players and lone wolves. This mission has players stealing a giant monster truck and then using it to run over parked and moving cars. The moving cars are dotted around the map, while the parked cars are grouped in a few areas. This means a team of players will most likely split up, with one player using the big truck to crush parked cars and other players chasing after the moving targets. However, playing this mission alone still works. Chasing down cars in a big monster truck is a lot of fun, as is crushing the parked cars.

One really fun mission, Burn Rate, has players doing something you rarely do in a GTA game: stop criminals. Players steal a firetruck and head over to the southern San Andreas docks. Once there, you use the truck’s water cannon to save cars that have been set on fire by a rival gang. You can even use the water cannon to knock down and kill enemies. The firetruck doesn’t get much use in GTA Online, and it was nice to see a mission built entirely around it.

Other missions are a bit more simple, but still fun to complete. A few missions have you breaking into areas and stealing incredibly fast cars. For newer players who don’t have a lot of money, these missions are a great way to experience some of the better cars in the game without spending any cash.

There are two missions in this batch of new content that require players to team up with at least one other player, including a mission where players use a Cargobob helicopter to steal cars from rich people’s homes. In this mission, the cars are parked inside garages or near houses. This makes it nearly impossible to safely pick up the cars using the hanging hook on the bottom of the Cargobob. Another player on the ground needs to hop walls and locked gates and move the car into a better spot. It’s a great mission but is clearly built for a group of players as opposed to the solo player.

These missions are a perfect mix of simple action, fast driving, fun moments and creative twists. I’d like to see more missions like them—I miss when GTA Online was more grounded in reality, focused on working together with friends to complete short missions full of shootouts and car chases. As more hoverbikes, jetpacks, and businesses have been added into the game, it has started to feel less like an online Grand Theft Auto game and more of an open-world-MMO focused on mayhem. I love all the wacky and wild stuff. But I’m happy to put away my hover car and laser rifle and get back to doing some classic GTA.

Source: Kotaku.com

GTA Online Adds RC Cars In Latest Update

Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest game mode isn’t about powerful supercars or big armored tanks. Instead, this new mode focuses on something tiny and fast: remote controlled cars. The RC Bandito is a small RC car that first appeared last month in the Arena War update, which added a whole new deadly game show to GTA Online. Now the little RC car has received its own series of races, and they are a lot of fun.

The new RC car races are set up like standard checkpoint races in GTA Online. Players race around a track, hitting checkpoints along the way, and the first player to finish the set number of laps wins. I was happy to find that the RC cars feel very different from a standard car. They move quickly, can turn on a dime, bounce around more and just generally feel more wild, in a good way.

At first I was hitting walls and spinning out, but once I got the hang of how the RC car handles I had a great time zooming around the eight different tracks Rockstar created. As I got better with the little cars, I found myself almost never braking or slowing down. Instead I started finding the angles on turns that let me keep my speed.

When I did make a mistake, it was disastrous. Even at slower speeds, the RC cars are very bumpy and prone to flipping over or spinning out. If I hit a wall or another car at a high rate of speed, my little RC car would fling off like a pinball. This can become frustrating if it happens multiple times in one race, but luckily everyone else is flying around too. In races with 10 or more players, the track often looks like a bunch of kids left their Hot Wheels cars laying out after playing with them.

I also really enjoy the lobby screen before the race starts. Usually the screen shows players grouped around a car. But in the RC car races, players wearing full racing gear and helmets are grouped around tiny remote controlled cars. It makes me laugh each time the lobby loads.

The whole mode feels funny. I was surprised at how many players I encountered online who were just laughing and having a good time. I usually end up muting most players in GTA Online because all they do is yell or complain constantly, usually using toxic language and slurs. However, I had a much different experience in my RC car races. Players were laughing and talking about how absurd the RC cars were. The mode just has a more playful and fun vibe than previous racing modes.

If you really enjoy driving the RC Bandito in races, you can buy the RC car and take it out around the city and desert of GTA Online. Though it isn’t cheap: The RC car in GTA Online cost over $1.5 million. Once players have shelled over a million bucks to buy the RC car, they can customize it, give it the ability to jump or even add explosives to it. This is GTA Online, so of course you can add a bomb to it. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy the RC car to play the new races, which is nice because these new races are fun, but not $1.5 million dollars worth of fun.

GTA Online has tried in the past to recreate the feeling of RC cars in its Tiny Racers mode, but that mode used a camera angle that made racing difficult and used normal-sized GTA Online cars, using the top down camera to make them look smaller. These new RC car races feel much better, and I had a great time blasting around the tracks. I hope Rockstar adds more RC car tracks in the future. Maybe some RC boat or plane racing too?

Source: Kotaku.com