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The New Sonic The Hedgehog Monopoly Game Is About Going Fast And Battling Bosses

Photo: Mike Fahey

Debuting in 2017 with a Mario-themed set, Monopoly Gamer combines Hasbro’s classic real estate board game with iconic video game characters and unique game mechanics. Now it’s Sonic’s turn to race around the board, collecting rings, fighting for chaos emeralds, and investing in property, just like he does in his video games.

Monopoly Gamer: Sonic the Hedgehog Edition’s currency is rings. Its properties are stages from Sonic games like Speed Highway and Chemical Plant. Instead of utilities and railroads, there are ramps that propel players’ pieces across the board and spots for collecting rings. The tokens are Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails, each with their own special Super Boost ability, activated by rolling a special Boost die. Sonic’s Super Boost doubles his normal dice roll and causes every player he passes to drop rings on the game board. One can also imagine that sort of scenario playing out in a video game.

Instead of collecting money, landing on or passing Go initiates a boss battle. A boss card is flipped and players must beat the number value on the card by rolling a die. Should the player win the boss battle they earn the boss card and its chaos emerald. The boss card is worth points at the end of the game when scores are tallied. The emeralds allow players to reroll during boss fights.

It’s still a Monopoly game. The goal is to make it to the end with the most points. It’s just this one’s got Sonic all over it.

Monopoly Gamer: Sonic the Hedgehog Edition will be available for purchase on September 15 at Walmart (EBGames in Canada) and October 1 everywhere else.

Source: Kotaku.com

It’s Not Looking Good For Hasbro’s $4.6 Million Transformer Crowdfunding Campaign

In mid-July, Hasbro launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking $575 from 8,000 backers each to produce a two-foot-tall action figure of Transformers: The Movie villain Unicron. With the August 31 deadline rapidly approaching and less than a third of the campaign goal reached, things are looking grim for the planet eater.

HasLab is a crowdfunding platform created by Hasbro to make fans’ dream toys a reality. Its first project, Jabba’s Sail Barge from Star Wars, successfully raised $3.85 million from more than 7,000 backers to create nearly four-foot-long replicas of the iconic vehicle from Return of the Jedi. HasLab’s second project, a massive Transformers figure fans have been dreaming about since the release of the 1986 animated movie, is not going nearly as well. Nearly 30 days in, only $1.4 million of Hasbro’s $4.6 million goal has been reached.

Hasbro’s done its best to promote the massive figure. The company had a prototype on display at San Diego Comic-Con last month. Unicron was all over YouTube, generating a ton of buzz on social media.

via Realistikk on YouTube

More recently, the company released a fancy video of the figure being transformed by Takara Tomy product designer Kunihiro. Watching the panels fold and pieces flip, slowly turning the evil planet into an evil robot is breathtaking and not a little intimidating.

The problem is pretty obvious. Nearly $600 is too big an ask on such short notice, even when Unicron’s involved. I consider myself a pretty big fan of the Transformers franchise, and I’ve spent a whole lot of money on collecting the figures, but never this much, all at once. If I had several months to set money aside, maybe. A month and a half? Not happening. Hopefully this and HasLab’s other current seemingly doomed project, a $300 three-foot-tall Cookie Monster figure, will help guide Hasbro toward more reasonable crowdfunding ventures in the future.

Source: Kotaku.com

Hasbro’s New Overwatch Figure Shows Off Reinhardt’s Pretty Face

Out of all the characters recreated in plastic for Hasbro’s first wave of Overwatch action figures, the hands-down, hammers-up best is the super-sized Reinhardt with his gorgeous mech suit and dinner plate-sized shield. The only way it could be better would be if we could see the old man’s pretty face. Oh hi there, San Diego Comic-Con Reinhardt Bundswehr version.

Hasbro hit the jackpot when they secured the license for Overwatch action figures. Not only does the toymaker have the rights to make figures based on the entire roster of Blizzard’s hero shooter, they also have a well of variant figures based on the game’s bountiful array of cosmetic skins. That means masked Anna and unmasked Reaper from the first wave, which I reviewed earlier this year, aren’t the end-all, be-all. This new version of Reinhardt is posing plastic proof.

Available exclusively at the Hasbro booth during San Diego Comic-Con, the Bundswehr version of Reinhardt strips the mask off of Overwatch’s best tank, letting the poor old man breathe easy for a bit. The eight-inch tall figure comes packaged in a large box, frozen against a cardboard backdrop of combat chaos.Reinhardt’s hammer, which is gold instead of the silver and gray of the original figure, sports a translucent yellow impact effect. It’s a lovely box, the sort that collectors might want to keep sealed for shelf display.

For me, however, a toy is not a toy until I’ve played with it, so I tore open the packaging and grabbed some glamor shots of Herr Wilhelm. Old and scarred with a neatly-trimmed beard and slicked-back hair, the unmasked version of Reinhardt is who I aspire to be when I am slightly older. Just gotta figure out the whole hair thing.

And yes, the package also includes my favorite toy accessory of the year, the microwave-safe platter shield, complete with painted wolf emblem.

This German military service version of Reinhardt is available at Hasbro’s booth at SDCC for $60. I imagine it’s also on eBay, selling for around *checks price* $100. More importantly, he’s a harbinger of things to come in Hasbro’s Overwatch Ultimates figure line. We’re going to be up to our pauldrons in variants, you guys.

Source: Kotaku.com

Hasbro’s Made Some Fine Overwatch Action Figures, Except For Reaper

All photos by Mike Fahey

Hasbro’s Overwatch Ultimates action figure line, which is hitting store shelves as we speak, gives fans of Blizzard’s hero shooter a less-expensive alternative to those hot, Japanese Figma toys. Let’s take a look at the first wave, including Pharah, Mercy, Tracer, Lucio, Ana, Soldier 76, Sombra, a very large Reinhardt, and a sad, maskless Reaper.

I do not play Overwatch that often, but I adore Blizzard’s character designs. While core players get excited about the gameplay potential of a new character reveal, I can’t wait to see what outfit the new addition is wearing. I love the little details, like Lucio’s weird frog shirt or the sweet gradient on Tracer’s leggings. Hasbro has captured the bits I love quite nicely.

First, let’s talk about my main. As I said, I don’t play Overwatch often, but when I do, I play Reinhardt. As a very tall person, I can relate to being a giant among tiny people, right down to the urge to protect those tiny people whenever possible.

Hasbro’s Reinhardt is not tiny people. He is a massive beast of a man in a mech suit, weighing close to two pounds. While the rest of the figures in the line retail for around $20 a pop, Reinhardt comes in a very large box all by himself and costs $50.

Part of the reason for the large packaging is his shield. Taking up the entire back of the box, Reinhardt’s deployable shield is a translucent thing of beautiful. It’s like buying a large action figure and getting a microwave-safe serving platter for free.

Probably, though, the main reason he costs so much is his bulk. He is a big boy. I love him. Tracer also loves him.

Tracer, packaged by her lonesome, comes in a much smaller box. It can barely fit her personality.

Each of the smaller figures comes with a set of action figure essentials—weapons, extra hands, that sort of thing. Tracer’s extra hands let her be sassy, which is completely in character.

Sombra’s extra hands let her pose with her very clever hacking accessory.

Sombra is also an excellent example of how Hasbro has nailed the characters’ facial features, right down to the tweaked eyebrow.

Combining sass and distinctive facial features is Lucio, the last surviving rollerblader. He’s a beautiful character, and a beautiful figure.

Lucio comes with a Sonic Amplifier that plugs into his arm. But, also, it wouldn’t be Lucio without kick-ass skate trails.

To help me show off the figures’ flexibility, we have Ana in her Shrike outfit. Ana comes packaged together with Soldier 76 in what I like to call the $40 senior discount bundle. For an older woman, she is quite spry.

The legs next to crouching Ana of course belong to Soldier 76, the second-most G.I. Joe-looking figure of the bunch.

If he’s the second, then who is the first? Why, it’s my least favorite figure in the lineup, Reaper in his Blackwatch skin. Why make a figure of the cool, specter-looking fellow when you can just make a dude.

On the plus side, Reaper makes an excellent corpse for Mercy to resurrect.

Next to my boy Reinhardt, Mercy is the finest figure in the set. The translucent wings, the colors, the promise of never dying. Plus, Mercy is this wave’s other two-pack. Who does she come bundled with?

What a good choice. Pharah is a close third best out of all the Hasbro Overwatch figures. She’s got that gorgeous armor, complete with shoulder airfoils that open and close. The wings on the back also open and close, with translucent yellow jet effects. Plus she comes with a clear stand, so she can fly.

I really can’t get over how good they all look, aside from Just-A-Guy Reaper (with Shelf-Warming action). The medium-tier i toy license is in good hands with Hasbro. Now give us a giant plastic hamster, you cowards.

Source: Kotaku.com

Get Your First Look at Power Rangers: Beast Morphers’ Legendary Gold Ranger

Hello there, Beast Morpher Gold!
Image: Hasbro

Power Rangers (and its Japanese predecessor, Super Sentai) is no stranger to additional rangers joining the team mid-show. The latest entry in the series, Beast Morphers, is no exception—and io9 has your very first look at its new Gold Ranger in action, as well as a chat with the man himself!

io9 can exclusively confirm that Abraham Rodriguez—who plays Grid Battleforce tech genius Nate Silva on the show—will officially be stepping up to join Devon, Ravi, and Zoey as the Gold Ranger. Nate will step into the shiny supersuit in this week’s episode, “The Cybergate Opens” and you can see the first moment he dons the suit in a new clip below, making its debut here on io9!

To celebrate the occasion, we spoke to Rodriguez over email to get a hint of what Power Rangers fans can expect from Nate’s transition from team support to full-time superhero.

io9: How long have you known that Nate’s journey would lead to him joining the Beast Morphers—what was your reaction the moment you found out yourself?

Abraham Rodriguez: The same day I found out that I booked the role of Nate, our phenomenal executive producer, Chip Lynn, called me from New Zealand and told me my character would become the Gold Ranger in the eighth episode. At first, I was just speechless that I booked the role. Then it hit me that I was going to be the Gold Power Ranger and be a part of the special Gold Ranger legacy forever. From the moment I arrived to our studio lot and began working, I was eager and excited to read the script to find out how my character becomes the Gold Ranger. I will never forget the high level of excitement I felt when I was finally handed a hard copy of the eighth episode. I started reading the script immediately and went through so many emotions. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. I was so excited and ready to become a Power Ranger.

io9: Tell us a little bit about the day on set you shot the moment Nate became the Gold Ranger. What was that like for you?

Rodriguez: The day I shot the scene where Nate becomes the Gold Power Ranger will forever be one of the best experiences and memories of my life. I remember getting more and more anxious and excited as the day drew closer. Once the day finally came, I woke up so hyped, happy, and ready to film such an epic and life-changing scene for Nate. I knew that from the moment Nate became the Gold Ranger, his life would never be the same. He would never go back to being just the child genius and lead scientist, but he would also become a part of the Power Rangers team, fight against evil, and protect the Morphin Grid alongside his best friends. It was a huge character arc for Nate. I was ready to give it my all and enjoy every second of this epic and legendary transformation. I had an absolute blast filming this scene take after take. It will forever be one of my favorite scenes and always hold a special place in my heart.

io9: Judging by the clip we’re showing off, Nate’s choice to become the Gold Ranger seems more out of circumstance than his grand intent. How will such a momentous decision impact him and his role in the Grid Battleforce going forward?

Rodriguez: Nate is always thinking about how he can help his friends help the world, fight against evil, and protect the Morphin Grid from Evox, so becoming a Power Ranger himself, has helped him understand from a different perspective what it’s like going face to face with the enemy. It will also help him better develop more weapons and plans the team and himself can use to defeat Evox. Nate has an advantage of knowing the scientific realm along with now being able to fight the enemy himself with all the knowledge he has from various years of working in Grid Battleforce and developing new weaponry and tactics. He is no longer the boy behind the computer, but now also front row in the battlefield fighting evil and saving the world.

io9: You’re joining a very special legacy, not just of the Power Rangers, but one of the series’ legendary “sixth ranger” archetypes. What’s it like being in the same group of characters like Tommy Oliver’s Green Ranger all those years ago?

Rodriguez: It is such a special feeling to be a part of the Gold Ranger legacy. To be in the same group of characters as Tommy Oliver is just unreal and super awesome! It’s an honor to be a part of a special and unique group of Rangers. GO GOLD!!!

“The Cybergate Opens” hits Nickelodeon at 8 a.m. ET/PT this Saturday, April 27.

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The New Power Rangers Fighting Game Could Use A Lot More Power Rangers 

Pictured: 33 percent of the game’s fighters.

The colorful, spandex-clad martial artists of Power Rangers are the perfect subject for a basic but enjoyable three-on-three fighting game like Battle for the Grid. But with 26 seasons of television featuring more than 140 different heroes, the starting roster should at least be in the double digits, and not nine.

I was super excited when Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and (eventually) PC, imagining a game overflowing with Super Sentai characters from throughout the show’s 25-year history. It’s developed by nWay, the studio that made mobile brawler Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and that game’s got dozens of rangers in it. Surely, I thought, Battle for the Grid would follow suit.

Nope. We’ve got nine fighters. There’s rangers Green and Red from the original series and Yellow from Super Mega Force. Magna Defender drops in from Lost Galaxy. Also from the original series are Kelly as the Ranger Slayer, the evil Goldar, Lord Drakkon, and his Mastodon Sentry henchman. Since Lord Drakkon is an alternate reality version of the Green Ranger, that means 22 percent of the starting roster is Tommy Oliver.

It’s a nice little group of characters, but still a little group. Were this a one-on-one fighter, nine characters wouldn’t be so bad. Street Fighter II launched with only eight, and that was fine. But each round in Battle for the Grid features two teams of three characters each tagging in and out of battle. Seeing the same facemasks over and over again gets old quick.

Roster aside, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid isn’t a bad fighting game. nWay built it to be accessible for players of all ages and skill levels, so it’s relatively basic. There are normal attacks of three strengths, throws, and special moves. Each character has an appropriate super attack that can be activated when the super meter is full. It’s a three-on-three affair, so characters are constantly jumping in for assists or swapping out. Each team also gets to select a giant monster or mech (a Zord, that is) they can call in when things look dire, to help even the odds.

Yellow cannot handle the Dragonzord’s tail.

The stages aren’t great, with bland flat textures in the backgrounds. The face of Zordon is especially lifeless in the Ranger base level. One would think he’d react to the battle at hand, but he just hangs there like a wall sconce. These are little annoyances that would be much easier to overlook if the game’s roster were packed with many more color-coded upholders of all that is good and teenagery in the universe. Instead, it feels empty.

It’s not just the lack of characters, either. In an interview with the PlayStation Blog in January, nWay’s Chris Peralta said the game would launch with a story mode. It did not. There’s an arcade mode, which is a series of seven battles, but that quickly runs into the “too few characters” issue as well.

There’s more coming, at least. A season pass available right now includes three future downloadable characters. The official Battle for the Grid Twitter addressed the lacking or missing content on Twitter prior to the game’s launch on Xbox One and Switch this week, saying that the concerns “regarding characters, story mode, DLC, etc.” would be addressed “as soon as we’re ready to share details.”

Hopefully, once nWay irons out some of the online play bugs and makes sure everyone’s codes for the game work, the studio can start building Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid into the ranger-packed celebration of colorful costumed fighting it has the potential to be.

Source: Kotaku.com

The Coolest Star Wars and Marvel Reveals From New York Toy Fair

From Captain Marvel to The Phantom Menace, the hills are alive with the sound of your groaning wallets.
Photo: James Whitbrook/io9
Toys and CollectiblesAction figures, statues, exclusives, and other merchandise. Beware: if you look here, you’re probably going to spend some money afterwards.  

New York Toy Fair descended on the Javits Center this past weekend, bringing us a new look at all the spectacular new toys (and games!) just waiting to plunder our bank accounts over the next year. As always, the show was a great and financially ruinous time for fans of Star Wars and Marvel—here are a few of the favorites we spotted.

Star Wars

Congratulations, Morphing Nerds: The Power Rangers are Going on Tour

Probably at least some of these Rangers will be there.
Image: Saban/Hasbro

When Hasbro got the Power Rangers license, as a lifelong fan, I started wondering what they’d do. A cartoon? Closer collaboration with the show’s Japanese counterparts? More movies? Perhaps the Power Rangers heyday of the 1990s would return.

Well, all of that could still happen, but in the meantime Hasbro is doing something even more ‘90s than that. That’s right, it’s roadshow time. As reported by Power Rangers fan site Morphin’ Legacy, Hasbro is taking the costumed heroes on tour, for what Hasbro’s press release calls “a live stage experience intended for Power Rangers fans of all ages.”

This takes me back. Remember when stage shows were a regular part of the childhood pop culture experience? And you’d ask your parents to take you, and they’d say no, and then you’d pretend it looked too cheesy anyways and you never wanted to go in the first place?

Well, now you’re an adult, and you can go to whatever ridiculous live events you want. So far, Hasbro hasn’t released dates or cities for the tour, which will be run by company Kilburn Live and Koba Entertainment, alongside Hasbro. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll finally be able to fulfill your dream of meeting a Power Ranger, stealing their morpher, and running away, not once looking back on the life you left behind.

Maybe that’s just my dream.

Source: Kotaku.com

Hasbro Is Releasing Overwatch Action Figures Later This Year

Photo: Hasbro

Hasbro has announced that they are partnering up with Blizzard Entertainment to release a series of action figures and other toys based on the popular hero shooter Overwatch.

Nine Overwatch heroes are getting turned into figures, which will be available Spring 2019. Lucio, Sombra, Tracer, Reinhardt, Anna, Soldier 76, Pharah, Mercy and Reaper are the first heroes you’ll be able to buy and add to your toy collection. The action figures will stand 6 inches tall and will feature props and articulation, letting you pose them however you desire.

Some of the figures will be sold individually for $23 each, while Pharah & Mercy and Soldier 76 & Anna will be sold in double packs that will, according to Gamestop, each cost $50.

Reinhardt is a slightly wider and more complex figure and will cost $50 by himself. Though he does come with a pretty awesome and large shield.

Get behind me!
Photo: Hasbro

Hasbro also revealed they will be releasing an Overwatch themed Monopoly board game and some blasters based on Lucio’s weapons he uses in Overwatch. The blasters will cost $10 and the themed Monopoly set will cost $50.

According to Polygon, Hasbro has said all of the figures and other toys will be available at most major toy retailers nationwide.

About the author

Zack Zwiezen

Zack Zwiezen is a a writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, USgamer, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.

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Transformers Meets Ghostbusters in This Totally Tubular ’80s Toy Mashup 

I might have had dreams like this.
Photo: Hasbro
Toys and CollectiblesAction figures, statues, exclusives, and other merchandise. Beware: if you look here, you’re probably going to spend some money afterwards.  

Think of the ultimate tool for separating grownup ‘80s kids from their hard-earned cash and it’s hard to imagine it will look any different than what Hasbro’s revealing at the New York Toy Fair this weekend: a Transformers meets Ghostbusters mashup that sees Ecto-1 transforming into a ghost-trapping robot toy. And io9 is giddy to exclusively show it to you today.

Put this character in the next Ghostbusters sequel, please.

Do transforming robots from Cybertron turn into ghosts when they’re dead or deactivated? Neither the ‘80s animated series, nor the recent run of Hollywood Transformers movies have answered that question, so Ectotron, who comes with his own proton pack and paranormal activity-detecting goggles, might only be designed to battle human specters.

A non-transforming Slimer figure is included.
Photo: Hasbro

Ectotron transforms from a seven-inch long replica of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle to a robot (and back again) in about 22 steps, which isn’t terribly complicated as modern Transformers toys go. It doesn’t come with the Ghostbusters themselves—you’ll have to leave that part to your imagination—but it does include a transparent Slimer figure so Ectotron will have an actual ghost to bust right out of the box.

You’ll have to wait until early June to add this $40 piece to your collection when it will be exclusively available in-store at GameStop. But you can get it online too, with pre-orders starting today at GameStop’s site, HasbroPulse.com, and EB Games Canada.

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