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Minecraft Players Are Using Honey Blocks To Run On Walls

Honey is sticky. You probably already knew that. But did you know that if you smear a bunch of honey on a wall you can run on that wall because the honey is sticky enough to hold your weight? Well, at least that’s how it works in Minecraft. In the latest update for the game, Mojang has added sticky honey blocks and players are using these new blocks to pull off some sweet parkour moves.

Added on October 8, in Snapshot update 19W41A, honey blocks are exatcly what they sound like, large blocks of stick honey. Players can place these blocks anywhere, just like any other block in Minecraft. Some creative players quickly discovered that these new blocks could be used to create walls that players could run across, like Titanfall.


It’s only been a few days since they were added to the game and yet the Minecraft subreddit is filled with players showcasing their sweet (literally) wall running moves. With a bit of practice, you can even run around a corner.

You can run across large gaps, sure. But players also figured out you can use these honey blocks to climb out of areas too. Which makes these new blocks not only fun but useful!


Using wall tiles, players have also created ways to hide the honey blocks. This could allow players to create parkour or puzzle maps that rely on wall-running, but without having walls made up of obvious looking honey blocks everywhere.

Back in January, a Minecraft update accidentally added a bug that allowed players to wall run. It was a fairly popular glitch and some players even wanted it left in the game. It was removed, but maybe the wall running ability of the new honey block was inspired by that incident?

Source: Kotaku.com

Someone Beat Minecraft Without Mining Any Blocks

Minecraft is a game where you sometimes mine stuff and sometimes craft stuff. But one player decided to skip the whole mining bit of Minecraft and decided to beat the game without ever mining a single block. This isn’t easy and involves a lot of scavenging, some expert bucket skills, some luck and a lot of patience.

First spotted by PC Gamer, Reddit user SpikyHedGey posted a video on the Minecraft subreddit on October 4 showcasing a highlight reel of everything they did to beat the game without mining. The impressive accomplishment was a huge hit with Minecraft players on Reddit, racking up over 11k upvotes already.


A lot of the run early on is spent visiting villages, pyramids, and other special locations. Each of these areas could have useful items and materials for SpikyHedGuy, like armor, food, and buckets. (The buckets are very important.) The keyword here is “could.” These areas, which spawn randomly in the world, aren’t guaranteed to provide any useful items. So a lot of searching was needed.

The full video of how SpikyHedGuy pulled this off.

Once they had some basic supplies they then began digging into the world and getting into hidden temples. This involved a few different methods. Luring Creepers, enemies who explode when they get close to the player, was one common method. It is dangerous and a bit hard to control. Crafting TNT with materials from dead Creepers allowed SpikyHedGuy to place explosives where they needed. But supplies were limited and breaking blocks with TNT isn’t as precise as using a pickaxe. Both of these methods can destroy materials and items in the process, so less mining and more controlled exploding.

SpikyHedGuy then used a bucket and lava to create obsidian blocks in a specific pattern which activated a portal to the Nether. This is a very important step if you want to beat the game. SpikyHedGuy needed to farm some Blaze Rods to create Ender Eyes, which are needed to open the final portal to the last area of Minecraft, The End.

Fighting the big dragon at the end of Minecraft
Screenshot: HedGey (YouTube)


Once there, SpikyHedGuy fought the big dragon boss and using some scavenged food, armor, weapons and even the bucket, they were able to defeat the end boss and beat Minecraft.

I’ve never even beat Minecraft, let alone beat it without mining. A lot of things could have gone wrong during this run, including not finding nearby villages, spawning inside blocks in The End area or various other setbacks. So some luck was needed to pull off this impressive Minecraft run.



Source: Kotaku.com

Minecraft Earth Is Launching In Early Access This October

Microsoft and Mojang held their annual Minecon live stream event this weekend, where they announced new information about the upcoming mobile game, Minecraft Earth. The game will be released in early access in October in some countries and will be released globally by the end of the year. Mojang hasn’t said which countries will get access first. 

Revealed earlier this year, Minecraft Earth is a mobile augmented reality game that lets players explore the actual Earth, while also collecting familiar Minecraft blocks, building structures and fighting enemies like Creepers. This can all be done alone or with friends. Think Pokemon GO meets Minecraft.


Mojang also announced a new feature called Minecraft Earth Adventures. These will be small, pre-made areas that will pop-up for a limited time and will challenge players to find rare materials, solve puzzles or fight off enemies. These can also be played with friends.

Minecraft Earth has been available via a closed beta in a handful of cities, but when the game launches in early access it will include more features, items, crafting abilities and enemies than what is currently accessible in the beta.

Android users can start pre-registering for Minecraft Earth today ahead of the early access release in October. Only some countries will initially have access to the game in October, but by the end of the year, Mojang plans to make Minecraft Earth available globally on both iOS and Android.

Source: Kotaku.com

Long-Promised Minecraft Graphical Overhaul Is Canceled

Screenshot: Microsoft (Minecraft)

Today, Mojang announced that it has ceased development on Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack, citing technical difficulties. It’s been just over two years since the feature was announced on stage at E3 2017,

“Some of you might remember us announcing the Super Duper Graphics Pack during E3 2017,” the studio announced on its website today. “Super Duper was an ambitious initiative that brought a new look to Minecraft but, unfortunately, the pack proved too technically demanding to implement as planned.”

Mojang’s statement went on to say that the studio wasn’t happy with how the update was performing across the different platforms Minecraft on which is currently available, which range from Xbox One X to smartphones. Mojang is instead “looking into other ways for you to experience Minecraft with a new look.”

The Super Duper Graphics Pack, which was going to add new textures and visual effects to the game, including on Xbox One X where it would run in 4K, was originally slated to release in the fall of 2017, but was ultimately delayed until 2018. It didn’t arrive that year either, however, leaving Minecraft fans to wonder what had happened to the project.

While today’s announcement is the first time Mojang has addressed the issues with the Graphics Pack in an official statement from the studio at large, individual developers at the company have previously spoken out on Reddit and elsewhere, explaining the problems the development team was facing, including needing to rewrite much of the graphics portion of the game’s Bedrock Engine from scratch to accommodate the potential improvements.

Minecraft is the only first-party Microsoft game not to have Xbox One X enhancements, and it’s unclear whether this is the end of the road when it comes to that. Microsoft and Mojang did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Source: Kotaku.com

Minecraft Earth Gameplay Looks Adorable

Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality mobile game based on the hugely popular series, is coming to a closed beta later this summer. To tide you over, Mojang released a short video yesterday on that shows off some gameplay. It’s incredibly charming.

So far, all we’ve seen of Minecraft Earth is the admittedly impressive augmented reality and “people occlusion,” where players build structures in real life which they can then walk around and into. It blew my mind when I saw it at E3, but there’s more to this game than just placing and destroying blocks.

When you’re walking around in Minecraft Earth, you’ll see a map of your surroundings similar to the ones in Pokémon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, according to the video. On that map you’ll find “tappables,” objects you can tap that can earn you creatures—called “mobs” in Minecraft parlance—or different kinds of blocks and objects.

What’s more interesting are the build plates. Build plates are the spaces where you’re able to build in Minecraft Earth, which you do in miniature on a tabletop or other flat surface before placing the plate elsewhere. Then, whatever you built becomes life-size. The build plates actually correspond to the different biomes that are available in regular Minecraft. In the video, I saw jungle, arctic, and desert biomes, and the narration said that there will be more biomes to collect.

It’s still impressive to me how much of Minecraft they’re cramming into this augmented reality phone game—it turns out you’ll even be able to collect and change skins, just like in the full-size game. If you sign up for the closed beta, which will begin later this summer, you’ll also get an exclusive skin. Part of me would rather just be Minecraft Steve, though, just for the sake of nostalgia.

Source: Kotaku.com

Walking Around Minecraft Earth Feels Amazing

Image: Microsoft
E3 2019It’s time for the biggest gaming show of the year. We’ve got articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.  

I’ve been a casual player of both Minecraft and of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, so when Minecraft Earth was announced as an augmented reality version of Minecraft, I was curious. There’s a lot to Minecraft, so I was skeptical that the entire game could be scaled to a touchscreen experience on your phone. After playing a demo today at E3, I can tell that the game is going to ruin my life. You can scale everything about Minecraft into a phone-sized game, and it’s a marvel.

The demo began with a look at a completed building—in this case, a stone building with a little farm and multiple levels., First I saw it at a smaller scale, sitting on top of a real-world table. Then, the developers pressed a button on the phone’s screen and then pointed the phone where they wanted to place the building. This scaled the building up to our size, the size of real life people. All the bricks, tools and animals were now all around us when we looked through our phones. Both versions of this building were interactive, but I couldn’t touch or interact with every single block. While buttons are pressable, it’s easy to forget that the blocks aren’t solid. I amused myself for a couple seconds by walking through a fence to a pig pen.

The developers of Minecraft Earth told me that when you’re looking at builds that are scaled to the real world, you can only build two blocks high. Otherwise, you’d be craning your neck to put a roof on your house. Instead, you have a “build plate” you can set down on a table to build more ambitious buildings. You’ll only be able to build in Minecraft Earth on a build plate, but you can place the build plate on any flat surface, like the ground or a table. It makes it easier to see all angles of your build and create really complex things.

Once you step inside a full scale building in Minecraft Earth, the rest of the world feels like it melts away. As the structure populates in front of you, it’s difficult to take your eyes away from your phone, especially when you walk into and interact with whatever you created on your build plate. The “people occlusion,” which is a feature coming with the upcoming version of Apple’s iOS operating system, allows everyone around you to blend into the game’s world seamlessly. I even liked looking down at my feet, seeing them step through Minecraft’s pixelated grass.

The Minecraft Earth developers explained that in order to get rarer blocks in this version of Minecraft, you’ll go on “Adventures” with friends. These Adventures feature familiar Minecraft mobs, like Spiders, Skeletons or Creepers, which you’ll have to defeat to reap the rewards. Everything, even shooting arrows, is as easy as tapping on the screen. Because all the UI elements are taken from regular Minecraft, it all felt very intuitive. You just select the weapon you want from the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and then tap on the screen to use it. We didn’t really go on a full Adventure, but I did get to explode a lot of Creepers. It was hard not to warn people who were standing near them not to get to close to the explosions.

I cannot envision a world in which I do not play Minecraft Earth. Looking at the game on your phone feels like looking into a different universe. What I liked most was how easy it is for other players to join your games. Like regular Minecraft, you can have other players join your session of Minecraft Earth. All you have to do is show the screen of their phone a QR code. After they link, they’re in your game and can fully interact with the world.

Although the beta for Minecraft Earth is still a couple weeks off, I’m impressed with the game as it is now. It feels like stepping into a dollhouse that you’ve built. That’s something I wanted when I was a little girl playing with dolls—it feels like a miracle that it’s become reality in my lifetime.

Source: Kotaku.com

In A Few Weeks, Minecraft: Story Mode Will Be Impossible To Download

In the aftermath of development studio Telltale’s closure, games like Tales From The Borderlands and Batman: The Telltale Series were delisted from major stores like Steam and GOG. Now, that hissing green creeper has finally come for Minecraft: Story Mode. The story-based Minecraft spinoff is about to get delisted from stores. However, in this case, it sounds like even if you previously purchased the game, you won’t be able to redownload it once it’s been unceremoniously yanked from digital shelves.

An update on the official Minecraft website warns that the impending removal will take place on June 25.

“As you might have heard, its publisher is no longer in business, which unfortunately means that Minecraft: Story Mode will no longer be supported,” the post reads. “If you have purchased these seasons, please download all remaining episodes prior to the service being discontinued in June.”

It reiterates that people who’ve previously purchased Story Mode on Windows, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, or iOS should absolutely, positively download the game before that date. In other words, unlike other delisted games, which often remain available for redownload to people who purchased them before delisting, Story Mode will likely be gone for good come June 25. In an industry that already does a pretty miserable job of preserving its history, that’s an enormous bummer.

Source: Kotaku.com

Minecraft Players Are Celebrating 10 Years With Cakes, Artwork And More

Minecraft turns 10 this weekend and fans of the popular-blocky-game are celebrating this big milestone in various ways, like baking cakes in real life or sharing old stories and screenshots.

Last weekend, Minecraft developer Mojang released a new and free map to celebrate the big milestone. However, while that map was cool, it was also a bit early. This weekend (specifcally May 16th) is actually the official 10 year anniversary of the first release of Minecraft.

Screenshot: JonBoyeditor (Reddit)

In game, players discovered that when baking a cake on the special day, they found a big white “10″ stuck on top of it. A small detail from Mojang honoring the big day.

Beyond this small cake topping, fans across Reddit and Twitter have been sharing tons of videos, photos, builds and more in honor of a decade of Minecraft.

One fan shared a handwritten letter they received from Jeb, a lead developer on the game, from nearly 10 years ago. When he sent his letter and received a response, he was 9 years old and in 5th grade.

A Minecraft player and creator shared some new skins they made in honor of the celebrations. It shows the main default characters of Minecraft holding up cakes. The cake is actually the head and the shoulder is the top of the hands. A very clever design.

Screenshot: Nighthearted (Reddit)

Another player showed off artwork they made celebrating the game’s 10-year anniversary.

Reddit user and Minecraft fan Muddy_Boy shared this amazing piece of art he created in-game. Each letter represents a major update the game received over the past 10 years. Reddit user Knight506 did something similar, but showed each up visually in a video.

Screenshot: Muddy_Boy (Reddit)

A few players across Reddit and elsewhere shared images of some of their first builds or even their very first homes. Like Ryan-1- on the Minecraft subreddit, who shared a screenshot of their first dirt house.

This screenshot reminded me of my first dirt home.

I downloaded Minecraft and watched a short tutorial on how to play the game and jumped in. This was right near the release of the game and I scared of the night. The moment the sun started to slide down the sky, I panicked and dug out some dirt and made a small crappy home like this. After a few days of playing that first world, my small home was a castle. But in the middle of it all, was still my first home and chest.

JotaGHz shared a photo of their birthday cake, which is Minecraft themed as the player shares a birthday with the game.

Another player also shares a birthday with Minecraft and shared their cake on the Minecraft subreddit too.

If you want to see and read more memories of Minecraft from players all around the world you can check out the hashtag #MinecraftMemories on Twitter where players have been sharing stories and photos for the past week. The official Minecraft website rounded up some of their favorite tweets in a post.

What memories of Minecraft do you have? Do you remember the first time you built a home? The first time you joined a random server? The first skin you used? Share your memories and stories in the comments.

Source: Kotaku.com

Minecraft’s New 10th-Anniversary Map Is Awesome And Hides A Few Secrets

Minecraft is celebrating its 10th anniversary since it was first released, back in 2009. To pay tribute to this milestone, Mojang teamed up with Blockworks to create a massive map covering the entire history of the popular game. And for those who dig deep, you might find a few secrets and Easter Eggs.

When I first spawned into the map I was greeted with a nice little entrance and a minecart ride. However, this ride is actually a wonderful ride through the history of Minecraft’s major updates. It feels like a dark ride from a place like Disneyland and features on-screen text to help tell you when an update was released and what it was called.

Once I finished that minecart ride down memory lane, I found myself surrounded by immense structures. This is the real meat of the map. It is huge. Each area is dedicated to different parts of Minecraft.

For example, you can find a large museum showcasing every block currently in the game and each one has a small piece of text you read. These provide background and history about the block, while also teaching players tricks and tips on how to use them.

Another section of the map contains every enemy and animal in the game but made larger. A few of these creatures are fairly new and I didn’t know what they were. Luckily, like the block museum, each creature and enemy has text that players can read to learn more.

There’s even a section of the map dedicated to the educational spin-off version of Minecraft. Like Epcot at Disneyworld, I basically ran through this and barely looked. But neat that it’s there.

Dotted around the entire map are huge structures, biome-domes, temples, paintings, statues and more. You could easily spend over a few hours in this map and not see or find everything.

The map also contains some puzzles and secrets. A player reported on the Minecraft subreddit that they had even found a book referencing the creepy meme character, Herobrine. Mojang teases in a blog post announcing the map that it contains multiple easter eggs. I haven’t found any, but other players are already digging into finding all the secrets this map contains.

If you are a huge fan of Minecraft you’ve probably already played this, but if you haven’t it’s worth checking out. Even if you only played a bit of the game a few years back, this map is so well made and chock full of information, I think most players will get a kick out of exploring it.

The map is available for free right now on all Bedrock versions of the game, which includes Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile devices. It is also avaiable for the original Java version and Realms. Some players on Switch are reporting performance issues in some of the more complex areas of the map, so just a heads up.

Source: Kotaku.com

Minecraft Villagers Are Out Of Control After The Latest Update

Screenshot: AstroHungry (Reddit)

Villagers have been a part of Minecraft for a few years now, mostly just being quiet and boring. But the latest Minecraft update, Village & Pillage, has changed villagers and suddenly fans are encountering some strange and annoying locals.

Village & Pillage is a massive update, possibly the biggest update Minecraft has ever received. It adds, changes and fixes a huge list of things. Some of these changes involve the villagers of Minecraft. They’ve become more rowdy and odd.

This latest update was focused on villages, so many players have been moving into nearby villages to help build them up and protect them. But it seems villagers don’t respect their privacy. Minecraft users noticed almost immediately that villagers will now just sleep wherever they damn well please. One player even came home to find a villager in their bed, even though they locked their home up using a button and iron door. And here’s disturbing fact: Villagers sleep with their eyes open.

Some players have also discovered villagers sleeping in beds while their heads float above them. This is a bug and a bit creepy.

A crafty player shared on Twitter one way to remove these unwanted villagers. They simply used their fishing rod to pull the NPC off the bed and onto the floor.

Screenshot: Tyler Patrick (Twitter)

Other players have encountered villager children jumping on their bed, like mad lads.

Some Minecraft players have also encountered villagers who just move into their home or garden and start doing whatever they want. One player encountered a villager who traveled a short distance to reach the player’s home and then started living and working there. Over on the Minecraft subreddit, the player desperately asked others “How do I get him to leave without hitting him?”

Another player walked into their home to find villagers breeding, which is awkward.

Screenshot: Flabby Penguin (Reddit)

When they aren’t sleeping or banging in strangers’ homes, it seems villagers will stay up all night bumping into stairs. They have trouble climbing stairs, so if you do want to keep them out, maybe trying building your home elevated off the ground and have a small staircase to get in.

Possibly unrelated to the new update, but one player encountered a trader NPC that ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.

After years of living quiet lives as simple farmers or traders, it seems the populace of Minecraft has decided to get a little wild.

I say, good for them.

Source: Kotaku.com