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Borderlands 3 Patch Removes Screaming From Boss Who Screamed Too Much

Borderlands 3 is fun, but it’s had some problems since launch. It takes an absolute lifetime to boot up and occasionally hangs during simple actions like opening the menu. This morning, developer Gearbox pushed out a hot fix that deals with the most pressing issue of all: the incessant screaming of an endgame boss.

WARNING: There are story spoilers from this moment forward.

My Borderlands 3 adventure is only a few hours long, but my short time with the game has readied me for an eventual showdown with twin antagonists Tyreen and Troy Calypso. Without going into too many details, these siblings kick off the main storyline by being absolute dicks. I can only assume they get worse in future chapters, making any opportunity to fire a few shots in their direction a welcome reprieve from their influencer-based quips.


Enemies can be incredibly talkative in Borderlands 3, especially when they take damage. This dialogue ranges anywhere from basic “Oh wow, bullets hurt!” grunts to full-on wailing when they take continuous damage from elements like fire, electricity, and acid. Troy apparently leans towards the latter, so much so that his screams have been a topic of discussion, with players offering both positive and negative opinions on the matter.

“Humanoid bosses screaming from elemental effects is absolutely hilarious,” one Reddit thread says, going on to name Troy and another boss, Aurelia, as two characters with drastic reactions to damage.


“Status effect screams seriously need deleting on bosses,” another complains. “Take for example the seemingly epic fight with Troy, or Aurelia, or the Zero like fight with Katagawa and the Two Traunt Brothers as they throw insults at you and half way through shit talking you the screams overlap the insults so you don’t get to hear what they are saying half the time.”

Today’s hot fix addresses numerous aspects of Borderlands 3, including a reduction in drop rates from certain farmable enemies and nerfs for Torgue shotguns, which became popular due to their ability to output massive damage in the right situations. At the very bottom, the changelog notes that it also “removed pain sounds from Troy for his boss fight,” making it easier to hear his snide remarks as he flies around the boss arena.


Reactions to this particular change have been generally positive, even from folks who didn’t find Troy’s screams to be that big of a deal before the update. One player has petitioned the developers to “please bring back the Troy paingasms,” but the most upvoted response was a simple, “No,” from another Reddit user. For the most part, folks were expecting these changes, though there is some grumbling that performance issues weren’t prioritized over limiting loot farming and some specific sound effects. In any case, Troy now has a chance to talk shit that he didn’t have before.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Just Got A Completely Bananas Backstory

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the 2017 Early Access hit that kicked off gaming’s battle royale craze, has never really had a backstory. Why bother? The appeal was immediate: You’re thrown from a plane with 99 other people onto an island full of weapons. This being a video game, everyone is going to try and kill one another. It’s an immediately compelling concept, the appeal of which is even clearer with every new battle royale mode that’s announced in other games.

So perhaps the biggest change in PUBG’s forthcoming fourth season is the fact that it now has a backstory—and it is absolutely bonkers.

The premise debuts in a new trailer set on the game’s first map, Erangel, where a boy is the lone survivor of some unspecified conflict. That boy grows up to be a man obsessed with survival, and so he now organizes the entire battle royale. For his…entertainment, I guess? It’s pretty twisted!

This sudden, shocking revelation brings all sorts of questions. How does he recruit people? Is this man’s battle royale a publicly known thing? What conflict wrecked Erangel and turned this kid into a monster? Are there people out there trying to bring him down? Are the goofy outfits his idea?

There’s so much we don’t know! What we do know is that Season 4 is bringing some changes to the Erangel map that are now live on the game’s PC test server, according the 4.1 update. The biggest changes are to Erangel. The map is getting lots of adjustments meant to give the island a better sense of history and perhaps allude more to this new backstory.

The update also comes with a new Survival Pass and a long list of weapon and item balance changes. There’s also playable turntables. They look like this.

Just thought you should know.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 4 is live now on the PC test server and coming to consoles later this summer.

Source: Kotaku.com

Blizzard Responds To Accusations Of Censorship In Hearthstone’s Latest Patch

In the lead-up to Hearthstone’s upcoming “Saviors of Uldum” expansion, Blizzard Entertainment released a patch yesterday that ran a couple housekeeping alterations to make way for the new content. The update removed some older cards from the game’s Standard mode, added some new cards to the game’s Classic set, and in a move that’s stirred up tons of controversy, changed the art of eight old cards.

At first glance, all of the card art changes seem to make the cards either less sexy or less violent. The card Eviscerate, which has always been one of the most popular spells in the game, was changed so that there’s no longer any blood in the art. The card Succubus, which used to depict a whip-wielding demon of lust, is now called the Felstalker, and it looks like a run-of-the-mill four-legged demon with massive jaws.

For the past 24 hours, Reddit has been flooded with posts mocking these art changes. One replaced the word “blood” in every card that uses it with the word “ketchup,” for instance. Up until now, there had been no official statement from Blizzard regarding the reasons for the updates, and so speculations as to why this happened were common. One guess was that Blizzard was trying to tone down its game for folks who might get offended by the sight of scantily clothed women. Another common hypothesis was that the company was catering to China’s censorship laws and changing its card art for that reason.

I reached out to the company for comment, and a spokesperson provided me with the following response:

The recent changes were applied to make those cards more visually cohesive and consistent with the art style of Hearthstone today. When Hearthstone first launched, we brought in a lot of artwork from the physical World of Warcraft trading card game. In the years since, Hearthstone has developed a look, feel, and personality of its own that distinguishes it from that of Warcraft—though we still love being a part of that universe. We’ll always be looking for ways to deliver on the game’s unique style, charm, and personality.

It’s not an uncommon reason for corporate rebranding, and this sort of art tweak in a digital card game aimed primarily at teens and youngsters isn’t terribly surprising. There are hundreds of creative variables involved in creating the look, feel, and tone of a product like Hearthstone, and as the game has now been around for five (!) years, it’s all but expected for these kinds of creative changes to occur at one point or another.

I’m definitely not saying that people shouldn’t criticize some of these art changes on the grounds that some of them feel a bit uninspired. But do I get why a multi-billion dollar corporation would want to scrap the art of a five year-old card that looks like something you’d see airbrushed on the side of glam-rock revival band’s tour bus? Absolutely.

Source: Kotaku.com

Crash Team Racing PS4’s Got A Save-Corrupting Bug, But A Fix Is On The Way

A nasty bug that’s been causing PlayStation 4 players of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled to lose their save files is getting patched on July 3. In the meantime, Activision warns PS4 players to steer clear of time trials.

According to blog posted today by Activision, the PlayStation 4 save-corrupting bug occurs when the size of players’ race ghost data gets too big. Race ghosts are created when players participate in Time Trial races, acting as AI opponents for them to practice against. Users who have encountered the bug, several of whom emailed Kotaku directly, had their save files irreversibly corrupted.

Developer Beenox is aware of the issue, and a patch is planned for deployment on July 3. In the meantime, Activision suggests PlayStation 4 players avoid Time Trial races until the ghost data is clear. Players who complete a race while connected online fromnow through July 4 will receive a gift of 2,500 Wumpa coins (used to buy customization items) as a “we’re sorry” present.

The July 3 patch release coincides with the launch of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled’s first Grand Prix event, through which players can earn special cosmetic items and a new playable character by competing in special races.

Source: Kotaku.com

World Of Warcraft’s Rise Of Azshara Update Is Live And There’s So Much To Do

It’s a big day for World of Warcraft as the long-running MMORPG upgrades to version 8.2 with the massive Rise of Azshara update. Players can now explore two new zones, earn gnome and tauren heritage armor, learn to fly in the Battle for Azeroth zones and gain the ability to hide all of their armor but their pants. Truly, it is the dawn of a new Azerothian age.

Internally, and by that I mean inside my head, I’ve been referring to Rise of Azshara as the gnome update. One of the two new zones introduced, the mechanical city of Mechagon, is a gnomish paradise, and I hope my smaller World of Warcraft characters can spend most of their lives living there. The Mechagon Island zone is sort of an extension of my favorite spot in the expansion, and I can’t wait to explore its junk-covered hills, meeting and making all sorts of mechanical toys, minions and equipment using the new junkyard tinkering feature.

Mechagon Island leads to Operation: Mechagon, a new eight-boss mega-dungeon that’s only available in the advanced, Mythic difficulty.

Meanwhile, in non-gnomish content, Horde and Alliance players will be plunged into the Nazjatar zone, home of Queen Azshara and her naga armies. I don’t know why she gets top billing, but her zone, which is a vast kingdom beneath the surface of Azeroth’s ocean, looks mighty impressive so far.

In Nazjatar, players can collect something called Prismatic Manapears, which can be exchanged for special upgradeable Benthic gear. This unique armor, intended for use in the Nazjatar zone and the upcoming Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid, will grant the owner special benefits, such as increased damage, increased mount speed, enemy debuffs and such.

This is one of those World of Warcraft expansions where I log in and have no idea what to go after first. Do I work towards earning exalted with Gnomeregan so I can get the new gnome heritage armor?

Do I level an alt so I can get the tauren heritage armor, which replaces cloaks with a huge, wooden totem?

There are also new quests to complete. The war campaign continues, advancing the Horde versus Alliance battle at the center of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. There are new island expeditions and a vast new PVP battleground to get wrecked in. Hell, I haven’t even completed the first half of the flying in Battle for Azeroth achievement, and now the second half is live in the game. Should I complete that and get the mechanical parrot mount? I just don’t know.

Oh wait, let me just look through these update notes one more time. Of course, it was staring me in the face this whole time. One moment.

Did I mention players can now turn all of their armor invisible except for their pants? It’s pants party time, people. PANTS PARTY.

Check out Blizzard’s hand Rise of Azshara survival guide video for a list of things to do if pants parties aren’t your thing.

Source: Kotaku.com

Captain Olimar Got Done Dirty In Latest Smash Patch

The most recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update addressed a number of concerns in the competitive community, most notably the strength of characters like Captain Olimar. The developers hit the Pikmin protagonist with a number of changes in order to knock him down a peg, but those changes had the side effect of severely limiting his ability to block incoming attacks.

Captain Olimar has received a ton of animosity for his advantages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Much of his strength in previous versions of the game revolved around his small frame, which made it hard for opposing players to land attacks. The game’s ver.3.1.0 patch, which dropped late last week, addressed this by enlarging his hurtbox, or the space around his model that tells the game he’s been hit. As you can see in the comparison images below, this change made the hurtbox around Olimar’s helmet significantly bigger.

The hurtbox around Olimar’s head grew larger in the ver.3.1.0 patch (original images c/o Meshima)

Pichu, another character who has found success in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competition thanks in part to her small frame, also received a hurtbox adjustment, but with one key difference: the size of her shield was also increased to compensate for the Pokémon’s increased vulnerability. Unfortunately for Olimar players, the intrepid space captain wasn’t given the same consideration, which has proven to be devastating for his defensive options.

Like almost every aspect of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, blocking works a little differently in these games than it does in most other fighting games. By holding the block button, players can surround their chosen characters with a protective bubble known as a shield. This bubble shrinks in size over time and also when it’s attacked by an opponent, reducing its effectiveness. At a shield’s maximum size, it should block most attacks outright, but as it gets smaller, players can utilize what is known as a shield poke to attack the vulnerable portions of an opponent’s character that are no longer inside the protective bubble. There are exceptions—condolences to Mr. Game & Watch in Super Smash Bros. Melee—but, generally, a character with a maximum shield shouldn’t be able to get hit.

That is where things have now gotten precarious for Captain Olimar. With an increased hurtbox but no such expansion on his shield, slivers of his vulnerable bits are constantly sticking out of the bubble’s protective space. The competitive community was quick to pick up on this discrepancy and has produced a mountain of evidence of how this negatively affects Olimar’s ability to mount a capable defense, some of which comes from actual tournament play.

Another technique known as shield tilting, which allows players to shift the shield to other portions of a character’s body to cover an exposed hurtbox, has been raised as a possible solution for Captain Olimar players who have suddenly found themselves without a viable shield, but that still poses the problem of making the lower half of his body vulnerable. And what happens when the shield shrinks? Should players even bother blocking at that point? This is an obvious oversight by Nintendo, and many fans think this is a step too far, even the players in the competitive community who had formerly been calling for Olimar nerfs.

Where one stands on the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate patch has a lot to do with what you value in competition. There’s no doubt that characters like Captain Olimar, Pichu, Peach, Daisy, and others were very strong before this patch, but it remains to be seen how the extensive changes made to these top tier characters will affect tournaments moving forward. Olimar’s shield issues, however, fly directly in the face of basic game mechanics that have existed for 20 years, hobbling a character who, while powerful, doesn’t deserve to be removed from competition entirely due to hamstrung defensive options. Here’s hoping the developers fix this oversight in the next patch.

Ian Walker loves fighting games and loves writing about them even more. You can find him on Twitter at @iantothemax.

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Days Gone Patch Fixes Some Audio And Progression Problems, Leaves A Few Others

After receiving daily patches removing (and in one case adding) a number of bugs in its first week, Days Gone spent nearly three weeks without any further needed fixes.. There’s good news out in the freaker wastes, though: Patch 1.08 was released last Friday, addressing a few more issues, and announcing a change to the Days Gone long-term support plan.

According Sony’s Bend Studio, Patch 1.08 fixes a number of bugs that kept some players from completing three missions, and also addresses some long-standing audio issues that caused dialog to desync with video in cutscenes. Also fixed are a couple of problems introduced by previous patches that caused the incorrect number of autosaves to upload to users’ cloud storage, as well as no longer wiping difficulty settings when players updated to the latest version.

The patch also comes with a note from Bend that indicates the developers intend to “slow down” on the number of patches released but “add more fixes, features, and optimizations with each patch.”

Despite the patch, some players on the Days Gone subreddit report they are still running into issues, most of which are similar to the ones Patch 1.08 was supposed to address. Late game missions aren’t triggering, leaving some players stuck, and audio remains hit or miss during gameplay.

More patches are surely coming, just without a return to that early, rapid pace. Perhaps several will come bundled with the forthcoming free Days Gone DLC currently scheduled for June, which will add weekly challenges and a “Survival” mode that will up enemy difficulty; remove fast travel and Survival Vision; and limit the HUD for more tense experience. And hopefully a less buggy one.

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Forza Horizon 4 Bug Wipes Some Players’ Car Mastery Progress

In Forza Horizon 4, vehicles are like characters in a role-playing game. Players can grind for skill points to buy perks and unlock each vehicle’s full potential. A game update that went live last week wiped many players’ skill trees clean, erasing months of progress. A fix is in the works, but the developers say it could take weeks to implement.

Reader Dennis tipped us off to the situation over the weekend, pointing us towards a massive thread about the issue over at the Forza Motorsports forums. According to several players’ accounts, the error occurred following the installation of the May 7 “Series 9” update for Forza Horizon 4. Upon entering the game post-update, some players discovered that the car mastery perks they’d unlocked for their vehicles had been reset. Making matters worse, these players also said that perks purchased with skill points following the update would reset when they restarted the game, making further progress impossible.

This is very unpleasant news for the Forza Horizon 4 players who’ve been affected by the bug. The car mastery system, one of my favorite features of the game, is one of the most compelling reasons to play. In order to unlock all of a single vehicle’s perks, players must spend hours driving that specific car, stringing together tricks to earn skill points. With more than 600 cars in the game, that’s a lot of driving. Understandably, the affected players sound upset. The poster of the original forum post wrote, “After today’s update, I’ve lost almost all progress. It’s like I’d done nothing. Any light anyone can shed on this would be appreciated. I’m sick to my stomach right now.”

Developers reacted quickly to the issue. On May 8, the day following the bugged update, Forza Support Twitter acknowledged the problem. On May 10, a fix was issued that prevented the issue from affecting any more players and made it so that purchased perks did not disappear upon restarting the game. What the fix did not do is restore skill points to the players who had lost progress. That particular fix is going to take much longer, possibly weeks. From the Forza Support Twitter:

  • We are now working on a fix to return all players’ lost Skill Points. We are expecting this fix to be live with or before the Series 10 update.

The Series 10 update for Forza Horizon 4 is slated for release in early June, so the fix for skill points could arrive any time between now and then. In the meantime, players affected by the issue have been awarded 10 Super Wheel Spins for their troubles. Perhaps they can win cars via the in-game prize roulette to keep them occupied until their favorites are restored.

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Competitive Fortnite Is About To Experiment With Controlled Chaos

Last weekend, a vault opened beneath Loot Lake in Fortnite. Players were given the option of bringing back one of the game’s previously retired weapons. They chose the Drum Gun, one of the most overpowered weapons in the game’s history. Then, on Thursday, Epic announced the Drum Gun would be coming to the game’s tournament playlist starting this weekend, much to the frustration of some of the game’s most competitive players.

“You can expect to see the Drum Gun in this weekend’s Tournament playlist,” Epic Games said. “In the v9.00 update today we’ve adjusted the spawn rate of the Drum Gun to be more in line with other similar items. We will be closely monitoring feedback over the Season launch to determine any next steps.”

Many users on the game’s competitive subreddit believe this signals a reprisal/return to the “spray and pray” meta that got popular last summer when the Drum Gun was first introduced. The weapon’s combination of damage, accuracy, and rate of fire made it a boon to more casual players, but it’s unclear why it would be introduced onto playlists dedicated to ranked play.

“It’s starting to get ridiculous with the drum gun being added back and shotguns being nerfed,” wrote one person on the subreddit. “The game is not fun anymore when you’re trying to make each fight almost like a coin flip.”

The move has also opened up questions about if and when the Drum Gun will begin to play a part in Fortnite’s ongoing World Cup tournament. “The Drum Gun will not appear in the Fortnite World Cup Online Open this weekend,” Epic tweeted following the announcement of the patch notes. That phrasing seems to leave open the possibility that it could become a factor in later weeks, or potentially in the finals in the summer.

The company also said it plans to look at adding new competitive modes for the Fortnite World Cup once the open qualifiers have finished up. “In the weeks leading up to the Fortnite World Cup Finals, we’ll be experimenting with adding additional non-Battle Royale events, such as Creative modes and LTMs, to our weekly tournament rotation,” Epic said. “This will open up a more dynamic competitive scene that allows for more paths to win.”

Rapid change like this is nothing new for Fortnite, but it is uncommon in the wider world of esports. The studios behind other major competitive games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have made a point of keeping the meta stable in the lead-up to big events. Epic, on the other hand, seems intent on marching to the beat of its own Drum Gun.

Week five of the Fortnite World Cup open qualifiers gets underway on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. ET with the semi-finals before resuming on Sunday at the same time for this week’s finals with everything streaming live on the Fortnite Twitch channel.

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Anthem’s next update will arrive tomorrow on April 23, global community manager Andrew Johnson annou

Anthem’s next update will arrive tomorrow on April 23, global community manager Andrew Johnson announced on Twitter. It will add new bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and the much awaited new Stronghold mission called The Sunken. The update will be followed by a developer live stream later in the day.

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