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Two Mordhau Players Wreck Opponents Without Using Weapons Or Wearing Shirts

Mordhau is a game in which players slaughter one another online with medieval weaponry. Within those parameters, there’s still a lot more that players have discovered they can do, from role-playing as fencing referees to taking a break from the fight to shred their brains out on a mandolin. Two players are now making names for themselves by ditching weapons and armor altogether and just punching their foes to death.

Rather than use any of the game’s diverse array of period-appropriate cutlery, two Mordhau players who go by the handles In Pu and Machofish are roaming the game’s servers and role-playing as two brothers in arms. They’re using their characters’ literal arms to deliver bloody beatdowns upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. It’s like the boxing matches from The Witcher 3 stretched across an entire battlefield. The two players curated their most recent exploits in an excellent video shared on YouTube over the weekend.

This perfectly captures how silly the game allows players to be, but also, just how viable different types of play styles can be for players who really dedicate themselves to thinking outside the box. Mordhau has a number of perks players can earn and equip to their character loadouts to give themselves certain advantages. Not surprisingly, In Pu and Machofish have utilized Brawler, a perk that increases punching damage.

Combined with how fast the game normally allows its characters to punch, this perk can be devastating, as In Pu and Machofish show. But unarmed punching also leaves you completely vulnerable. You can’t block a sword with your forearm. The pair’s penchant for cornering unsuspecting opponents and fighting them two-on-one helps them even those odds.

What makes the whole thing especially entertaining is just how many emotes at players’ disposal in Mordhau. Shrugs, salutes, and “come at me bro” gestures take an already surreal experience and imbue them with that much more personality, and really make it possible for players to lean into the role-playing experience. 

Source: Kotaku.com

Players Are Creating Amazing Things With Overwatch’s New Workshop Tools

Earlier this week, Blizzard added a Workshop to Overwatch that makes it possible to modify in-game scripts to create all sorts of new custom modes. Players have wasted no time in doing some really cool stuff with it.

When Blizzard announced the Overwatch Workshop on Wednesday, it led with the example of a level inspired by the children’s game “The Floor Is Lava.” Dubbing this level “Molten Floor,” the company showed how people could create it simply by taking an existing map and adding a new rule that tells the game to set players on fire and do a certain amount of damage to them whenever they’re touching the ground.

But players have gotten a lot more imaginative than that in the two days since the Workshop went live, sharing a number of their creations on the game’s subreddit. Take Roadhog, the beloved tank hero sporting a Scorpion-style “get over here” chain hook. Normally the attack can only be used to grab other players and mess up their day, but Reddit user EnVyUs made a game mode where it also functions as a grappling hook. This lets Roadhog players fly across the map like the protagonist of Sekiro.

“As you can see by the ‘script,’ this was a pain,” wrote EnVyUs. “It checks where the hook will hit when it’s thrown and predicts when it’ll hit. Once it’s predicted to have hit and it didn’t deal damage, it uses Apply Impulse to set your velocity by subtracting your current velocity from the desired velocity.” You can try it yourself by entering code 3VA7X.

Players have also made quite a number of swap modes. One of the core parts of Overwatch is that players get to change heroes whenever they want. CrenderMutant played around with that logic by creating a mode where players change into the hero they last killed.

The person who died, meanwhile, automatically gets assigned a new hero. The share code for those scripts is 6PC67. Reddit user Val_ium came up with a slightly different play on conventional hero swapping that is a lot more chaotic. In their custom game, every time someone uses an ability it substitutes a random other hero’s ability and then transforms them into that hero. The share code for that mode is WM1AK.

Players have also come up with nonviolent game modes. One of my favorites by far is a mode dedicated to Wrecking Ball racing and speedruns. Created by qwook, it sets a handful of checkpoints throughout the map that the player has to hit in order to finish the course. For people who would love to see Overwatch’s beloved cast branch out into other genres, Workshop has been a godsend. The code for qwook’s mode is D9RND.

There are also a number of players using the scripting tools in the Workshop to torture people who don’t play regular Overwatch the way they think it should be played. For anyone who has ever pulled their hair out while watching in despair as a game is lost because no one is playing the objective, Truckermouse solved matters by making the payload magnetic. On escort missions, one team is in charge of guiding a vehicle across the map.

It only moves when players are in the vicinity, which sometimes, god knows why, they aren’t. Not in Truckermouse’s mode. Would you rather be chasing down that sneaky Tracer than contributing to your team? Too bad! The code for that one is XS7AX.

But the cruelty of Overwatch players knows no bounds. Someone even created a mode where emotes auto-kill everyone around. Finally, a way for all those expensive gestures to earn their keep.

Source: Kotaku.com

Strange Man Lures Unsuspecting Fallout 76 Players Into Deadly Labyrinth

Screenshot: Vault101manguy (Imgur)

Role-play has always been where Fallout 76 has shown the most promise, and nothing better illustrates that than some stranger in a nightgown wandering around Appalachia searching for fresh victims to bring back to his homemade labyrinth.

As spotted by Gamesradar, a player named Korindabar has constructed a maze in Fallout 76 out of concrete and scrap metal. Other players are invited to try to solve it in exchange for prizes. Korindabar accomplishes this by wandering the map and greeting new, low-level players, throwing all manner of welcoming emote at them until they start to follow him. He then leads them back to the maze, opens the door, and ushers them inside.

What the people don’t know is that Korindabar’s pet Deathclaw is inside.

Taming wild animals is one of the many side activities open to high-level players in Fallout 76. It requires maxing out two perk cards: Wasteland Whisperer, which gives you a chance to pacify enemies every time you shoot them, and Animal Friend, which does the same for animals. Having both maxed out, and at least six points of charisma, will make it possible to turn almost any monster in the game into your pet. This includes the Deathclaw, one of the gamer’s most deadly beasts.

In a post on Reddit, Korindabar said it took him about three days of server hopping to successfully tame a Deathclaw and get it to go back and defend his campsite maze. Fortunately, pets follow the same PVP rules as players, so they can’t do more than slap damage to other players unless the other players shoot first.

Of course, not everyone knows that, and even the ones who do tend to forget about that when they find a Deathclaw standing five feet away in a narrow corridor. Hope you left a trail of bread crumbs to find your way back!

Source: Kotaku.com