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Red Dead Online’s New Legendary Bounties Are Exactly What The Game Needed

Earlier this month, Red Dead Online received a big update which added new career paths to follow, new items to collect and new challenges to complete. One career players could choose was the life of a bounty hunter and to support this path, Rockstar has been releasing some wonderful bounty hunter missions. It’s the sort of content RDO needs.

When the big update first hit players who got their bounty hunter license could find randomly generated bounty targets in various towns. These missions were fairly simple but fun. They usually involved the player and their posse riding into a camp, killing some folks and taking the target.


But the Legendary Bounties are more cinematic and are instead handcrafted by Rockstar designers and as a result, feel bigger and more interesting.

A trailer featuring The Wolf Man and other Legendary targets.

The lastest Legendary Bounty target is called The Wolf Man and he’s hiding in in the snowy mountains located in the northern region of the map. Unlike the other bounty targets, The Wolf Man doesn’t have human bandits or gang members protecting him. Instead, the Wolf Man has a large pack of dangerous, fast and vicious wolves.

Hunting him down feels different from any of the already existing randomly generated bounties. Rockstar even added a large blizzard to the mission. So players are forced to deal with bitter cold, lots of snow, deadly wolves and dangerous frozen lakes.

Once my brother and I found The Wolf Man, things got hectic fast. He sent some of his trusted wolves at us and soon we were surrounded. Using shotguns we fought them off. I tackled the target and tried to tie him up, which is hard to do when you are being attacked by wolves. My brother covered me, mostly, and after tying up the target we threw him on our horse. But he began to howl and soon more wolves were chasing us through the snow.


Eventually, we got him to a nearby prisoner wagon, where police took the wild man off our hands and paid us for the trouble. Admittedly the pay wasn’t great, making about $30-40 after turning in The Wolf Man. But we got a good chunk of XP and the mission can be played multiple times on harder difficulties, earning more cash and XP.


Even if the pay isn’t as high as I would like, the actual mission and experience of hunting a legendary target is a blast. The game spawns you and your posse in an special instance, so other players can’t interfere. So it feels like a proper Red Dead mission, complete with a nicely made intro and new dialogue.

I hope future Legendary Bounties are as creative and different as The Wolf Man. I also hope the other careers, Trader and Collector, get similar Legendary events. This is the kind of content I want in RDO. I want to feel like I’m living out in the Wild West, hunting bad guys, trading goods, finding treasure, outrunning the law. And these new missions help players live out their bounty hunty fantasies and are a great addition to RDO.

Source: Kotaku.com

Red Dead Online’s Newest Mode Feels Like The Wild West

In the past few weeks, Rockstar has added three new PVP modes to Red Dead Online. Two of these modes aren’t that interesting, but one, featuring horses and shotguns, is a great use of Red Dead Online’s wild west setting.

Last month, Rockstar released a large update for Red Dead Online that added poker, along with more missions and numerous balance changes. This update also moved the game out of beta. Since then, Rockstar has made small updates that have added three new PVP modes: Public Enemy, Head For The Hills and Sport of Kings.

Public Enemy and Head for the Hills are fine PVP modes where players try to kill a player who is marked as a target and try to escape to a location while others try to stop them, respectively. Though I did like the moments of utter chaos that can occur in Head For The Hills, I’m not itching to play more of these two modes.

In Sport of Kings, eight players are split into two teams of four, and all players are riding horses and carrying sawed-off shotguns. While on horseback, players need to capture a torch and then light the enemy team’s signal fires. Light all of the enemy team’s fires first and your team wins the round. Do this three times and your team wins the match.

On foot, this mode might be dull, but adding horses makes everything fast, deadly and a little out of control. The close range and high power of shotguns make things intense.

Since you are on horseback, picking up the torch requires timing and planning. Your horse can’t turn on a dime, so it’s important to aim just right before galloping over the torch to collect it. This also means that players often ride into the same area in nearly straight lines at full speed. I saw many players miss the torch or get there too late and end up ramming into other horses. This can send people flying, killing them in the process.

Once you have the torch, Sport of Kings becomes a high-speed pursuit. Your teammates can try to block enemy players from reaching or shooting you. Having the torch is exciting, and dodging an enemy trying to cut you off feels great. Of course, these pursuits also expose one of the big issues with this mode. If you get stuck with bad teammates or a player who is AFK, matches get a lot harder, but not impossible, to win. Even with an AFK ally, my team and I have been able to win. Other matches I played were lost due to players not pulling their weight.

When the other team has the torch, Sport of Kings becomes a game of balancing defense and offense. Sitting back and just protecting your signal fires isn’t always the best choice, so you need to push forward and try to cut them off or take out their teammate, who will respawn, but not right away. But if you get too aggressive you might leave your signal fires unprotected. I had a few rounds where I was carrying the torch and the enemy tried to stop me but made a mistake, letting me slip by them and light all their signal fires in a few seconds. It felt exhilarating.

Rockstar giving all players sawed-off shotguns is a perfect fit for this mode. They are powerful enough that you can get one hit kills at close range and with a bit of luck. In several matches, I was able to turn a losing game around with a lucky blast of shotgun pellets. But shotguns are also wildly inaccurate and inconsistent. That might sound frustrating, but when everyone else is missing shots too, it’s less annoying and more enjoyable.

In a lot of other PVP modes in Red Dead Online, winning is all about having the fastest headshot skills and avoiding skilled snipers. That isn’t what I want out of Red Dead Online. Instead, Sport of Kings feels more like the wild west action I prefer, complete with bullets flying everywhere, missed shots, and close calls. I feel like a cool cowboy when I weave around a few bad guys, take a few down, then whip around and light their signal fires.

There are dozens of great online shooters in the world, from Gears of War to Overwatch to Fortnite to Counter-Strike. If I want standard deathmatch or battle royale, I can play those games. But none of them can replicate the action of the wild west, something Red Dead Online is uniquely positioned to do and does so well in Sport of Kings. Hopefully, we’ll see more modes like this in future updates.

Source: Kotaku.com

Red Dead Online’s Big Update Is Testing The Patience Of Frustrated Players

Red Dead Online received update 1.06 last week that was its biggest since the game launched last year. It added tools to combat griefing, new cosmetics, bounties, and more. Though the update was substantial, many players disliked the changes, leaving Rockstar’s online game in a tough spot.

Red Dead Online has been out since late November but technically only as a beta. From the start, Rockstar warned players would be far from perfect. The company has updated the game several times, but problems keep cropping up and aggravating players.

One recent thread on Red Dead’s subreddit titled “This fucking update made Online even worse” has a 90% upvote rank and a score of 26.4k. In it, the writer complains of nerfed hunting rewards, new clothing items being ugly and how they feel the game now encourages griefing thanks to some daily challenges involving players killing other players.

In another thread, this one not nearly as popular but still upvoted at a 98% rate, a writer complains that Red Dead Online is simply too much of a typical-feeling player-vs-player shooter. “We want the cowboy mythology with friends,” they wrote.

Red Dead Online is free to people who bought Red Dead Redemption 2 but as with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online the people making the game need at least some players to spend money on the games’ optional in-game purchases. Players are aware of this, and so changes to the games’ systems, often arouse player suspicion about how their time and effort are being spent—and whether they’re being pushed to pay for stuff.

That’s why a change in update 1.06 involving the sale of animal parts that Rockstar now says was just a bug fix aroused so many suspicions. When players went to sell skins and carcasses to butchers after the update, they discovered that skins were suddenly worth much less than before. Some felt this was a nerf and theorized that Rockstar was pushing players to grind more or buy gold bars, a premium currency in the game.

On Thursday, two days after the update went live, Rockstar’s support site was updated to indicate that “[p]rior to Title Update 1.06 a bug caused sales of skinned animal carcasses to be the same as a whole unskinned animal, despite the animal’s parts having been already harvested.” According to Rockstar, this meant players could skin the animal and sell the carcass and the parts separately to make more than intended. While Rockstar’s explanation makes sense, some players who prefer to earn money by hunting feel it makes the game more of a grind.

Then there are the game’s new emotes. Red Dead Online’s emotes include dances, blowing kisses and tough guy poses. Some of these emotes cost between $100 to $300 of in-game money, which translates into selling 20 perfect deer carcasses for the cheapest emotes. To buy the more pricey $300 emote players will need to sell 60 perfect deer carcasses, which is time-consuming and made harder by the fact you can lose your on-horse cargo if you drop from a server.

More frustrating for some players is the fact a few emotes can only be purchased with gold bars, a premium currency in RDO. While it is possible to earn gold bars by finding treasures or finishing challenges, it can take a lot of grinding to earn them. Rockstar also sells these gold bars, charging $10 for 25 gold bars. In Rockstar’s last big online game, GTA Online, all emotes were free, as one frustrated Redditor pointed out. Many of these were added over the years in updates.

  • GTA Online emotes were free and new ones added into the game were free too. Why are players being charged for emotes? And will prices on these emotes be lowered? (Many feel they are too high.)
  • Will missions be changed so that players who don’t do anything and are just AFK will not be given rewards?
  • Will daily challenge rewards be increased or tweaked in future updates?
  • Are you worried that some challenges might push players to kill other players? Is this something you want? Or do you hope players will complete these challenges in PVP?
  • Why are clothes marked as coming soon?
  • Many players wanted to hunt down players who earned bounties, similar to GTA Online’s system. Is this something Rockstar would add in the future? Or do you prefer having NPC bounty hunters?
  • Some players feel bounty hunters are too easy to defeat. Is this something that will be balanced or tweaked in future patches?
  • Finally, I know you are afraid of announcing features or plans too early, but what kind of roadmap can you give for the next 6 months of content or updates?

Source: Kotaku.com