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Latest Fortnite Save The World Update Makes Big Changes To Heroes

The latest update to Fortnite Save The World is changing the way heroes work, giving players more customization and choice over perks and abilities. This new hero loadout system is part of the Season 8 update.

Heroes will now each have a specific perk and most reskins will be unique. For example, as explained in a blog post about the update, “Demolitionist Bull” and “Demolitionist Penny” will no longer share the same kit.

Players will now have different loadout slots which will be separated by type. The main slot is your commander slot and will determine who you play as and what your main perk is. Higher upgraded heroes will get a boost to their perk when placed in the commander slot.

Also in the hero loadout system are five support slots. Players will be able to place different heroes into these slots and gain new perks and buffs. For example, you could pick heroes who will all buff and improve your commander’s main perk or you could build a diverse team that will give you more abilities.

Team perks are the last series of new slots players will have access to. These perks will be earned by completing missions and quests. Team perks can be applied to any hero and will also require specific support teams. For example, a team perk might give you higher jumps but will require you to have three ninja class heroes on your team.

Finally, a long-requested feature of Save The World, multiple loadouts, will finally make its way into the game. Players will be able to save multiple loadouts and switch between them in the pre-game lobby.

Because this is a big change which could impact some players’ favorite heroes, Epic will be offering free hero resets allowing players to get all their resources out of an upgraded character. Players will also be granted other bonuses and tokens to help make this transition to the new loadout system easier and more manageable.

For more information about this update, you can check out Epic’s detailed blog post about everything that is changing.

Source: Kotaku.com

The New Driftboard Is Breaking Fortnite Save The World [Update]

GIF: MarkTheSisterFister (Reddit)

Recently, Epic Games added a new driftboard into Fortnite. This hoverboard allows Battle Royale players to quickly move around the map and pull off tricks in the air. However, in Save The World the new board is breaking the game in a few different and annoying ways.

The Driftboard was added in update 7.40 and is available in both modes, Battle Royale and Save The World. This isn’t always the case with new content in Fortnite. For example, the planes added in Battle Royale haven’t appeared in Save The World. (Though players did find a menu option related to planes in Save The World.) But many players aren’t happy about these new hoverboards coming to STW because they are breaking the mode and causing a lot of frustration.

One of the biggest and most annoying bugs is the way Driftboards can randomly shoot players off across the map. This can happen if players attack the board before getting on it or if a player is hit by an in-game enemy while riding the board. Sometimes the hoverboard reacts by flinging the rider into the sky.

While the slingshot bug might be the most dramatic glitch, the Driftboard is broken in a bunch of other ways in Save The World.

Players have discovered that the board will cause AI turrets to stop working properly, can block players from accessing Storm Chests and can be abused by players to get around going AFK. A player can just stand on a board and the game never flags them as AFK, which allows players to exploit others who are playing and completing missions.

Fans feel like adding the Driftboard to Save The World was a bad idea and that the board needs to be removed or fixed. And the funny thing is, Save The World players already had access to a hoverboard that worked fine and didn’t break the game. The new Driftboard isn’t even that much faster than the old board.

Luckily, to avoid most of these issues players can just never hop onto any of the Driftboards that spawn in STW maps. Considering how buggy they seem to be right now, that’s probably the best strategy.

Update (6:33 PM EST)

Epic Games has confirmed that Driftboards have been disabled in Save The World. No word on if they will return or if they are gone forever from the mode.

Source: Kotaku.com

Fortnite Save The World Is A Weird, But Fun Co-op Game

Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is arguably the biggest game in the world right now. It certainly feels like it is. Nearly everywhere I look I see kids doing Fornite dances, ads for the game, people streaming the game and even Halloween costumes. But it also seems like most folks are focused on Battle Royale and not the other mode found in Fortnite, Save The World. Which I think is a shame. Save The World is really good and I think more people should play it.

The basic narrative setup of Save The World is that a giant supernatural storm has wiped out most life on Earth, leaving few human survivors and millions of deadly enemies called Husks. It is now up to players to help save these desperate survivors, destroy the Husks and end the storm.

Save The World spreads its narrative across a few different zones, each filled with missions, side quests and collectibles. A lot of missions in Save The World are about finding a spot on the map, building up around that spot and defending it from enemies for a period of time. But each map is randomly generated, making each mission feel different and helping the game feel less repetitive.

Screenshot: Epic Games

I was also surprised by the the writing which is often funny. The cast really helps too. The game features talented actors like Dave Fennoy (Lee in The Walking Dead), Ashley Burch (Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn) and Tom Scharpling (Greg Universe in the TV series Steven Universe).

The actual gameplay loop in the missions is strange and it took some time before I fully understood what was going on. When you start a mission, you and any friends you are playing with spawn into the randomly generated world. At this point you can locate your objective and start the mission immediately.

But this isn’t what you should actually do. Instead you’ll most likely spend 30 minutes or more exploring the map, collecting resources, completing smaller random events and killing enemies you encounter. And you’ll do this alone, as your friends will probably want to explore other parts of the map or will need different materials than you. So it’s a co-op game where you spend a good chunk of the mission not working together. Which is odd.

Once everyone is finished doing what they wanted to do, you’ll head towards the objective and start building together. Figuring out the best way to defend yourselves and working together to hold off hordes of dangerous monsters and zombies. And this part of the mission demands a lot of teamwork and communication.

Making sure everyone is on the same page and calling out boss enemies and other threats is key to surviving harder missions. Teams also need to use their different class abilities effectively, like the constructor who can strengthen buildings and heal walls.

Image: Epic Games

This mission loop was weird to experience at first and it took my girlfriend and I several missions to collectively wrap our head around the idea of splitting up and doing things alone in a co-op game. But once we figured that out, we started having a ton of fun. It has become our most played game together.

This is because there is just a lot of stuff to do and collect in Save The World. Hundreds of weapons, traps, characters and more. New missions every day, new quests and challenges. Every time I log into Fortnite Save The World, I feel like I have a huge new checklist of content to do and see. It also helps that Fortnite has solid combat controls and building mechanics.

A recent update also made it a perfect time for new players to jump into Save The World. The update redesigned menus and upgrade systems, making it easier to actually figure out how to level up guns or modify character abilities.

My GF and I have been playing Fortnite Save The World for the last few months and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon. While Save The World isn’t updated as often as Battle Royale, it still receives new events and content regularly. Best of all it supports cross play across Xbox One, PS4 and PC. (Save The World is not available on Switch or phones.)

Image: Epic Games

The biggest reason why a lot of folks haven’t played Save The World is that players have to pay to gain access to this co-op mode. Epic has promised Save The World will go free-to-play, but has continued to delay this change.

So for now players will have to fork over about $40 before they can start saving the world. This isn’t cheap and for many this will be a deal breaker. But Save The World goes on sale fairly often, usually for below $30. You can also earn V-Bucks while playing, which you can spend in Battle Royale.

Even at full price, I think Save The World is worth the price of entry. It’s a co-op game filled with loot and new events that you can play with friends, regardless of what platform they are on and it has missions that cater to both die hard lone wolves and co-op loving heroes.

If you need a break from Battle Royale, Save The World might just be worth a shot.

Source: Kotaku.com