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Adidas Is Making A New Star Wars Sneaker, And Um

Perhaps hoping to recapture a little of the magic from their older collaborations, Adidas is once again teaming up with Star Wars for a sneaker release ahead of the Rise of Skywalker in December.

The result is this X-Wing-inspired Ultra Boost. Which, when you only read about the news in text form, should be great! The Ultra Boost, despite losing its 2015-17 hypebeast lustre, is still maybe Adidas’ best sneaker silhouette, and definitely its most comfortable. And who doesn’t love X-Wings?

And yet, look at this thing. It’s an adult sneaker with a four year-old’s K-Mart shoe aesthetic. There’s print on the boost and heelcup that looks like it was applied in Microsoft Word. The heel tab has a super corny “THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS” slogan running all the way down it. And worst of all, it’s based on the shoe’s S&L model, which with its mesh construction (most other Ultra Boosts are made of very comfortable knit) is the absolute worst Ultra Boost.

If you’re really into the idea of an Adidas x X-Wing collab, but are passing on these, Adidas released this Samba back in 2010 that was a bit more subtle:

Source: Kotaku.com

Adidas’ Naruto Sneakers Are Looking Much Better

Because the Dragon Ball line was trash, and the first shoe revealed for the company’s Naruto tribute similarly gross, my hopes for the rest of that line weren’t great! So imagine my surprise to see this very nice Kakashi Hatake sneaker get announced today via Sneaker News.

A problem with the Dragon Ball shoes was that none of the actual sneakers they were based on were any good. A problem with Adidas’ Game of Thrones line was that they were based on good sneakers (the Ultra Boost), but the wrong model (the blergh 4.0, not the much-better 1.0 or 2.0).

This Naruto shoe solves both of those issues, by surprisingly turning up on the Copa Ultra Boost silhouette, the same used on a couple of gorgeous Adidas x Kith collaborations.

Only here it’s in a lovely shade of blue (to match Hatake’s outfit), with a suede finish replacing the usual straight leather appearance of these soccer/lifestyle crossovers. There’s Naruto branding in a few places, most notably some text on the midsole and a Leaf Village logo on the heel tab.

No word on a release date yet.

Source: Kotaku.com

NBA Star’s Game Boy Jordans Are Just Lovely

Russell Westbrook wore a pair of custom Super Soaker-inspired sneakers to a game the other day, and it looks like his next retro tribute is going to be a pair of Game Boy-themed Jordans.

Specifically, they’re a pair of Why Not Zer0.2s, Westbrook’s signature shoe. The sneaker itself is running with a Game Boy-inspired colour scheme, while there’s also a Game Boy cartridge hangtag and a Game Boy box, all courtesy of custom designer Recon Beat Lab.

Because the Super Soakers made an appearance at a game (above), you’ve got to imagine the Game Boys won’t be too far off.

Source: Kotaku.com

Look At These Pikachu Sneakers

Yellow? Check. Fluffy? Check. Tail? Check. These upcoming Pokemon sneakers by Glamb will be out in Japan next month, and I love them.

There won’t be many pairs made, and those that will be are coming in a fairly limited run of sizing. They’re also selling for USD$250, so these are definitely in “cool shoes I only look at on the internet” territory.

They’re part of a wider collection Glamb will be releasing in February, that will also include fabulous items like this Pikachu sweater:

This Jigglypuff one:

And this Charizard shirt:

Source: Kotaku.com