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There’s A Whole Lot Of Final Fantasy Music On Spotify Now

Streaming music service Spotify is generally hit-or-miss for video game soundtracks. That’s not so for Final Fantasy anymore, as official soundtracks for all the main games and many of its spin-offs are now available for your listening pleasure.

There’s been Final Fantasy music on Spotify previously, but not to this extent. Noticed yesterday by Twitter user RickyWinsKO, the service’s FF catalog is now quite extensive. Soundtracks from the NES original on up to Final Fantasy XV are available. Multiple albums cover MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and its expansions, including music from the original release, before it relaunched as A Realm Reborn. Record Keeper, Dissidia, Tactics—I am in soundtrack heaven. They’ve even got the soundtrack for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, a movie no one cares about.

To access the soundtracks, open up Spotify and do a search for “Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack” and click on Albums. It beats the hell out of listening to FF tunes via YouTube vids.

Source: Kotaku.com

New Windows Game Bar Does Spotify, Friends And Memes

The Game Bar is what pops up when someone presses the Windows key plus G while playing a game on a Windows PC, giving quick access to screenshot, capture, and streaming tools. Now it does a bit more: Friends lists, messaging, Spotify access and the ability to drop funny text on screenshots. Or just regular text. Memes.

A post on Xbox Wire details today’s update, which requires you to have downloaded the Xbox Insider Hub from the Windows Marketplace. Game Bar users can now customize a number of on-screen overlays, or widgets, to help perform gaming-related tasks. There’s a social widget, where Xbox Live friends and messages appear. A volume widget, which lets Spotify users access the app directly from the overlay and control the volume. There’s even a PC performance monitor, good for making people with ridiculously powerful computers feel better about themselves.

The other major addition is new screenshot-sharing functionality. Before sharing on Twitter or saving to the computer, users can type meme text along the tops and/or bottoms of their captured images, like so.Illustration for article titled New Windows Game Bar Does Spotify, Friends And Memes

Yep. You can only use all-caps Impact font, for maximum 2006 I Can Haz Cheezburger aesthetic.

Hit up the Xbox Wire post for instructions on how to enable the new Game Bar functionality on your PC. It will change your life in an incredibly insignificant way.

Source: Kotaku.com