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Battlefront II’s New Clone Commandos Know How To Survive The Chaos

Since Star Wars Battlefront II released in 2017, fans have wanted to know: Where are the clone commandos? These long-awaited badasses are finally in the game, bringing a rough-and-tumble play style that’s focused on staying alive and adapting to any situation.

It’s been a long time since Star Wars: Republic Commando. Released in 2005, the tactical shooter introduced players to a whole new sort of clone trooper. It was a tense game, mixing in hints of Rainbow Six for a grittier experience. Since then, clone commandos have shown up in book series and television shows. They felt like a natural fit for Battlefront II, whose matches are packed with hero characters and special troops. Play enough and you can hop into an assault walker or take to the field as Luke Skywalker.


But commandos were nowhere at launch, and Battlefront II needed time to rebound from its controversial microtransactions. Since then, the game has expanded, focusing particularly on adding more content from the Clone Wars. It’s brought excitement to a once-troubled game. The arrival of clone commandos doesn’t radically alter Battlefront II, but it brings some welcome fanservice and flash. Each new addition to Battlefront II makes it noticeably more Star Wars, and alongside new maps like the strange fungal world of Felucia, clone commanders add new surprises to the battlefield.

Playing as a clone commando gives you a few neat tools. In addition to incredibly durable armor and a stylish blaster, players can add an explosive attachment to their weapon that damages vehicles and lays waste to enemy infantry. Like officer-class heroes, clone commandos can temporarily boost the defense of anyone around them as well as themselves. This ability pairs nicely with their armor, allowing them to stay in the fight longer. A short-range repulsor blast also allows them to knock back nearby enemies.

It’s not the most dramatic kit, but it picks and chooses skills from multiple different classes and heroes to create a durable amalgam.


The clone commando can do a little bit of everything, but that jack-of-all-trades status comes at a cost. Having explosives is nice, but just because you can make things go boom, that doesn’t mean it’s a smart idea to square off with a tank. Likewise, you might have a stabby vibroblade mounted on your wrist, but that doesn’t leave you in a good position to tangle with Darth Maul.

The Clone Commando’s strength rests in survivability. Played well, you can last most of the match and will always have a useful tool at your disposal even if other classes might do those things better. As a result, reactions from players during my matches were contentious. Some took to chat boasting of their long-lived sprees on the battlefield, while others bemoaned that the commando wasn’t as powerful as they thought.


More than anything else, commandos are just stylish. They only cost 1,000 points to unlock, which is something you can earn after one or two enemy kills. Right now, that means the battlefield is usually full to the brim with the maximum amount of commandos, with their iconic helmets and looks. It’s just cool to see them around, running next to an armored Obi-Wan Kenobi, as capital ships duel in the skies above.

Source: Kotaku.com

EA Received A Guinness World Record For Most Downvoted Comment In Reddit History

Back in 2017, EA was dealing with the mess that was Star Wars Battlefront II and its hated loot boxes. During that time an unknown community manager used the official EA Community Team Reddit account to respond to a complaint about unlocking characters. Over 600k downvotes and two years later, EA’s infamous comment has officially earned a Guinness World Record.

The record was spotted by Reddit user -amasha- who posted a photo from the Guinness World Record book for 2020 showcasing the record on the Star Wars subreddit. The post has racked up over 80k upvotes.

The comment was posted on November 12, 2017, to the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit. The comment is posted in full below.

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.

As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch. Among other things, we’re looking at average per-player credit earn rates on a daily basis, and we’ll be making constant adjustments to ensure that players have challenges that are compelling, rewarding, and of course attainable via gameplay.

We appreciate the candid feedback, and the passion the community has put forth around the current topics here on Reddit, our forums and across numerous social media outlets.

Our team will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback and update everyone as soon and as often as we can.

Since being posted it has accumulated 683,000 downvotes. This comment is hated on a scale that no other comment in Reddit history has reached. The second most downvoted comment in comparison only has 88,906 downvotes.

If you create a free account you can look up every record on the Guinness World Records website and find the EA record, listed under “Most downvoted comment on Reddit.”

So, I guess, congratulations EA?! I highly doubt they will be celebrating this record anytime soon.

Source: Kotaku.com

Star Wars Battlefront II Is Bringing The Series’ ‘Instant Action’ Solo Mode Back

It’s been relatively quiet on the Star Wars: Battlefront II…. battlefront. The controversial, mostly multiplayer game has rebounded from a microtransaction-filled 2017 launch with a stream of continuous updatesthat included some amazing Clone Wars battles. The latest roadmap, revealed today, shows some fresh love for single player fans and adds dangerous Clone Commandos.

Battlefront II started threadbare. Its story mode was disjointed and couldn’t be fixed with a DLC epilogue, and unlocking hero character took way too much grinding. It’s taken a lot of time and quiet effort to build the game up, with silly game modes like Ewok Hunting or massive forays into iconic battles like Attack of the Clones’ Battle of Geonosis. Most of these updates have been focused on the game’s multiplayer. If you’re someone who likes to play solo, you were limited to some bare-bones arcade modes. Implementation of a solo starfighter mode softened the blow, but there weren’t many options for huge battles. That’s going to change.

The roadmap outlining the rest of the year outlines two new modes. There’s online co-op and Instant Action, a mode that had been in earlier Battlefront games. Co-op allows a squad of up to four players to complete missions on Clone War era maps. It’s a small scale mode that’s meant for groups of friends. Instant Action, a mode allowing one player to participate in massive, control-point laden battles is coming as well. Instant Action drops players into matches entirely populated by AI companions and enemies including computer-controlled hero characters, granting access to the huge battles the series is known for without needing to go online. Both modes launch in September.

In addition to these modes, Battlefront II will receive a handful of additional updates. The freaky botanical world of Felucia will be added in September and there will be a crossover event with the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in December. There will also be a brand new special unit coming to the game: Clone Commandos. Fans have been asking for them for a while. Popularized in LucasArts’ 2005 first-person shooter Star Wars: Republic Commando and later on in the Clone Wars television series, clone commandos are badass troops known for taking difficult missions. In Battlefront II, you’ll unlock them in matches by spending hero points earned through gameplay. Their big gimmick is a transforming blaster rifle with multiple firing modes including a grenade launcher.

The roadmap also outlines a few tiny changes like customizable appearances for battle droids and a “contextual spawning” feature that will allow players the ability to spawn on control points a la Battlefield. Battlefront II continues to grow with quality of life fixes and new modes that reward long-time fans.

Cool clone commandos and improved single player are another example of how the game is shifting to meet player demands, and might offer

Source: Kotaku.com

Star Wars Battlefront II Fans Are Loving The Recently Added Droidekas

You might call them Droidekas or you might call them destroyer droids, but whatever you call them, these rolling death machines were recently added into Star Wars Battlefront II. Since being added fans have seemingly fallen in love with the new droids, posting clips of how deadly they are, how buggy they can be, how useful they are in objective game modes and also how they are too big for some doors.

First seen in action in the prequel film Star Wars: Episode I, these droids are extremely dangerous due to how fast they can fire their dual blasters and their powerful shields. The droids have since popped up in many different movies, cartoons, comics and video games, including the older Battlefront games.

On June 26, Dice added the long requested Droidekas into the game. Originally when fans asked about these droids, Dice wasn’t sure they would ever be added into the game. Back in February of this year, developers at Dice explained that they weren’t coming and that part of the reason was due to how hard the droids would be to animate. They also feared balance issues, with some players pointing out that in the older Battlefront games the Droidekas could be a little overpowered.

But even before this, the hype over destroyer droids was building due to an image that seemed to show a Droideka in the background. Dice eventually confirmed that this was a Droideka, but it was unfinished and wasn’t supposed to be used in that screenshot. Now, nearly a year later, the rolling death machines are finally in the game. And fans are having a blast with the droid.


Across the Battlefront subreddit, you can find multiple clips of players using Droidekas to wipe out multiple clone troopers in a matter of seconds.

Other players have begun using the droids to rush objectives and activate them before the enemy team can react or stop them.

Because the Droidekas roll so fast and have portable shields, they can be hard to stop, especially for less experienced players or those not prepared for a pack of destroyer droids to roll into their base right as the round starts. Odds are, after some time this strat will become less viable as people get better at shooting the fast droids rolling past them.

Another player was able to use the relatively short size of the new droid to their advantage to hide behind a rock and hold a base by themselves. These strategies and moments are causing some players to worry that the droids might be a little unbalanced. But the Droidekas are far from perfect and deadly machines.

Because they move so fast and control differently than any other droid or soldier in the game, players are launching themselves off ledges and directly into large groups of enemy troopers.

Another issue: Droidekas are a bit buggy. These droids might need some extra work to fix some issues that players are encountering. The funniest bug includes a player accidentally activating what appears to be a “dance mode.” Someone even added music to the clip.

Though my favorite thing players have discovered while playing with the Droidekas is that at least one door on the level Kamino is too small for the wide and round body of the Droideka.

Screenshot: Brooksmc5 (Reddit)

Poor droids.

Too thic for their own good.

Source: Kotaku.com

Block, Yoda Can Finally

Star Wars: Battlefront II came out 17 months ago. In all the time since, Yoda hasn’t been able to block attacks with his lightsaber. Luke Skywalker was able to block. Obi-Wan Kenobi was able to block. But not the Jedi master who taught them. Until now.

Today’s Battlefront II update adds a new costume for Princess Leia, as well as the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk to Capital Supremacy mode. Last but not least, the update adds the much-requested ability for Yoda to clash more effectively with lightsaber weilding foes. Darth Maul, who also couldn’t block previously, has now been blessed with this new power too.

“After much discussion and tweaking, as well as a healthy amount of player feedback, we’ve added blocking for Yoda and Darth Maul!” EA community manager Jay Ingram wrote on the Battlefront II forum. “Yoda still has the ability to absorb blaster bolts and lightning, but he’ll use his lightsaber to defend against lightsaber attacks. Darth Maul will use his lightsaber for both.”

This has been a topic of much debate for some time among Battlefront II players, with many wondering why Yoda was limited to blocking energy attacks using the force, rather than being able to parry incoming lightsaber attacks as well.

“Blocking is a STANDARD for lightsaber heroes,” wrote user Kwamster9000 in a February post on the Battlefront II forum. “This is the first Star Wars game I’ve ever played or heard of where someone in the game with a lightsaber couldn’t block. It makes no sense.”

GIF: Szaby59 (Reddit)

Other players wondered if not allowing Yoda or Darth Maul to block was simply the price of the game’s attempt to make each hero play in a unique way. Darth Maul doesn’t lose stamina, allowing him to be extra aggressive, while Yoda’s acrobatics and ability to absorb energy and reflect it back can make him devastating in all sorts of situations.

In the end, though, the developers at DICE relented; they actually hinted late last month that no-block Yoda was being reconsidered. While some players are now worried that Yoda’s newfound abilities will make him overpowered (the latest patch also buffed little green legs to help him jump higher), at least he can now fence like a proper Jedi.

Source: Kotaku.com

Star Wars Battlefront II Players On Opposite Teams Work Together For A Brief Moment

Screenshot: Logan_Kap (Reddit)

During a match of Star Wars Battlefront II, a player found an enemy player trapped in a small hallway behind some doors. They could have left the other player, the trapped player was in the enemy spawn after all and would die if they moved closer. But instead, something else happened and created a fun and sweet moment that became popular in the community this past week.

Reddit user Logan_Kap posted a clip of them playing as a droid in Star Wars Battlefront 2 earlier this week. The video showed him stumbling upon a strange sight.

At the end of a long hallway, Logan_Kap spotted Anakin Skywalker standing next to a closed door. This is odd because Logan had just spawned and Anakin is part of the enemy team. What was this enemy Jedi doing in here?

It turns out Anakin was trapped. These doors only open for one team and Anakin wasn’t part of that team. So by running into the doors while they were open and not leaving quickly, they had trapped themselves.

Logan cautiously approached the trapped Jedi and noticed that Anakin was signaling to him using their blocking animation. At this point, Logan_Kap could have left the Jedi. In fact, many in this situation might have. Logan_Kap explained to me via Reddit messages that he had actually been chased by that Anakin player and that was how they got trapped.

Yet, Logan_Kap did something interesting. Instead of shooting at the Jedi or ignoring them, he slowly walked closer. He was cautious, but he decided to trust his enemy and help the Jedi escape their hallway prison. Once Logan_Kap got close enough to the door, it opened and set Anakin free. At this point, Anakin could have turned around and killed Logan_Kap, but he didn’t. Instead, he showed mercy and appreciation and let Logan_Kap live. Well for about 2 seconds, until another enemy player on the other side of the door blasted Logan_Kap and killed him.

Logan_Kap’s post quickly became popular on the Battlefront subreddit and as of this writing, it has 7.0k upvotes. But the story wasn’t done quite yet.

The next day another Reddit user, TeamRedDragon, posted a clip from Anakin’s point of view and shared their thanks to that player for letting them escape.

In Star Wars Battlefront II becoming a hero like Anakin isn’t simply spawning as the character. Players have to earn enough points during a match to unlock the Jedi and once they die, they can’t spawn as that hero again until earning more points. For many players, getting to play as a hero might only happen once or twice during a match. So losing your chance to be a Jedi because you got stuck in a hallway would be disappointing.

TeamRedDragon admitted he did chase Logan_Kap into the hallway and got himself trapped. When he realized this he began to signal to Logan_Kap.

“Every player wants to play a hero and it sucks when [you] accidentally get trapped. And I hoped he’d help me out,” explained TeamRedDragon.

Luckily for TeamRedDragon, Logan_Kap is a merciful player and as the clips show, he saved TeamRedDragon. To show how thankful he was for being saved, TeamRedDragon says he spared Logan_Kap though another player on his team killed the droid anyway. It’s the thought that counts.

In the future, Logan_Kap says he will help any other Jedi and Sith that get trapped in this hallway.

“I know if I got trapped in there I’d be pretty frustrated. Plus when we save our fellow players it can create funny and wholesome moments like this.”

Source: Kotaku.com

Star Wars: Battlefront II’s New Mode Is Fun, When It Works

Yesterday, Star Wars: Battlefront II finally received its long-awaited new game mode, Capital Supremacy. It offers a large-scale battle set in the Clone Wars era modeled after the original 2005 Battlefront II’s Conquest mode. While it can be exciting to play, it’s currently held back by matchmaking issues and the fact that there’s only one map.

Since the update went live, players have been reporting matchmaking problems on the game’s subreddit as well as the game’s forums. While the types of issues vary, one of the more common ones involves loading into a server that’s already full and being unable to spawn into the game. The only way to fix it is to back out of the match and try again. Other players have reported getting disconnected during the middle of matches and being booted back to the main menu.

In my own time trying to play the mode on Xbox One, I’ve had success about half of the time. The other half I’ve either encountered the no-respawn problem or been disconnected from the game as soon as a match begins. Once I’m booted back onto the main menu, I get the 209 error code, which supposedly means that my internet connection was interrupted, except that my computer is currently wired directlyinto my router. I tried some other online games in between matchmaking attempts in the new mode and didn’t have any problems with the game’s other modes.

On Reddit yesterday, EA community engagement specialist Jay Ingram said the development team was looking into the issue and, in the short term, he recommended players back out of the lobby they’re in and start matchmaking over again if they’re having problems. When asked for comment, a spokesperson for EA pointed Kotaku to a forum post in which the game’s community manager Ben Walke said the issue appears to mostly be affecting players who join mid-match. “Right now we believe this is a less than common occurrence,” he wrote.

When I was actually able to get into a match, Capital Supremacy was fun to mess around in. Currently the only map is Geonosis, which is mostly made up of orange rocks. The mode features teams of 20 vs. 20 with an additional 12 units on both sides that are controlled by AI. The result is a flurry of laser blasts going every which direction as both teams fight to take control of up to five different control points. Capturing one of these points will grant a team reinforcements, and once one side gets 50 of these reinforcement fighters, they’ll enter a transport loading phase in order to board the enemy capital ship. Once there, the objectives are to break through a series of blast doors and then plant explosives to blow up the ship. However, if the enemy team is able to successfully fend of the attack, the battle then returns to the planet’s surface.

This creates a tug-of-war where one side can lose progress if they run out of steam, making it important to deploy heroes judiciously. Capital Supremacy, at least on the initial map, ultimately seems to be about replicating the stakes and dramatic light shows of the Clone Wars at their peak. Breaching the blast door to the cooling vent room on a Separatist Dreadnought evokes all the grandeur of the movies, and in some cases feels even more exciting. Watching General Grievous torch both Obi-Wan and Anakin on Geonosis’ surface is way better than their actual meeting in the Star Wars prequels.

While the mode is fun, it’s been a long wait for it to only be accessible on a single map. Capital Supremacy was originally teased at E3 2018, with EA sharing a roadmap in October that showed the new mode wouldn’t arrive in the game until February 2019. In mid February, Ingram announced the mode wasn’t ready yet and would instead get added in March.

Given the long build-up, it’s hard not to feel a little underwhelmed by Capital Supremacy. In addition to its current matchmaking issues, the mode also has lots of graphical issues on Xbox One, with major textures popping in at different times, even during cutscene transitions. Also, there aren’t a whole lot of options for how to take out objectives. Unlike in the original Battlefront II’s Assault mode, in which players had the option of winning through taking out enemies in dogfights in space or landing on enemy capital ships and planting bombs, Capital Supremacy is purely about pushing to take objectives. It never seemed likely that 2017’s Battlefront II would get a hybrid mode like the old Assault mode, but the lack of options for taking down enemy capital ships has the potential for it to get old quick.

Already, though, EA has put out a hotfix to try and improve the mode. The most notable tweaks that went live today include making the transport boarding period shorter and increasing the hero limit from two to four. This is a godsend for anyone who, like me, has spent several minutes on the respawn screen waiting to snag Anakin. Now, EA just needs to fix the matchmaking issues and, hopefully, add more maps. 

Source: Kotaku.com

Star Wars: Battlefront II Level Turned Into Giant LEGO Set

Taking a corner of the Yavin IV map as inspiration, First Order LEGO have built an enormous playset based on EA’s 2017 shooter.

Look at those trees! And vines! And general haphazard but perfectly-implemented foliage!

Via Brothers Brick

Source: Kotaku.com

Star Wars Battlefront II Modders Are Already Removing Count Dooku’s Head

Star Wars Battlefront II’s recent update added Count Dooku, a fan favorite Sith villain from the Prequel Trilogy. This new character is fast, deadly and also fans are decapitating hims using mods.

Within less than 24 hours after Dooku was released, modders had already removed the Sith’s head and hands from his in-game model. This is a reference to his death scene at the beginning of Revenge of The Sith.

It seems those who are strong in the force don’t need hands or even a head.

Source: Kotaku.com